Here's Why the Tesla Model 3 Performance Is the Best Tesla Yet


  1. Doug DeMuro

    Doug DeMuro22 日 前

    Who will be more upset by this video? Tesla people, saying I wasn't positive enough? Or car people, saying I'm biased towards Tesla? Today, we find out!

  2. B Cool

    B Cool2 日 前

    Ski Dubai ? No easy autopilot for you to understand the external cost to 3rd parties. You could pipe the exhaust of a Silverado into a kindergarten for a lesson but I wouldn't recommend it.

  3. zrRyan2

    zrRyan22 日 前

    @Eric Simonson thanks for the details of fit and finish ;)

  4. Eric Simonson

    Eric Simonson2 日 前

    @zrRyan2 Yah, he didn't talk about fit and finish, but I've just picked up a Model 3 and the paint is way better than it was. Also, no noticeable misalignments in the body panels or doors. Doug also did not talk at all about the upkeep or fuel costs in his ratings. He still has a ways to go in the shift to the EV world.

  5. GrammarPolice

    GrammarPolice11 日 前

    I'm just upset you used roughly 20 minutes of the video talking about the dumb games on the infotainment center

  6. Devin Owens

    Devin Owens12 日 前

    @Gabe Hammar 333rth da fuk I can't even say that shit it's 333rd bro pls. Quit making everybody feel all wierd just trying to read it.

  7. isipwater

    isipwater21 分 前

    How did Doug give the I-Pace a higher score than the X? Not right.

  8. Xion

    Xion53 分 前

    5:18 Doug is the type of guy to call a dog mode a "Doug mode".

  9. Flan

    Flan5 時間 前


  10. Abelardo Gomez

    Abelardo Gomez5 時間 前

    A lot of quirks and features on the Tesla

  11. Andy Harris

    Andy Harris6 時間 前

    What? No inbuilt flamethrowers to incinerate your passengers as "it's a prank, bro"? Get a grip, Elon!

  12. Shawn Edwards

    Shawn Edwards6 時間 前

    I've never seen anyone write the letter "S" like how u do it. It's not a criticism, I thought it was actually pretty cool

  13. Jockney

    Jockney7 時間 前

    Tarantino reviews Tesla

  14. Chris Sappenfield

    Chris Sappenfield8 時間 前

    Even Tesla's games have microtransactions. EA must have made that race game

  15. Macky Mode

    Macky Mode10 時間 前

    No volume knob is an immediate turn-off for me, nice try

  16. Stephan G

    Stephan G18 時間 前

    Hi Doug, who supplied the carbon look interiors central console and dashboard?? looks very good.

  17. MrBachelorhouse

    MrBachelorhouse19 時間 前

    Can it remember mirror and steering wheel settings for different drivers? That's much more useful than fart mode..

  18. kanyaugatiejagwo

    kanyaugatiejagwo21 時間 前

    a.k.k 'Mileage and battery fire worry cars...' car can light up at any moment while parked even without being charged. software features are ... yawn yawn

  19. yarpos

    yarpos23 時間 前

    once again a "review" that manages to completley dodge handling and performance endurance. Lap time for a known circuit?

  20. WarpedTrekker

    WarpedTrekker23 時間 前

    Tesla needs to focus on more useful stuff, and get rid of the useless kiddie stupid junk in the infotainment system.

  21. MP498

    MP49823 時間 前

    There is a software update coming soon called "Casino Mode" which allows you to set the A/C the same as "Dog Mode" but it's for when you want to leave the kids in the car and go inside and play the pokies.

  22. MP498

    MP49823 時間 前

    The panel gaps look up to the usual standard...

  23. Shoedi .L

    Shoedi .L日 前

    When I hear Sentry mode.... I instantly imagine a Sentry Gun popping out of the trunk....

  24. Shane D

    Shane D日 前

    Oh my gosh Doug I can't believe you think the rs3 looks better than the m3 cs

  25. Ethan Carberry-Holt

    Ethan Carberry-Holt日 前

    Tesla missed the opportunity to call Caraoke Carpool Karaoke

  26. Seawolf

    Seawolf15 時間 前

    CBS would come down so hard on Tesla lol. That's Corden's thing...

  27. Jon Keefer

    Jon Keefer日 前

    come on, doug. i want a demonstration of sentry mode with the glass break feature!

  28. Kerry Webster

    Kerry Webster日 前

    @30:32 - This doesn't suck at all.

  29. Gary Couch

    Gary Couch日 前

    Dog mode should be extended to include child mode. If a child is accidently left in the car, the climate control will turn on.

  30. SpawnPoiint

    SpawnPoiint日 前

    You make me want to drive my Tesla even more haha!

  31. xchopp

    xchopp日 前

    34:01 Doug, there's something wrong with your vehicle, some weird stuff is coming out the back! What _is_ that? It looks dangerous!

  32. Aditya Singh

    Aditya Singh17 時間 前

    Tire smoke

  33. xchopp

    xchopp日 前

    Here's what you came here for: 28:24

  34. friggincanvee

    friggincanvee日 前

    Heated rear seats controlled from the front only? Poor.



