How Chick Fila Workers was when they heard about the New Popeyes Sandwich


  1. Rod Son

    Rod Son14 時間 前

    The throwing of the chicken sandwiches had me weak😆

  2. Pros Kurien

    Pros Kurien17 時間 前

    I see Rodney hood started working at Popeyes after that injury

  3. Karl Striepe

    Karl Striepe19 時間 前

    Best video yet. From what I can tell, though, is that folk that work at Chick Fil a, at least near me, more religious. So this wouldn't happen. They'd pray for them.

  4. JackieDJ

    JackieDJ22 時間 前


  5. Riff

    Riff22 時間 前


  6. Not Jin

    Not Jin22 時間 前

    at the end it sounds like a bunch of chickens clucking LMAO

  7. Topaz fire

    Topaz fire日 前

    😂😂 ignorant

  8. Dennis Brown

    Dennis Brown日 前

    Bro this is too funny this is how we was when us at Arby’s heard that Hardees

  9. No Name

    No Name日 前

    I’m getting the seagulls vibe from Finding Nemo when they started beefing..

  10. Ana Myers

    Ana Myers2 日 前

    The single mothers meet up

  11. Cyber React

    Cyber React2 日 前

    Please make more funny videos (love it)

  12. Unkownone

    Unkownone2 日 前

    Walgreens and CVS brought me here

  13. Black Star

    Black Star3 日 前

    I talk to my customers like. What else?

  14. Wizz-ey

    Wizz-ey3 日 前

    I actually got a Popeyes ad😂

  15. Miguel Farias

    Miguel Farias3 日 前

    MLK jr died for this

  16. R Forest

    R Forest3 日 前

    He threw it at him like he was cooking a grenade

  17. Jade Nguyen

    Jade Nguyen3 日 前

    All these guys need are some red shirts and the time to think of an idea.

  18. Ruben Santillana

    Ruben Santillana3 日 前

    This is stupid, I have no idea why I laugh so hard at this lol

  19. ooga booga

    ooga booga3 日 前

    Bro they all sound like the birds from Nemo just “MI MI MI MI MI MI”

  20. Janelle Taylor

    Janelle Taylor3 日 前


  21. Ugly Thing

    Ugly Thing3 日 前


  22. Steven Campos

    Steven Campos4 日 前

    My pleasure 😂😂😂😂😂

  23. Jesse Hernandez

    Jesse Hernandez4 日 前


  24. why so serious

    why so serious4 日 前


  25. Isaiah Billington

    Isaiah Billington4 日 前

    I pissed myself a little lookin at this funny shit they need a chill button 😂😂😂😂

  26. JASON

    JASON4 日 前

    They shoulda had a dude dressed as a cow with them just randomly jump out of the car and start throwing down

  27. JOEL00111

    JOEL001115 日 前

    Church's chicken gonna ride in their deep and take everybody out!

  28. Blacksword 404

    Blacksword 4044 日 前

    JOEL00111 People sleeping. Churches full of that ole church lady and wino money.



    0:47 well i'm expecting they're throwing some bankai or kamehameha or any anime attack shit

  30. Ved Redic

    Ved Redic5 日 前

    Yooooo when they came out the side door I lost it lmfao hahahahahah 🤣🤣 Well done on the skit fellas

  31. kaharoa tetai

    kaharoa tetai5 日 前

    What I heard in the argument:fididhhdjjdjddjbfhgfdidkebgfgujisoodeieuytteeesdcjk gddtuihby cdryuiohgddfgjioiyfccddtuk oi fffddyuiij

  32. Adel Kh

    Adel Kh5 日 前

    What the hell just happen🤣🤣🤣

  33. Jeremy Cremen

    Jeremy Cremen5 日 前

    They laughed because popeyes still sucks

  34. The life of 2shoes

    The life of 2shoes5 日 前

    Them popeye niggas looked like they was gonna get handled 😂

  35. Limz XD

    Limz XD5 日 前

    How when they were fighting : 👊👊 MY PLESSURE MY PLESSURE

  36. Heartbreak Kid

    Heartbreak Kid5 日 前

    Christian employees shouldn't curse as they did in this video SMH

  37. Coco Loco

    Coco Loco5 日 前


  38. jordan carver

    jordan carver5 日 前

    chick fila?

  39. Andre Ally

    Andre Ally6 日 前

    He was like “Dirty ass chicken sandwich.”

  40. skateborder 101

    skateborder 1016 日 前

    Your iso to high

  41. Kha'len McCoy

    Kha'len McCoy6 日 前

    That look he gave after "Can I get a Popeyes chicken sandwich?" 🤣🤣

  42. b u b b l e t e a

    b u b b l e t e a6 日 前

    They sound like chickens I’m dyinnnnnn 🤣🤣🤣

  43. Ethan Davis

    Ethan Davis6 日 前

    Begun... the chicken wars... has.



    Ok... American is slow af...Popeyes was in canada since ages ago...and its amazing

  45. The funny Guy TB

    The funny Guy TB6 日 前

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  46. darthgenesis9

    darthgenesis96 日 前

    I love how I've seen this multiple times now, and just noticed they yelled "My pleasure" while boxing

  47. Jen - Jen

    Jen - Jen6 日 前

    I love that everyone accepts that rudeness is a part of the Popeyes brand

  48. Mike Sharpelletti

    Mike Sharpelletti2 日 前

    I didn't really notice anything rude.

  49. DIO Brando

    DIO Brando6 日 前

    Chick-fil-A is about to beat the Christian into Popeyes

  50. Zethyst-ぜじすと

    Zethyst-ぜじすと6 日 前

    Three people in car 0:31 and only two of them came out...... Rewatch it and was like OH he’s the person that has a job of being the cameraman

  51. Twiggy the lizard

    Twiggy the lizard6 日 前

    Dayum...they go hardcore.

  52. kurr oi

    kurr oi6 日 前

    B L A C K O N B L A C K H U M O R

  53. D- Licious

    D- Licious6 日 前

    Makes sense

  54. Dio Brando

    Dio Brando7 日 前

    We need a Ebay vs Amazon

  55. K S

    K S7 日 前

    All I heard at the end was chickens clucking

  56. Daven crump

    Daven crump7 日 前

    Why we at this dirty ass place 😂😂😂

  57. Artmeat J

    Artmeat J7 日 前

    “Um do you think I could get som- GET THAT SHIT OUT MY FACE”

  58. Fake Person

    Fake Person7 日 前

    I swear to god, no word of a lie, when I read the title on my iPad it was too long, so it read... ‘How Cick Fila Workers was then they heard about the New Pope...’ I was so disappointed when I saw the real title, not saying the video was bad, just disappointing.

  59. Nick Hartman

    Nick Hartman7 日 前

    It would be more realistic if the chick fila workers were being uncomfortably nice in the video

  60. COMRADE Hunter

    COMRADE Hunter7 日 前


  61. MrRandomGamers

    MrRandomGamers7 日 前

    But kfc had chicken burgers What but Waaaaaaaa

  62. MysticalSpace

    MysticalSpace7 日 前

    How the gamers are gonna fight the fbi off from being drafted in ww3