Hilarious MISSING PET Signs


  1. K Cooper

    K Cooper2 時間 前

    4:58 that's a skunk person.........wait u don't know that.😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

  2. meghan bassett

    meghan bassett3 時間 前

    I would have a cat a our fluffy animal but my dads allergic to fur

  3. Killing Streak

    Killing Streak4 時間 前


  4. Zachary Gamino

    Zachary Gamino8 時間 前

    1.Wakes up 2.Kisses crush 3.Wins lottery 4.Buys Mansion 5.Becomes President Now read it 2,3,4,5,1

  5. Russetkit of moonclan

    Russetkit of moonclan9 時間 前

    I lost my cat

  6. koralii

    koralii9 時間 前

    I painted a blue stripe on my cats back so if she gets lost everyone can notice she is different from the others

  7. Ellaslifeonyoutube77 T-pose SQAUD

    Ellaslifeonyoutube77 T-pose SQAUD12 時間 前

    Azzy your so funny!😂

  8. Gacha Story

    Gacha Story13 時間 前

    1.Do 2.You 3.Know 4.The 5.Answer 6.To 7.This 8.Question? Answer : You (1.)

  9. cheetah girl

    cheetah girl20 時間 前

    The dinosaur is from a movie called,jurassic world it's good movie 👌

  10. Luna the fox Gacha

    Luna the fox Gacha21 時間 前

    Nu my cat doesnt do that i used to have a cat named Furball she letted me pet her she was grey anytime her tail got stuck in the door i would help her even though she would scratch me on mistake i love her anytime i hit her on the head (not hardd) she would still love me

  11. Luna the fox Gacha

    Luna the fox Gacha21 時間 前

    But i had ro get rid of her to get her to an old lady whos alone bc at my new house i cant have a cat 2 pets ( i have 1 now its a dog but they got used to eachother) i was so attachted to her :c

  12. elia lopez

    elia lopez22 時間 前

    I think the cats name is baloney

  13. Micheal Hackney

    Micheal Hackney23 時間 前

    My pet fly flyed off into outerspace he,is now on another planet he also has his own helmet and space gear to last forever

  14. Maple's Animations

    Maple's Animations日 前

    Me:kills fly *sees lost fly sign* Me: *_oOpS

  15. Gabriella Denton

    Gabriella Denton日 前

    my life is sad i have only got 1 like before plz give me a thums up pls and like! btw azzy im absessed with ur show and ur hair.

  16. Farland Christopher

    Farland Christopher日 前

    7:36 HEY ITS ME

  17. Gachasniper PotatoXX

    Gachasniper PotatoXX日 前


  18. Lilly Vermillion

    Lilly Vermillion日 前

    *searches for lost animals to put in newspaper. Finds this...*

  19. The Dinosaur Nerd!

    The Dinosaur Nerd!日 前

    Sorry but Velociraptor are actually the size of a turkey and as smart as a chicken, and also had feathers and actually lived somewhere in Mongolia and not in America or Montana!

  20. Luciana's life

    Luciana's life日 前

    #justice for Eric

  21. Susan Michelle Brumlow

    Susan Michelle Brumlow日 前

    This one girl stole my dog he was only a puppy I got him for 100 dollars she will pay!!!!!!!

  22. Tigerkat 9

    Tigerkat 92 日 前


  23. Noor Alazzawi

    Noor Alazzawi2 日 前

    you will never know which of them all in the earth is the one.... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  24. Harry Rigg

    Harry Rigg2 日 前

    IM HARRY :O IMA FLY!!!!!!!!

  25. Harry Rigg

    Harry Rigg2 日 前

    I’m Harry

  26. Ruby And Dexter

    Ruby And Dexter2 日 前

    Me: last time I eat am Crab Sees poster lost crab :me ohh Nooooooo

  27. Lps happy bean

    Lps happy bean2 日 前

    You know what I am gonna put a missing pet sigh for my pet snail that ran away. [edit] no joke I actually HAD a pet snail.

  28. pedro 301010

    pedro 3010103 日 前

    4:58 I FOUND HEM

  29. The Girls Next Door Maddy & CoCo

    The Girls Next Door Maddy & CoCo3 日 前

    But cell phone never I need our current cell phone

  30. Stacey Carson

    Stacey Carson3 日 前

    There was a sign in my school for a lost fortnite sweatshirt

  31. Sloane Hernandez

    Sloane Hernandez3 日 前

    Nilergirnlgeinrlegilhrgehilgrdlhigdrilhihlgdrlihrgdhilergilhilhegrhoiregohireghioreg WHY AZZY IM EMOTIONAL ABOUT DOGGYS

  32. Aiden Adjai

    Aiden Adjai3 日 前


  33. Donna Lasley

    Donna Lasley3 日 前

    Fear azzyland, I love your hair Your voice Your silliness I love everything about you

  34. Wulfona Shadow

    Wulfona Shadow3 日 前

    Awww we one Time got a cat we cald her sparkels then we faund out the cat hast some Obers sehe askeped 7 Times

  35. Hannah and Colleen

    Hannah and Colleen3 日 前

    I Am Curious Who Is depressed In The Comment Section I Know (Read The First Word...)

