Here's the truth about JANA...


  1. esmeralda Anzualda

    esmeralda Anzualda9 時間 前

    You got fat

  2. JanaPlayz _YT

    JanaPlayz _YT11 時間 前

    The funny thing is... My name is Jana😂



    The truth about Jana is that nobody cares

  4. Alivia Kittle

    Alivia Kittle13 時間 前

    We’re is Erika

  5. Mohamed fighter

    Mohamed fighter日 前

    You scared to fight Adem Saleh

  6. Danielle Lara

    Danielle Lara日 前

    So she’s having family issues and dealing with it and your going and chillin with your ex and having “lunch” to catch up on things that’s just funny 😂😂

  7. Danielle Lara

    Danielle Lara日 前

    And you kissed another girl 😂😂

  8. Erick Oviedo

    Erick Oviedo日 前

    Bro you buy Rolex and you have earbuds where are the airports at

  9. marcos polo

    marcos polo日 前


  10. Mckenzye pierce

    Mckenzye pierce2 日 前

    Why isn’t he wearing his wedding ring

  11. Ale Guzman

    Ale Guzman2 日 前

    Where's your ring jake?👀💍

  12. danielle shinn

    danielle shinn2 日 前

    Where is your wedding ring bro

  13. A Ghost.

    A Ghost.3 日 前

    Those free chains are $20

  14. Gamer Pig524

    Gamer Pig5243 日 前

    Who still wonders where Apollo went ???

  15. aliyah p

    aliyah p3 日 前

    Is ur marriage real? *looks at ring finger* u still have questions???

  16. Drake06gaming

    Drake06gaming3 日 前

    How do you get a chain

  17. Jocelyn Murray

    Jocelyn Murray3 日 前

    And no old lady should say f*** you,that's why nobody should bring their grandma on social media

  18. Jocelyn Murray

    Jocelyn Murray3 日 前

    I think it will look good!

  19. Jocelyn Murray

    Jocelyn Murray3 日 前

    I think you should make your hair how it was years ago in the old team 10 house and keep a little tiny beard like in this video

  20. Jocelyn Murray

    Jocelyn Murray3 日 前

    I love you jake

  21. Jocelyn Murray

    Jocelyn Murray3 日 前


  22. Jenna Kent

    Jenna Kent4 日 前

    Big fan but like stop saying it’s a shitty vlog and take out ur headphones and film a normal vlog ...

  23. Roberto Corea

    Roberto Corea4 日 前

    Im srry jake but i miss jereka 😔

  24. Roberto Corea

    Roberto Corea4 日 前

    I miss jereka



    Ok.... I’m so proud of Jake lately he had been a better person yes sometime a can be a d*** but we can all be that way I think we all rember when he constantly would lie and get the cops called on him sooo Jake I’m saying thank you for being a better person

  26. Noelle Brady

    Noelle Brady4 日 前

    yoo the fact that you said whats your name again to natalie or some shit- whats good w you bro so damn rude whatre you even saying man

  27. Sarah Kern

    Sarah Kern4 日 前

    1:56 make sure the tattoo looks nothing like Tana so that you don’t have to get it removed when you break up. Good move Jake.

  28. Sam da Savage

    Sam da Savage4 日 前

    Why they should brk up?

  29. zadie fleming

    zadie fleming4 日 前

    omggg chaddd💙💙💙💙

  30. Prestonplaz Toys

    Prestonplaz Toys4 日 前

    I will fight you

  31. fortnite queen26

    fortnite queen265 日 前

    Omg Jack tana should have a fire but will a girl

  32. Sarah Rutten

    Sarah Rutten5 日 前

    i will fight you lol and i will win lol

  33. Sahara Leyva

    Sahara Leyva5 日 前

    You have season 12 coming up and in the trailer it showed Jana ???💁🏽‍♀️

  34. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach5 日 前

    😂 free chain with 15 dollar shipping.

  35. Nuria Pozueta

    Nuria Pozueta6 日 前


  36. John Norn

    John Norn6 日 前

    Your hair is dumb

  37. Evan .w

    Evan .w6 日 前

    Stop ducking gib and fight him

  38. Brooklyn. Gacha

    Brooklyn. Gacha6 日 前

    Jake on his 7th wife: DeAr KSI

  39. Hhh Moskov

    Hhh Moskov6 日 前

    I wonder how many 'truth' videos Jake Paul will make in his whole JPreporter career. Probably the same number of ex-wifeies he has.

  40. Ovana Squad

    Ovana Squad6 日 前

    My crush in School is jana

  41. Isaiah Kimbell

    Isaiah Kimbell6 日 前

    How did you grow your mustache and beard so fast

  42. e m

    e m6 日 前

    Bro stop this whole thing that u build a name with u and ur gfs name like jerika jana wtf jesus christ

  43. Jana Saric

    Jana Saric6 日 前

    yo, it’s weird seeing my name everywhere ahaha. I mean my name is pronounced (YAH- NUH) but still.

  44. Galaxy Queen

    Galaxy Queen6 日 前

    You see I was all for Jerica, then it ended... Next I was all for Jana then there is this big thing were you were seen eating lunch with Erica without Tana knowing and this is all too much... Jake, this is disappointing and Tana and Erica deserve WAY better.

  45. sofia urdiales

    sofia urdiales6 日 前


  46. Ford Family

    Ford Family6 日 前

    OMG omg

  47. LPS Triplets

    LPS Triplets6 日 前

    No one: Absolutely no one: Jake Paul: get your free chain Also Jake Paul: deletes Contest video

  48. Tfue

    Tfue6 日 前

    I'll fight you

  49. Luis Aauilar

    Luis Aauilar7 日 前

    I legit cried at 7:45 with happy tears I haven’t seen chad IN MONTHS

  50. Uncle Fester

    Uncle Fester7 日 前

    It's evry day bro

  51. StephHialeahM S

    StephHialeahM S7 日 前

    I hope tana is okay

  52. Shatha Ahmad

    Shatha Ahmad7 日 前

    Hi my I weel fight you I am lit

  53. Tym4kolby 2

    Tym4kolby 27 日 前

    Hell yeah angry grandma

  54. Edward Howard

    Edward Howard7 日 前

    hi jake paul

  55. Hufflepuff Mona Mia

    Hufflepuff Mona Mia7 日 前

    The intro was so funny Btw you put Jana on the title

  56. F30

    F307 日 前

    Bro deadass I love THIS jake Paul

  57. Mafia Bmx

    Mafia Bmx7 日 前

    Fight me

  58. Not Snipes

    Not Snipes8 日 前

    Get a mullet

  59. 6ftsamurai

    6ftsamurai8 日 前

    The chinese character tattoo, sadly, isn't warrior. If written correctly, 士(the horizontal line is longer than the bottom line) is a scholar (which ironically he has a fk the teachers music video). But 土(the horizontal stroke at the bottom is longer) is actually mud/dirt/soil. So the new Jake Paul is now Fire Strength Soil. FSS. Or Fire Strength Scholar.

  60. Mike Gjerkaj

    Mike Gjerkaj8 日 前

    You are so rude Jake

  61. Private Pug 1997

    Private Pug 19978 日 前

    You know he's a self centered person cause he has murals of himself everywhere..he's gonna end up like vanilla ice ... Homeless and grabbing at every movie appearance he can to make some cash

  62. Levi Lloyd

    Levi Lloyd8 日 前

    So u wanna fight the rock?