HIT - 세븐틴(SEVENTEEN) [뮤직뱅크 Music Bank] 20190802


  1. cheolsol kings

    cheolsol kings7 日 前

    Vernon's gaze kills me everytime

  2. ana mansor

    ana mansor8 日 前

    I love you seventeen 💙

  3. widya ayu kusumastuti

    widya ayu kusumastuti9 日 前

    Wonwoo so handsome hereee omggg !!! I can't breath Hoshi cute and hot at the same time And Mingyu handsome too as always

  4. Marian Gavino

    Marian Gavino9 日 前

    This is the first time i've seen this performance and honestly I was kinda scared of that energy.

  5. cheolsol kings

    cheolsol kings7 日 前

    Why? O.o

  6. Super Duper

    Super Duper10 日 前

    1:24 is a blessing


    TWO TEEN23 日 前

    me seeing the thumbnail: *...Elvis Presley...?*

  8. hunnylix

    hunnylix25 日 前

    the guy singing at 1:40 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  9. aminath reesha

    aminath reesha25 日 前

    Omg they are good


    WOOYOUNGxSAN28 日 前

    Whoever keeps screaming "let's go" at 2:38 in every live stage is killing me

  11. Kari Espino

    Kari Espino29 日 前


  12. michiko masuse

    michiko masuseヶ月 前


  13. Dana Culajay

    Dana Culajayヶ月 前

    Esto es puro arte 👌💕 Hermosuras 💞tienen mucho talento

  14. Lizeth Huanca Machaca

    Lizeth Huanca Machacaヶ月 前



    JIHOONIEヶ月 前

    Woozi is short but indeed hot

  16. Erni Nurjanah

    Erni Nurjanahヶ月 前

    Jidat hoshii bikin pusying

  17. Hepsibeth Quintero

    Hepsibeth Quinteroヶ月 前


  18. youtubeuser

    youtubeuserヶ月 前

    I don't think I've seen a kpop group where every guy has such angular, sharp features. They're all stunning...

  19. مۣۗہلَكۣۗہة آلَآرجۣۗہوۣآنۣۗہ

    مۣۗہلَكۣۗہة آلَآرجۣۗہوۣآنۣۗہヶ月 前

    روعة 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘

  20. army mei

    army meiヶ月 前

    日本人、集合!!?? ↓ ↓

  21. 곤라뷰

    곤라뷰ヶ月 前

    Lol the thumbnail

  22. Aiber Lane

    Aiber Laneヶ月 前

    They certainly earn that applause at the end. They work so hard!

  23. Dizon Daniela Lonely25

    Dizon Daniela Lonely252 ヶ月 前

    click 2:23 you'll see a hot wonwoo

  24. Kinanti Cho

    Kinanti Cho2 ヶ月 前

    S.coups wonwoo Dk so hooot😍😍💯💯

  25. Lizeth Huanca Machaca

    Lizeth Huanca Machaca2 ヶ月 前


  26. Joyce Djikeng

    Joyce Djikeng2 ヶ月 前

    What does the little box in the bottom right corner say?

  27. Vocal Legend Moon Taeil

    Vocal Legend Moon Taeil2 ヶ月 前

    I like the fact that every member gets to be in the centre whether you are main dancer,visual or not.

  28. Bo

    Bo2 ヶ月 前

    seriously who is singing those "boom boom" at the chorus

  29. Алеся Денисенок

    Алеся Денисенок2 ヶ月 前

    Вернон,мой бог😍 А эти ямочки на 2.28 просто отвал всего

  30. Bê Neves

    Bê Neves2 ヶ月 前


  31. Mayper ELF.CARAT.

    Mayper ELF.CARAT.2 ヶ月 前

    Jun ♥️ Seventeen ♥️

  32. Ei Sandi Htay Win

    Ei Sandi Htay Win2 ヶ月 前

    My eyes are blessed. Such a great performance.

