Hold It Down | City Girls - The Series


  1. Ne-Ne Arnold

    Ne-Ne Arnold3 時間 前

    I'm proud of u caresha u held it down for your girl and the group

  2. TheHolyGhost

    TheHolyGhost6 時間 前

    Pretty chick but dumb as a brick.

  3. Kristen Watkins

    Kristen Watkins3 日 前

    Her boyfriend seem so sweet

  4. Kristen Watkins

    Kristen Watkins3 日 前

    I love seeing this side of her 🥺🥺♥️♥️

  5. Geaux Galloway

    Geaux Galloway7 日 前

    This is exactly why I don’t write raps with curses!!!!!

  6. Geaux Galloway

    Geaux Galloway7 日 前

    I Love a rich bitch eating cup noodles.

  7. luis delgado

    luis delgado7 日 前

    Act up is probably thee song of 2019 summer. change my mind 😌

  8. AB C

    AB C8 日 前

    People even try and come at Beyoncé’s performance (imagine!) so I would recommend to the City Girls not to be so pressed about comments

  9. Alyssia Razor

    Alyssia Razor9 日 前

    This made me so happy.😊😊😊😊 I love y’all💯💕

  10. ShayShay W

    ShayShay W7 日 前

    Ur very beautiful, u remind me of aaliyah. 😍😍💕

  11. Posh Talk By Taylor Rozay

    Posh Talk By Taylor Rozay10 日 前

    This shit give me chills

  12. Gigglebox Khiaya

    Gigglebox Khiaya11 日 前

    Yung Maimi yess do your thing u and JT

  13. Kyra Cato

    Kyra Cato13 日 前

    I don’t think they had to do her like that. Everyone with them BET comments probably have never performed at a big event like that. Like she said it was a bunch of firsts for her AND she’s pregnant. She’s still going hard but she has to be cautious. She’s been holding it down and that needs to be more appropriate. She’s doing her thing and she’s amazing. Ik coach and p are there for her but they gotta chill a bit obviously they’ll never know what carrying a child is like, but they need to understand she’s doing her best. They said, “we know you’re pregnant BUT” like that but dismisses her being pregnant and she was still keeping their name alive. So kudos to her.

  14. Tiffani Raspberry

    Tiffani Raspberry14 日 前

    Love this series

  15. Demzi Rich

    Demzi Rich14 日 前

    southside is soo cutee

  16. jim jones

    jim jones14 日 前

    0:27 im dead... Love her 😆

  17. Brittany HD

    Brittany HD14 日 前

    Coach - “there was no energy” Resha- ..........”what?” Me - What??? 😂 I’m just mad bc I thought she did okay for 2 days of rehearsals 😭

  18. Ashante Carroll

    Ashante Carroll15 日 前

    YungMiami just wait until the next Bet Awards Jt going to be there and y’all not gonna miss a step y’all about to take over for some years 😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰 YungMiami held it down!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🥰


    BBY KAIOR15 日 前

    very much was rocking the stage better than people that wasn’t pregnant!!!


    BBY KAIOR15 日 前


  21. Kandi Kane

    Kandi Kane15 日 前

    I love 💘 Caresha the stage is waiting for her to get on it

  22. Kato Rodriguez

    Kato Rodriguez16 日 前

    Sis eating cup noodles in a luxury home! This is why I fuck with City Girls ❤️ regardless Yung Miami kept the City Girls alive.

  23. Pretty Dark skinn

    Pretty Dark skinn18 日 前

    I love the city girls Periodt

  24. Ikaika Mitchell

    Ikaika Mitchell19 日 前

    I Love How Josh Talk About You 😍🥰🥰..

  25. Coco Jade

    Coco Jade19 日 前


  26. belissimahoney69

    belissimahoney6919 日 前

    I just love The City Girls! They’re gangsta sweethearts ❤️ and you can see how good of a mother Caresha is...I wish you all the success you can stand!

  27. Fred Jenkins

    Fred Jenkins19 日 前

    Coach k the understandable 1 P dont give a damn!!

  28. Nicole Collins

    Nicole Collins19 日 前

    Awwww She’s soo sweet and humble hold your head 💯❤️

  29. Chrissy Bee

    Chrissy Bee19 日 前

    I salute you.. & peace and blessings on your beautiful children and your talents

  30. Jamye Cooley

    Jamye Cooley19 日 前

    Has anyone noticed @4:16 that the man looks like kandi’s husband, Todd (real housewives of Atlanta) he looks so much like him lol!

