History of Disney Songs with Kristen Bell


  1. chloe lee

    chloe lee時間 前

    everyone: Kristin bell's voice is so pretty my opinion: jimmy's voice is angelic

  2. parsh singhal

    parsh singhal日 前

    Everyone talking about Kristen bell whilst I’m shocked to know that Jimmy fallon sings so well

  3. kimtae fics

    kimtae fics2 日 前

    Now I can imagine Anna Singing ELSA'S song

  4. kara gaming

    kara gaming3 日 前

    okay but that 1st "into the unKNOOOOOWN!" that jimmy did i- 👏👏👏

  5. Herta Schneider

    Herta Schneider3 日 前

    *great but would be even greater if they were in chronological order considering the title!*

  6. Sherelle Burrows

    Sherelle Burrows4 日 前

    That should have been her singing lead

  7. Jack Pulse

    Jack Pulse4 日 前

    She is way better than idina menzel

  8. Nora Doyle

    Nora Doyle3 日 前

    1000000000x better

  9. Navya Panchal

    Navya Panchal5 日 前

    LOVED IT!!!

  10. Deepa Mhapsekar

    Deepa Mhapsekar5 日 前

    Why does she look like natalie Portman to me

  11. Meabhy_Sings

    Meabhy_Sings5 日 前

    Sorry but what happened to tangled?!?



    if they make a live action little mermaid,the should cast Kristen as ariel!!!

  13. Fiona Chong

    Fiona Chong6 日 前

    Jimmys voice tho-

  14. Fiona Chong

    Fiona Chong6 日 前

    Oh my gosh turn on your captions on ‘the circle of life’ and they put lyrics...? I’m so confused

  15. Myks Franco

    Myks Franco6 日 前

    Who else is singing this during quarantine?

  16. Yoel Lee

    Yoel Lee6 日 前

    she should've been a singer. . .

  17. Tiffany Jordan

    Tiffany Jordan6 日 前

    This entire thing is gold but holy crap Jimmy's into the unknown killed me xD

  18. blurried roses

    blurried roses7 日 前

    I demand a full cover of “part of your world” sung by kristen herself

  19. AndyF1130

    AndyF11308 日 前

    4:11 jimmy passing a kidney stone

  20. Connor Delaney

    Connor Delaney8 日 前

    Fuck... Jimmy Fallon is the WORST... but damn he killed all his parts, he has a really great voice. He has earned a sliver of respect. Just a sliver.

  21. Merryl Rosales

    Merryl Rosales8 日 前

    Kristen Bell is my 2nd favorite disney princess next to Brendon Urie.

  22. Kylee Limelight Mendesarmy

    Kylee Limelight Mendesarmy8 日 前

    I can't stop watching this. I've watched this like at least 10 or 15 times and I've only seen this 3 days ago.🤣🤦‍♀️

  23. Niklas Lundberg

    Niklas Lundberg9 日 前

    Magicall performance ❤️

  24. Aijarkyn Almazbekova

    Aijarkyn Almazbekova9 日 前

    Love it🥰

  25. vasiliki

    vasiliki10 日 前

    I swear I want to marry this woman so bad😭

  26. Aida Shantyz

    Aida Shantyz10 日 前

    It's was so beautiful💖💖💖

  27. Parisa

    Parisa10 日 前

    No one talking about Jimmy but he also has an AWESOME VOICE

  28. Theatre Kid ALDC

    Theatre Kid ALDC11 日 前

    I need Kristen Bell and Anna Kendrick to do a duet together

  29. Mansi Srivastava

    Mansi Srivastava11 日 前

    2.22 whoaa..🔥 Also the skeletons in Remember me ♥️😂

  30. Sarah Terhune

    Sarah Terhune12 日 前

    ok but where TF is Mulan

  31. Miriam Grace Latta Prasad

    Miriam Grace Latta Prasad12 日 前

    i literally come here just to hear Kristen Bell sing "makes no difference who you are" i literally cannot she sounds amazing

  32. Snoozy Sloth

    Snoozy Sloth12 日 前

    4:02 I’m pretty sure every person watching this has done that

  33. Hello,It's me !

    Hello,It's me !13 日 前

    2:20 - its a beatiful

  34. Zoe Crxme

    Zoe Crxme13 日 前

    Jimmy is really good at singing

  35. America Princeton

    America Princeton13 日 前

    jimmy is 17 year old me dancing along to disney movies while i tell my friends i have to go do grownup shit

  36. Minhee Kim

    Minhee Kim13 日 前

    크리스틴 벨 ,,, 언니,,,라고 불러도 되나요,, 내한해주세요,,제발

  37. Rafaela Marioto

    Rafaela Marioto13 日 前

    That moment when we realise that Jimmy and Kristen are AMAZING singers!! That was soo beautiful❤❤❤❤

  38. legotutor레고똔생님

    legotutor레고똔생님14 日 前

    Wonderful songs! Thanks!! : )

  39. Miss Blue

    Miss Blue14 日 前

    The voices sound very good together! 👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌

  40. Charity Taylor

    Charity Taylor14 日 前

    Jimmy: "aaahhhhh sabeniaaaaa" Kristen:*holds simba* 4 seconds later Kristen:*throws Simba off the stage*

  41. Ginebrasuiza

    Ginebrasuiza15 日 前

    Love 💗 this so much! Can watched over and over again

  42. Ana_the_antelope

    Ana_the_antelope15 日 前

    Am I in love with Kristen Bell? Probably.

