Hayley Williams - Simmer [Official Music Video]


  1. Cody Calhoun

    Cody Calhoun16 時間 前

    Seeing Hayley be this vulnerable and open about her life lately is inspiring. I'm turning 30 this year and haven't accomplished as much as I'd like to in my life. I'm also dealing with getting older, and accepting things as they are. I've been listening to her voice since All We Know is Falling. I always had a little crush for her, and I feel like I grew up with her even though I don't know her at all. Love you Hayley

  2. Tony Stevenson

    Tony Stevenson17 時間 前

    One of the best songs I've heard in years. Much love for Hayley William's

  3. Nano the Piano

    Nano the Piano17 時間 前

    Better than Lil Uzi

  4. violet sinclair

    violet sinclair17 時間 前

    I don’t like this.

  5. chelm

    chelm18 時間 前

    This song reminds me of Alanis Morissette..

  6. Daniel León

    Daniel León23 時間 前

    This shit it's a copy of Aurora with Billie Eillish Wtf Hayley?

  7. Robert A

    Robert A日 前

    Did I say bravo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. fedess

    fedess日 前

    That bass line🤯🤯

  9. Robert A

    Robert A日 前

    Bravo super song !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Kin To

    Kin To日 前

    Scary kind of lol but I lke a lot.

  11. Christina Guzman

    Christina Guzman日 前

    Alainis who?

  12. Mo Ammani

    Mo Ammani日 前

    Mmmmmmm Kevin!

  13. Lukas H

    Lukas H日 前


  14. leniel dela torre

    leniel dela torre日 前

    why is this videoscreen for this MV seems a bit stretched out

  15. red manila

    red manila日 前

    who needs Billie Eillish if you have Hayley Williams

  16. Alexander Rogers

    Alexander Rogers2 日 前

    ...KEVIN 1:22

  17. dannyaraya1988

    dannyaraya19882 日 前

    2010: i'm not going solo, Paramore are a band. no solo album for me 2020: fucker

  18. Riot Ryleigh

    Riot Ryleigh2 日 前

    I love you, but can you do the music above all?! This music video shit ain't heard.

  19. Lumira

    Lumira2 日 前

    After being hurt badly by my ex and how unsympathetic he seemed about it. "I fucked up, but it's not like I can turn back time." type of apology. While expecting me to shut up about it and get over it. When you find out all those pretty words were empty and those promises were broken. It's crazy how the anger can get to you and how hard it is to control it. Revenge is only going to hurt you, but man I wish I would have valued myself more to walk away. Maybe none of this would have happened. That dumb story aside. I'm really glad for this song, it's my favorite so far... mostly because I can relate to it.

  20. Egdelro Mullac

    Egdelro Mullac2 日 前

    This is like an evening walk on the beach with the sun simmering over the horizon... But on a red tide...

  21. Cheval Nektosha

    Cheval Nektosha2 日 前

    Not that they are similar musically but thematically she reminds me of Tori amos

  22. Roger MYFHC

    Roger MYFHC2 日 前

    Huh. Sound like someone listened to a lot of Alt-J. Very soothing.

  23. luke davis

    luke davis2 日 前


  24. Kylie Barber

    Kylie Barber2 日 前

    this verse, "If I had seen my reflection , As something more precious, He would’ve never, Mmm and if my child needed protection, From a fucker like that man, I’d sooner gut him, Cause nothing cuts like a mother" made me cry, almost every time ive listened to it. i was a severely abused child, whose mother was absent. he'd beat me and remind me I'm nothing. drunken rages and fights about me and how at 8 years old i was tearing our family apart. she left him when he cheated on her and HE didnt want to work it out. this song hit me in a way years of therapy hasnt. reminds me that im allowed to be angry.