  31. Leanin Leon

    Leanin Leon20 日 前

    Southside is very supportive!! 🦾

  32. JIG2013

    JIG201320 日 前

    I just want to know 🗣️ WHO SHOT AT CARESHA!!!!!

  33. Tashawna Jones

    Tashawna Jones20 日 前

    I Love Y’all 🥺❤️❤️

  34. Music Video Live TV

    Music Video Live TV20 日 前

    Wow... this was tough! This is why we must salute Beyonce and Niki... I really understand why the industry doesn’t take women seriously or do not want to invest...

  35. Bobby Brown

    Bobby Brown20 日 前

    Performing and especially on a stage of that magnitude can give you anxiety!

  36. Bmore Oscino

    Bmore Oscino20 日 前

    I love Miami

  37. Petty By Nature

    Petty By Nature20 日 前

    They seem like cool ass chicks so I hope ain't doing them like the Migos 🤞🏽.

  38. corey brookins

    corey brookins20 日 前

    Mane i love her ❤️

  39. AriDotCom

    AriDotCom20 日 前

    “Don’t curse.” 🤣🤣🤣 Miami: “the whole hook is cursing!!!”

  40. Tanisha Stewart

    Tanisha Stewart20 日 前

    Never let the bloggers get you down. You did an amazing job and you held it down alone. I'm sure JT was proud of you as well. Stay blessed!

  41. Broken_sweet

    Broken_sweet20 日 前

    I'm so happy ur becoming a mom and I hope the baby is ok

  42. Aqua Taylor

    Aqua Taylor21 日 前

    These be so interesting but like this comment If you think the episodes should be longer

  43. Miracle Cooke

    Miracle Cooke21 日 前

    The love I have for Young Miami .....oh my GOD!!!!! She is a phenomenal woman.

  44. TMI Malachi

    TMI Malachi21 日 前

    Damn I was so hard on caresha, respect major respect

  45. flora oye

    flora oye21 日 前

    Ppl sucks, she had to rest because of her pregnancy but she did it and ppl saying she didn't do it well. Caresha did what she could tho😔

  46. Donia Richardson

    Donia Richardson21 日 前

    I love yall bae🐊🌴🐊

  47. naedadon diesel

    naedadon diesel21 日 前

    they let cardi be pregnant so whatever that’s hypocritical

  48. IamDeasha

    IamDeasha21 日 前

    3:16-3:37 🗣nah fr

  49. Carol Pinkney

    Carol Pinkney21 日 前

    Hold it down BABY Mama..

  50. Time out with Jaquan

    Time out with Jaquan21 日 前

    Her and cardi hug was so cute

  51. sokin jon

    sokin jon21 日 前

    Can they make these longer?? It feels like we’re watching trailers

  52. ChocolateThunda1345

    ChocolateThunda134521 日 前

    She did great imo

  53. Tanesia Johnson

    Tanesia Johnson21 日 前

    I Love Both of these Ladies ❤️ They are some strong Ass Ladies♥️ May God Continue To Bless Both Of Them♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  54. OhMonica

    OhMonica21 日 前

    I remember feeling lackluster about this performance ...but gave it a pass because she’s pregnant ... and all of her other performances to date had been amazing. This adds perspective. Everyone is human!

  55. sokin jon

    sokin jon21 日 前

    The dazy look in her eyes when she was talking about performing with JT , love that LOVE!

  56. Vab

    Vab21 日 前

    Need more footage of P giving game

  57. Justin Gatlin

    Justin Gatlin21 日 前

    said she can’t cuss as the whole audience says it💀

  58. EnderCraftKid

    EnderCraftKid21 日 前

    See she dont even want it. Cardi B popped that ass when she was pregnant like tf is ber excuses??

  59. Purple Heart

    Purple Heart21 日 前

    Is it me or does her daughters father look like an older version of Lil James?

  60. Justin Idleburg

    Justin Idleburg21 日 前

    I’m loving the empowerment resiliency and dedication....... I love Yung Miami’s truth!! Keep being great!

  61. Tara Denise

    Tara Denise21 日 前

    she did what she had to do periodtttt 🥰🗣

  62. acerothsteinfamous

    acerothsteinfamous22 日 前

    Stack bundles