'Hope for Prisoners' CEO shocked by Trump's pardon consideration


  1. Calling For Responsibility

    Calling For Responsibilityヶ月 前

    These are the people Bernie wants to employe selling legal drugs and yet Trump is somehow the “most dangerous President this nation has ever seen!” Regards from Denmark, some of us here navigate outside of the Fake News and haven’t been indoctrinated by the State run broadcasting Corp to hate the US atm.

  2. Dan Do

    Dan Doヶ月 前

    As a Democrat, I am voting for trump 2020. And yet I'm not leaving this Democrat plantation. No. We shall remain here and see the end of this mad house!

  3. 4BrycesBattle

    4BrycesBattleヶ月 前

    I contacted all the different parties to ask help with my wrongfully convicted son bryce vandergrift, who is deteriorating in a 🇺🇸 prison. NOTHING. NO HELP. 🇺🇸 wants my vote and 🇺🇸 wants tax payer 💰 from my son being in prison. EVIL 🌎

  4. Retro-DADE

    Retro-DADEヶ月 前

    Shot out to Kim Kardashian-West for using her platform to bring this issue to the forefront with the White House

  5. I’m a Doosh bag

    I’m a Doosh bagヶ月 前

    Every time I hear a democrat say “what trump has done “? I tell them all you gotta do is watch Fox News. They say he doesn’t do anything but the truth is they don’t even LOOK.

  6. jack torrence

    jack torrenceヶ月 前

    Trump sucking at being a racist again.

  7. Leanne McLeod

    Leanne McLeodヶ月 前

    Obama pardoned more people then any other president since Truman. Where was the outrage then?

  8. R S

    R Sヶ月 前

    Trump is the GOAT

  9. F D

    F Dヶ月 前

    Trump is the worse racist ever!

  10. Brian Barrett

    Brian Barrettヶ月 前

    Is it possible for president Trump to release a man named Jeffrey r. MacDonald who was possibly wrongfully convicted of killing his family in the year 1970 because it's possible that Jeffery r. MacDonald was wrongfully convicted in order of a possible cover up by the government of people in the very top.

  11. James Grigg

    James Griggヶ月 前

    Past politicians ran on hope n change.

  12. Hiep TV

    Hiep TVヶ月 前

    Hello xin chào thanks for your

  13. James Grigg

    James Griggヶ月 前

    Why keep punishing ex prisoners.

  14. M A

    M Aヶ月 前

    I committed a crime 31 years ago and was dismissed and it still shows so why is it still there...had issues with my ex wife and have DV and assault from 20 years ago...I believe in second chances us convicted people should not be discriminated against for the rest of our lives ....we make mistakes like anyone else . Thank you Mr trump

  15. Juan Pablo

    Juan Pabloヶ月 前

    Pardon a regular person then I'll believe

  16. Jessie Dawson

    Jessie Dawsonヶ月 前

    I just have to say that I can't believe anyone could give this a thumbs down. Everyone! Literally! EVERYONE!!! Has a skeleton in their closet. If it were not for second chances, no one would be free or alive. Rant over!

  17. John Elkins

    John Elkinsヶ月 前

    Been out 15 years done everything to pay my debts for the crime I did [non violent] and still the state of Florida refuses to restore all my rights . The system is against the people who do learn there lessons and reforms to legal law abiding people

  18. ThunderMountain Tactical

    ThunderMountain Tacticalヶ月 前

    Trump is really a cool guy!

  19. Beany 57

    Beany 57ヶ月 前

    Is this that racist president acting up again... Never listen to the toxic left.. Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  20. James Shoemaker

    James Shoemakerヶ月 前

    If you don't like this you have to be mentally ill and a dark soul.

  21. Jon Wick

    Jon Wickヶ月 前

    For hit second I thought I saw Louis Farrakhan on stage and thought to my self, mannn..... how in the FK did Trump pull this one out his hat ????

  22. HardFlip Mike

    HardFlip Mikeヶ月 前

    What about Filipinos, Cambodians, and every deserving Asian.

