HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U (2019) Ending + Time Loops Explained


  1. GameMasterCoolDudeGuy

    GameMasterCoolDudeGuy13 時間 前

    This is the 278,853,003 time I have watched this video, and am still no closer to braking my time loop.

  2. Krizalid Yagami

    Krizalid Yagami日 前

    Calling the third title would be Happy Death Day Dear Tree

  3. Cringe Alert

    Cringe Alert日 前

    I loved the story for this one!

  4. Jalina Lin

    Jalina Lin日 前

    When u been Bing watching a JPreporter channel and found out u haven't subed because u been so in to it

  5. Touch of Chaos

    Touch of Chaos日 前

    The third movie will be called happy death day tree

  6. Jose Macias

    Jose Macias日 前

    12:00 Daniel wakes up with her pijamas of the second dimension so I am assuming the third one could be about Danielle loop in earth 2 while the original Danielle will also be affected. Thus having to use tree again to return to earth 2 and help Danielle get thru her loop

  7. Sanjana Dandu

    Sanjana Dandu2 日 前

    blueface baby?

  8. Nikoslav

    Nikoslav3 日 前

    christ that mask there's a shitty russian "horror" movie named " dislike: kill the bloggers" where the main "villain" wears it, and he literally congratulates himself on being original and totally not being a friday 13th or Halloween ripoff this mask triggers the cringe in me

  9. lil xxcurtis wilder

    lil xxcurtis wilder3 日 前

    Um so I'm kinda smart like on a high school lvl I'm 13 and I know high school calculas and chemistry but I think I can tell you somthing I did the math and for the quantum energy it's a thing surrounded by a electromagnetic field it can output 140W at its highest capacity. It can use bio-fuels and high end fuels such as Solarium Stars and Plutonium as Fuel there you go

  10. lil xxcurtis wilder

    lil xxcurtis wilder3 日 前

    That cup cake dead ass look tasty

  11. Sabrina Stephanie Rempas

    Sabrina Stephanie Rempas3 日 前

    I saw a t-001 figure in the shelf

  12. Laquan Kennedy

    Laquan Kennedy3 日 前

    Ohhh no not again!!! 😂😂😂😂

  13. NoJusticeNoPeace

    NoJusticeNoPeace4 日 前

    It would have made for a much better film if the "bad guy" turned out to be Tree herself, or at least an alternate version of her. I really thought that's what they were setting up. She'd be forced to confront herself as she was before these experiences knocked the narcissism out of her.

  14. Stickcomical

    Stickcomical4 日 前

    So your saying this movie sucked Thanks for the heads up

  15. aviato287 x

    aviato287 x4 日 前

    How did the first movie get a sequel??? Lol that shit sucked so much ass haha I couldn't make it passed the first 30 minutes haha

  16. Harley Quinnzell

    Harley Quinnzell4 日 前

    is it just me or did the carrie doll in the back change?

  17. Scream First, Stream Later

    Scream First, Stream Later5 日 前

    I really hope the next one's not called Happy Death Day 3D .. But it probably will be! smh

  18. Xzevix Yates

    Xzevix Yates3 日 前

    Unless we have all traveled back to 2002 without realizing it, I strongly doubt this will happen.

  19. Skynet666official

    Skynet666official5 日 前

    I really like those movies but they are not horror movies at all. They are plain comedies

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  21. Steeezz Steez

    Steeezz Steez5 日 前

    Why at 7:06 why is the dude laughing

  22. GnaReffotsirk

    GnaReffotsirk6 日 前

    I wonder what greater problem they've created here, given the other Ryan's goal to fix things by killing the one Ryan failed, and the movie continued.

  23. GnaReffotsirk

    GnaReffotsirk6 日 前

    It was fun. I hope they make a tv series.

  24. Ben Wright

    Ben Wright6 日 前

    "she was spiraling into bitchiness so many people wanted her dead."i know i am high right now but this sentence

  25. Harvey the puppy

    Harvey the puppy7 日 前

    I love Spider-Man into the spider verse Wait...

  26. Jayden Johnson

    Jayden Johnson7 日 前

    This movie was a waste of time

  27. Matthias Thulman

    Matthias Thulman7 日 前

    Hey have you ever done May? I see it on your shelf in every video, so I feel like it's just subliminal now. I need it

  28. Mastache824

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    Does anyone else feel like he is yelling every word he says? Lowkey annoying af

  29. Star Destoyern

    Star Destoyern8 日 前

    this would make a good rick and morty episode

  30. Laura Shuford

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  31. Peter Productions

    Peter Productions9 日 前

    I loved this movie just as much as I did the first.

