Home Free - God Bless the U.S.A. (featuring Lee Greenwood and The United States Air Force Band)


  1. Benedict John Dela Cruz

    Benedict John Dela Cruz5 時間 前

    Even though how a nutcase USA can be in this times, there is still hope for them to be great again.

  2. Mizzou Xie

    Mizzou Xie11 時間 前

    As a first-generation Chinese American I so proud of this free land, and appreciate awaken up American fight to China authority regime. I wish one day Chinese people can enjoy their freedom.

  3. Barney Winn

    Barney Winn13 時間 前

    woody winn boery winn 196 20208

  4. Mark W

    Mark W14 時間 前

    Just two words: THANK YOU!

  5. EJ Cookie

    EJ Cookie15 時間 前

    This is the absolute best arrangement of Lee Greenwood’s Classic. It carries so much meaning and passion! Thank you all and God Bless.

  6. Fleeta Holt

    Fleeta Holt日 前

    Anyone else crying

  7. Todd Fields

    Todd Fields日 前

    Thank you so much! I get choked up every time I hear it and this is the best rendition. Thank you again :-)

  8. Maguisk

    Maguisk2 日 前

    Bless Trump not USA

  9. doorran

    doorran2 日 前

    no radical communist movement can change this in my heart.

  10. Ron and JoAnn Sprague

    Ron and JoAnn Sprague2 日 前

    I really enjoy all the videos you guys do but this one brought me to tears. I think this is my new favorite, the old one being How Great Thou Art followed by Amazing Grace.

  11. SpiffyReaper

    SpiffyReaper3 日 前

    Lee Greenwood's still got it!

  12. Kloud Ivalice

    Kloud Ivalice3 日 前

    Mannn so much feelllll

  13. Lynne Shelly Attianese attianese

    Lynne Shelly Attianese attianese3 日 前

    Lee Greenwood, this is my favorite version of your song!

  14. Chandra U

    Chandra U3 日 前

    Couldn't stop the tears! Thank you to our men and women who have given some and those who have given all for this beautiful country! I'm so proud to be an American! And I'm so thankful to those who have made it possible to live freely in this great nation!

  15. bardock saiyan

    bardock saiyan3 日 前

    Love it

  16. Malene Ryff

    Malene Ryff3 日 前

    You have to be

  17. Mrs_G_Needs

    Mrs_G_Needs3 日 前

    this is genuinely a beautiful rendition of this song, im from the UK but this gave me full body goosebumps and i had tears in my eyes, stay safe out there all of you in the military all over the world keeping all your people safe

  18. David Barboza

    David Barboza3 日 前

    I'm proud to be an American! This is the land of the free and greatest Nation in the world. Thank you Home Free and Lee Greenwood.

  19. Steve Anderson

    Steve Anderson3 日 前

    Firstly; this is an incredible version of a beautiful song. Hats off to you all! Secondly; Has Home Free ever considered singing the Star Spangled Banner? I think it would be good for people to actually stop and listen to the words. If you do it, please do the whole thing, and not just the first stanza. P.S. America the Beautiful wouldn't be a bad choice, either. I recommend a listen to the Carmen Dragon arrangement for inspiration.

  20. iConvo

    iConvo4 日 前

    Next song after the Spangled Banner. Truly iconic

  21. Dylan Thurlow

    Dylan Thurlow4 日 前

    i may not be american but i stand with you as if were my canadian flag because in the end we are one people.

  22. Brenda BRENDAKJ44

    Brenda BRENDAKJ444 日 前

    👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏽LOVE THIS SONG❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  23. CC Marshall

    CC Marshall4 日 前

    How can ANYONE dislike this?

  24. Charles S.

    Charles S.5 日 前

    You guys need to put this song on Apple music! It's absolutely amazing! I love both the version that you guys made with Chris and this version! It gives me chills all of the time and it just makes me proud to be an American! I also wanted to ask you guys a question

  25. Lusimo Bwalya

    Lusimo Bwalya5 日 前

    I just run out of words when i hear the vibe from these guys and when i hear Tims voice #myrolemodel

  26. Greg Mccann

    Greg Mccann5 日 前


  27. Chooper

    Chooper5 日 前

    I played this song while standing next to a Democrat / Liberal the other day and he started clawing at his ears like a wild animal with the mange and begging me to please turn it off because it burns !!!

  28. stealthdragonX

    stealthdragonX5 日 前

    Loved this. I was almost expecting Adam to somehow add a flyby at the end.

  29. Matthew Thomas

    Matthew Thomas6 日 前

    ...762 thumbs down??? America is an ideal...imperfect because of imperfect generations. The Union of America is better than She was, don't throw Her away with the bath water!