  23. Donald Bailey

    Donald Baileyヶ月 前


  24. Orson Jaques

    Orson Jaquesヶ月 前

    An organization that successfully facilitates reconciliation in family politics does impressive work.


    ABLE2OVERヶ月 前

    Yep most mongoloids are shocked easily

  26. Timprime DiBiase

    Timprime DiBiaseヶ月 前

    Hey black people are bad I watch rapper's

  27. Timprime DiBiase

    Timprime DiBiaseヶ月 前

    Love Trump

  28. Danny Staton

    Danny Statonヶ月 前

    Another million black votes trump 2020 bitches

  29. Atlantic to Pacific Design build.

    Atlantic to Pacific Design build.ヶ月 前

    Let my nephew out of prison, he just had some weed, he's now been locked up for more than half of his life, yet the baby eating witch from the east, Hillary still roams the earth free.

  30. Wesley Cooper

    Wesley Cooperヶ月 前

    This man has proved himself worthy of a full pardon.

  31. Devil dawn

    Devil dawnヶ月 前

    God building his army in the prison systems naturally they're going to be let out what is the time? Money is not there God bless and so does Trump

  32. Shane Gibson

    Shane Gibsonヶ月 前

    And I guarantee you that every Democrat is screaming their head off right now. "Trump is pardoning felons! He supports criminals!"

  33. B O B Spelled backwards

    B O B Spelled backwardsヶ月 前

    Without reading liberal comments below, I predict the following...." he's s sellout to the racist white society", ..."traitor to the black race, and hindrance to their success" ....."more collusion with fox and Trump "...... "why should he be thankful, the same white men sentenced him, he was innocent"...."sellout for money"..etc. etc.etc.etc. TRUMP 2020 and God bless this man for helping the victims of the enslaved liberal party.

  34. Gail

    Gailヶ月 前

    Felonies are life long burdens on individuals. Job barriers are the hardest.

  35. Jamie Butler

    Jamie Butlerヶ月 前

    I know who you should give a full pardon Mr. President. Julian assange and Edward snowden. These guys did nothing wrong but stand up for the people and expose crimes. If you are truly trying to stand up to the deep state, against fake news and for the constitution. This would be done yesterday.

  36. Josh Noss

    Josh Nossヶ月 前

    Pardon Roger Stone!

  37. LiveInternal

    LiveInternalヶ月 前

    Trump is going to win huge.

  38. Josh Noss

    Josh Nossヶ月 前

    Hope so, but don't count on it.. Make sure you get out and vote Trump2020 because you can bet believe all the sanctuary cities and California will be bringing in busloads of illegal immigrants to voting booths voting in the names of recently disceased and people in comas and stuff like in last election.. Plus Trump derangement syndrome is spreading bigtime amongst people not watching fox or info wars

  39. Trees

    Treesヶ月 前

    Decent, law abiding citizens should be helped first! Felons have victims, Trump is pandering because it is an election year! He isn't any better than the democratic politicians on this issue! Decent, strong people struggle through hard times without hurting others or society. People who break laws and hurt others need to be kept out of mainstream society.

  40. Bernadette Chavira

    Bernadette Chaviraヶ月 前

    Wow tears rolling down my face to here this wonderful news the President asking to pardon you what a joy for your family




  42. Josh Noss

    Josh Nossヶ月 前

    Info wars dot com

  43. lonestar lows

    lonestar lowsヶ月 前

    Winning only. Hasnt taken a loss since being elected.

  44. zinderkugel us

    zinderkugel usヶ月 前


  45. Jay M

    Jay Mヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="129">2:09</a> Haha. Jujitsu System. Did no one else in the comments hear the word considering?!

  46. new new

    new newヶ月 前

    Promises made promises kept.

  47. Jeff Osborne

    Jeff Osborneヶ月 前


  48. John Luther

    John Lutherヶ月 前

    Amen if you keep your promises Mr president you shall overcome all please let there be peace in middle east do not join Turkey in war against Syria or war in Ukraine.