  32. Junior V

    Junior V10 日 前

    Great explanation, horribly shitty sequel. Hopefully they won't keep the franchise going.


    EUAN YEOH10 日 前

    I thought she wanted to kill herself one more time cus she heard that carter was killed, as said from the news from tv

  34. Badsterthe beast

    Badsterthe beast10 日 前

    Do zombieland

  35. demonix

    demonix10 日 前

    Lol she gets fucked by a teacher and now she with her bf?

  36. Emerald Sky

    Emerald Sky10 日 前

    Tree into the Babyverse

  37. Carl 'The Bomb' Johnson

    Carl 'The Bomb' Johnson10 日 前

    You aren’t safe until you beef with 50 cent

  38. Angry Devil Entertainment

    Angry Devil Entertainment11 日 前

    Not this video I mean the film was garbage

  39. Angry Devil Entertainment

    Angry Devil Entertainment11 日 前

    This was garbage

  40. GamingDemon GD

    GamingDemon GD11 日 前

    trying to figure out what is even happening in this movie is hurting my brain like why couldnt they just send the murder after her again she needs to figure out who it is and done better movie then what is here

  41. GamingDemon GD

    GamingDemon GD11 日 前

    not horror i will prob pass on this movie

  42. 5 is the man

    5 is the man11 日 前

    Tree's birthday is the same day as me! Cool!

  43. Yair Celis

    Yair Celis11 日 前

    Wtf is wrong with this movie!!

  44. BlueSlashing Tyler

    BlueSlashing Tyler11 日 前

    Happy death day 4u??? Maybe?

  45. isabel christine harwood

    isabel christine harwood11 日 前

    okay, this all makes perfect sense, but why is there another ryan at the beginning of the movie when it isn't shown later on that one ryan meets another?

  46. isabel christine harwood

    isabel christine harwood11 日 前

    i thought they would've explained why there were 2 of them but it didn't

  47. Student Gaming

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  48. Captain Yasopp

    Captain Yasopp13 日 前

    This movie was entertaining but super forgettable lol

  49. Having Tea With the Devil

    Having Tea With the Devil13 日 前

    A hell of a college experience. I found myself watching your videos back to back. A wonderful summery of the full movie, cuts to the chase and an ending. Straight and to the point. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  50. joshilosh

    joshilosh13 日 前

    I find it funny how it was released on my birthday February 13

  51. e l l i s\ /h a l l

    e l l i s\ /h a l l13 日 前

    uneccesary movie that was hyped to much, it ended up being lackluster which is disappointing due to the first one being so good!!

  52. Katie Whittier

    Katie Whittier13 日 前

    The loose ends are 100% alright with me IF a third movie manages to tie them all up in a neat little bow.

  53. Crazy Guy

    Crazy Guy13 日 前

    It’s not really Sci Fi and Comedy it’s action too.

  54. Monique Ford

    Monique Ford13 日 前

    Do an ending explained for American Mary

  55. Sam

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  56. RT LEE

    RT LEE13 日 前

    Happy Death Day: 3rd Time’s the Charm

  57. Deary Fareq

    Deary Fareq13 日 前

    The name of the organization is the same as the movie where a bunch of guys find the remains of the main guys dad paper about time travel

  58. hjames78

    hjames7814 日 前

    I didnt see this end. There was an after credit scene huh? Grrr. I had to piss so I ran out!

  59. Doctor Great

    Doctor Great14 日 前

    Wait... what?

  60. N.O.L.P HQ

    N.O.L.P HQ14 日 前

    This crap gets a second movie but. The bee movie cant

  61. Sarge Scum

    Sarge Scum14 日 前

    The first one was not as funny, bit more serious...

  62. David R

    David R15 日 前

    It's also weird at least to me, to do a horror film/series that is only pg-13. Don't get me wrong, I really liked both movies, but felt that it might have been better if they were rated R and had more horror, and gore. Also the second movie felt/seemed less scary than the first movie.

  63. Uveni

    Uveni15 日 前

    Where's the scp when you need them.

