Half-Life: Alyx Announcement Trailer


  1. _____

    _____11 時間 前


  2. KaiserKrieger

    KaiserKrieger11 時間 前

    Holy Crap

  3. Mrhotchoclate

    Mrhotchoclate11 時間 前

    Me: patently waiting for a new half life game. Valve: releasing a new half life game that is vr only. Me: ight imma head out

  4. RexKwonDo

    RexKwonDo11 時間 前

    "Ha! No, you don't!"

  5. Polis Ranger

    Polis Ranger11 時間 前

    What did we loss to get this masterpiece, what was the cost for it? The future of Team Fortress 2, Unless Valve does a big "SURPRISE!"

  6. Данил Игнатенко

    Данил Игнатенко11 時間 前

    Remember, march is THIRD month of the year

  7. smn

    smn11 時間 前

    Well,I can not see HL2 graphics the same ever again...

  8. Henry Ashbee

    Henry Ashbee11 時間 前

    When does Team Fortress: Steeve come out then?

  9. Jmcgee1125

    Jmcgee112511 時間 前

    Valve, you've got a lot of people to please, and a lot of people to let down. I trust you know what you're doing. I'm excited and scared to see what you're going to do with the platform. I honestly think this might make or break VR gaming as a whole, given your previous work in expanding game design. Do what you do best, Valve: a good game.

  10. Mark Moskalyuk

    Mark Moskalyuk11 時間 前

    Please release this universe on all X-Boxing / Sony / PS platforms !!!

  11. Dkill

    Dkill11 時間 前

    Где русские комментаторы?

  12. Harvey Brooks

    Harvey Brooks11 時間 前

    You can keep your Half-Life:Alyx, I want Black Mesa VR.

  13. excelerater

    excelerater11 時間 前

    Where is Freeman ?

  14. A dead Meme

    A dead Meme11 時間 前

    The card game: battle royale

  15. Makarov Blyat

    Makarov Blyat11 時間 前

    No fucking way this game is made on Source engine...

  16. Daniel K

    Daniel K11 時間 前

    I Jizzed

  17. Diego Digetc

    Diego Digetc11 時間 前

    So... Is this Half-life 3?

  18. Turhan Sazak

    Turhan Sazak11 時間 前

    Me: Mom i want half life 3 Mom: we have half life 3 at home Half-life 3 at home:

  19. Vladimir Suhov

    Vladimir Suhov11 時間 前

    now to take the VR experience to a whole new level they shoud make a game where the player is a headcrab-controlled zombie

  20. GalacticGizmo 8

    GalacticGizmo 811 時間 前

    March is the third month of the year... *HOLY SHIT HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED!!!*

  21. Corncob Johnson real

    Corncob Johnson real11 時間 前

    No one cares about half life anymore, should make a fortnite prequel instead

  22. NRG Night-o

    NRG Night-o11 時間 前

    I really hope it's not spesifically for the Valve headset, 'cause I think I'm getting an Oculous for Christmas.

  23. Дмитрий Береснев

    Дмитрий Береснев11 時間 前

    Ебана ждем

  24. josh 47 40

    josh 47 4011 時間 前

    Oh jeeze is this it half life 3

  25. JanGoon

    JanGoon11 時間 前

    "Follow Freeman!!!"

  26. Grass hair

    Grass hair11 時間 前

    oh mate there's a Kiwi in there as well , check out me deck.

  27. TICO

    TICO11 時間 前

    Do this is half Life 3?

  28. JaKBaLL TV

    JaKBaLL TV11 時間 前

    about damn time!!

  29. Dat Boi

    Dat Boi11 時間 前

    I'm happy for both of the people who have Steam VR and will get to play this game

  30. Василий Владимирович

    Василий Владимирович11 時間 前

    Ну ясно, ютуб прохождение намечается....

  31. Iron will

    Iron will11 時間 前

    Play Alyx and save Freeman = next game is half life 3?


    MANDRAC11 時間 前

    Lol valve good one. A bit early for april fool tho...

  33. Ish dylan64

    Ish dylan6411 時間 前

    And black masa

  34. Brian Hawthorne

    Brian Hawthorne11 時間 前

    Finally. Atleast I'll have the time and an excuse to upgrade to VR.

  35. Joshua Jackson

    Joshua Jackson11 時間 前

    Damn the Gman looks awesome

  36. Gato Capitalista

    Gato Capitalista11 時間 前

    Am I dreaming?

  37. Ish dylan64

    Ish dylan6411 時間 前

    So this must take place before half life

  38. NO U

    NO U11 時間 前

    "They've got Dad." Me: epic

  39. KopIp5

    KopIp511 時間 前

    good thing i bought my vr yesterday

  40. Wanderer 246

    Wanderer 24611 時間 前

    I waaaay to broke to buy a PC VR headset *sighs* *3am youtube lets play binging begins*

  41. Endou Cheeray

    Endou Cheeray11 時間 前

    Feel like that I have waited half of my life for this half life....Yet it still isn't half life episode 3...

  42. Bernardo

    Bernardo11 時間 前

    uhh how is this not trending?!

  43. Leelareso

    Leelareso11 時間 前

    but why on VR ;(

  44. Luke 111

    Luke 11111 時間 前

    Can we all appreciate the after all these years and changes... the health dispenser still sounds exactly the same as before

  45. Zane Followell

    Zane Followell11 時間 前

    I'm going to put this out here right now: I'm pretty sure what they mean by "An unrivaled experience" is that you, the actual player, will be able to *ACTUALLY* smack and manipulate NPC's, like you can run up to a Combine Soldier and push them, causing them to stagger, or how you can grab a Headcrab and smash it up against a wall. Not only that, but you'll wounder around the world, which means its prob really, really open compared to 1, 2, and the episodes.

  46. the llama squad

    the llama squad11 時間 前


  47. Shiny

    Shiny11 時間 前

    Where is portal 3?

  48. DrKleiner0815

    DrKleiner081511 時間 前

    Hier ist der deutsche Kommentar den du gesucht hast Alter wie geil sieht das denn aus???

  49. diavolescaCZ

    diavolescaCZ11 時間 前


  50. San Jacobs

    San Jacobs11 時間 前

    *"DoN'T u gUYs haVe vR hEaDSetS??"*

  51. Jakub Snoopy

    Jakub Snoopy11 時間 前

    So after that looong time, you raped half life just for headset money?

  52. BenTV

    BenTV11 時間 前


  53. Sean C

    Sean C11 時間 前

    well now i dont wanna drink anymore

  54. pine

    pine11 時間 前

    Please don't make the VR exclusivity a negative thing . Be happy that there is a new Half-Life game . Please just be fucking happy .

  55. glados glados

    glados glados11 時間 前

    Funny...now whens the new portal game coming?

  56. Ernes

    Ernes11 時間 前

    Why you don't do anything for L4D2 10 anniversary? :(

  57. Crim

    Crim11 時間 前

    I honestly can’t believe Half Life is back at all

  58. Pikachu Chino

    Pikachu Chino11 時間 前

    Fans: Gabe we need something new about half-life, anything Gabe: ..... *10 years later* Fans: ...... Gabe: Oh yeA Bois, there w3 habe a new half life VR Gam3

  59. doge gamimg

    doge gamimg11 時間 前


  60. Ander Copper

    Ander Copper11 時間 前

    I have waited so long I never thought I hear that another half life game is being made