How 6ix9ine's "GUMMO” Lyrics Were Used In Court | Song Stories


  1. Neudilan Ferreira alves junior

    Neudilan Ferreira alves junior2 時間 前

    Vai se fuder cade a música ninguém q ver vc falando q ver o cara cantando inútil

  2. MrVapor

    MrVapor6 時間 前

    Hol' up, Is that Tupac?

  3. Zachary Morgan

    Zachary Morgan6 時間 前

    Y'all making these ppl rich... SHAME ON Y'ALL SHAME

  4. Alexandros Papadopoulos

    Alexandros Papadopoulos日 前

    Holy shit, the narrator looks like 2pac

  5. ag.floats XR

    ag.floats XR日 前

    These songs are hot garbage

  6. M O K K U N ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    M O K K U N ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?2 日 前

    should of used this instead:

  7. Cooldude989x The roblox god

    Cooldude989x The roblox god2 日 前

    Tu pac?

  8. Fat kid plays games I don’t stop eating

    Fat kid plays games I don’t stop eating2 日 前

    1:39 thanos did

  9. Sweet Mango

    Sweet Mango3 日 前

    “The villians never die” the fuck kind of cartoons he be watching???

  10. Demigod

    Demigod4 日 前

    69 is the best! I don't care what you say he is a real gangster and he is only snitch a little bit so shut up.

  11. Lil xjxnior

    Lil xjxnior4 日 前

    Snitch Gang

  12. lati

    lati4 日 前

    S.N.I.T.C.H = Six Nine In The Court House PS. stoled this comment btw xD

  13. The King

    The King4 日 前

    Judge: you still have 18 years 6ix9ine WAIT! IM NOT DONE Queen cheated on Chris Sails first

  14. Galaxy Ninja

    Galaxy Ninja4 日 前

    Well at least Azerrz's version was better....

  15. Dope_danny 10011

    Dope_danny 100114 日 前

    Judge:you're facing 47 years 6ix9ine:I know the krabby patty formula

  16. Yeetskeetnboogi

    Yeetskeetnboogi4 日 前

    SOS and Zilla finna murder this dude

  17. F .B.I

    F .B.I4 日 前

    He looks like Tupac

  18. girl with no name

    girl with no name4 日 前

    He ain't even black YET he still saying the n word

  19. lil nas

    lil nas4 日 前

    judge:you still facing 29 years,any thing else? 6ix9ine: Ik victoria’s secret

  20. Filthy Toe

    Filthy Toe4 日 前

    Yea boiiiiiuu

  21. Ilike Memes

    Ilike Memes5 日 前

    Judge: Alright, you‘re free to go 6ix9ine: I‘m not done yet

  22. RaccoonBoi

    RaccoonBoi5 日 前

    Jacques be looking like a fake ass tupac nigga

  23. kaden savage gaming

    kaden savage gaming5 日 前


  24. Yazen999 zDeezNutsz

    Yazen999 zDeezNutsz5 日 前

    Yall clowning this mf 🤣🤣

  25. Raviel The Evergreen

    Raviel The Evergreen5 日 前

    Shaggy: It wasnt me 6ix9ine: actually your honor

  26. Usksu -

    Usksu -5 日 前

    Judge : You’re sentenced to life in prison 6ix9ine: Ever heard murder on my mind?

  27. big fat strowky

    big fat strowky5 日 前

    Judge: you still have 20 years 6ix9ine: "ever seen bruce wayne and batman in the same room?"

  28. big fat strowky

    big fat strowky5 日 前

    I seriously hate 6ix9ine

  29. Ashley Self

    Ashley Self5 日 前

    F*#: being a hero.....really in Kevin Hart voice

  30. 50 000 subs with no videos

    50 000 subs with no videos5 日 前

    Judge: you have 14 years 6ix9ine: I know what the fox says

  31. The black smoke drummer

    The black smoke drummer5 日 前

    Judge:your still facing a week in prison. Anything else 6ix9ine:twin towers was planned by...the fbi!!!!!

  32. fudgebunny doge

    fudgebunny doge5 日 前

    Judge: your looking at 20 years 6ix9ine: i know kirbys gender

  33. Sen YT

    Sen YT5 日 前

    They have 6.69 million subs as I am watching this... coincidence, I think not

  34. Mason F

    Mason F6 日 前

    German Nazis: Ja, u still facing 20 years 69: Yo I know where Anne Frank is hiding

  35. xrt alpha

    xrt alpha6 日 前

    6.69 mil subs too lol



    Y tf u saying sosmula was a former part of 69s scum gang because 69 was a part of city morgue and sosmula and zilakami kicked him out

  37. Dominus

    Dominus6 日 前


  38. Ajenor Moreno

    Ajenor Moreno6 日 前

    Judge: you still got 19 years

  39. Škūrtå bœï

    Škūrtå bœï6 日 前

    Tupac is still alive omg

  40. Jamie Duncan

    Jamie Duncan6 日 前

    Judge: any thing else? 6ix9ine: kid buu isn’t a clone

  41. Max Hunt

    Max Hunt2 日 前


  42. James 'sphinx' Richardson

    James 'sphinx' Richardson3 日 前

    Shit joke

  43. Starving African

    Starving African6 日 前

    69: I know that one dentist who doesn’t approve colgate

  44. RaGe Tyman

    RaGe Tyman6 日 前

    U look like ur 2pac

  45. TAY1DN // GaryNuman&KraftwerkFan2006

    TAY1DN // GaryNuman&KraftwerkFan20066 日 前

    Serves Tekashi69 right for been so racist!

  46. Pig

    Pig6 日 前

    Sosmula 🎒🎒🎒

  47. The Flame Lord

    The Flame Lord6 日 前

    When he said heros always die it brought back memories ;-; R.I.P black widow, and iron Man ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

  48. Ezekiel Ovalle

    Ezekiel Ovalle6 日 前


  49. Joshua Ramos

    Joshua Ramos6 日 前

    Judge: is that all Mr. Hernandez your still facing up to 17 6ix9ine: I know Victoria's secret

  50. now thats dinner

    now thats dinner6 日 前

    Why is 6-9 not snitching on Nikki and she's a blood

  51. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach6 日 前

    6ix9ine more like Snitch9ine

  52. William Somerville

    William Somerville6 日 前

    free 69

  53. TTV Dash

    TTV Dash6 日 前

    Snitch on my whole city uh, snitched on trippie uh they tried to give me 50 months

  54. kyrptonic gaming

    kyrptonic gaming6 日 前

    Oh no snitchnine

  55. i sip facts not tea

    i sip facts not tea7 日 前

    Judge: _is that all? You'll still be facing 20 years in jail._ Snitch9: _i know Where Waldo is_

  56. zerogear riku

    zerogear riku7 日 前

    I'm a snitchy uh so u don't get fifty uh

  57. Kaylicia Harris

    Kaylicia Harris7 日 前

    What about Spiderman

  58. Nakul Chowthrik

    Nakul Chowthrik7 日 前

    Judge: you’re still looking at 10 years 69: *holds up picture of stingray* this the mf that killed Steve

  59. XxQ0an T6anxX

    XxQ0an T6anxX7 日 前

    You have 30 years to faced 69: I know the formula to the crabby patties.

  60. RejectionYT

    RejectionYT7 日 前

    6ix9ine snitches on 6ix 9ine

  61. Ha Truong

    Ha Truong7 日 前

    Judge: u will be sentenced for 48 months 6ix9nine: Drake's dawg gonna do it for the Louis belt

  62. AshhSZN

    AshhSZN7 日 前