  36. Emery Jones

    Emery Jones3 日 前

    At 5:49 it said idiot and said that is probably why he is missing

  37. sunny's world

    sunny's world3 日 前

    Dude, my friends all have a crush on you.

  38. Dionicia Barrera

    Dionicia Barrera3 日 前

    {\/} ( ' ') u u

  39. Dionicia Barrera

    Dionicia Barrera3 日 前

    Maybe the fat dog is pegnant

  40. Mochi the Wolf

    Mochi the Wolf4 日 前


  41. NightSong Da Savage

    NightSong Da Savage4 日 前

    2:54 that cat is called the “Palace Cat” you can’t have it as a pet it’s a wild animal

  42. ŠH4D0W_W01F Wolf

    ŠH4D0W_W01F Wolf4 日 前

    I think I have a zoo, I has 10 cats, and 3 doggos.

  43. Danika Nolasco

    Danika Nolasco4 日 前

    i not see my dog:(

  44. Danika Nolasco

    Danika Nolasco4 日 前


  45. Amelia Palinggi

    Amelia Palinggi4 日 前

    Flys only Live for an hour or less so Harry probably died

  46. marlee

    marlee4 日 前

    im going to like every comment thats NOT asking for likes XD

  47. Eli koppelman

    Eli koppelman4 日 前

    That dog that's really big that looks like big chungus

  48. Mariah Cupcake

    Mariah Cupcake4 日 前

    My guinea pig died...So can I get a shout-out

  49. Steve Tate

    Steve Tate4 日 前

    The doge dog died last year =(

  50. eebay the pokemon Hunter

    eebay the pokemon Hunter4 日 前

    I had a cat named Oliver he ran away hes a blond tabby with a white belly and White paws and tail if he also has brown eyes

  51. Gacha Potato

    Gacha Potato5 日 前

    *I have a Kid named Oliver in My cLass*

  52. Crystal Loves Saiki

    Crystal Loves Saiki5 日 前


  53. Josua contreras

    Josua contreras5 日 前

    I love the end yoshi

  54. Briseida Lopez

    Briseida Lopez5 日 前

    I Love you Azzy

  55. Briseida Lopez

    Briseida Lopez5 日 前

    Hi Azzy

  56. Briseida Lopez

    Briseida Lopez5 日 前


  57. kiba the wolf

    kiba the wolf5 日 前

    can humans be any dumber that is just crazy

  58. Brihanna Velasquez

    Brihanna Velasquez5 日 前

    That was inappropriate 0:51

  59. Nicole Quinn

    Nicole Quinn5 日 前

    0:44 do not mess with me lol 😂😂

  60. Elena :3

    Elena :35 日 前

    *lost spider* Billie Eilish: oops i ate that spder

  61. Lps family

    Lps family5 日 前

    Me too your just like me when it’s about animal

  62. Arion Jacon Lumagui

    Arion Jacon Lumagui5 日 前

    4:58 the man who print that trying to stell the dog beacuse he or she is famuse in memes

  63. Robert Lyons

    Robert Lyons5 日 前

    I'm eating ice cream while watching this (if wondering it's a 3 color spongebob push pop) and legit it shaped into a peace sign!!

  64. Owen Rosecreek

    Owen Rosecreek5 日 前


  65. Aubrey Faye Calapiz

    Aubrey Faye Calapiz5 日 前


  66. XxPotato LifexX

    XxPotato LifexX5 日 前

    My first cat always comes Back and my kitten just goes under the fence and all ways comes back

  67. Emma Garcia

    Emma Garcia5 日 前

    Is a badger 4:30

  68. Dave Xiong

    Dave Xiong6 日 前

    And yesterday I saw a cat by our house

  69. Dave Xiong

    Dave Xiong6 日 前

    The paper that says cat found do not look like a cat

  70. yokai gamer watch

    yokai gamer watch6 日 前

    Someone probably swated hairy.

