HOW COVID-19 KILLS--I'm a Surgeon--And Why We Can't Save You


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  2. choyo tanaka

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    Someone says to us corona virus is nothing but a kind of a flu. Today I have really, truly understood that is not the case. It,s a very much dangerous disease against which we have to be alert as much as possible, because it will causes ARDS to us, and which will be seriously critical for us. You are great!!! Today, on May 30, 2020, I have watched your video clip. Thank YOU from Japan.

  3. Shiva Gupta

    Shiva Gupta12 時間 前

    I’m watching this on 31st May and everything he said 2 months back is exactly what’s happening now! I hope in India things get better really soon. Thanks for the important info Doc.

  4. great Sage

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    i got the virus and am afraid it's gonna kill me here overseas, 😭 😭

  5. Albert Gates

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    Thanks for this vital important information dr. Vuong this is some serious times we are living in we need people like you to tell us the truth about this virus. Please keep bringing us this important information.stay safe and stay blessed.😊🙂🤔

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    This guy is JOKE

  7. Abhishek Singh

    Abhishek Singh2 日 前

    Now India has 166K COVID19 case. The USA has 1.76M

  8. Amanda D

    Amanda D2 日 前

    Ominous to see this once we actually have reached 1 million cases. Thank you for getting information out there!

  9. CameraOne1

    CameraOne12 日 前

    Man! You were so damn wrong. It was not 20K people died bc of this virus like u said. The number just passed 100K. I got a feeling US government intentionally let the virus spread wildly to weed out the old, the weak and the sick to reduce the cost of health care.

  10. Rebecca Person

    Rebecca Person2 日 前

    Dr. what is your opinion on the patent list which follows (includes implications) . .from Alfred Lambremont Webre’s research, a list of patents from the last decade: US7220852B1 Modified Human Corona virus. Holder: CDC. 2003 (our own govt Center for Disease Control) US20060257852A1 SARS Holder: Glaxosmithkline 2004 (Pharmaceutical company) US8343506B2 Chimeric Chikunguya virus Holder University of Texas. 2010 US10130701B2 Corona virus chimeric genetic manipulation Holder Pirbright Inst. 2014 EP3172319B1 VACCINE for Corona virus Holder: Pirbright Inst. 2014. (Pirbright Inst. funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Fdn.) US579246A Virus Replication system. Chimeric Holder US Army US9539210B1. Vaccine Nanotechnology Holder: Harvard, MIT 2017 US2014034865A1 Cryptocurrency system using body activity. Holder: Microsoft Technology 2018 US7639135B2 Identify objects in wireless network Holder: Microstrain Inc. 2004. US0243303A1 System delivery of Nanobots thru aerosols Holder: Solomon Res LLC 2004. WO200806347A2 Nanobots RF A! control of humans. Holder: Neil Solomon 2006. Okay summary ... On these patents, some are obvious, some you have to read between the lines... but the purpose is to show irrevocably that technology exists and that things have been done that are denied and lied to the public by the Mainstream Media (MSM) A) So here is proof the virus was a bioengineered weapon 😎 B) That the law was broken to develop "gain of function" by Chimeric research C) That a vaccine already existed before the COVID19 outbreak. D) that Nanobots are in the vaccines. E) that nanobots are being sprayed thru aerosols (Chemtrails) F) that these nanobots can be programmed to kill someone very rapidly G) that these are/can be activated and controlled by (EMF) Electromagnetic energy Radio/microwave transmission - i.e. 5G technology. H) that A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) control can/will be initiated thru these means. I) that the coming crypto- currency will depend on you having the bots, and will monitor your every move. etc, etc etc.... A.L.W.

  11. Rebecca Person

    Rebecca Person2 日 前

    Spanish flu - result of vaccines.

