How Coaches wanna act when their star player gets tired


  1. dmo

    dmo4 時間 前

    Whats the outro instrumental?

  2. Stay Woke103

    Stay Woke1038 時間 前

    Look at you inspiring other ppl 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🏌️🏌️🏌️🏌️

  3. Derrick Hewlett

    Derrick Hewlett9 時間 前

    Look at you inspiring other people! Lmao

  4. Salam David

    Salam David16 時間 前

    At the end of the video he says "Jesus Coming" YESSIR Amen man. And that's fax bro

  5. Giovann Pauli

    Giovann Pauli日 前

    My mom got those same eyes 😂

  6. William Pinchinat

    William Pinchinat日 前

    Second you step out. Down by 30 points😂😂😂

  7. OmniSlash !

    OmniSlash !2 日 前

    I love the outro music so much

  8. Jamie2Starr

    Jamie2Starr2 日 前

    Look at you inspiring other. LOL

  9. Clay P

    Clay P3 日 前

    “Look at you, inspiring other people. What’s wrong with you!!” Lmfao

  10. DD Allin

    DD Allin3 日 前

    The super tight laced up shoes and the high water khakis 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. ithello cross

    ithello cross3 日 前

    Yooo this man the next Bernie Mac 😂😂😂 man too funny

  12. sly evo

    sly evo4 日 前

    Doc rivers & kawhi in game 7 lmao



    "You always doing this" "Im always doing what?Tryna WIN!?" lmao this coach is hilarious

  14. Walker Anderson

    Walker Anderson7 日 前

    *S I T D O W N*

  15. the crowman

    the crowman10 日 前

    He's another bernie mac in the making 😂

  16. Francisco Burgos

    Francisco Burgos10 日 前

    "Look at him. He 5'6. I don't even pay attention to him at practice. What is you talking about?" 😂😂😂

  17. Derrick Hamilton

    Derrick Hamilton11 日 前

    Dude funny af

  18. Joshua Robirlos

    Joshua Robirlos11 日 前

    Lol he said, "When you quit, the whole gym will shut down."

  19. ShexThexQueen

    ShexThexQueen11 日 前

    Til Jesus come back , you guess it you hooping 👀

  20. P. Stone

    P. Stone12 日 前

    he has a bernie mac type vibe, rip

  21. Daniel Cruz

    Daniel Cruz12 日 前

    1:01 “Look at you inspiring other people” 😂

  22. Mikail Thomas

    Mikail Thomas14 日 前

    " U always doin' this!"

  23. F F

    F F14 日 前

    I actually think mark was a failing high school coach in a past life

  24. cherubin89k

    cherubin89k14 日 前

    Star player: coach im tired Coach: I'm tired of this conversation, get back out there

  25. Dummy

    Dummy15 日 前

    By the time they done talking the player should be good 😭😭

  26. michael stewart

    michael stewart15 日 前

    Song at the end?

  27. Mikail Thomas

    Mikail Thomas15 日 前

    There is no I in team.

  28. Wave City

    Wave City15 日 前

    Devin booker be like

  29. Gontran Gonzales

    Gontran Gonzales15 日 前

    Look at you Inspiring other people lol

  30. Kheno Smith

    Kheno Smith16 日 前

    Them you hoopins is epic lmao

  31. Rashida Ali-Campbell

    Rashida Ali-Campbell17 日 前

    I pray all y’all dreams come true

  32. Jor-El Payne

    Jor-El Payne17 日 前

    “down by 30 points” TOOK ME OUT

  33. Krishon Kennedy

    Krishon Kennedy17 日 前

    0:35 *Whoosh*

  34. Izzy glizzy u kno

    Izzy glizzy u kno17 日 前


  35. Que Mcrae

    Que Mcrae17 日 前

    Im always doing what? Tryna win?

  36. YoshiDudeTyGaming 230

    YoshiDudeTyGaming 23019 日 前

    “What he talking about, talking about he gonna hoop?” That got me ded

  37. Colin Theis

    Colin Theis21 日 前

    The eyebrow raise “sit down” gets me every time haha

  38. LOLILOLS kaleb

    LOLILOLS kaleb21 日 前

    I laughed so hard I started rick rolling

  39. Koneko Meh

    Koneko Meh22 日 前

    why does he keeps waking around

  40. Brett Skinner

    Brett Skinner22 日 前

    “Down by 30 points” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  41. Miguel Hidalgo

    Miguel Hidalgo23 日 前

    The accuracy and tone of this XD

  42. Mike Visby

    Mike Visby24 日 前

    Jordan was the opposite, management tells him not to play because of a past injury and he says screw that, I am playing.

