HIGHLIGHTS | Canelo Alvarez vs. Avni Yildirim


  1. sayım korkmaz

    sayım korkmaz時間 前

    Hic türk yokmu begeninde sayımızı görelim

  2. Ezequiel Saavedra

    Ezequiel Saavedra時間 前

    I want to see Canelo vs Chris Eubank jr, in this year.

  3. Pipe chavez

    Pipe chavez時間 前

    who are they trying to fool with this fight? please DAZN and canelo stop wasting our time

  4. Chapo Villalobos

    Chapo Villalobos時間 前

    It was rigged

  5. Powered by Pen

    Powered by Pen時間 前

    that;s why I LOVE MMA more than boxing now. Boxing is less appealing now.

  6. Robert Anton

    Robert Anton時間 前

    stop this aerial angle of the camera. This is boxing not football

  7. Brad Gray

    Brad Gray時間 前

    Who are the commentators swear one of them used to commentate WWE😂

  8. Julian Garza

    Julian Garza時間 前

    6:01 Yildirim had an opening. The only flaw from Canelo the entire fight... This could be exposed against a world class boxer.

  9. Jeremiah Matos

    Jeremiah Matos時間 前

    I been in boxing like 4 years ago si

  10. George vvv

    George vvv時間 前

    Is this Rocky punching the pig..? The pig never punched back.

  11. Swn D Luffy

    Swn D Luffy時間 前


  12. Adam.R

    Adam.R時間 前

    "im going to give you one more round." then calls it. Knew that he was just going to stand there like a tree and take all the hits.

  13. Mario Ramirez

    Mario Ramirez時間 前

    Canelo el hijo de jorge kakawagi 🤣🤑

  14. Justin Tran

    Justin Tran時間 前

    Dude was out but his eyes were still open

  15. Local African

    Local African時間 前

    One of the most obvious cases of “the check cleared. I’m done”

  16. Uldana Omarovna

    Uldana Omarovna時間 前

    Дерись канело всегда с мешками

  17. Bxrry

    Bxrry時間 前

    Still can’t beat the guy from wii sports

  18. fişek vatanbayrak

    fişek vatanbayrak時間 前

    Ben çıksam daha iyiydi ..bir daha cikma oraya.

  19. Куаныш Ниязов

    Куаныш Ниязов時間 前

    Че за херня где бой

  20. Emre

    Emre時間 前


  21. Boris Aguilera

    Boris Aguilera時間 前

    Esta pelea fue .como un entrenamiento para el canelo

  22. Pakin 86

    Pakin 86時間 前

    All seats are full. Sold out crowd! Winner in this matchup..... Corona!

  23. Frank McNally

    Frank McNally時間 前

    A disgraceful excuse for a boxing match, they should refuse to pay Yildrim and return everyone's ticket money.

  24. fişek vatanbayrak

    fişek vatanbayrak時間 前

    Nasıl bir dövüş! Hiç cikmssaydinnoraya daha iyiydi. Yumrukla gard alarak maç kazanamazsın

  25. Nishant Verma

    Nishant Verma時間 前

    Why does seems staged?

  26. Tacti Cutest

    Tacti Cutest時間 前

    Boxers are soft today....

  27. random thought

    random thought時間 前

    That ain't Canelo Alvarez that is Canelo Mayweather

  28. Yusuf Kaya

    Yusuf Kaya時間 前

    Adamı madam yaparlar. Sadakat yoksunu insan

  29. Tony M.

    Tony M.時間 前

    Canelo making dudes look like rookies out here.



    How jj‘‘008iiuuzs

  31. Professor

    Professor時間 前

    Boxing has too many weightclasses and organizations

  32. WORLD Real

    WORLD Real時間 前

    Canelo is the best after Mayweather....

  33. elijio jaramillo

    elijio jaramillo時間 前


  34. Ryan Witts

    Ryan Witts時間 前

    I'm sorry but you can't stand right infront of Canelo, BJS is gonna cause the upset of the year

  35. Ed

    Ed時間 前

    Turecki worek do bicia

  36. CronosX Cronos

    CronosX Cronos時間 前

    Yildirim's real name is Yielding in the ring. 🤣🤣

  37. ThreeBears Sandoval

    ThreeBears Sandoval時間 前

    and just like that"Avni shocked the Whole World lol

  38. Demir Demo

    Demir Demo時間 前

    Bizimki kavga için çıkmamış gibi insan bir kaç tane vurmaya çalışır hiç öyle bir girişimi olmadı gardını alıp bekliyor adam vursun diye ..

  39. Raju Limbu

    Raju Limbu時間 前

    The punching bag was already happy that he was going to get paid. YAWN 🥱 🥱 YAWN "Boring to the bone"

  40. Luis Lopez

    Luis Lopez時間 前

    Duro más tiempo J balvin.

