HIT - 세븐틴(SEVENTEEN) [뮤직뱅크 Music Bank] 20190802


  1. Victoria Korzec

    Victoria Korzec5 時間 前

    MINGYU IS SO FREAKING SEXY I swear this is my favorite look for him

  2. scorpietta23

    scorpietta239 時間 前

    Seventeen :Hit hit hit hit Go!!! Me: attempting the dance break while cracking and breaking my ankles

  3. snail 96

    snail 9610 時間 前

    i like all of em.. but what happened to little dino.. noona can't breath here .

  4. skull addicted

    skull addicted12 時間 前

    Seventeen never fail to amuse me

  5. 벨라에리가

    벨라에리가17 時間 前

    its so cool ❤️❤️❤️ seventeen fighting, carat fighting ❤️❤️

  6. carl jepoy

    carl jepoy19 時間 前

    All these chest peek-a-boos are the death of me istg.

  7. Amira Yaasin

    Amira Yaasin日 前

    I am officially a Carat



    SVT is the group who can dance perfectly and can sing beautifully at the same time!!!!!!! CARATS WHERE YOU AT? You guys are blessed!

  9. Xenia Turcanu

    Xenia Turcanu日 前

    Vernon, dear, that looks more like a running unicorn but ok lol

  10. Arissa Love

    Arissa Love日 前

    Hoshi part got me 0:52 with his wink.... I'm dying... "We're so hot, super high yeah we're so hot~"

  11. pj.

    pj.2 日 前

    Malicious thumbnail( ˙-˙ )

  12. Cristalsouls

    Cristalsouls2 日 前

    they all are the main dancers

  13. ぐりぐら

    ぐりぐら2 日 前

    ミューバンのカメラワーク最高です 神がかったパフォーマンスとフォーメーションが素晴らしくよく撮られてます👏

  14. Biased for Vocalists

    Biased for Vocalists2 日 前

    Joshua and Jeonghan you guys are the reason that I can't breathe.

  15. Belle Film

    Belle Film2 日 前


  16. Milan Nguyen

    Milan Nguyen3 日 前

    Their legs is longer than my whole body ...

  17. Intaellegent

    Intaellegent3 日 前

    Jeonghan hair is getting long again. No one touch it

  18. Chantal Testman

    Chantal Testman3 日 前

    the cherography is making my quads hurts, I'm just watching it.

  19. Mari Kim

    Mari Kim3 日 前

    I will never get tired of watching their live performances!!!! I hope they're getting enough sleep and rest tho 🥺❤

  20. Aya Me

    Aya Me3 日 前


  21. sze yan chan

    sze yan chan3 日 前

    win no.1 ?😊

  22. Elsa Lingga

    Elsa Lingga3 日 前


  23. M .A

    M .A3 日 前

    1:53 How did Jeonghan do that wave?😱

  24. Jaycel Mae

    Jaycel Mae3 日 前

    BRRRRRRRRR SSSSSAAAAAAAA! Really gave goosebumps! Did you feel it too?

  25. DayWatch

    DayWatch4 日 前

    Exposed chests... Singing live... I'm dead lol

  26. Lizeth Huanca Machaca

    Lizeth Huanca Machaca4 日 前


  27. janeen

    janeen4 日 前

    When hoshi popped up at 0:51 It just got me like 😳😍

  28. khoi riyah

    khoi riyah4 日 前

    WONWOO OMGHH!!!😭💕💕

  29. 젖MILKY ASMR -

    젖MILKY ASMR -4 日 前

    H-Hoshi 🥺

  30. Mi KayLa

    Mi KayLa4 日 前

    Hi I'm a new carat💗

  31. Anonymous Girl

    Anonymous Girl4 日 前

    You know who's my bias? THE ONE IN BLACK

  32. Asia Nicole

    Asia Nicole5 日 前


  33. rap vernonie

    rap vernonie3 日 前

    HSUAHDUAHDUA one more have fall for Jeonghan I love this concept

  34. Jessica

    Jessica4 日 前


  35. aklşgh wsgligh

    aklşgh wsgligh5 日 前


  36. Daddy Jun-trash 123

    Daddy Jun-trash 1235 日 前

    Joshua got curly hair ushhdhxhdhdhdhdhdhd

  37. yasmin Alsham

    yasmin Alsham5 日 前

    Hi, I am new in the fandom 😍❤🔥 I love s.coups,he is so handsome😍 Love you Seventeen and Carats ❤🌹

  38. Mimosa Monbebe

    Mimosa Monbebe5 日 前

    Wow, amazing.

  39. Yeri’sLost Shoes

    Yeri’sLost Shoes6 日 前

    Jun’s Forehead,Mingyu’s Forehead,Hoshi’s Forehead,DK’s Forehead = *_DEATH_*

  40. be mywonwoo

    be mywonwoo6 日 前

    These guys forgot to button up 💔😂

  41. be mywonwoo

    be mywonwoo6 日 前

    Did they win?