  43. wildtopo12

    wildtopo1215 日 前

    Damn Eleanor can sing

  44. Use your common sense

    Use your common sense16 日 前

    눈물 날 것 같다 ㅠㅠ This medley almost made me burst into tears... Thanks for the epic video!

  45. Sam Shaw

    Sam Shaw17 日 前

    Jimmy has to do a full version of 'can you feel the love tonight' it sounded so good!

  46. Having a Panic! attack And Falling out on Chemicals

    Having a Panic! attack And Falling out on Chemicals17 日 前

    Kristen bell is literally EVERY very Disney ever ever!!!

  47. Axis YT

    Axis YT19 日 前

    It’s honestly a sin not to put a single song from tangled

  48. hwori04

    hwori0420 日 前

    I don't know how to explain her voice. AWESOME

  49. Dylan Reyes

    Dylan Reyes20 日 前

    i want a full version of kristen singing "remember me" bc her version was so soft and amazing i loved it

  50. Gania Rathore

    Gania Rathore21 日 前

    no song from tangled 😕

  51. Detective Shirubeon

    Detective Shirubeon23 日 前

    2:28 Simba is dead

  52. Aura Ripoll

    Aura Ripoll24 日 前

    Chills literal chills

  53. Robert Parr

    Robert Parr24 日 前

    LMAO, Jimmy sounds like the real singer of "You got a friend in me"

  54. Roxanne RT

    Roxanne RT25 日 前

    kristen as celine dion : nope haha

  55. Microwaved Bread

    Microwaved Bread25 日 前

    Can she do a full cover of Part of Your World? Even with Jodie Benson? 😍

  56. Microwaved Bread

    Microwaved Bread25 日 前

    Can she do a full cover of Part of Your World? Even with Jodie Benson? 😍

  57. Awais Pasha

    Awais Pasha25 日 前

    Jimmy is a part time Singer

  58. Glitch I Gamer

    Glitch I Gamer25 日 前

    Lucy Stealman sings very well

  59. CoolDude

    CoolDude26 日 前

    I think they found their Jiminy Cricket for the Pinocchio live action adaptation!

  60. Nichole Dickey

    Nichole Dickey26 日 前

    God I love her!!!

  61. Jennie Cadet

    Jennie Cadet26 日 前

    I didn't even know she could sing until "Frozen". She's incredible!!!!!

  62. Yrsa van der Zalm

    Yrsa van der Zalm27 日 前

    Kristen Bell sounds like every Disney Princess. She's the queen!!!

  63. Halie Estrada

    Halie Estrada27 日 前

    I’m not even gonna lie, Kristen looks like she’s always so hesitant to touch Jimmy.

  64. John Doe

    John Doe27 日 前

    Am I the only one dying of laughter when jimmy tried to hit the high note on into the unknown?

  65. Mori-Bryan Jin

    Mori-Bryan Jin27 日 前


  66. Ayşe İpek Taşdemir

    Ayşe İpek Taşdemir28 日 前

    Does cristen voice ariel?

  67. Lakshmi Bharathi

    Lakshmi Bharathi28 日 前

    Okay but kristen just threw simba like that lmao

  68. Carl Hita

    Carl Hita28 日 前

    Me: Ever wonder what Let It Go sounds like when Anna Sings it?. Kristen Bell and Jimmy Fallon: YOU’RE WELCOME.

  69. ziva mcallister

    ziva mcallister28 日 前

    she can SING

  70. Kylie Yates

    Kylie Yates29 日 前

    Kristen Bell would be the most awesome Ariel ever!!!!!!

  71. nagesh kallis

    nagesh kallis29 日 前

    STFU jimmy , im trying to enjoy kristen's voice

  72. syazrain azhar

    syazrain azharヶ月 前

    i know all the songs and all the films. disney fan here!

  73. Pink Balm

    Pink Balmヶ月 前

    She looks like coin from the hunger games XD

  74. Logan Jersey

    Logan Jerseyヶ月 前

    I love Kirsten Bell😍😍

  75. Aiyana Patel

    Aiyana Patelヶ月 前

    4:01 I’m so dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  76. Shade Spillz

    Shade Spillzヶ月 前

    ok but like can we get a full cover on Pocahontas colors of the wind please.

  77. Chris Clarke

    Chris Clarkeヶ月 前

    4:02 made me laugh so much lol

  78. Kevin Guevara

    Kevin Guevaraヶ月 前

    welcome to the episode #4590506986868967894784578 of reasons to love jimmy

  79. Hodan Hussein

    Hodan Husseinヶ月 前

    did you guys notice they never sang any song from princess and frog

  80. Khanza Shafira D.

    Khanza Shafira D.ヶ月 前

    for fork sake, kristen is a hot stuffs who has a really disney angelic voice

  81. Khanza Shafira D.

    Khanza Shafira D.ヶ月 前

    oh! and also she’s funny and pretty and- ok

  82. Ramona

    Ramonaヶ月 前

    Jimmy cracked me up when he sang into the unknown