    Tesla is car geek heaven. If you like going fast and can geek out on tons of technology, you have to get a Tesla. Model 3 Perf is the best car I've ever had.

  36. Hannah Witt

    Hannah Witt日 前

    I thought Tesla was all about ecology, but they replace biodegradable leather with 'future landfill" leatherette, to save money and appease the snowflakes. Way to go Tesla.

  37. Seawolf

    Seawolf4 時間 前

    @Hannah Witt Yes, vegan leather is made of recyclable materials, that are stronger and more durable, and depending on the manufacturer, varying levels of eco-friendliness. Leather has to be heavily treated and be made non-biodegrable so you don't sit in a rotting vehicle. Not to mention, because of the global demand, you'd need to raise your own cows, which is extremely environmentally damaging, as we've known for over a decade. There's also a lot of waste that goes into car leather. They don't just pick any part of the hide or any hide, it has to be near flawless, so any wrinkles and lines in the hide are discarded where possible. And what makes it, goes under an equally environmentally damaging treatment process.

  38. Hannah Witt

    Hannah Witt4 時間 前

    @Seawolf So what you're actually trying to suggest is that PLASTIC is more eco friendly than LEATHER. What complete and utter nonsense LOL!

  39. Seawolf

    Seawolf5 時間 前

    @Hannah Witt Perhaps I should've been more specific. Leather used in vehicles, are treated heavily, to ensure that they don't biodegrade over time. Whereas fake leather, particularly recycled fake leather, is less resource intensive to produce, hence everyone going out of their way to make their leather out of special fibres and soy, Tesla takes their old leather seating and gives it to other companies to be reused and recycled. It certainly does very much help when leather is finite and demand for them still outstrips supply. So the option is, Tesla farms, or something else. And the latter is still more environmentally friendly. If there was a leather surplus, this might be a different story, but there isn't.

  40. Hannah Witt

    Hannah Witt13 時間 前

    ​@Seawolf Please look up the word 'mantra'. The traditional car manufacturers are definitely making more of an effort to be greener, but there is a distinct difference between that and a company whose whole ethos is to make a difference, in terms of ecology and to sell their product as an 'alternative' with that rhetoric. If you can't see that, then you are completely blinded by your brand loyalty. Which is exactly what Musk is a genius at doing.

  41. Seawolf

    Seawolf13 時間 前

    @Hannah Witt All those manufacturers publish sustainability reports (Tesla has only started doing so) and have sustainability goals, so yes, they do have a "saving the world" mantra. Particularly VW Group ever since the emissions scandal.

  42. Brian Cossey

    Brian Cossey日 前

    You are odd and know nothing about cars, you are a super dork

  43. harryman11

    harryman112 日 前

    The last update now gives you 0-60 in 2.8 FYI. Got to love a car that gets better/faster with time.

  44. Aditya Singh

    Aditya Singh17 時間 前

    It's like getting a new car with every update.

  45. Tay Gumi

    Tay Gumi2 日 前

    A hud I think that's maybe contra productive, by the view triangle when you driving (Street/outside in front, Speedometer etc., Mirrors, then again). ^^

  46. Brayden Haines

    Brayden Haines2 日 前

    Okay how much are these things in AUD? I wanna play the games 😂

  47. Seawolf

    Seawolf15 時間 前

    If you're in VIC, with all the taxes and everything, around $74k base model, you also get all the games. Not so bad considering the other European equivalents. But like NZ, no incentives yet.

  48. Tay Gumi

    Tay Gumi2 日 前

    I will buy this Tesla only because of the games. :DD

  49. irixsyncd

    irixsyncd2 日 前

    So the windows are not automatically raising upon locking your car? o.0

  50. Mike

    Mike2 日 前

    You know what Tesla should come up with? Charging cafes, with their v3 supercharging taking only 20 mins they could have a place to pull in, park and plug in. Go inside have a coffee or whatever and then boom 350 more miles. Could be the exact same as Starbucks but with v3 charging in each parking spot.

  51. Seawolf

    Seawolf15 時間 前

    They have Tesla Lounges in some areas that are exactly that. Supercharger locations usually are next to shopping centres or restaurants etc. It tells you on the map what facilities there are, and also how many charging spots are available.

  52. Chip LeVan

    Chip LeVan2 日 前

    You make "S" from the bottom up?

  53. Jarico Harris

    Jarico Harris2 日 前

    So who else thought it was a roach crawling on the screen?

  54. Rehak Mate

    Rehak Mate2 日 前

    Like they slaughter cows for their leather instead of their meat and then just use their leather too, bruh. Now they should just throw it out.

  55. Seawolf

    Seawolf15 時間 前

    I mean, there's still the handbag industry amongst many, many other uses for leather.

  56. Nunya Bidnnezz

    Nunya Bidnnezz2 日 前

    no cooled seats... dealbreaker.