  49. John Luther

    John Lutherヶ月 前

    God bless Mr trump.

  50. Don Corleone

    Don Corleoneヶ月 前

    When someone has done their time as per the sentencing by their peers all rights should be restored so that they can become productive citizens and given an opportunity to achieve great things.

  51. Yo Mama

    Yo Mamaヶ月 前

    But I "heard" President Trump is racist!?!?!?!

  52. Sgt. Major Skull

    Sgt. Major Skullヶ月 前

    Oh no... by what he's doing, Trump is definitely pro-black, pro-latino, pro-asian, pro-jewish... Not white people though, definitely Not

  53. Mindhumble

    Mindhumbleヶ月 前

    I dont understand why he needs a pardon if he has been released already. Can anyone help me understand?

  54. Ben Sehon

    Ben Sehonヶ月 前

    this is a very dangerous situation and if the Republicans cant or won't stop him then we are going to have to take him out by any means necessary

  55. ReMeDy

    ReMeDyヶ月 前

    Got a question: If a criminal is pardoned by the President, does he still have to mention on application resumes that he was a convicted felon? Man, I'd put an asterisk on that checkbox and say, "Talk to the President."

  56. Slick Rick

    Slick Rickヶ月 前

    Trump's on a pardoning spree, they tried to wrongfully convict/impeach Trump and he knows how it feels now he's sticking it to em, LIFE 🤔

  57. Stayblazed Staystrong

    Stayblazed Staystrongヶ月 前

    They need to stop these private prisons,We have more prisons in America then schools and almost all of them are overcrowded

  58. D J,

    D J,ヶ月 前

    if Trump Pardons that THUG Kilpatrick former mayor of Detroit, Michigan will be DONE WITH HIM... Some deserve a Pardon SOME DON"T Tread lightly Trump....

  59. Source Awry

    Source Awryヶ月 前

    Once upon a time in America, people who completed their sentence were considered to have "paid their debt to society" and they returned to their communities and their lives. There wasn't a system in place then that had no forgiveness for convicted felons, like it has been for the last 20 years. At the rate we churn out ex cons, which is the highest rate in the world, they are their own minority as a group. If they have no way of working, earning, and being of value to their families and communities, then we have thrown them away like garbage. Nobody is a throw away, nobody. Thank you, President Donald J. Trump, for giving them hope again.

  60. Rob Coch

    Rob Cochヶ月 前

    I love hearing from people like this gentleman. I am from small town USA and really never got to hear or know a lot of what goes on around the country with stuff like this. But with President Trump bring these things to the forefront and to the White House or him going to them (like this graduation ceremony) I have learned so much. I love getting to see the stories of men and women like him who turned their life around. God is good.

  61. Bob Hamilton

    Bob Hamiltonヶ月 前

    We've never had a President like President Trump....So amazed by his touch with the street and his caring...thank you Father for this man....

  62. JCTJR98

    JCTJR98ヶ月 前

    It's truly remarkable that there has been no president in modern history that has kept their promises like President Donald Trump!! I've always wonder why is it that when a president enters into office they completely forget about the promises they have made? That's no longer the case!!!

  63. mf 111

    mf 111ヶ月 前

    isnt trump a white nationalist and a racist, am confused.

  64. Lukas Jansen

    Lukas Jansenヶ月 前

    ... though its a good act. Its done for the show in re-election. A bit to much emphasis on "what the president is doing"

  65. Robert Honer

    Robert Honerヶ月 前

    God bless Trump. I just hope the rest of the country wakes up from their madness to appreciate him before it's too late.

  66. Juul Clark

    Juul Clarkヶ月 前

    Fantastic! It gives these prisoners hope of living a good life!

  67. Marvin Sannes

    Marvin Sannesヶ月 前

    Wow! A great story. Set a nice e.g. for others if Ponder's pardoned. Good!