  43. DedFelloe

    DedFelloe24 日 前

    "Look at you, inspiring other people, what's wrong with you?"

  44. Da Crammers

    Da Crammers24 日 前

    The coach looked like he was about to cry xD "stop talking to meee!!" Hahahahaha!! Angry whisper voice: You hoopin! Til these lights go out? You hoopin! Til jesus come BACK! Guess what you're doing? That's right you guessed it. Hoopin. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that poor player xD RDC is so funny xD i love all of them. They're great.

  45. Kyle Wilson

    Kyle Wilson24 日 前

    Terry Stotts to Damian Lillard before Dame gets hurt against the Lakers

  46. Mack 1830

    Mack 183024 日 前

    Till Jesus comes back, you hooping😂😂.....(Denzel voice) Ha, Ha, Ha....My Man

  47. Big Daddy23

    Big Daddy2325 日 前

    “Boy you better lower you voice, you quit, I quit the whole team quit the gym shut down” 😂😂😭

  48. Guitaris Guitar

    Guitaris Guitar25 日 前

    “Till jesus come back,you be hooping”

  49. Critical Thinking

    Critical Thinking25 日 前

    I guess the dislikers wanted their gym shut down.

  50. StayBoxxed

    StayBoxxed25 日 前


  51. - SweetScale TV -

    - SweetScale TV -25 日 前

    This guy need his own movie! "look at you inspiring other people" omg

  52. The Collector

    The Collector25 日 前

    I cant like this video enough 😂

  53. Cawan Hood

    Cawan Hood25 日 前

    Lmao that nigga said if you quit imma quit

  54. Anti Social Ant

    Anti Social Ant25 日 前

    “ we gon quit” fuck

  55. edwin younes

    edwin younes25 日 前

    Why is he whispering though


    ANGRY RATPOR25 日 前

    lebron in cle

  57. Frequent Snow

    Frequent Snow26 日 前

    I used to be the best dodger and catchernin school and whenever we had a tournement the team just stopped and made me do everything butnif i mess up they ask to switch teams or somthing. Just me?

  58. Iquique Vargas

    Iquique Vargas26 日 前

    “Look at you inspiring other people” 😂😂😂😂😂😭

  59. せいそう

    せいそう26 日 前

    I want to see you on Netflix !

  60. Beerus

    Beerus26 日 前

    thats so me bruh xd



    Must be nice...

  62. Benr.y

    Benr.y27 日 前

    Outr song?

  63. Mafian

    Mafian27 日 前

    Imagine looking at him while he is shooting, talking to nobody 😂

  64. Jacob Diaz

    Jacob Diaz25 日 前

    That legit what we’re doing🙃

  65. Benjamin Fleurisme

    Benjamin Fleurisme27 日 前


  66. Prison Mike

    Prison Mike27 日 前

    “Look at him, he’s 5’6 I don’t even pay attention to him in practice.” Me: Celebrates in 5’7

  67. s a i

    s a i23 日 前

    Me: Celebrates in 5'5

  68. Marquise

    Marquise27 日 前

    “He soft” 😂 omg bro

  69. Nakuchi

    Nakuchi27 日 前

    Players: Sir, I'm kinda thirsty, I need some wate- *No, no. What are you even talking about?*

  70. Turkish Gaylord

    Turkish Gaylord27 日 前

    You gonna play till jesus come back hahahah funny guy.

  71. Alex Sinclair

    Alex Sinclair27 日 前

    Why is this so true

  72. Aj Green

    Aj Green27 日 前

    You quit ima quit the whole team gone quit 😂😂😂😂😂

  73. Joseph Boadu

    Joseph Boadu28 日 前

    "Coach I'll play"

  74. I'm Zvi

    I'm Zvi28 日 前

    That second "sit down" fucking kills me I swear

  75. Shuyin Kim

    Shuyin Kim28 日 前

    Lol hilarios

  76. neogauntlet

    neogauntlet28 日 前

    Outro is straght fire

  77. Dannielle Benson

    Dannielle Benson28 日 前


  78. Jordan Smith

    Jordan Smith28 日 前

    Why is he slowly becoming Bernie Mac though

  79. Internet Cop

    Internet Cop4 日 前

    @The Vegas Native but you replied either way. *Dodge 100*

  80. The Vegas Native

    The Vegas Native4 日 前

    Internet Cop you don’t deserve a real reply because your name is internet cop.