  42. Shiny Shownu

    Shiny Shownu6 日 前

    Ok...this is a next level performance. Much respect to Seventeen, they're GREAT.

  43. Charlotte B.

    Charlotte B.6 日 前

    Vernon, the man you are today...

  44. Mia Beugre

    Mia Beugre6 日 前

    KBS: How many hearts do u want stolen using camera angles? Svt: YES

  45. Mia Beugre

    Mia Beugre6 日 前

    Jeonghan's hair is better short Jeonghan's hair is better long Jeonghan: let me do both

  46. Mia Beugre

    Mia Beugre6 日 前

    Jeonghan's hair is better short Jeonghan's hair is better long Jeonghan: let me do both

  47. Laurisa Tabotabo

    Laurisa Tabotabo6 日 前


  48. まひろあらい

    まひろあらい6 日 前

    これのどこを見て低評価つけてんだ… かっこよすぎるやろこんなん…

  49. minaah ssi

    minaah ssi6 日 前

    This so hot tho, but I miss seungkwan and hoshi’s cheeks :’

  50. Kookie BT21

    Kookie BT216 日 前


  51. Kookie BT21

    Kookie BT216 日 前


  52. Jessica Wu

    Jessica Wu6 日 前

    This song is really a hit

  53. Jessica Lee

    Jessica Lee7 日 前


  54. Layza Azevedo

    Layza Azevedo7 日 前

    1:25 OMG ❤❤

  55. rap vernonie

    rap vernonie7 日 前



    ERIXAAA7 日 前

    this choreography is incredible

  57. Naya Galeana

    Naya Galeana7 日 前

    These outfits are a yes from me

  58. good night moon

    good night moon7 日 前

    “who’s the rapper of seventeen?” carats: us

  59. good night moon

    good night moon5 日 前

    @Simon Says only 9 people liked this im sad :( haha jk

  60. Simon Says

    Simon Says6 日 前

    good night moon Underrated comment 😂 So true

  61. Denia Telghemti

    Denia Telghemti7 日 前

    Congratulations for this hit seventeen.. Monbebe is here to support but why weren't they nominated for 1St place this week on mbank?? It deserves trophies

  62. Lizeth Huanca Machaca

    Lizeth Huanca Machaca7 日 前

    LET'S GET 1M

  63. jimin5

    jimin57 日 前

    สเตจนี้ใส่ชุดนี้แล้วหล่อทุกคน ท่าเต้นสวยมาก ชอบๆ

  64. 재꼭이♡

    재꼭이♡7 日 前

    JOSHUA’S BREATHE PART OH MY AND JOON YEONGHANS DANCING WELP I’m learning the choreo right now it’s so hard😅

  65. Nguyễn Thúy Anh

    Nguyễn Thúy Anh7 日 前

    omg love them so much !!!!!!!!! :3:3:3

  66. Jairah Falcutan

    Jairah Falcutan7 日 前

    even the thumbnail is so powerful.

  67. Nanda Ayu

    Nanda Ayu7 日 前

    3:17 OMG DINOOO!!

  68. Watercolor

    Watercolor8 日 前

    The camera man must be confused don’t know where to shoot. 😂 the second time I appreciate close up but at the same time not because the choreography is lit and you can’t see it properly when they do close up. The best thing about Seventeen is that even there are 13 members you still can distinguish each of them.

  69. Lo La

    Lo La8 日 前

    0:52 😳😌

  70. EXO INNERic

    EXO INNERic8 日 前

    بخصوصص الصوره الي حاطينها ؟؟ 😭

  71. Quo Vadis

    Quo Vadis8 日 前

    Rame yak 🤣


    NASH NASH8 日 前



    NASH NASH8 日 前



    NASH NASH8 日 前

    i love it

  75. Faizah hamidi

    Faizah hamidi8 日 前

    Oh i was heart attack when i watch this performance 😂😂😂

  76. taecolicious

    taecolicious8 日 前

    everytime joshua's sing his breathe line i can't even breathe he look so good omg

  77. Yoonseokie Cafe

    Yoonseokie Cafe8 日 前

    idk who’s the one w blonde hair but whew🥵

  78. Jessica

    Jessica7 日 前

    It's Jeonghan

  79. Maria Refugio

    Maria Refugio8 日 前


  80. namjoonysus

    namjoonysus8 日 前

    0:52 Y'all will need this. Feel free to thank me.

  81. sugafree

    sugafree8 日 前

    im legit tired after watching this and I freaking stayed seated on my couch wow seventeen truly out here being the best performers ever. also why is no one talking about ma boiiii Vernon😡 he is UNREAL

  82. LiLy Ngo

    LiLy Ngo8 日 前

    Jun literally makes me feel so high T-T *insert deadly hotness*

  83. charmeine dimple biscocho

    charmeine dimple biscocho8 日 前

    What the!!! They are so freakin' hot. This song are going to make me crazy...

  84. Mputt Putry

    Mputt Putry8 日 前

    Komuk kamu mazzz😂

  85. 안녕

    안녕9 日 前


  86. Serena Luna

    Serena Luna9 日 前