Halo Recapped: The Complete Timeline So Far (Halo Lore)


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    You can catch me on Twitter: @TokenTweets ( twitter.com/tokentweets ) Chapter selection if you need it! 0:00 - Introduction 0:24 - Human-Forerunner War and the Didact** 3:10 - The Composer and the Librarian 3:58 - Mendicant Bias 4:36 - The activation of the Halo Array 5:20 - Spartan IIs and The Insurrectionists 6:54 - Human-Covenant War 7:19 - Battle of Harvest and the Forerunner Dreadnaughts (Halo Wars) 9:10 - The Fall of Reach (Halo: Reach) 10:45 - Installation 04 and the return of the Flood (Halo: Combat Evolved) 13:22 - Battle of Earth and giving the Covenant back their bomb (Halo 2) 14:35 - Installation 05 and the Arbiter (Halo 2) 18:36 - Finishing this fight (Halo 3) 19:44 - The Lesser Ark and sending him out with a bang (Halo 3) 22:23 - Requiem and the Didact (Halo 4) 27:52 - Defeating the Didact 28:19 - Recapturing Halsey (Halo 5) 29:05 - Guardians, and the defiance of Blue Team (Halo 5) 32:20 - The Lesser Ark, again, and the Spirit of Fire (Halo Wars 2) 34:44 - Now (Halo Infinite) **Correction: the war lasted around 1,000 years, rather than 50

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    Still trying to figure out the name for that sad song that starts at 26:23

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    @chris sonofpear1 Composed which means contain Both Memories and DNA simple tissue. Sounds like Forerunners Labs from The Librarians works..

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    I wanna know what the intro soundtrack is!!! Please

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    What a story 😅😅😅😅

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    I will play all the games but i dont know the story clear ....So So Thank you 👍👍👍👍✌️ 🙏

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    chief and arbiter the ultimate duo

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    I watched this while studying a zoology test, and accidentally said “The Arbiter proposed the idea of evolution”

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    Theory this is subnautica related because in subnautica you discover precursor structures

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    His name was master chief. Who tf is john?

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    I watched all of the 35 minutes, I've played Halo Reach for a bit, and I understood nothing

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    Never really realized how much i used to play Halo 3 back when i still owned a 360. I can still hear 343 Guilty Spark's voice when he tries to stop the destruction of the halo. "You are forerunner, but this ring, is MINE!"

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    STOP USING “COMPLETE” and “SO FAR” in your titles. IT’S NOT COMPLETE if there’s still more to come.

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    Fantastic video, thank you!!

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    why does halo 2 look better then halo 3.

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    A video that fits my Galaxy A20 screen. Thank goodness

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    I’ll never understand just one thing, at no point did the humans ever mention to the forerunners that there’s a parasite that devours entire worlds within days and has a collective consciousness of everyone they’ve infected and their aggression was only because of their attempts to halt the flood? It just seems like such an easy thing to explain, just shoot a message over Facebook or twitter saying that a space Fairing zombie super collective is trying to consume the galaxy and so far doing a good job of it

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    Informative, Entertaining and very funny. "Wake him when the game received higher than 90 meta-score" -- And it did! 10/10

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    What I like about the halo lore is that it’s completely possible that we’re all living in it but we’re behind the actual games

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    Thank you the last time I played halo was probably a few years ago last game I played was 3

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    showed my little brother this video (hes 11) cause he's never played halo a day in his life. lets just say tomorrow im buying him the master chief collection. lol hes very intrigued. awesome video, man.

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    Split screen we want slit screen

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    Your voice is slightly like chief

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    he made halo 5s story sound decent

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    What about tho at the end of halo 4 legendary settings The chief having black eyes?

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    Seven Rings to Rule them all, seven rings to kill them all

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    Love your vids btw

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    The fact that you put all this time and effort into this is so cool

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    so, humanity was the one to be the ultimate protector of life that is good,but my purpose is to kill any hostel xenos if possible

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    Noble 6 isn't dead don't @ me

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    This is awesome.

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    I can’t wait to run very quickly, in the opposite direction again.

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    Now make a video on every game explaining the story and universe, also my head hurts with so much info

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    Then this girl comes in who has to be naked and blue.

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    I know it’s such a minor point but the fact Roland the AI on the Infinity is dressed like an old school WW1 type Pilot is amazing he is one of my favorite characters

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    meet noble 6, we dont know their name bc they're you

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    music at 0:44 ?

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    After watching, I realized how much lore I missed during my childhood despite sinking hundreds of hours into every halo besides CE. The only thing I knew was Master Chief and the Arbiter were badass, grunts sounded funny, and that Halo 2 is the best Halo. Had no idea how in-depth the lore is in the games alone! Maybe it was because I was 9 in 2007 but still had fun shooting aliens lol Too bad the Halo games we know and love are done being made, hopefully Infinite isn't a steaming pile of shit

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    as the dawn disintegrates around, the chief reaches the escape pods just as cortana starts acting... unusually she were now acting like a waifu

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    So much shit about halo that you don’t even know lol

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    Where did you find all the first footage

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    im expecting you to be here on my screen for lore when halo infinite comes out

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    Can't tell how many times I've watched this video, must be my favorite on youtube so far.

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    I haven't played video games since Centipede and Atari. After watching a few vids about this Halo thing, I just might try it.

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    Man this shit sucks. The original triology is so much better I dont like the second triology bc the story is kinda shitty

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    What a great story line!

