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  1. Emily Vlogs

    Emily Vlogs11 ヶ月 前

    I’m not first I’m not last But when I see I OOoF!!!! By the way I sub to u and.... I LOVe YOUR CHANnnEl And I heard if u say yt name u get pinned? June-Dere Yt,June-Dere Yt,June-Dere Yt!!!

  2. • Lizzy_Wølfie •

    • Lizzy_Wølfie •5 日 前

    You don’t always get pinned the youtuber pins you because they liked your comment I’m pretty sure

  3. Emily Vlogs

    Emily Vlogs12 日 前

    makeupjunkie706 uh thanks.. 0-0

  4. makeupjunkie706

    makeupjunkie70612 日 前

    I love this😘💕😘😍

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  6. Emilia reynolds

    Emilia reynolds16 日 前

    Emily Vlogs oh

  7. gacha lover100

    gacha lover100時間 前

    My dog died like two years ago and I cried on hold on I still want you

  8. Reham Omar

    Reham Omar6 時間 前

    Can I ever get use to watch these

  9. DarePlayz 2

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  10. DarePlayz 2

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  11. Alisha Mckinney

    Alisha Mckinney11 時間 前

    This song is so sad

  12. Number one xxxtentacion fan

    Number one xxxtentacion fan17 時間 前

    Alexsander de los santos this gacha tuber play gta

  13. Jennelyn Lego

    Jennelyn Lego19 時間 前

    I cry until it end 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  14. Quinn Vanderwal

    Quinn Vanderwal日 前

    These songs are so sad😥😥😥😥

  15. -Alone_ Wolf-

    -Alone_ Wolf-日 前

    5,7mn 😂😂

  16. Taylor Martinez

    Taylor Martinez日 前

    When Hold on came on I started crying because it reminds me of my mom because she died

  17. IlovePandas!

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  18. Mohammad Umar

    Mohammad Umar3 日 前

    Uhh June-Dere YT June-Dere YT June-Dere YT

  19. Jeon Jungkook

    Jeon Jungkook3 日 前

    First video: makes me cry secound video: makes me chill third video: the last one make me laugh Fourth video: was still funny

  20. Nicolas Malko

    Nicolas Malko4 日 前

    Dis awsome UwU

  21. CuteGirlOnFleek

    CuteGirlOnFleek4 日 前

    these skits take a lot of work. I know because I make some and post them on my channel

  22. Tiffany Perrera

    Tiffany Perrera4 日 前

    I swear im not gonna cru but i cry a lot lol

  23. TGGOE

    TGGOE4 日 前

    Up up UP UP UP!~

  24. TGGOE

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  25. Kaya Perez

    Kaya Perez4 日 前

    him: stepped in the room and she noticed me Meh: stepped into the room no one noticed me

  26. Changnoi Dorion

    Changnoi Dorion4 日 前

    Me when I'm watching this:👁️👄👁️💕

  27. XxCrystalxX

    XxCrystalxX4 日 前

    This legit almost made me cry in the beginning

  28. OnyxPenguin

    OnyxPenguin4 日 前

    lemme name this lovely ship ill name it thoughtfulshipping

  29. Evelyn Hemus

    Evelyn Hemus5 日 前

    Me crying Brother,🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂 Me slaps him Brother hold on i still want you

  30. • Lizzy_Wølfie •

    • Lizzy_Wølfie •5 日 前

    I watched this a year ago- and I’m watching it again damn I jus realized the editing is so good-

  31. eddie garcia

    eddie garcia5 日 前

    Awww so sad😭😭😭😭😭😞😞😞

  32. gaming falisha

    gaming falisha5 日 前

    This made me cry bc its like when 8 grow happen to my parents it just broke me

  33. Zeth Ezekiel Catindig

    Zeth Ezekiel Catindig5 日 前


  34. love heart

    love heart5 日 前

    O-O i cried But yeah i subscribe to uuuu

  35. Cristina Cepanariu

    Cristina Cepanariu6 日 前

    Can you do also a part 2

  36. Mellany Bravo

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  37. Kit Kat Cam

    Kit Kat Cam6 日 前

    Wow.. This video have almost 1 year :3 I remember I used to watch it when I was at beach :>

  38. WebtoonGirl :3

    WebtoonGirl :36 日 前

    At the end of I'm hooked I would shout DAMN SUCKER to the ex boyfriend 😂😂

  39. įէʂ _Ⱥʍą

    įէʂ _Ⱥʍą7 日 前

    I really cried at ‘hold on’ and the my cat put her paw on me😭😖❤️

  40. abel alegarbes

    abel alegarbes7 日 前

    Once i have an girlfriend snd he cheated on me and i singed it hold on song

  41. 天空百荷の

    天空百荷の7 日 前


  42. Games kittyZuza Games

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  43. haileigh rad

    haileigh rad7 日 前

    the song hold on made me really sad and de same story in de song happend with my budgie...

