Half in the Bag: Captain Marvel


  1. RA MO

    RA MO時間 前

    When will these Marvel movies finally end

  2. Andrew Kruglik

    Andrew Kruglik日 前

    Such a long advertisement of Milwaukee, that I forgot, what must be video about?

  3. chabelitaxgamer

    chabelitaxgamer日 前

    Flim Springfield, Flam Milwaukee

  4. Twinkle Twat

    Twinkle Twat日 前

    24:06 Mike is down with the Clown 🤡

  5. Assemble The Army

    Assemble The Army日 前

    Ah who cares. She's hot.

  6. Super JLK

    Super JLK2 日 前

    The majority of Americans are white. Not very many women desire to be film critics. It's not that hard to use logic Brie.

  7. Rare Dance Classics

    Rare Dance Classics2 日 前

    You were close with the Solo comparison, and if it were thrown between the 2 movies. But it would actually be like creating a movie about the Ewoks, something totally unrelated up to this point, no one has seen up to this point, and then comes out of nowhere and does a thing to help a thing.

  8. Will Maxwell

    Will Maxwell2 日 前

    The best part is Captain Marvel accomplished virtually nothing in Endgame anyway.

  9. mattmacd2009

    mattmacd20093 日 前

    You got a thumbs up at 'Pasta rings'

  10. Maxisamo1

    Maxisamo13 日 前

    There's four types of people watching this film: - Neck beard anti-feminists who hate the film automatically because of the dumb shit the lead actress said - Pastel-colored feminists who love the film automatically because of the dumb shit the lead actress said - Regular people who generally enjoyed the film (like, 20% of the viewers) - Regular people who generally disliked the film because of how poorly written it is and performed (specifically by the lead actress, everyone else was actually pretty solid)

  11. Trust Bread

    Trust Bread3 日 前

    i had to fast forward through all brie larson parts cuz too cringe. and i loved her in this movie and community! smh

  12. Jeremy Johnson

    Jeremy Johnson4 日 前

    All the pill bottles, ROFL. Long live Stoklasa

  13. timmer919hep

    timmer919hep4 日 前

    I liked the kitty in the movie

  14. Vaultboy101

    Vaultboy1014 日 前

    Wait, did Courtney Love really snort Cobain?

  15. PataHikari

    PataHikari5 日 前

    Read: a bunch of fragile pathetic white boys mad that a woman has an opinion

  16. dell

    dell日 前

    PataHikari resetera has found us

  17. CJED

    CJED5 日 前


  18. Hazelhurst

    Hazelhurst5 日 前

    How did this Syfy, made for tv movie, make over $1 billion at the box office?

  19. Sad Toast

    Sad Toast5 日 前

    Boooo cis white dudes are bad and should feel bad because they were born 0rivlaged and junk or whatever

  20. uncivilizedengr

    uncivilizedengr7 日 前

    wait a minute, you're film critics and your white men! OMG

  21. neon nihilist

    neon nihilist8 日 前

    fuck brie larson, fuck you hack frauds, and fuck green bay ~ love, chicago

  22. Andyilmatto

    Andyilmatto9 日 前

    Oh yeah? Well, too bad nobody cares about your opinion, *white dudes!*

  23. High On Fire 88

    High On Fire 889 日 前

    And I will not watch this movie lol ever thank u for the review ! Glad I didn’t give my money to Disney

  24. High On Fire 88

    High On Fire 889 日 前

    I am completely hooked on half in the bag thank u guys

  25. Jooshbag

    Jooshbag9 日 前

    "Or it's (Far From Home) post (Infinity War), and the entire existence of the movie is a massive spoiler." O O P S

  26. Nathan Boatright

    Nathan Boatright9 日 前

    I want to watch mikes capt marvel

  27. Brett Higdon

    Brett Higdon10 日 前

    Lived in Milwaukee for seven years during and after college. This brought back fond of funny memories.

  28. Joe Mills

    Joe Mills11 日 前

    It's almost like a character starting off flawless and having no room for growth is bad for storytelling. Hmm I might be on to something here. Quick Sandra, get the President of Hollywood on the line. I think I might have something that he's gonna wanna hear. This could be big for us, Sandra, real big. Finally, the big time here we come.