  64. FollowerOfJesus 101

    FollowerOfJesus 10115 日 前

    The second one was entertaining, but I personally think the first one was better. I know the second one was made to explain why she kept going into the time loop. Jessica Rothe is a really good actress btw

  65. Clock_Wolf94

    Clock_Wolf9415 日 前

    Next movie title: Happy Death Day to M3

  66. Yo Uncle & Yo Daddy

    Yo Uncle & Yo Daddy15 日 前

    I hate the original and the sequel

  67. TheRedPotato180 :

    TheRedPotato180 :15 日 前

    Ideas for the titles for future sequels Happy Death Day3 : Danielle’s Story Happy Death Day :Chaos Happy Death Day5 : Tree’s Final Day

  68. Phsyco Potatozz

    Phsyco Potatozz15 時間 前

    TheRedPotato180 : So tree dies for good at the 5th sequel

  69. tabs winner dracon

    tabs winner dracon15 日 前

    You sound a lot like deadmeat which is cool

  70. tRiLLY jv

    tRiLLY jv16 日 前

    You missed something . The reason why she crashed into the electrical transformer is because Carter was killed at the hospital trying to save Lori since Tree went with her parents

  71. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf16 日 前

    Loved this movie. However I prefer the firs movie. Big fan of the multiverse theory from the dragon ball series

  72. that one knight

    that one knight16 日 前

    this movie is as dumb as it is fkin stupid... this people is why we have online streaming for free that is, fkin waste millions on trash like this instead of idk giving homeless people homes or something idfk, i mean literally anything is better than this pile of confusing sht

  73. Fright Junkie

    Fright Junkie16 日 前

    Man. People in the comments trash everything. This was a solid sequal. Had good amount of horror, sci fi, and comedy

  74. Geeky Ash Williams

    Geeky Ash Williams16 日 前

    You're kidding right? They actually called the machine Sisyphus? As in the guy who cheated death twice in very douchy ways? As in the dude who is doomed to the underworld punishment of doing the same pointless act over and over again, each time resulting in another death?

  75. Garfield Logan

    Garfield Logan16 日 前

    Ummm that’s not the ending i watched in theaters, was there an after credits??

  76. TheRedPotato180 :

    TheRedPotato180 :16 日 前

    I just saw this movie IT WAS AMAZING

  77. No one Can just deflect the emrald splash

    No one Can just deflect the emrald splash16 日 前

    She should say thanks to the guy who made that science machine cuz if he didn't. Nor if it shot off, she would of been dead. All of them would of.

  78. Wesleythebear-Js

    Wesleythebear-Js16 日 前

    Great man but still don't get it😂

  79. Dancing Brooklyn

    Dancing Brooklyn16 日 前

    why do so many people think happy death day and happy death day 2u are bad and stupid? i personally feel like they are really good and really funny

  80. I Love Chipotle

    I Love Chipotle17 日 前

    He's a genius though.... Said that the third movie should be titled Happy Death Day Tree

  81. GullahGyal

    GullahGyal17 日 前

    I saw this movie because I enjoyed the first one. I was, however, a little disappointed realizing that this movie was more sci-fi than horror. It did remind me of Back to the Future, which was cool but this was a movie I probably could have waited for on Netflix. Great review though.

  82. Eric Nguyen

    Eric Nguyen17 日 前

    Are the directors for this movie even human? Are we part of a multiverse? Is there a multiverse? Wtf is this movie?

  83. Pillow man

    Pillow man17 日 前

    I saw the movie and it’s good

  84. Genji Jaeger

    Genji Jaeger17 日 前

    so, are they gonna call it happy death day 3U?


    FUNZZZIES17 日 前

    I love that They Live poster in the dorm. Really cool loved that Flick.


    ANTHONY17 日 前

    3:14 to get 2 the point lol not being mad found flix

  87. Darius Green

    Darius Green17 日 前

    Am I the only one that thought him and dream cast guy were the same person

  88. Trent The He Him Prophet of the Dead air spirit

    Trent The He Him Prophet of the Dead air spirit18 日 前

    I think the idea to not focus on the baby face killer but more of the events this time is a good idea to keep the trilogy fresh.

  89. CNN Blackmail Support

    CNN Blackmail Support18 日 前

    Why didnt the original Asian guy get transported into an in between area like the girl's doubles?

  90. Bruce

    Bruce18 日 前

    Flashpoint paradox

  91. Keesha Lafaye

    Keesha Lafaye18 日 前

    He does a refresher starting at 3:10 and starts explaining the movie at 4:30.....Your Welcome

  92. Selena Ray

    Selena Ray18 日 前

    But isn’t he going to get copyrighted?