  25. Lori G. Delgado

    Lori G. Delgado2 日 前

    Love thissss

  26. Broadby

    Broadby3 日 前

    Sorry but when she pauses to say 'Give in'. To me it sounds like she says 'kevin' haha

  27. Faith s

    Faith s3 日 前

    Not doing to good right now and this song helps a little bit 🤷🏼‍♀️

  28. Denise Raygoza

    Denise Raygoza3 日 前

    She’s seeing Red. Good ass song

  29. Amy Robertshaw

    Amy Robertshaw3 日 前


  30. Paola CH

    Paola CH3 日 前

    Love it!!!!!!!😍😍😍

  31. Brett Servin

    Brett Servin3 日 前

    To bad you succumb to running you know you wanna react. Just do what you have to. He deserves it

  32. Carol Hartung

    Carol Hartung3 日 前

    Impressed with this artist at 1st listen...this song says a lot, has very full meaning!❤🤗

  33. Brett Servin

    Brett Servin3 日 前

    Your child would never have to fear in a presence of a real man that would lay his own life down for children. I dare try a mother fucker who come near the babies I love and see what I do

  34. Brett Servin

    Brett Servin3 日 前

    Your batsy. I would love it if your my woman

  35. Eric Martinez

    Eric Martinez3 日 前

    What? Is here someone who didn't know too that Hayley Williams stills singing?

  36. Sky Rowell

    Sky Rowell3 日 前

    This reminds me to Aurora. Don't know why

  37. Mikey Mayhem

    Mikey Mayhem3 日 前

    Pls dont

  38. Majuan

    Majuan4 日 前

    Love it

  39. Yeiner Parra

    Yeiner Parra4 日 前

    Total perfection ..!

  40. 死の天使

    死の天使4 日 前

    Hayley Williams you've been the diamond of Paramore, Gosh i miss the farro Brothers, glad they got reunited

  41. Yanine N. Muñoz López

    Yanine N. Muñoz López5 日 前

    ❤🖤❤🎸 She doesn't disappoint

  42. Azz Irwin

    Azz Irwin5 日 前


  43. ebony b

    ebony b5 日 前

    This song feels familiar but also feels different.

  44. Starlet Simon

    Starlet Simon5 日 前

    It sounds good!

  45. Jascha Emmanuel Alafriz

    Jascha Emmanuel Alafriz5 日 前

    Can't wait for this to be in the John wick 4 soundtrack

  46. R K

    R K5 日 前

    Hayley, I'm sorry if I'd left you over Bellie.

  47. Hugo hamilton Perez

    Hugo hamilton Perez5 日 前

    with PARAMORE is all different I don’t know if is there a beautiful song in this album, I heard 3 songs of this album and still not a good song

  48. Pamela Winkler

    Pamela Winkler6 日 前

    What the what? This is a completely different side of Haley.....maybe her alter-ego? I’m hooked and can’t get enough. Thank you Haley!

  49. Sinissster ღ

    Sinissster ღ6 日 前

    I swear in some words I hear Madonna frozen era.. Just me?

  50. Callum Hugo

    Callum Hugo6 日 前

    Fantastic work. Lovely to see your continued evolution. Keep up the good work

  51. Nicole Hansen

    Nicole Hansen6 日 前

    Her new vids are scaring me to death, but I am loving it!

  52. Well.

    Well.6 日 前

    The house is the same house used in Cinnamon, yes? The stairs look very familiar and I think I need help; I've been watching too much MV.

  53. kaspars pablaks

    kaspars pablaks6 日 前

    love it

  54. Amy Cole

    Amy Cole6 日 前

    I really thought she was singing about Kevin 🙊home alone vibes

  55. Tezcalipoca

    Tezcalipoca6 日 前

    The video is clearly inspired by the first Predator

  56. Peter Mitchell

    Peter Mitchell6 日 前

    Great beat. This Has a lot of Santogold vibes. Or is it just me

  57. Biba Pout

    Biba Pout6 日 前


  58. Nick Grant

    Nick Grant6 日 前

    Reminds me of some obscure Kate Bush album track. Maybe on Never Forever or The Dreaming. This is a compliment...

  59. Nicolás M.

    Nicolás M.6 日 前

    You’re so damn talented. I can’t describe how much I love this song & Petals For Armor. You and Paramore mean a lot in my life 💘

  60. Rashaud Watkins

    Rashaud Watkins7 日 前

    I had to cross my legs watching it!😜