  41. Mark jacquez

    Mark jacquez時間 前

    Dude didn’t want to be there and fight!

  42. Serdar Şenli

    Serdar Şenli時間 前

    Canelo daniel jacobs maçını izleyin farkı görün

  43. Adrian Kühne

    Adrian Kühne時間 前

    Does anyone know how much yildirim earned?

  44. prod1192

    prod1192時間 前

    Last time canelo fought a real fighter he robbed him twice.

  45. Matheus Donato

    Matheus Donato時間 前

    avni "heavy bag" yildirim

  46. Blu Rooster

    Blu Rooster時間 前

    Canelo looked disappointed on how easy the fight was

  47. Рахым Бегалиев

    Рахым Бегалиев時間 前

    Попробуй накаутировать Сондерс Головкин Чарло Андраде Риото Бивол.

  48. Eugene Belarminio

    Eugene Belarminio時間 前

    Trainer: I’m going to give you 1 more round avni. Avni: I’ll do you one better.

  49. 6Pro1Phet9

    6Pro1Phet9時間 前

    Horrible match up. Fighting a guy coming off a KO loss and 2 year layoff...Come DAZN

  50. Fredy Marin

    Fredy Marin時間 前


  51. MyCatFooed

    MyCatFooed時間 前

    Canelo ... *Amazing champion!!* DAZN ... *Becoming the BEST everything for BOXING!!* Thank you *BOTH!!* Domari Nolo PA III

  52. jorge alvarez

    jorge alvarez時間 前

    Que pelea más ridícula. De verdad Que no entiendo como un boxeador de tanto nivel como canelo se enfrenta a este sr que no sabe boxear. Pelas arregladas

  53. mass effect

    mass effect時間 前

    these guys are at least 85 Kg this water weight cutting trash

  54. NotBlu

    NotBlu時間 前

    he fell the same way ryan did when he got knocked down

  55. New World

    New World時間 前

    why does canelo fight nobodys



    Its called a contract.

  57. Remzi Özhan

    Remzi Özhan2 時間 前

    Tam bir hayal kırıklığı. Hiç iyi hazırlanmam. İki raunt boyunca hiç hareket yapmadı, sadece dayak yedi. Hiç vucut hareketi ya da eski yapmadı. Sadece yüzünü kapatarak öylece durdu.

  58. Keevin Tamplin

    Keevin Tamplin2 時間 前

    Same story. Feel Canelo's power after being countered a few times and they get gun shy. They stop throwing punches. Watch Mike Tyson's early fights. Same story, albeit with more devastating results. His opponents used to just clamp up, not willing to expose themselves. It was either getting knocked out or them just falling to stop feeling the pain.

  59. obinna michael

    obinna michael2 時間 前

    Canelo was roundly beaten by smaller Mayweather, at lest one boxer should copy that blueprint and give Canelo a fight. It is way too easy for him now. How much did he make in this practice match?

  60. Eddie VAL

    Eddie VAL2 時間 前

    Any1 that praises this fight is a F---ing sucka/cornball... That guy was his sparring partner, also he didn't barely move at all!!!!!, So this fight don't show nothing from canelo... This was beyond a cherry pick

  61. Jose lopez jr

    Jose lopez jr2 時間 前

    No trae nada el retador canelo se divirtió

  62. Miguel Ramirez

    Miguel Ramirez2 時間 前

    He fighting nobodies

  63. Pawel Nowacki

    Pawel Nowacki2 時間 前

    He blocked the heavy shots with his face

  64. Tazmanian Devil_91

    Tazmanian Devil_912 時間 前

    I just said Avni Yidirim out loud and my furniture started floating......

  65. Brian Granville

    Brian Granville2 時間 前

    How was Yildrim a mandatory when he lost his last fight ? LOL

  66. Wilvir Lapinid

    Wilvir Lapinid2 時間 前

    So boring fight waste time and money

  67. Brian Granville

    Brian Granville2 時間 前

    Extremely embaressing for Turkey.

  68. Aman Chawla

    Aman Chawla2 時間 前

    Avni yildrim got more money than Dustin poirer

  69. Rock Boyka

    Rock Boyka2 時間 前

    Bu maça ben çıksam daha fazla isabetli yumruk atardım. Avni amatör boksörlerden bile kötüydü Umarım bir kez daha bu formla maça çıkmaz

  70. Aman Chawla

    Aman Chawla2 時間 前

    Waiting for Canelo vs BJS

  71. Agustin Boll

    Agustin Boll2 時間 前

    No digo que canelo no sea un buen boxeador porque lo es y el mejor de la actualidad. Pero ese tipo sólo recibía golpes y tiraba jabs como yo. Una mierda