  93. The EB Life

    The EB Life18 日 前

    She carried this whole movie 😂 on her back. She is a great actress. I hope she gets better movie offers after this.

  94. Kaizen Mckenzie

    Kaizen Mckenzie18 日 前

    It made 20 million profit it was terrible that's my opinion.

  95. Nitiwat Chatratthapong

    Nitiwat Chatratthapong18 日 前

    I bursted out at the end lol

  96. Nitiwat Chatratthapong

    Nitiwat Chatratthapong18 日 前

    Poor gurl

  97. Joshua Stone

    Joshua Stone19 日 前

    Darpa is from progect almanac

  98. Victor Lopez

    Victor Lopez19 日 前

    Do animal world next !!!!

  99. RatedM123

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    Ummmmm this didnt explain anything it was just a review #clickbait

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    RatedM123 you must be new to this channel

  101. CEB404 Animações e talz

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    Happy death day: into the treeverse

  102. Phil Gamer

    Phil Gamer19 日 前

    She has the ability called Return By Death. So she returns to a specific point in time, everytime she dies.

  103. TheWipal

    TheWipal19 日 前

    this is getting too wild for me

  104. Epsilon Fighters

    Epsilon Fighters19 日 前

    Hey, I love your video's and after seeing this one I felt compelled to make this post so I'm sorry if it comes up strange or boring. I was actually really sad when I saw your explanation of the movie because when I saw the trailer I thought it was going to be a much different movie. I thought the movie was going to play with the idea that time had passed and Tree had recovered from her trauma, becoming friends with the science group, and getting a new boyfriend. You follow the day as they have fun and end up going to get together later after classes, one of the friends always having something to do so he can't be there. You cut to the party and Tree walks away to get her phone only to return and find her friends dead. She freaks out only for a killer to come up and kill her. She only gets a glimpse of their costume before waking up in her bed at the beginning of the day. She starts to realize what's happening and starts to make plans, at first trying to convince her friends they should party somewhere else. However despite this they end up showing up there as well. With no other choice Tree goes on the offensive and starts attacking back killing the killer only to learn there is more than one. From this point she finds a similar plot learning the identity of two of the killers but there is a third, and she's running out of time. This whole time every time she wakes up more injured her boyfriend shows his concern and this time she's so sick feeling she ends up throwing up. Her concerned boyfriend consoles her and makes her tell him the truth of what's happening, for her to tell him everything, and says the reason she didn't tell him before was because she thought he wouldn't believe. He convinces Tree to meet up with the science group and tell everyone what she told him. After everything they end up confused, but try to figure out how they always know where they are, and why they are trying to kill them. The friend who's always busy makes a guess that they are tracking the gps on their phones. The reason that the group wanting to kill them was because there was an upcoming science competition. During a show the murderous group was 2nd place, and the main cast were first chosen to go compete for a grant. So the 2nd place group is killing them to take their place. Once learning this they form a plan to lure the group to a location and turn off their phones to get the jump on them. You could even play on the idea that this is a power she's aware she has, but doesn't just use it because she may end up dying for real at any time. Tree is happy but ends up throwing up again due to her injury, and her boyfriend worried that if she dies again this could be the last time he convinces the others to tie her to a chair and the friend who's always got something to do watches after just in case a killer comes. However after everyone leaves, the friend who stays behind admits to Tree that he's actually an 'inside man' for the murderer's and with him telling the killers their plan they are sitting ducks. Tree however gets free and takes him out before trying to call one of them but their phones are off. She runs off hoping to save them. You cut to the boyfriend who gets attacked, defending himself but just when you think he's about to die, Tree shows up and stops the killer. She explains about the traitor, and they split up to stop the other two killers. Tree shows up to stop one of them, but is soon met with the third killer jumping her and getting the surprise because the traitor was alive. When they go to kill Tree and reset the day without her, the boyfriend jumps in the way getting killed himself. They end up taking down the last killer but Tree is panicked with her boyfriend dying and grabs a knife ready to kill herself again. But the Boyfriend tries to stop her saying that if she does she may die for real. He dies and you zoom in on her breathing heavily, knife in hand as she's trying to decide what to do and the screen turns black leaving you unsure of exactly what she chose to do. Tasking the audience to discuss and decide what they think she did. Sorry for the long post but I thought you might like the idea and the plot for what I thought the movie 'could' have been. I love you video's and look forward to every new post! Thanks for all the amazing content!

  105. HipHopSniper7

    HipHopSniper719 日 前

    Thank you for this. Got very confused halfway through the movie