  81. Internet Cop

    Internet Cop4 日 前

    @The Vegas Native you actually did prove his point. You seen some of his show and movies but not his stand up which is the raw moments of Burnie Mac which by far is his truest moments but you also said you don't watch comedies like stand ups but you said that RDC is better than Burnie even though you clearly say you don't watch any of his stuff. Your basically back peddling and contradicting yourself by covering your argument of saying *That's my Opinion* which by far means your Argument is Invalidated if you have to hide behind that. So do you watch his shit or not? Because if you don't that means you don't really have the capability to say RDC world is funnier than Burnie if you never seen his shit but if have people would still disagree with you because everyone knows he was one of the funniest men alive before Kevin Hart or Dave Chappelle and maybe Eddie Murphy.

  82. The Vegas Native

    The Vegas Native15 日 前

    SoF 228 you’re just a hypocrite. Don’t come at me for what I said and then say it’s one sided. You were wrong. Plain and simple

  83. SoF 228

    SoF 22815 日 前

    @Jordan Smith I wouldn't worry about it; it's entirely 1-sided. Now as for your original comment, you do have a point 🤣.

  84. ChellyTheGreat

    ChellyTheGreat28 日 前

    Bolllll I love this dude

  85. Xpkresx Lost

    Xpkresx Lost29 日 前

    It really do be like that though lol.... even when the trainer says “he’s not going to be able to play anymore” the coaches deadass be asking “is he still good to go”

  86. XxCROTISxX

    XxCROTISxX29 日 前

    this is so relatable, back when i was in football my coach only gave me a break during kickoff so like a 30 sec rest at max

  87. Redbrick Walk215

    Redbrick Walk21529 日 前

    What is that outro music???

  88. Andrew Yukino

    Andrew Yukino29 日 前

    Why dont these people I have skit show on a major network obviously they are fucking funny

  89. c dubba u

    c dubba u29 日 前

    "Look at you, inspiring other people." 😂

  90. James Brightman

    James Brightman29 日 前

    Bernie Mac 😂😂😂

  91. Carson Hennion

    Carson Hennion29 日 前

    0:53 I felt that

  92. luis Eduardo

    luis Eduardo29 日 前

    This guy is the tall Kevin Hart!

  93. Shane Tyray

    Shane Tyray29 日 前

    Good concept but not a funny delivery!!!

  94. Heyhey

    Heyheyヶ月 前

    His probably talking to Durant

  95. Jesus Christ, but with wifi

    Jesus Christ, but with wifiヶ月 前

    I aint coming back, you finna keep hooping forever

  96. Replay Booth Sports Talk

    Replay Booth Sports Talkヶ月 前

    “You hoopin’ till Jesus come back”

  97. Jax Brown

    Jax Brownヶ月 前

    I’m not bragging or anything but I was a star player on my basketball team a long time ago and this true af😂

  98. Saxo Blakeman

    Saxo Blakemanヶ月 前

    Classic one shot

  99. Galavant Gambit Gaming

    Galavant Gambit Gamingヶ月 前

    From minute one to minute end🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  100. Jeremiah Coleman

    Jeremiah Colemanヶ月 前

    Till Jesus come back you hoopin

  101. SnwMan0

    SnwMan0ヶ月 前

    Look at him he five six

  102. Surrenderzz

    Surrenderzzヶ月 前

    0:55 shut the hell up, SIT DOWN

  103. Shaka Zulu

    Shaka Zuluヶ月 前

    You see how this character is mirror image of the Lebron character? I wonder how those 2 would interact 🤔

  104. Cedrick Penis

    Cedrick Penisヶ月 前

    Is this supposed to be funny? I didn't even smile.

  105. Fume

    Fumeヶ月 前

    “Down by 30” “Sit down” lol

  106. Vaxiify

    Vaxiifyヶ月 前

    Someone make him a professional actor. Any agents in here?

  107. Darik Martinez

    Darik Martinezヶ月 前

    Look at you inspiring other people what’s wrong with u