How 6ix9ine's "GUMMO” Lyrics Were Used In Court | Song Stories


  1. David Wang

    David Wang日 前

    Court: you are facing 7 years jail time. 6ix9ine: I found Gordon Ramsay’s Lamb sauce

  2. NovaMoonlight Pg3d

    NovaMoonlight Pg3d4 日 前

    who here after 69 got outta jail

  3. Mario

    Mario11 日 前

    TayK is proud of him

  4. Skullpro1

    Skullpro113 日 前

    how can gummo be used in the court if he was not affiliated with 9trey till the music video... smh #getyourfactsright

  5. steven owen

    steven owen13 日 前

    I swear when this video came on the bloke who doing the voice I looked quick n I could of swore he was tupac 😂😂😂

  6. LizardMonster

    LizardMonster14 日 前

    Currently has 6ix 9ine likes

  7. Åšìä_and Arìana_xØxØ

    Åšìä_and Arìana_xØxØ14 日 前

    Do u ever just go down the comments and be like "man I should've done that!"?😂

  8. hola

    hola15 日 前

    Is it me or does the guy narrating look like Tupac

  9. Husain Kothari

    Husain Kothari16 日 前

    I just realised the lyrics black people use is the N word.

  10. DexBerry

    DexBerry16 日 前

    Even this video has 69k likes

  11. the_one _person

    the_one _person16 日 前

    Judge: You are facing 39 years of prison. 69: But i’m the one who cared. You know? when someone says who cares? I did.

  12. the_one _person

    the_one _person16 日 前

    Judge: You are facing 39 years of prison. 69: But i’m the one who cared. You know? when someone says who cares? I did.

  13. Abdulla muhammed

    Abdulla muhammed16 日 前

    When there are 69k likes

  14. Una Tiko

    Una Tiko17 日 前

    We should just stop supporting artists who represent stupidity


    RAMO IRAZAN17 日 前

    This is like that Key and Peele sketch irl.

  16. 辣的女生

    辣的女生17 日 前

    I'm really worried about all these Americans writing "your" instead of "you're". Are y'all ok?

  17. Giovanni King

    Giovanni King17 日 前

    Judge: you will be facing life in prison 6ix9ine: i know where’s scooby doo

  18. João Z

    João Z18 日 前

    I found 2pac

  19. NightRem3

    NightRem319 日 前

    6ix9ine got in court for sayying the n word

  20. universe宇

    universe宇19 日 前

    Is this nigga serious?

  21. BAIK

    BAIK19 日 前

    Bruh I thought that u can’t use Music as evidence cuz it’s entertainment

  22. yusuf sesay

    yusuf sesay19 日 前

    When they played gunmo in this video my mom was right near me omg

  23. boss139 xx

    boss139 xx19 日 前

    Imagine all this guys will be looking for him


    TYLER LIFE19 日 前

    Why does this genius guy look like a Walmart 2Pac

  25. Bryan Vanwinkle

    Bryan Vanwinkle20 日 前

    He done fucked up fuckin wit sos

  26. 人mckynzieeatscupcakes

    人mckynzieeatscupcakes20 日 前


  27. Will Bob

    Will Bob20 日 前

    Let’s get this vid to 69 likes.

  28. wasterex

    wasterex21 日 前

    6ix9ine in the thumbnail looks like me when I wake up

  29. Emanuel Gabriel

    Emanuel Gabriel21 日 前

    Who’s here when he got of jail

  30. Toxic Karma

    Toxic Karma22 日 前

    That’s to many n words

  31. SoleDad

    SoleDad22 日 前

    Well he’s out now, surprised he didn’t get spawn killed when he was released

  32. Lazy Otter

    Lazy Otter22 日 前


  33. Subscribe to VOLTAGE VXIDRXP

    Subscribe to VOLTAGE VXIDRXP22 日 前

    Trippe redd-I wanted Nikki man you knew that shit 6ix9ine:see that’s obviously treating me

  34. Da Gamer

    Da Gamer22 日 前

    Judge:you’re facing up to 20 years in jail. 69:Does 21 savage look British to you

  35. Max Demarcsek

    Max Demarcsek22 日 前

    No one gonna talk about how this dude look like Tupac

  36. Jelly_ Jay

    Jelly_ Jay23 日 前


  37. CraKed ClipS

    CraKed ClipS23 日 前

    Judge u still have 30 years 6ix9ine I know the krabby party formula

  38. carnald guy

    carnald guy23 日 前

    Judge:Your facing 7 years . 6ix9ine:I know who Kira is.

