Hannah Brown's Cha Cha - Dancing with the Stars


  1. C_Red_ Mad

    C_Red_ Mad日 前

    Her smile is so intoxicating.. Im no dance expert, but she moves like a pro!!

  2. Perrie.E lover

    Perrie.E lover6 日 前

    Gonna be honest I just came to see if we could see demi lovato in the audience.. didn't find her.. let me know if you did 😊

  3. Mak Sing

    Mak Sing7 日 前


  4. Lauren Gregg

    Lauren Gregg9 日 前

    She Needs A Break

  5. Harper Leigh

    Harper Leigh11 日 前

    This is great!

  6. macdog14

    macdog1412 日 前

    i can't believe she broke off the engagement w a guy that loved her, because he had a gf 5 months before, while she was banging 2 other kids the week prior.

  7. Ferlangga Loho

    Ferlangga Loho13 日 前

    Damn! In her first week ??? She can dance 😥

  8. Fox Heart

    Fox Heart14 日 前

    Love her smile. She just glows! The little bit of jiggle is cute too.

  9. •XxWolfy Playz•

    •XxWolfy Playz•14 日 前

    I swear if they don’t make it to the finals I WILL cry

  10. •XxWolfy Playz•

    •XxWolfy Playz•14 日 前

    I swear if they don’t make it to the finals I WILL cry

  11. Betty Boop

    Betty Boop14 日 前

    Who is the lady who sings the song?????? She's a great voice.

  12. Bose Bose

    Bose Bose14 日 前

    Lovely & Energetic dance 💃💃 #GoAlanBamaHannah👏👏😍❤️

  13. I am Tatsie Gie

    I am Tatsie Gie15 日 前

    1.4 million views wow!

  14. sky peters

    sky peters18 日 前

    A perfect southern belle

  15. Ms. Scott

    Ms. Scott19 日 前

    Damn... Hannah is killin it!

  16. Sheila Eagy

    Sheila Eagy19 日 前

    I hope you win Hannah. I want a fresh start for you and I hope you meet the love of your life one day. God bless.

  17. Love Graham

    Love Graham19 日 前

    For her to be THIS good week 1 is pretty amazing. Those dancing lessons as a kid must of paid off. I can tell they will be is the final 2 or 3 .

  18. m brights

    m brights20 日 前

    Geez...Hannah B. That was incredible! You honestly look/dance like a professional dancer :-)

  19. Susie Daniel

    Susie Daniel20 日 前

    Just so sad that Hannah and Peter didn’t get together!!

  20. Alice Pahler

    Alice Pahler20 日 前

    She was great. Good luck Hannah!

  21. Kelly Li

    Kelly Li20 日 前

    She is a good dancer💃🏾

  22. Richard Lewis

    Richard Lewis20 日 前

    She’s honestly good and has great personality! I’m a Witney fan but Inthinkn I like Hannah this year!

  23. Melanie Call

    Melanie Call21 日 前

    love it she is really good!

  24. Ballroom_Danny

    Ballroom_Danny22 日 前

    Lovely musicality, really great arms, lovely personality, but her leg action was weak. Cha Cha Cha is all about straightening of the legs, and sadly, 99% of the times she had to do that - they were bent. She needs to focus much more on her footwork, but she has a great potential. A 5.

  25. Michael Smith

    Michael Smith22 日 前

    Congratulations, Hannah. Please take it as a fresh start you are so amazing and well you deserve so much. I know you will never see this but I'm throwing it out there. Now I'm gonna watch you dance

  26. Kaitlyn Pelland

    Kaitlyn Pelland22 日 前

    Her arms are too stiff she needs to relax them

  27. greimalkin

    greimalkin22 日 前

    I also want a video with just the dance by itself so I can put it in a playlist and watch some of my favorite dances

  28. Ethan mega 1557

    Ethan mega 155722 日 前

    This was actually really good! She’s only going to improve from here on out & I can’t wait to see her & Alan in the finals.