  33. LOONA 365

    LOONA 3652 ヶ月 前

    Mingyu you can have me Now!

  34. EXO L857

    EXO L8572 ヶ月 前

    عشق لا ينتهي

  35. Alyssa Vang

    Alyssa Vang2 ヶ月 前

    Hoshi needs to come back with this hair style.😍

  36. João Carlos

    João Carlos2 ヶ月 前

    Dino, WHAT THE FCK?!

  37. Ульяна Полторакова

    Ульяна Полторакова2 ヶ月 前


  38. yu ma

    yu ma2 ヶ月 前


  39. Mommy Duffy

    Mommy Duffy2 ヶ月 前

    Mingyu's part "hit sound" really makes me crazy, SO HANDSOME 😭😭😭

  40. Mayy Yee

    Mayy Yee2 ヶ月 前

    No one talking about dino dancing skills

  41. João Carlos

    João Carlos2 ヶ月 前

    Girl, no one can, cause we're all drooling over him

  42. りおやま

    りおやま2 ヶ月 前

    1:44 0:12 2:32 自分用です!

  43. Belinda

    Belinda2 ヶ月 前

    Seventeen just attacked me all at once .. !!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  44. SunNy M

    SunNy M2 ヶ月 前

    Действительно, ХИТ!!!

  45. mdsdear C

    mdsdear C2 ヶ月 前

    Am I the only one who actually prefer their live performance better than the music video? I mean, their live performances are super FLAVORFUL!!!

  46. Terry The dragon

    Terry The dragon3 ヶ月 前

    WOOZI.......BABY.......U HOT

  47. ひちゃん

    ひちゃん3 ヶ月 前


  48. Natazya Sahira

    Natazya Sahira3 ヶ月 前

    That's why i love seventeen 😭😍

  49. Jia Jia

    Jia Jia3 ヶ月 前

    Lmao they did soonyoung so dirty in the thumbnail

  50. Keerthana Manoj

    Keerthana Manoj3 ヶ月 前

    You make me happy 😭😭🔥

  51. luz yesenia valverde manuyama

    luz yesenia valverde manuyama3 ヶ月 前

    Amo a seventenn . this good

  52. junhyunly

    junhyunly3 ヶ月 前

    JUN...! Come here babe! I want u...

  53. EXO L857

    EXO L8573 ヶ月 前

    I love you seventeen

  54. Heaven Reel

    Heaven Reel3 ヶ月 前

    New carat here...right now my biases r Vernon and the8 but the others r creeping up. I think im liking all of them by the end of the year. I guess this is what happens when u slip into the diamond life. Just cant choose one when u slip in...they all sparkle so brightly that i gotta wear 😎.

  55. Jeon Mint

    Jeon Mint3 ヶ月 前

    Really HIT Great great great 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  56. Jungkookie Tomato

    Jungkookie Tomato3 ヶ月 前

    Joshua : "breath" Hoshi's button : "not today baby"

  57. 아이린

    아이린3 ヶ月 前

    i need wonwoo’s fancam with this outfit in hd ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  58. Camryn Wheeler

    Camryn Wheeler3 ヶ月 前

    *that thumbnail tho*

  59. ivy marcy

    ivy marcy3 ヶ月 前

    Friend:"who is the rapper of seventeen?" Me:"carat:v"

  60. Luz Rincón

    Luz Rincón3 ヶ月 前


  61. Luz Rincón

    Luz Rincón2 ヶ月 前

    @Carat17Army OMG THANKS

  62. Carat17Army

    Carat17Army3 ヶ月 前

    Jeonghan he is a lead vocalist

  63. The Potato And The Noob

    The Potato And The Noob3 ヶ月 前

    Everyone so freakin smokin HOT ! My heart can’t take this. Passing out. 😍😍😍😍😍

  64. starbi

    starbi3 ヶ月 前

    “we’re so hot” i agree