  29. Babba Gum

    Babba Gum11 日 前

    I cant watch to the end. My mind went Black. Ich haha.

  30. VSauce 4

    VSauce 412 日 前

    Brie “Wrinkle in time wasn’t made for white males!” Me “Is that a personal attack.”

  31. fhornmichaelmac

    fhornmichaelmac11 日 前

    Brie's sentence implies that the "A Wrinkle in Time" movie was made for anybody.

  32. VSauce 4

    VSauce 412 日 前

    Captain marvel was the worst Marvel film honestly 3/10 but for how important and what it means to the universe it’s a 1/10

  33. Hazelhurst

    Hazelhurst5 日 前

    The story of Captain Marvel could've been told in a five minute scene in one of the bigger, better Marvel movies. Making a whole movie out of very little story made for a really boring, bland movie.

  34. VSauce 4

    VSauce 412 日 前

    What is this some kind of personal attack

  35. Fourth Reich Forthcoming

    Fourth Reich Forthcoming13 日 前

    It's really hard to be a rich, pampered, adored wahmen in film guys. Super hard!! But not as hard as being a rich, pampered, adored NEGRO ...

  36. Marcel Gardner

    Marcel Gardner14 日 前

    I'd rather Krull

  37. clashkid83

    clashkid8315 日 前

    I'm not saying I hate white dudes but I hate white dudes....

  38. TheThing2011

    TheThing201116 日 前

    "You can't beat me...I'M A MAAAAAAN"! I love this show

  39. Colby Covington

    Colby Covington16 日 前

    I love these guys they don't fall on either side there right down the middle

  40. Luke S.

    Luke S.16 日 前


  41. Capronice

    Capronice17 日 前

    I thought Moonlight sucked and so did Us. Just because a movie is made up of black actors does not mean it was good. Just thought I would give my opinion.

  42. Hazelhurst

    Hazelhurst5 日 前

    Us was pretty good until towards the end.

  43. Jordan TRusso

    Jordan TRusso17 日 前

    A wrinkle in time didn’t get bad reviews because of white men, it got bad reviews because the film was garbage. Bree Larson ruined captain marvel not because she’s a woman, it’s because she’s a condescending asshole.

  44. KonCussive

    KonCussive17 日 前

    flick through the frames on 10:24

  45. grayRain

    grayRain18 日 前

    Brie Larson is the kind of person that blames her family after being abducted. Perfect casting for that particular film.

  46. sutho

    sutho18 日 前

    I really don't like Superman in films because it essentially renders everyone else as lesser/useless. I don't know anything about the comics for Captain Marvel but she seems to pretty much the same. You have to make up plot contrivances for why she can't just win for them. I enjoyed Endgame but she was just like lol bye for half the movie. She didn't think it was worth helping undo the death of half the universe? Too busy elsewhere?

  47. Monday Green

    Monday Green16 日 前

    The hilarious part is she's actually basically an antagonist in the comics.

  48. Taylor Morgan

    Taylor Morgan18 日 前

    I saw this movie like two months ago and I remember literally nothing about it except for a cat with monster tentacles coming out of its mouth. I could have saved my $20 and just watched some hentai instead.

  49. Project Redfoot

    Project Redfoot19 日 前



    CRIMSON HAWK20 日 前

    Captain marvel great, Bri Larson sucks.

  51. BacktoBack Jacks

    BacktoBack Jacks21 日 前

    Captain Marvel is the most boring superhero film I’ve ever seen. I’d rather watch Bibleman or Batman and Robin without the commentary track.

  52. **

    **21 日 前

    She sucks so much BBC

  53. PoochyVagina

    PoochyVagina21 日 前

    i laughed way too hard at "Jumanju Houseman" and now i feel bad

  54. Christian Eggers

    Christian Eggers22 日 前

    skip to 19:20 if you need to give your cringing and/or collar-tugging muscles a rest

  55. Jbot4546

    Jbot454622 日 前

    The world is getting so weird. People are fighting racism with sexism and racism?

  56. CoolCoverBro

    CoolCoverBro23 日 前

    You hack frauds! Spam is a Minnesota creation, not a Wisconsin invention!