  68. For The Love of Enki777

    For The Love of Enki777ヶ月 前

    Trump is literally God sent. WWG1WGA 🐸 In Trump I Trust ❤️

  69. Judee Judee

    Judee Judeeヶ月 前

    They call the followers of Trump a cult. We're not a cult. We're just people who got so tired of all the broken promises and recognize the value of having a person in the White House (finally!!!!) who is not following the same ole, same old in Washington DC anymore. As he says, "Promises made. Promises kept."

  70. Melissa Wrenn

    Melissa Wrennヶ月 前

    BLESS HIS HEART! 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

  71. Anron Jatu

    Anron Jatuヶ月 前

    Democrats are pissed!!

  72. Mobius

    Mobiusヶ月 前

    Thank God fir Donald Trump for helping us all be better people in the eyes of society, country, and in the eyes of God. Everyone loves a comeback story. None better than these stories.

  73. Mobius

    Mobiusヶ月 前

    God Bless these men and women who are committing to live and do right by themselves, by society, and by God.

  74. xee doll

    xee dollヶ月 前

    We have never ever ever had a President like this. 🇺🇸

  75. xee doll

    xee dollヶ月 前

    I love this. Everybody deserves a second chance (well, most everyone)

  76. Lorenz Garcia

    Lorenz Garciaヶ月 前

    I'm a law enforcement officer and I truly believe that those who have shown that they have learned from their past mistakes should be given a second chance. This is excellent news to hear.

  77. J A

    J Aヶ月 前

    Yeah Racist people don’t do things like that.

  78. Finesse York

    Finesse Yorkヶ月 前

    Well it’s real easy and juvenile to start name calling and call someone a fool, but the mature response would be to itemize the statements of what Mr. Scott said and refute each one with facts not name calling. I’lm wait for you to do that...... by the way wake me up we you do, but I don’t think you can. I like the president, all I said And I stand on it this is, I haven’t seen anyone refute Mr. Scott’s statements with clear and concise facts. All I see is name calling and childish banter.

  79. D͙i͙g͙i͙t͙a͙l͙ S͙o͙l͙d͙i͙e͙r͙

    D͙i͙g͙i͙t͙a͙l͙ S͙o͙l͙d͙i͙e͙r͙ヶ月 前

    But yet the loony left insists President Trump is a "racist?" Well if he's a "racist," he sure as hell isn't doing a good job at being one because he's constantly fighting for the rights of black Americans. I'll never forget when he pardoned Alice Johnson at Kim Kardashian's request. Johnson was the 63-year-old great-grandmother who had been behind bars for more than two decades after receiving a life sentence for a first-time, non-violent drug offence. Even though she fitted all of the criteria for former President Barack Obama's Clemency Project 2014, she was denied a pardon just days before the end of his term. Furthermore, whereas previous presidents campaigned for prison reform laws, once elected, they never carried through with their promise; however, President Trump, on the other hand, is a man of his word which is why in December 2018, he signed the *"First Step Act,"* which largely benefited incarcerated minorities with non-violent offenses. Among numerous other provisions, the Act reduced the life sentences for non-violent drug offenders with three convictions, or “three strikes,” to 25 years. You may recall the "three strike" law was signed into law by Bill Clinton, husband to known closet racist, Hillary "super predator" Clinton.

  80. Paul _

    Paul _ヶ月 前

    OBAMA: here's an Obama phone, I make money on every time you call. paid FOR by innocent tax payer victims TRUMP: HOLD MY WATER.... PRISON REFORM: GOD HAS BLESSED US WITH WARRIOR TRUMP

  81. Paul _

    Paul _ヶ月 前

    When did we see You a stranger and take You in, or naked and clothe You? 39When did we see You sick or in prison and visit You?’ 40And the King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me.’… Matthew <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1539">25:39</a>

  82. Marie Manuel

    Marie Manuelヶ月 前

    This is wonderful news. Great video. Many of these men and women have paid their debt to society, and have realized the previous errors of their ways. Many of these men and women, are parents and need to be in their children's lives. I guess Obama will try to take credit for this program, too.

  83. cool beans

    cool beansヶ月 前

    Pardon Edward Snowden!!!!!!!