  72. Emanuel Garcia

    Emanuel Garcia2 時間 前

    Canelo eres una vergüenza ridículo jaja nadie te cree tus peleas ridiculas jaja

  73. Emanuel Garcia

    Emanuel Garcia2 時間 前

    Porquería de peleador canelo wacala

  74. Alvaro Garcia

    Alvaro Garcia2 時間 前

    That homie was no match for camelo. Cáñelo should fight someone his own caliber, we need a real fight

  75. Mustafa Ertorun

    Mustafa Ertorun2 時間 前

    Avni yediğin ekmek haram olsun, bir tane puan alıcı yumruk atmadın, ya sattın bu maçı, yada yumtuk atmamaya karar kıldın, bu kadar da rezil bir maç olmaz, yazıklar olsun sana...

  76. anonim

    anonim2 時間 前

    The match was over when I went to water heating and came back. Rezil avni

  77. Rick Rogers

    Rick Rogers2 時間 前

    Avin was just a punching bag

  78. MorenitaScorp

    MorenitaScorp2 時間 前

    0:49 Oh come on ref🙄

  79. Calvin Johnson

    Calvin Johnson2 時間 前

    You can tell when a fighter is the cash cow and A side! This fight was not entertaining at all! The feeding Canelo appetizers all the way to his 60 wins in boxing~!

  80. Poli_Betico 10

    Poli_Betico 102 時間 前

    Jajaja quien se gaste dinero para ver esto jjjjjjj

  81. Francis Nicoletti

    Francis Nicoletti2 時間 前

    Lack luster opponent. The guy stood right in front of him. I wish Andre Ward in his prime fought Canelo.


    TAN PHALLY2 時間 前


  83. Mohammed Ali

    Mohammed Ali2 時間 前

    Hes not no boxer Hes a fraud Lands two punches and quits SMH

  84. Jonathan Alexander Pop Caal

    Jonathan Alexander Pop Caal2 時間 前

    Sparring day for canelo

  85. Mushtiar Engineer

    Mushtiar Engineer2 時間 前

    Where is Muhammad

  86. Warren Chavarria

    Warren Chavarria2 時間 前

    Sin duda se trata de una farsa propagandística, el chilindrin ni siquiera lo toca y se retiró para no ser nokeado. Muy muy mal para el boxeo mexicano

  87. Vincenzo Vieri

    Vincenzo Vieri2 時間 前

    anyone find it odd, how the russian refuses to throw a jab while leaning on canelo, for it least 4 seconds. over and over? just looks like the dood got a sweet check and called it a day.

  88. Suvarna Das

    Suvarna Das2 時間 前

    Oh so there’s not much diff between 5’9’’ and 5’11’’ -me crying,being a 5’9’’

  89. The Earth Dealer

    The Earth Dealer2 時間 前

    Canelo is p4p for fighting tomatoe cans.. I’m done watching him.



    Its called fulfilling his contract. He DOESNT choose his opponents lol.

  91. Abang Jago

    Abang Jago2 時間 前

    Canelo vs ayam sayur

  92. Ismael Hassan

    Ismael Hassan2 時間 前

    Canelo Avarez needs to fight American fighters. He is the overseas champ 🤣

  93. Leover

    Leover2 時間 前

    Porque una pelea tan aburrida tiene tanto movimiento de dinero y espectadores jajaja

  94. Асқат Жақыпов

    Асқат Жақыпов2 時間 前

    We will wait third fight with GGG

  95. Mr Horse

    Mr Horse2 時間 前

    What a joke. Great fighters cherry-picking bums like Yildrim is why so many boxing is losing, or has already lost it's legitimacy. We see it time and time again. As Teddy Atlas said in a tweet, "The commentators are speculating what will it take to beat Canelo? I have an idea; start with better opposition." So another pathetic non-event as boxing continues to circle the drain.

  96. zi4man

    zi4man2 時間 前

    Я не понимаю на что расчитывал оппонент Канело с таким скудным арсеналом. Денег срубить?

  97. Claudia Jordan

    Claudia Jordan2 時間 前

    Puro show le echan pura carnada para haser propaganda me hubiera gustado que se enfrentara con Marques o Paquiao esas su eran peleas esto es puro show 👎

  98. murat beytekin

    murat beytekin2 時間 前

    Avni bildiğin çöp gerçekten

  99. Best Video

    Best Video2 時間 前


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    Everything Celebrity SHORTS2 時間 前

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  101. Mark Rajiv Betonio

    Mark Rajiv Betonio2 時間 前

    Not Surprised of canelo.. You must fight for the 3rd time of GGG

  102. Arghyadeep Roy

    Arghyadeep Roy2 時間 前

    Canelo could have fought his sparring partners after that. Yildirim just came for a payday. 2 years out of the ring. Its one of those soft victories to boost your record.