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    Hol up so master chief was in the pillar of autumn in reach

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    Name of the song at the very start of the video?

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    I would do a recap of halo in 10 minutes one day once this game dies I guess

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    How did he escape the Diadact??? Just completely skipped it

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    I don’t get how or exactly who the gravemind is I thought on halo 2 the gravemind was in like a parallel universe like hell for instance.. because that’s where I thought Chief went after the covenant made him jump into the water on Halo 2? I thought they killed him??

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    so the marine in halo infinite is likely a spirit of fire crew member?

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    Yo... I Truly Enjoyed This! Great Job on putting this together!

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    Song at 2:00?

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    Thanks for it I always wanted to hear the story but I just played the game forgeting all about the story

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    It's amazing that I low-key know the history of both the star ward universe and Halo universe, Meanwhile Human history to me is just separated in intervals of 1000 years

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    “And he was evil because he had a British accent” 😂🤣 this got me

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    _"343 are listening to the fans"_ That remains to be seen. Halo 4 was disappointing, but Halo 5 was flat out awful. It won't matter how much Infinite looks and sounds like the old games if the same people are still in charge. Joseph Staten is back, but I still don't trust 343.

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    Halo 1-3: Prime Era (Humans vs Covenant and Flood) Halo 4-Infinite: New Era (Humans and Sangheli vs Forerunners, Rogue AI, and remnant Forerunner tech. We still have yet to see if Halo Infinite is a continuation of halo 5, and it could be the definitive end to the New Era.)

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    Finally I know that the forerunners and humans are actually two different things.

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    Imagine your looting this spaceship and when you get inside you see master chief.

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    In my dream I had been involved in a fight between my character goalies vs the guardian and I just about won the fight and I had to have metal gear upgrades and I got to had a 2 sleepovers with both amy lee33 and sqaishey quack and I had a rematch twice one in father adventure and Amy lees land of love and the guardian showed up in stampy's lovely world and the gradian got rekt by my hyper galaxy railgun and took down the guardian

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    independent together steven universe

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    Me looking at 343 industries for naming a villain after them. "I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE!"

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    Bungie and 343 never knew how to tell a story. The only 2 games with clear stories are Halo Reach and Halo Wars. Everything else is a mess in execution.

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    Reach and wars were the worst.

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    I did not understand shit about halo 5 story...

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    Ok, but you miss out the primordial and precursors etc.

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    The story arc for halo is kinda depressing but it’s my childhood I played my first halo game at age 7. Nothing can replace it. I miss it ;( Edit: WHY DID THEY HAVE TO KILL SARGENT JOHNSON. HE WAS ONE OF MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS

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    Reading the books expands alot. I love this series

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    Wow The Grave Mind is my Favorite Character hes like a Parasitc Darth Sidious in some kind of way. I would love a dark gruesome game where youre the flood tearing civilization limb from limb and find out more lore about the Flood. Other Side note what Dr. Halsey did was fucked up but thanks to the Spartans including of course the Chief the Universe was saved! Youre talking Trillions of lives and thats including children! So they could of left her alone for that one. Desperate times calls for desperate Measures. Those Rings can do about the same damage as the Infinity Gauntlet from the Marvel Universe. Or Maybe the Punches that Goku and Lord Beerus threw at each other out in space! Which are 5 times maybe 10 times more POWERFUL!

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    Super well done

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    14:37 what's the song? It's a banger

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    Bro you cant go from the seeding of humanity in Africa straight to the insurrection conflict without mentioning the founding of MOEs southwest grill....shame on you

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    for a brick he sure can fly.. my favorite scene in that game

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    So basically no one from reach survived.? Damn lol

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    Jun survived (escorted Halsey to another ONI facility and escaped Reach on his own). Jun wound up being an instructor for the Spartan-IV program and I believe even scouted Buck from being an ODST into the new Spartan unit.

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    it just seems like after halo reach the story just becomes to much

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    "While the pillar of autumn was ugh... manually landed"

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    My god that got confusing after Halo 3. The story got confusing, not a criticism on op's work.

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    Do you think there could be a possibility of us going back to reach we could potentially find noble 6's helmet that would be cool

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    The upcoming book, Halo Shadows Of Reach will take place on Reach and is like a pre quel to Infinite.

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    I couldn’t bring myself to play halo 4 or 5’s campaign due to how different it was from CE,2 and 3 but this gave me hope to play infinite’s campaign

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    this is more interesting then i first thought tbh

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    1.8k Virgins

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    Who think's cortana looks a little thicc

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    Childhood abduction uhhh I think so!!!!

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    whats the song playing in 27:17 I've been looking for it for like 45 mins

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    Needless to say I'm excited for halo infinite

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    So which order do I need to play the games in to experience the story chronologically?

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    Chronological order of the games: Halo Wars 1, Halo Reach, Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3: ODST (set during Halo 2's back half), Halo 3, Halo 4, Halo 5, Halo Wars 2, Halo Infinite (not yet released). Halo Wars 1 is set in the beginning years of the war against the Covenant while everything from Halo Reach through Halo 3 takes place over the span of just a few short months, and then Halos 4, 5, and Wars 2 a few years later.

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    So installation -0 is zeta halo?

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    9:59 What is that device? It's a macguffin but what is it. that's not important. all that's important is that we need to get it.

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    so cortana is a super yandere ? " you dont want me to be in control, to bad, imma capture you take you with me anyway. "