Halloween Stereotypes (Bloopers & Deleted Scenes)



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    When I say lil shit aka Harry looked like shit bruh

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    what is the song that plays on the background?

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    We shouldn’t celebrate Halloween because it celebrates the devil

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    wheres school steriotypes

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    candy corn and tootsie rolls are god

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    Dude tootsie rolls are awesome

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    Who else remembers the Harry Potter costume from Movie Theater Stereotypes

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    harry potter

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    We all know what happened to Barry last year 💀💀💀

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    This videos prooves how much effort goes into these videos

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    You guys doing Thanksgiving Stereotypes?

  17. Play Fortz

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    2:35 how did they fit in a entire knife in that

  18. huyen dang

    huyen dang4 日 前

    Ty: Mom hid a knife in my banana!? Cody: Yay free knif

  19. Unreal Gaming

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    Sparky i am disopointed that you have not seen starwars

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    you guy are the best at school the whole school at lunch chants your name and says "dude perfect" over and over again

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    hi im isabella i love your videos they are amazing I also live in texas i really wish I can meet you that is my birthday wish to meet you and only you

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    2:07 never had these sweets, they arnt anywhere to be seen in the uk

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    Fortnite stereotypes

  24. Noah Butler

    Noah Butler5 日 前

    2:56 all im going to say is HOW?

  25. Noah Butler

    Noah Butler5 日 前

    1:21 why was this a deleted scene this would have been so funny.

  26. Alessandro Cecchini

    Alessandro Cecchini5 日 前

    I always thought they edited the spiderman in but no it was real

  27. Jacob Stutler

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    This video was really good like all the ones y'all made. Great job I love y'all

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    BTSers? It took me awhile to get that since I'm an army 😅

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    Why do people hate candy corn

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    My name is Tyler

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    Petition for Thanksgiving Stereotypes next! -The Picky Eater -The Guy That Brings Way Too Much Food -Mr. Excuses ("That turkey is way too fatty! Why are brussels sprouts even a thing? Sorry, can't come, I just don't do sweet potatoes.") -The Old Guy ("Remember why we're here youngins..it's to be THANKFUL." -The Guy Who's Allergic To Everything -The Rage Monster ("OH YOU WANT SOME PIE?!" *slaps Cody with a pumpkin pie*) -The Guy Who Brings Nothing ("Todd, we were all supposed to bring something! Why didn't you?" Todd: Uhh--") -Do you guys have any more ideas? I need to come up with more.

  34. Rumples & Things

    Rumples & Things5 日 前

    @Lps Flicks Ty and great idea!!

  35. Lps Flicks

    Lps Flicks5 日 前

    I love how you added the commentary!!! Maybe one could be the messy cook (drops everything and the kitchen is in ruin by the end of it) or the slow cooker! Like they wait to cook stuff until the Guests have already arrived so everybody just hungry and waiting

  36. superextranova 21

    superextranova 218 日 前

    "Theres a throwing knife in my banana" delivery was 10/10

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    i died laughing

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    I do

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    Me I do

  40. Brandon Merves

    Brandon Merves9 日 前

    My brother got the same costume the king of Egypt

  41. Jacob Garza

    Jacob Garza9 日 前

    They should have put moms worst nightmare in there, and gotten real and gotten those fake wrappers that are off-brand versions of real candy

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    5:27 is he the colossal titan!?

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    There is dude perfect stereotypes

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    You should do Remembrance Day Stereotypes

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    When i saw garret in patric costume i was like "if someone doesnt know spongebob ur a boomer"

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    When Tyler slipped omg 😂😂

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    0:01 🤣😂 cute

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    I love how they say "deleted Scenes" when you cant use the scenes if they are DELETED!

  51. Major Moo

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    Sydney Valek, lol it means they wern’t in the original vid pal.

  52. Preston Young

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    Love it

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    Coby: circus peanuts are the worst candy Me: HOW DARE U!!

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    Hey dude perfect I think it would be neat to do a drive through stereotypes

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    Damn this panda at outro is hot

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    Ryan the panda?

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    the knives was the best ever

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    I thought the lowering Spiderman was CG.....whaaaa

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    Sub to Goat vlogz

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    With great power, comes great responsibility.

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    Cool vid

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    Coby’s candy is my man

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    With great power, comes great responsibility.

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    It would’ve been funnier if he had just diving tackled the clown

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    have you guys had a lemon head it is good but vary sour

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    Same with 4:03

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    2:56 is funny

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    Throwback to the movie theater stereotypes

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    Shouldn't have cut the free knife scene

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    Are great

  72. martin will

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    Tossie rolls

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    Where has the panda gone He shows up rarely these times

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    Sorting candy is better than legos.

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    “There’s a throwing knife in my banana”?!? 🤣🤣🙂



    team ty

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    Barefoot clowns 2 seems interesting

  78. Drew TerWaarbeek

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    I love the fake beard that is part of the costume!

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    I spot that Chick-fil-A👌 0:45

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    @trickshotdev on tik tok he really needs you plz go look at him he would probably cry if he saw yo in it would make his day@trickshotdev

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    The house is were unspeakable used to live

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    "king" of egypt

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    Why do people always have a second channel with a plus we have smii7y+ now we have dp+ Did i miss the memo?

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    When I watched the original, I could've sworn that Spiderman was CGI Imagine my shock when I find out it was real

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    IKR, it looked so real

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    Actually i also thought the same

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    Mission Halloween should have been in the video

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    Who is panda?

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    They really should have put the mission Halloween in the video

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    Mama i just killed a cow i took the rocket to his head pull the Button now he is dead

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    I love candy corn

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    My favourite part of the video is panda laying on The ground

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    the mission one should of been in there.

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    Who all want pandas face reveal ..... Like 👇

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    Has any one seen tys hair

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    *We miss you Panda*

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    The voice ty makes at 2:35

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    I just want you to know i love you guys and you mean so much to me

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    With great power, comes great responsibility

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    You guys should name the channel Dude Almost Perfect

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    Stereotype Idea: School Stereotypes :)

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    The lightsaber fight was everything I wanted it to be and even better

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    you should rename the channel "Dude Imperfect" for the bloopers

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