How Chick Fila Workers was when they heard about the New Popeyes Sandwich


  1. Rondell Terrell

    Rondell Terrell20 時間 前

    They need a tv show

  2. Purple For Acid

    Purple For Acid日 前

    "you think I can get some... Get that shi out my face"🤣🤣🤣

  3. Tyzedd Bowles Jr. 0825

    Tyzedd Bowles Jr. 0825日 前


  4. Jung Kookie

    Jung Kookie日 前

    When supreme dreams was fighting Ben he was like MY PLEASURE MY PLEASURE

  5. I.O. Fit channel

    I.O. Fit channel日 前

    😂🤣😂😂🤣 yoooooooo loooool

  6. Te'Asia Balentine

    Te'Asia Balentine日 前

    Yeah I'ma see you the window I promise I'ma see you at the window 😂🤣 🤣😂🤦🏾‍♀️

  7. Married With Children

    Married With Children日 前

    Watched it 3 times in a row! LOL

  8. Zachary Jones

    Zachary Jones日 前

    Oh chick fil a employees cussing now?! DANG What universe is this?!

  9. Fishing with Essex

    Fishing with Essex日 前

    0:21 "Yeah ima see you at the window" LOL

  10. First Last

    First Last日 前

    Look like target employees training for black Friday lmao

  11. Darth Vix

    Darth Vix日 前

    On God Popeye niggas would be strapped

  12. XtraThankYou

    XtraThankYou日 前

    Do they actually work at Popeyes or what because him randomly being an employee was even more hilarious lol

  13. Elnibba 1

    Elnibba 12 日 前

    My pleasure

  14. james hope

    james hope3 日 前

    Ben san has joined the fray

  15. MP Wellness

    MP Wellness3 日 前

    Only 2 stars on their reviews. 😂😂

  16. D J

    D J3 日 前

    "My pleasure, my pleasure!"

  17. Coolio Nohara

    Coolio Nohara3 日 前

    “Get y’all own shit”

  18. Snipertrey47

    Snipertrey473 日 前

    shit funny as hell man always on poijnt my niggas

  19. U.N.I F.O.R.M

    U.N.I F.O.R.M3 日 前

    Oh my God 2.99 subs

  20. Armoni Taylor

    Armoni Taylor3 日 前

    “Yea imma see you at the window”🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♀️

  21. Bill Nye

    Bill Nye3 日 前

    Where’s a new good avatar

  22. Emmanuel Castillo

    Emmanuel Castillo3 日 前

    Im at Chikl Fil A right now... so i had to watch this again 🤣🤣

  23. Alex Dellorto

    Alex Dellorto3 日 前

    "yeah imma see you at the window" that right there should tell you they want smoke

  24. The Avatar

    The Avatar3 日 前

    0:21 *Yeah Ima see you at the window! I promise Ima see him at the window...*

  25. Winston Beysolow

    Winston Beysolow4 日 前


  26. Hetty

    Hetty4 日 前

    Wtf did i just watch?

  27. TaleOfAmaru

    TaleOfAmaru4 日 前

    Sound like a bunch of seagulls fighting over a chip.

  28. Black Lyfe

    Black Lyfe4 日 前


  29. Bird Doug

    Bird Doug4 日 前


  30. Hedwig Etcetera

    Hedwig Etcetera4 日 前

    they sound like chickens 😂😂😂

  31. Melanie Blanks

    Melanie Blanks4 日 前

    This nigga got the cure to depression 😭 OMM

  32. Dragon Gun

    Dragon Gun4 日 前





  34. Dearcey Brown

    Dearcey Brown5 日 前

    Seen how mad Desmond got when he threw the paper at him 😂

  35. Zack Rader

    Zack Rader5 日 前

    Wait, I thought Chick-Fil-A employees are Christians.

  36. christian coloso

    christian coloso2 日 前

    So a man of the lord can't box?

  37. Tru Scorpio

    Tru Scorpio5 日 前


  38. Doeray

    Doeray5 日 前

    What's your secret? Popeyes/ChicFilA - We use actual cuts of chicken, not chicken paste patties.

  39. Edwin Hernandez

    Edwin Hernandez5 日 前

    "My pleasure my pleasure" 😂

  40. patrick plant

    patrick plant5 日 前

    Watch “How Chick Fil A training gotta be like” in order to appreciate when he says “my pleasure” while fighting 😂

  41. LushHush

    LushHush5 日 前

    They talked so fast in that fight scene I was just hearin “bok bok bok bok bok! Bok bok bok bok!”

  42. ghosty ghost

    ghosty ghost5 日 前

    🤣🤣 wtf

  43. Jatniel Granillo

    Jatniel Granillo5 日 前

    You want spicy!

  44. Dbz Lover

    Dbz Lover5 日 前


  45. Jennifer

    Jennifer5 日 前


  46. sinkiy

    sinkiy5 日 前

    Chic filet doesn’t have a monopoly or chicken lol. Wtf

  47. Garrett

    Garrett5 日 前

    starts squaring up as he's saying "my pleasure!"

  48. Coco Loco

    Coco Loco6 日 前


  49. Sijan Grg

    Sijan Grg6 日 前

    They both blood doe”

  50. arben ismaili

    arben ismaili6 日 前

    Ahmuuuuuuudddd!!! HAHAHAHAHAH VAD ÄR DETTA BREE?! Hahahaha 😂

  51. arben ismaili

    arben ismaili6 日 前

    Ciao fraaaa!! Tjooo bror! Vad händer min bror!?

  52. XxGoneGhostxX

    XxGoneGhostxX6 日 前

    Best page ever just cause yall fuck with anime. Yall think about doing kimetsu no yaiba on the hood. 😭

  53. Amina Flore

    Amina Flore6 日 前

    “Bro why we at this dirty ass place” lmaoooo

  54. ugochi U

    ugochi U6 日 前

    0:50 “my pleasure , my pleasure” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  55. Komplex Kontent

    Komplex Kontent6 日 前

    😂😂😂 LMFAO !! THIS HILARIOUS & ghetto as hell

  56. Bvnkboy Fuego

    Bvnkboy Fuego6 日 前

    My guy grabbed the 1st chic-fil-a sandwich 🥪 like it was a pistol lol

  57. Jaren boss Gaming

    Jaren boss Gaming6 日 前

    Food fight

  58. Cody Ko’s Chode

    Cody Ko’s Chode6 日 前

    The Chick-fil-A worker should’ve yelled My pleasure after throwing the food back😂

  59. Coach Miles Vinciguerra

    Coach Miles Vinciguerra7 日 前


  60. BeastModeHitter

    BeastModeHitter7 日 前

    0:43 When your at a school field trip and see another school there

  61. ??? waluigi

    ??? waluigi7 日 前

    Chick-fil-a vs Popeyes

  62. Turtle Head

    Turtle Head7 日 前

    How many chicken sandwiches did he have😂😂