Hakuna Matata | The Lion King 1994


  1. Jennifer & Tommy

    Jennifer & Tommy分 前

    He Says Taste Like Chicken *Wait...He Ate Chicken*

  2. QQ Ma

    QQ Ma5 時間 前

    The old one had more energy but the new ones still good

  3. PlushieTubeAdventures

    PlushieTubeAdventures11 時間 前

    I find it hard to believe that Timon and Pumbaa lived long enough to be already grownups when Simba was a kid, watched Simba get older, watched him have a kid, watched his children grow up and not show that they have aged

  4. Magno Clan

    Magno Clan16 時間 前

    Hey if you see this it’s Liam

  5. Chris of LAviaPH

    Chris of LAviaPH18 時間 前

    Happy Belated Birthday to Mr.Jeremy John Irons."Scar"9-19-48.England and Ernie Sabella "Pumbaa" Timon & Pumbaa series.9-19-49.NY

  6. Gail Mcbride

    Gail Mcbride23 時間 前

    Back then farting was the same as a swear, now farting a joke and punch line

  7. Biki Shaped

    Biki Shaped日 前

    (._.) /()\ / |

  8. Morris Smith

    Morris Smith日 前


  9. Rosemary Jime

    Rosemary Jime日 前

    this is alot better than this years what you think?

  10. StreamerBTW

    StreamerBTW2 日 前


  11. Brandee Henderson

    Brandee Henderson2 日 前

    Occuna matera love Brookie

  12. newt

    newt2 日 前

    1994 Hakuna Matata press dislike 2019 Hakuna Matata press Alt-F4

  13. varshinee's world varshinee

    varshinee's world varshinee3 日 前

    When do Timon and pumba know what chicken tates like

  14. Miss J Doras

    Miss J Doras3 日 前

    Simba is my crush during my childhood days.. even now i love simba.. majestic handsome simba 😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰

  15. Eric L

    Eric L3 日 前

    I want my groomsmen to sing this with me in my bucks

  16. Kion 579

    Kion 5793 日 前

    I feel like Kion would look more like mufasa When he was

  17. Kion 579

    Kion 5793 日 前

    A cub

  18. Adam Polak

    Adam Polak3 日 前

    Why did they have to make the bugs look SOOO JUICY AND DELICIOUS though??? 2019 Disney is like "we have a moral responsibility to help children reach their dreams" 1994 Disney like "HEY KIDS IF YOU'RE SAD YOU SHOULD TRY EATING BUGS YOLO"

  19. AhYayOk

    AhYayOk3 日 前

    Me watching all my friends go on the big rides because I'm too chicken to 1:28

  20. name is Wind

    name is Wind3 日 前

    Whenever I get stressed out because of my work... I just listen and tell myself *Hakuna matata*

  21. Servasia Roberts

    Servasia Roberts4 日 前

    Sang by Jason Weaver!

  22. MaineCool

    MaineCool4 日 前

    The naked scoutmaster singing Hakuna Matata brought me here!

  23. Kasey Ramales

    Kasey Ramales4 日 前

    Fat dam

  24. JTF monkey king

    JTF monkey king5 日 前

    3.09 kion

  25. Infinity Mixtapes

    Infinity Mixtapes5 日 前

    I always thought those bugs looked delicious

  26. nils shah

    nils shah5 日 前


  27. shadiemcgrady

    shadiemcgrady5 日 前

    Audio is a joke, get the bandwidth up

  28. R0bR0b Barrett

    R0bR0b Barrett5 日 前

    2:22 do meerkats actually eat chicken?

  29. Geanette Smith

    Geanette Smith6 日 前

    Hey this is Jeanette is slow and you can you please let me know if you

  30. Docbobet Valerio

    Docbobet Valerio6 日 前


  31. RTL The Musician

    RTL The Musician6 日 前

    It’s so cool that they featured a song from Toy Story in the Lion King

  32. Taikarhan Animations

    Taikarhan Animations6 日 前

    People constantly talk about how there's more adults watching. But I'm pretty sure that most of those adults were children that watched the 1994 version.