  39. _ Hushz

    _ Hushz23 日 前

    Judge: your facing 7 years 6ix9ine: lil yachty isn’t actually a yacht

  40. Lord bobby

    Lord bobby24 日 前

    Yo why is tupac in genius

  41. shaquille oatmeal

    shaquille oatmeal24 日 前

    Doctor to 6ix9ine: You have 15 minutes left to live. 6ix9ine: *Kills doctor* Judge: I sentence you to 40 years. 6ix9ine: *insert dancing rat*

  42. dean rees

    dean rees24 日 前

    judge: fucking nigga!

  43. Andrea Mok

    Andrea Mok24 日 前

    Who’s here after he’s backkkkkk!! 🔥

  44. Skeli fn

    Skeli fn24 日 前

    He’s back lmao

  45. Chase Q

    Chase Q24 日 前

    and @lulknoodatt_ on ig don’t forget

  46. plazma23 minecraft

    plazma23 minecraft24 日 前

    Judge: ur facing 69 years of prison Tekashi:i know where tupac is

  47. Bitak

    Bitak24 日 前

    Wait is he allowed to say the N word because he look white for me - I'm Asian

  48. R69NiX

    R69NiX24 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="26">0:26</a> wait...did you produce the song back before you shaved your head?! 🤣

  49. sven Hameršak

    sven Hameršak25 日 前

    ooo man, its tupac !!!!!! He is back!!

  50. Bigboi MOWGLI

    Bigboi MOWGLI25 日 前

    Judge: ur facing 23 years 69: meek mil is batman

  51. ranu Lol

    ranu Lol25 日 前

    And ppl still be defending mumble rappers

  52. Danny Muldrow

    Danny Muldrow25 日 前

    He's like Tay K except he won.

  53. Martín Orozco

    Martín Orozco25 日 前

    The song that got him Global also got him in jail, Same thing happened to Tay-K

  54. HF Xtreme

    HF Xtreme25 日 前

    Who’s here after he’s been released?

  55. Walker

    Walker25 日 前

    Who’s here after GOOBA

  56. Panez Boy

    Panez Boy26 日 前

    Oh my god 6ix9ine is a f GENIUS!!!!

  57. Spxrky

    Spxrky26 日 前

    Why this man look like shotti

  58. gaming with shilo pollard

    gaming with shilo pollard26 日 前

    Judge: your facing 30 years 6ix9ine: I know who took a bite from the apple logo

  59. Mr. Rome

    Mr. Rome26 日 前

    Judge: your facing 20 years 69: I bet I can drop that number if I tell you who out pizzad the hut

  60. Alijah White

    Alijah White26 日 前

    69 before was really about it now he a bitch

  61. საბა კვირჩილაძე

    საბა კვირჩილაძე26 日 前

    well look at him now.stop capinn broo

  62. chad4life

    chad4life26 日 前

    thats why he got sentenced more years...

  63. Robert Vizitiu

    Robert Vizitiu26 日 前

    This is why if I ever do illegal stuff I'll do it with a black dude cos I know they not gonna snitch

  64. kalillita dub

    kalillita dub27 日 前

    The Devil is the biggest marketing strategy period...don't fall

  65. kane mills

    kane mills27 日 前

    Don't lie u wouldn't have clicked this video if 6ix9ine didn't get released

  66. Jayden Mantana

    Jayden Mantana27 日 前

    Man looks like tupac

  67. Dokurscaeditz

    Dokurscaeditz27 日 前

    Tupac working for Genius now?

  68. Nordli

    Nordli27 日 前

    This video is like a flashbang, I can hardly keep my eyes open its so white

  69. Dr. Flacko

    Dr. Flacko27 日 前

    Tekashi executed Order 66

  70. Felix Piñeiro

    Felix Piñeiro28 日 前

    who’s here after he was released and dropped GOOBA and also blew the Instagram live view record out of the water?

  71. Nathaniel Scott

    Nathaniel Scott28 日 前

    Imagine not being in a gang

  72. Kos Miw

    Kos Miw28 日 前

    Anyone hear after he got out and broke hella records?

  73. lock dogsta

    lock dogsta28 日 前

    who is here after watching Goba

  74. Smoothie

    Smoothie28 日 前

    Bro he look like great value 2pac

  75. Gozoq

    Gozoq28 日 前

    Tupac. I didn't know he worked for genuis.

  76. Robloxgamer_bacon

    Robloxgamer_bacon28 日 前

    Judge: ur facing 30 years 6ix9ine: Dora doesnt only speak spanish

  77. Garvey Udokwu

    Garvey Udokwu28 日 前

    DOWNFALL??? boi got backkk

  78. Aexioz

    Aexioz28 日 前

    Who's Here In 2020 When He Got Released ?

  79. Ben 313

    Ben 31328 日 前

    Who’s here after GOOBA?

  80. 2 TONEDRIP Gaming

    2 TONEDRIP Gaming28 日 前

    How's that working out for ya