  71. crazy loud screamer bg

    crazy loud screamer bg6 日 前

    9:55 oh my god best moment! 😂

  72. Ella DIDON

    Ella DIDON6 日 前

    I Am cute are you don’t

  73. Ella DIDON

    Ella DIDON6 日 前

    I Am cute are you

  74. Jovie Joules M. Paras

    Jovie Joules M. Paras6 日 前

    *at the start of the vid* Me:ain't everywhere cuz i ain't seeing them anywhere in my country

  75. DoggoMary

    DoggoMary6 日 前


  76. Abigail Thomas

    Abigail Thomas6 日 前

    1:20 well Azzy my cat is one of those cats that never leaves their owners sides

  77. Joselle Guimbarda

    Joselle Guimbarda6 日 前

    The turtle os real deadly because he can bite

  78. true Master

    true Master6 日 前

    MY cat loves people and if she's lost she wants to come back

  79. The Unïvërßïße GøddëßßツツLÜñãr Uñïvërßïty

    The Unïvërßïße GøddëßßツツLÜñãr Uñïvërßïty7 日 前

    Pet Fly Is Lost. Reward:100 Robux. You: ? Reply

  80. Silver Winds

    Silver Winds5 日 前

    +The Unïvërßïße GøddëßßツツLÜñãr Uñïvërßïty HeHEHEe gImmE mY rObux- (Jk qwq)

  81. The Unïvërßïße GøddëßßツツLÜñãr Uñïvërßïty

    The Unïvërßïße GøddëßßツツLÜñãr Uñïvërßïty6 日 前

    +Silver Winds xD

  82. Silver Winds

    Silver Winds6 日 前

    *I have lots of flies in my house count me in im up for robux-*

  83. Tik Tok Lozz

    Tik Tok Lozz7 日 前

    I Am Going To Like This Comment U said u would like it do it 👇👇👇

  84. Johniyah Animates

    Johniyah Animates6 日 前

    I didn’t read it aloud, so that means you’re just gonna like your own comment?

  85. Blackfire Gaming

    Blackfire Gaming7 日 前

    Umm the one where it says lost cat and black and white patches uhhh azzy that is a bager sorry I don’t think I spelled bager right

  86. Turtlekinzz Aj

    Turtlekinzz Aj7 日 前

    Why Are There So Many Comments Like This?

  87. sans

    sans7 日 前

    ya i no

  88. Eryk Sarnecki

    Eryk Sarnecki7 日 前

    Eryk is my name



    Me: Can you give me some money Azzy? Azzy: O.K. Me: Yeahhhh,(sings "AzzyLand - MONEY ft. Big Nem) Azzy's mind: whaaaaaat? Me: (being impressive) Me & Azzy: (stupendous) Me & Azzy ( singing MONEY)

  90. Jackys _The Wolf

    Jackys _The Wolf7 日 前

    You Know The Most Beatiful Person Is Read the first letter that’s your answer 👇

  91. marlee

    marlee4 日 前

    whos Y? oh did you mean first word? sorry

  92. Johniyah Animates

    Johniyah Animates6 日 前

    You meant: Read the first _word_

  93. Justusktube

    Justusktube6 日 前

    You're right she should

  94. Joshua's Cool Fnaf Videos

    Joshua's Cool Fnaf Videos7 日 前

    If You Love Turtle's Press This 👇❤👍

  95. Turtlekinzz Aj

    Turtlekinzz Aj7 日 前

    Turtles are the best animals on the planet!

  96. Dawn Bray

    Dawn Bray7 日 前

    I love teenage mutant ninja turtles


    LIFE OF ZIA7 日 前

    Like beggars alert

  98. Kiwix

    Kiwix7 日 前

    If Your Annoyed By These Type Of Comments Just Say So In Your Mind... (No hate just saying)

  99. Emma_ Leigh

    Emma_ Leigh8 日 前

    100% comments asking for likes

  100. Jessica Baker

    Jessica Baker8 日 前

    2:54 I can see da phone number >:3

  101. RAVENpsycocorrupt 12367694

    RAVENpsycocorrupt 123676948 日 前

    If You Watched This Vid And Never Abused Animals Then Click This 👎(👍)

  102. Emman cool

    Emman cool8 日 前

    i sub i hate you Azzyland

  103. Kike Sanchez espinoza

    Kike Sanchez espinoza8 日 前

    Y LOVE. DOgs

  104. Ian Coloa Villatoro

    Ian Coloa Villatoro8 日 前

    Poor doge 5:03

  105. viema Drenovac

    viema Drenovac8 日 前


  106. viema Drenovac

    viema Drenovac8 日 前


  107. viema Drenovac

    viema Drenovac8 日 前

    Missing turtle 🐢

  108. Felipe Sotello

    Felipe Sotello8 日 前


  109. Jonathan Playz

    Jonathan Playz8 日 前

    At my old house these dogs would escape and come to our house and we would have to call the owners to pick them up