  30. Michael Seibert

    Michael Seibert6 日 前

    Where can I buy this version??? I've never been one to say, "take my money already," but please! TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY!

  31. Veronica Woodard

    Veronica Woodard6 日 前

    God Bless America U.S.A.

  32. Steven Crain

    Steven Crain6 日 前

    Sierra Hotel!

  33. AndrewHUN 2004

    AndrewHUN 20046 日 前

    ♥️😘🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 I LOVE THE U.S.A!!!!!!

  34. William Howard

    William Howard7 日 前

    I don't know the name of the big guy with the dark long thick beard but i swear he looks just like Rutledge off Top Gear.

  35. Teresa Ashley

    Teresa Ashley7 日 前

    LOVE IT👍👍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻And LOVE the U.S.A🇺🇸🇺🇸

  36. TIER zero

    TIER zero7 日 前


  37. Brady Mcmurray

    Brady Mcmurray7 日 前

    Wait... this song is real?

  38. chlar

    chlar7 日 前

    God bless COVID-19

  39. Charli kins

    Charli kins7 日 前

    mini ladd

  40. Super Juce Bros

    Super Juce Bros7 日 前

    They played this damn song when i graduated boot camp and i was bawling my eyes out. Love this song

  41. Indy Pendent

    Indy Pendent8 日 前

    They should be played more often. Great song! Take a line from it, the men that died for our freedom, put a list together and see how many wonderful men and women gave all to build this wonderful country with everyone around the world still wants to get into

  42. Eric Johnson

    Eric Johnson8 日 前

    Who is the guy with the deep voice?

  43. Mrs Armie

    Mrs Armie8 日 前

    My tears started at 1:34. Those beautiful voices! LOVE LOVE LOVE this version! Didn't think I could love anything more than Lee Greenwood's original!! 💙❤️💙

  44. gianfranco frigerio

    gianfranco frigerio8 日 前

    "solo i popoli che amano riconoscersi in una comunità e per essa sanno combattere....meritano la vittoria, il rispetto, l'onore. Dio salvi questi principi ovunque, tra gli uomini onesti ed impavidi.

  45. gianfranco frigerio

    gianfranco frigerio8 日 前

    Ogni giorno piu' emozionante

  46. Rhonda Boncutter

    Rhonda Boncutter8 日 前

    I love the song and love Home Free! Always! God be with us all!

  47. Brandon Kaawaloa

    Brandon Kaawaloa8 日 前

    Beautiful!!!!!!!!! YES GOD BLESS THE USA!!!!!!!

  48. Rachel Esp.

    Rachel Esp.8 日 前

    I love this video! I love all it stands for. Thank you to all who put this together. I guess with 1.5M views, having 757 communist dreamers give a thumbs down isn't all that bad!

  49. Becky Bartlett

    Becky Bartlett8 日 前

    America needs to bless God...then God can bless America.

  50. J.K.F

    J.K.F8 日 前

    Fantastic, Greatest country

  51. JustB Claws

    JustB Claws8 日 前

    Awesome performance from everyone. Makes me Proud to be an American. God Bless The USA.

  52. Joachim Buch

    Joachim Buch8 日 前

    Marvellous! Such an optimism for the US. I am envious. Greets from SOCIALIST Germany.

  53. michelle jensen

    michelle jensen9 日 前

    I will always love this song. Even though it was written way back in 84. 7- 26 - 2020

  54. Bails

    Bails9 日 前

    Im an Aussie, 58yrs old, played contact sport my entire life in the outback of NSW. This brought me to tears. awesome music. thanks Mr Greenwood and you awesome blokes from Home Free. cheers. your Aussie mate Bails

  55. John Miller

    John Miller9 日 前

    Coming from the U.S. Army, This We'll Defend!

  56. gameingwithfriends Live

    gameingwithfriends Live9 日 前

    I will always love this song. The first time I heard it, my father was leaving the rear of an ac130 cargo flight from desert storm an i was standing there with my yellow ribbons. I remember how I felt an i remember how proud I was to be a soldiers son. Always stand with pride as an American.

  57. EDC Lyfe

    EDC Lyfe9 日 前

    We ain't perfect, but we are Americans!

  58. gameingwithfriends Live

    gameingwithfriends Live9 日 前

    To all the families of the fallen but never forgotten men an women from every corner of this great country we all call home, thank you for your sacrifice. To all of our current active an retired men and women from all branches including our first responders. officers,medics,fireman Thank you for ever second of your service. I have nothing but love for each of you. Keep making this country the shinning light on the hill every person should be proud to call home.

  59. 婷婷黄

    婷婷黄9 日 前


  60. Me Myself

    Me Myself9 日 前