  44. moonlightxx :D

    moonlightxx :D7 日 前

    “Hm lying on the floor “ “CORANA AM I A JOKE TO U “

  45. N1CH07AS

    N1CH07AS7 日 前

    The firs song "Hold On" Is it just me or does that song remind people over there loved ones that died! The second song "Someone You Loved" Does the song remind people when there sad or stuff and you don't want to tell anybody so you keep it to yourself. The third song called "Guys Don't Like Me" Does that song remind you over a date that you had and everyone kept looking at your girlfriend but she just ignored them. The last song called "Hooked" Does this song remind you if you had a crush on someone and they said yes to you asking them out but they wear clothes that show off their skin and you keep staring at them.

  46. 220414 abrams

    220414 abrams7 日 前

    I had a friend Noah and i couldn't stop crying from the song called "Hold On" He went to Virgina where i went like 4 years ago and i really love to go back there i missed him so much i couldn't let him go...

  47. Itz XHannahX

    Itz XHannahX7 日 前

    _I love all these songs..._

  48. NSG Ace

    NSG Ace8 日 前

    And has a daughter 3 or 4yr old

  49. NSG Ace

    NSG Ace8 日 前

    He was 24 yr old

  50. NSG Ace

    NSG Ace8 日 前

    My uncle died in a car crash on June 14 and I'm singing someone ublove😭😭😭

  51. Joane Gordon

    Joane Gordon8 日 前

    When he sang “someone you loved” I actually

  52. Joane Gordon

    Joane Gordon8 日 前


  53. Joane Gordon

    Joane Gordon8 日 前

    I love how June drew the hands

  54. Jason Burreson

    Jason Burreson8 日 前

    I like it

  55. Masko hrá Brawl FreeFire Call of duty Ty vole

    Masko hrá Brawl FreeFire Call of duty Ty vole8 日 前

    10:48 ew look at her😂

  56. Jin Ezanagi

    Jin Ezanagi8 日 前

    me:*singing*lemme take ur hand with all my life.... my mom:aww how lovely,and what do you need to do me:uhm....maybe keep singing? my mom:SHUT UPP!!!!AND ITS TIME TO SLEEP!!!!!!!!! me:why,i still want to hear my favourite song. my mom:do you ahve a favourite song? me:yes, it was(hold on,hooked,someone you love)only that. and what ur mom? my mom:my favourite song is.....*screaming*SHUT UP YOUNG LADY!!!I SAID GO TO SLEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. me:FINE WHATEVER MOM.*started to cry*

  57. Marilyn Villar

    Marilyn Villar8 日 前

    Was I getting ready for someone you love: yes cause its so dreppresing..😥😞😥

  58. hatsune miku

    hatsune miku8 日 前

    Hi June Dere Ty

  59. david akalloo

    david akalloo8 日 前

    this is just like my sisters story the ocs look just like her ex and her and Her name is jenny and her ex Alex

  60. Joyce Rice

    Joyce Rice9 日 前

    Is it just me or nobody else tryin to count how many bodies been dropped off the roof from suicide in gacha lol

  61. Koen Hernandez

    Koen Hernandez9 日 前

    Alexander: up up up up up up Her gf: *slaps him* wth yu talking about? Alexander: *cries* Me: :v bruhhhhhhhhh

  62. victoria curtis

    victoria curtis7 日 前


  63. Sari Mustika

    Sari Mustika9 日 前

    This might be funny 😂

  64. Pippi Vaiphei

    Pippi Vaiphei10 日 前

    Your good at additing 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  65. Isabella Fuentes

    Isabella Fuentes10 日 前

    In someone you love is sad😭😭😭😭

  66. Javier Amador

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  67. Javier Amador

    Javier Amador11 日 前

    Sad I break my heart when was family 1 month die