  29. Dr. Ratchet / Jenna Allen

    Dr. Ratchet / Jenna Allen22 日 前


  30. Nikita Kuk

    Nikita Kuk22 日 前


  31. Chelsea Faler

    Chelsea Faler22 日 前

    As soon as I saw Chris I was shook

  32. Revel Life

    Revel Life23 日 前

    She did so well. Go get em girl

  33. Chad Yonish

    Chad Yonish23 日 前

    She a worthless whore

  34. Starry Night

    Starry Night23 日 前

    So whatever became of Alexis & Alan ...?!

  35. Laurie Diorio

    Laurie Diorio23 日 前

    I never heard of this Girl and I thought boring before she even started Dancing. Then when she started the number, I was like OK this Girl has something . Does anyone else Agree ?

  36. Evelyn Nieto

    Evelyn Nieto23 日 前

    You dance better than picking men

  37. BaileyBrea Benson

    BaileyBrea Benson23 日 前

    Guys. Hannah B. And freaking SEAN SPICER are both on DWTS. This is the best season yet.

  38. Random Hater

    Random Hater23 日 前

    Another disgusting showmance

  39. Amanda Kehler

    Amanda Kehler24 日 前

    She’s actually so good wow. I hope she wins. I didn’t like James at all.

  40. Cobb Knobbler

    Cobb Knobbler24 日 前

    Rally scaping the bottom of barrel now to get "stars". this chick is no star. She was on a fuckin reality show for chist sakes.

  41. Sarah Pfarr

    Sarah Pfarr24 日 前

    Wow, Alan & Hannah are really go dancers , go Alan & Hannah ☺☺

  42. jana al dajeh

    jana al dajeh24 日 前


  43. trish1698

    trish169824 日 前

    According to her introduction to Miss USA, she was a trained dancer for 16 years, so you’d expect her to have good rhythm and musicality! Either way, a impressive first dance!

  44. Amber Baker

    Amber Baker24 日 前

    I am truly so happy for Hannah!❤️

  45. katattacksweetheart

    katattacksweetheart25 日 前

    Honestly she looks great, she looks like she's having a great time, and I wish her all the best this season xx hopefully she gets a chance to just relax and have fun!

  46. Andre Africa

    Andre Africa25 日 前

    The best dance Forever

  47. Warriors🎗Mom

    Warriors🎗Mom25 日 前

    She did great

  48. Alice Sherman

    Alice Sherman25 日 前

    She freaking killed that

  49. Aya Sultan

    Aya Sultan25 日 前


  50. Lion lion

    Lion lion25 日 前

    She don’t want a husband she wants a big dick And just fun with men she’s really bitch

  51. Louiser Mkonkholo

    Louiser Mkonkholo25 日 前

    I just love her smile ☺

  52. The Martinez Family

    The Martinez Family25 日 前


  53. Loretta

    Loretta25 日 前

    Hannah is thick. Girl looks good! She’s so kind, gorgeous and strong willed! She deserves it all.

  54. Victoria Paloka

    Victoria Paloka26 日 前

    She is nice person , but is not attractive!

  55. El Jesus

    El Jesus26 日 前

    She did a good job but probably also had some dance training with her time in pageantry

  56. Amber Chamberlain

    Amber Chamberlain22 日 前

    She used to dance and was also a dance instructor growing up.

  57. Jennifer P

    Jennifer P26 日 前


  58. alohajadeee

    alohajadeee26 日 前

    he got sky and jt to win on dwts juniors!! expectations are high

  59. Kim Nicks

    Kim Nicks26 日 前

    Never danced before my Ass. VIRGIN dancers don't dance like that off the bat. But nothing about her is pure or honest.

  60. Thomas Steven

    Thomas Steven25 日 前

    She’s owned the fact she has a little dance experience

  61. kristy stebens

    kristy stebens26 日 前

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Go Hannah!!

  62. Sabrina Grimm

    Sabrina Grimm26 日 前

    I don't really like Hannah. I don't understand why everybody is worshipping her for making poor decisions. But, her dancing is good!