  12. DBZ Guardian

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    Coronavirus causes less death than the Flu and no one gives a shit about that. #overratedcorona



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    With still less death then the the flu yearly

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    Andrew Saul Covid-19 Webinar Sessions 1-4

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    Get out the lies you dark man maybe you are being pushed and paid by the Deep State. What you're are doing creat panic.

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    .Effort of our medical team

  18. Ransey Bautista

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    when i first saw this, i cant believe at first death will reach 100k. Now it is a reality.. Damn!!

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    **Doctors Hate Him**

  20. Khalil Rehman

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    You are correct and right. Also teach don't take flu inside stomach and lungs because it converted into pneumonia and last man goes to ventilator.

  21. Kieren Buckley

    Kieren Buckley3 日 前

    going into June things are still getting worse yet places are opening up, prepare for way more cases and way more deaths

  22. Vicki Bee

    Vicki Bee3 日 前

    My ex-husband was a Ph.D of Nuclear Science and worked in Medicinal Research. But he always said he wasn't an M.D, which he joked was a Money Doctor.. He certainly wasn't bad off. He just had this thing about not wanting me to know his true potential. Whatever. Now I'm with a guy who's a Fugitive Hunter, So much for that saying that women can never go back to men who make a more normal salary than a Ph.D Nuclear Scientist who words in Microbiologyy.

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    How do all these people not sub (face palm)

  24. I-Love-Music

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    Too much Panic here ! We dont need that, Doctor ! This C19 is like every other Corona Virus in the past years... So please dont panic !

  25. lyllian pilcher

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    I have pesudocholine straus deficiency, I cant be put to sleep, .im high risk , and have been in lock down for months.

  26. Ursula Keller

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    Absolutely true what you talking about, also love your humor. Great teacher, thank you

  27. Tony Trinidad

    Tony Trinidad4 日 前

    You scared the reality into me on March 23. I didn't know it was this serious until i saw this.

  28. Lulie Lawry

    Lulie Lawry4 日 前

    HAS anyone done an actual atuopsy?? what did they find? Is iot a viorus or ..not? AND MANY doctprs saying NO RESPIRATORS! THeytre killing patients!!

  29. Ben Garrett

    Ben Garrett4 日 前

    Actually, since this video we have a breakthrough treatment plan for COVID-19. There is now a 100% CURE FOR COVID-19 WITHOUT LEAVING PATIENTS ON VENTILATORS, developed by Dr. Thomas Yadegar, ICU Director of the Cedars-Sinai Tarzana Medical Center in Tarzana, California. Due to his success with COVID-19, he is currently supervising COVID-19 treatments at 6 major hospitals in southern California. A transcript of a recent interview with Dr. Yadegar is online at the Glenn Beck radio show website in the news section for the news of April 28, 2020. Ventilators have about an 80% death rate. And, with Yadegar's cure the death rate is 0%, so treatments of COVID-19 patients should be switched from ventilators, in order to save lives. Read the transcript and then consider contacting your politicians to notify them of this better approach. Ask your politicians how soon Yadegar's cure can be adopted nationwide. We are all going to die sooner or later. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't do our very best to make it later, for everyone.

  30. Bookie Brown

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    You have a fucked up way on describing things bro I no your a fucking horrible surgeon

  31. Enrique Alba de la Corte

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    And never forget the fda censors the cure..

  32. Sandy Stern

    Sandy Stern4 日 前

    Is it painful to be put on a ventilator? R u awake? Is it scary? Please tell me we are sedated and don't feel a thing during this procedure. R u awake all the time u r on a ventilator (for days)?

  33. Deborah Mincey

    Deborah Mincey4 日 前

    Thank you so much! My Mom and friend died of this! I wish I had this information to talk to the Drs in the hospital!

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    Why don't you mention convalecant serum? Who paid you for this fear video?

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    If you're at home you will be safe from the covid 19

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    What is the the population of the USA oh that's 340 the math.....