  33. Hideyoshi Nagachika

    Hideyoshi Nagachika6 日 前

    Is it just me or is adult Simba kinda Daddy material 👀👀

  34. Skengdboss YT

    Skengdboss YT7 日 前

    I’m going live

  35. soumyadeep choudhury

    soumyadeep choudhury7 日 前

    Simba just looked like kion while growing

  36. koolness

    koolness7 日 前

    bro timon and pumba are the uncles i wish i had. instead i got raped in the basement while my mom was at work

  37. Dinuli Bandulahewa

    Dinuli Bandulahewa7 日 前

    Is it weird that I maybe have had a huge crush on a lion...!?

  38. Charles Ofori Gyamfi

    Charles Ofori Gyamfi7 日 前

    Hakuna Matata... Even princess and the frog had a love story note. Just take it that Simba was human and cursed to be a lion.

  39. Jaegar Heathman

    Jaegar Heathman8 日 前

    0:49 When I was a young warthooooooog!

  40. subramaniam rajalingga

    subramaniam rajalingga8 日 前

    i love the song

  41. Nzile awesomesause

    Nzile awesomesause8 日 前

    I just replayed all of simba's parts 😍😍😍 I WISH I was Nala

  42. Lps Khlole

    Lps Khlole8 日 前

    I love the lion king 👑 🦁

  43. Farid Omary

    Farid Omary8 日 前

    Hakuna matata nice shot in 1994 more likes please

  44. Yvonne Warnack

    Yvonne Warnack8 日 前


  45. Joseph Kelly

    Joseph Kelly8 日 前

    Skip 1:25 for the start of the song.

  46. Laura Moticsak

    Laura Moticsak9 日 前


  47. Alexander Jorry

    Alexander Jorry9 日 前

    I love my swahili language, originate in Tanzania..... Hakuna matataaaaaaaaaa

  48. Daniel Zilla

    Daniel Zilla9 日 前

    I don't see how this translates to CGI, uber-realism remake. But box office numbers disagree.

  49. Denise Davis

    Denise Davis9 日 前

    It means no worries for the rest of your day is our problem-free philosophy hakuna matata

  50. R

    R9 日 前

    Both Simbas sound like Michael Jackson at different points in his life.

  51. Spyro Gyro

    Spyro Gyro9 日 前

    I dont see how anyone can like this song.... its the worst song I've ever heard

  52. Black_gacho

    Black_gacho10 日 前

    사진찍는 소리 good

  53. HewZiey

    HewZiey10 日 前

    1:32 What is Simba doing?

  54. Jesus Villarreal

    Jesus Villarreal10 日 前

    She is te the morning she wanna was the night you t you can call ya it either you want to go get back to your house or no you more like question you want to see it you can do something like you don’t know what about rules what you want me to go bye I love you ❤️😘💕 is the morning you can call me and tell what I gotta to you do y’all need me me or my text or no no homo I wanna is the day you want to go get back 😭😍hhdhjd was a way eye to walk home 🏠 I love y’all we miss t you can call him and ask you to wtell was a good day you want to come bye bye 👋 is that I love ya and eyes every damn day to go get it and I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ I was gonna you want to play yourh is it like that I wanna know you love me ie was e

  55. Michelle G

    Michelle G11 日 前

    Best part of movie ! P.s 1:32 when Simba bops his butt , it’s so cute ! 🤗🤣

  56. Basti Zarate

    Basti Zarate11 日 前

    Avada Kedavra brought me here😂😂😂

  57. Valerie Meza

    Valerie Meza11 日 前

    1:35 3:19 I’m dead 😵 there voices are so WONDERFUL

  58. Sector

    Sector11 日 前

    Anyone else et chills when they hear old music

  59. Adela Mosqueda

    Adela Mosqueda11 日 前

    1:38 1:39 Timon pumbaa i knew you wer dumb but you didn’t have to be a spaghetti tornado

  60. Liana Soares

    Liana Soares12 日 前

    “Not in front of the kids.” What’s the dirty joke?



    "HAKUNA MATATA":It's our problem free philosophy 😍

  62. Dennis Enriquez

    Dennis Enriquez12 日 前

    Wacth oh i just cant to be king in 3:24 pumba is in there