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    Dr you are a good source of information, thank you

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    its a clickbait, go save lives than just spreading fear. Fake doctor

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    Thax u sure 👍🏻

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    COVID 19 was a scam.

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    Check the numbers...that's all I m saying....look at age based data....look at data based on underlying the math and get the percentages ....if you inform yourself it's actually not as scary as it's being made out to be....fear is a dangerous thing...

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    hello dr. Voung!



    He not Professional No Morals & values

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    This guy is cool and hilarious.

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    Can't save nobody from something that doesn't exist

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    ???? Wdym lmao

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    Divinistry6 日 前 also a doctor who went to medical school, where doctors become doctors ...

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    Almost in June

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1893">31:33</a> 1 million promise granted

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    While I appreciate the information, how do you classify yourself as the no. 1 weight loss surgeon? And why should I listen to a weight loss surgeon about covid19?

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    Dr #judymikovits

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    My friend husband test positive after shoeing symptoms. And bow their kids are showing symptoms. So it's the whole family and I'm just scared because I don't want to loose any of them.

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    I am a doctor. This man is fully in love with himself. He should know that being a surgeon does not give him cart blanche on infectious diseases. My advice is to go find a more appropriate doctor

  58. Dancing Flame

    Dancing Flame7 日 前

    i already knew a lot of this...just dont know why the parramedics said i dont have covid 19 and left me chocking when i clearly had pnumonia...this is where my 36 year old smokers cough came in...i have been able to keep my lungs clear...i have coughed up more than 3ltrs of phlem...if they take you to hospital sedate you and shove a pipe down your throat then how are you going to clear your chest...? its actualy amazing that smoking is saving me right now...

  59. Brian Abadom

    Brian Abadom7 日 前

    Hi Doc, this was obviously from the early stages of the coronavirus. You needed to have distinguished ACE from ACE 2 receptor on which the Spike protein of this virus binds and the transmembrane serine protease Type 2 on which the hemagglutinin esterase protein anchors to gain entry into the alveoli. I like your warnings and your simplification to make your presentation accessible to everybody. Thank you for your dedication as an essential worker in theses trying times. Continue to stay safe all.

  60. James B

    James B7 日 前

    mid may peak lol boy were you wrong. 100k? try 1.6million with 97k deaths in just america. can you do an updated video on this please?

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    thank you i have shared

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    Hahaha pimp

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    Check this important website:

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    How does an asymptomatic carrier clear the virus?

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    If it is out dated information, why not delete!!! Larry

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    nice..make us scared ...thank you 😔

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    1.6 million cases as of today. He was too optimistic.

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    A little off-putting at first, but it is worth the watch.

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    it doesnt make sense because you put less pressure with your hand you stupid

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    if you do the math we dont have enough respirators

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    you are so stupid

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    Are you Chinese? Just curious.

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    Why are they unable to drain the lungs with this particular pneumonia?

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    I used to tutor him... 😳

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    The worst explanation of the virus ever , more like lies and more lies . If it really was a plandemic the world will had dead people all over the streets .

  77. Geo Gutierrez

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    So... The Sars-cov-2 VIRUS can cause the COVID-19 disease, which can cause PNEUMONIA, which can cause ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome), which can cause inflammation of arteries and the brain, as well as microscopic blood clotting, and delirium. Restrict your sodium consumption; boost your immune system every week, and exercise your lungs at home! If anyone can get it, we all must at least give our bodies their best chance at preventing pneumonia.

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    Excellent teacher!The inflammation response is also the way many millions died of the Spanish Flu (Swine Flu)of 1918.It is a horrible thing.You drown in your fluids...

  79. Rebecca Person

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    It is now being revealed that the Spanish flu resulted from vaccines.

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    Thank you for this video, brother. God bless you and your family as well. My heart to you.

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    Covid 19 live update @itI4

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    i'm from india like for doctors

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    Thank you Dr. for a comprehensive informative review Would be nice if the good Dr would speak in a more dignified vernacular