Hajime Becomes a Papa | Arifureta


  1. Rayuse

    Rayuse4 ヶ月 前

    Hey, guys I just recently started a discord server if you would like to feel free to check it out discord.gg/qrbJP74 and feel free to send me a message. Let us build a great community together! Also, thank you for the amazing support I never expected to get so many views I really appreciate it.

  2. Hatta Zulzila

    Hatta Zulzilaヶ月 前

    Only in Japan. They like lolis a lot but they don't like making lolis. If a Japanese wants to become a parent they just adopt some in an isekai. Those children can easily be found strewn around waiting to be rescued. In Hajime's case, this particular loli comes with an obligatory Mermaid MILF... which he will NEVER bang. Face it, even if he takes that MILF as his wife the author or artist will NEVER show that MILF getting knocked up for the second time. It's an iron clad rule of harem anime; an envious display of an assortment of variable 'delicacies' to the Japanese male protagonist, seemingly ready and willing to be 'consumed'.... Only ending up to not being 'eaten'. Instead, these women are being treated as collectible figurines to be displayed on a glass display case by said male protagonist. The same can be applied for reverse harem as well. Objectifying women/men in the literal sense.

  3. John Doe

    John Doe3 ヶ月 前

    All lolicons are pedophiles and will be hunted down as such.

  4. Victory 33

    Victory 337 分 前

    I don't what ppl think about this anime I love it one of my favourite harem anime

  5. Timothy Brown

    Timothy Brown時間 前

    Mistake Number 1: Bad guys steal cute and adorable little Myu! 8-0 Mistake Number 2: Bad guys plan to use Myu to blackmail Hahime and attempt to steal Shea, the Rabbit Girl!! }8-( Mistake Number 3: Bad guys just officially pissed of Hajime big time after Mistakes 1 and 2!! :- \ Mistake Number 4: GET REAL!! WITH HAJIME THERE'S NO NEED TO EVEN MENTION ANOTHER ONE AFTER MISTAKES 1, 2, AND ESPECIALLY 3!!! ; - D

  6. GabrielAnarchy

    GabrielAnarchy8 時間 前

    Shitty anime. But little girl is cute

  7. Chara Cipher

    Chara Cipher2 日 前

    So cute!

  8. Tech344

    Tech3442 日 前

    1:21 I don't know, look at the scratch marks

  9. mauludin2001

    mauludin20012 日 前

    MC no pussy club

  10. dragon beast

    dragon beast3 日 前

    Hajime: Those are fireworks Hajime 20 seconds ago: *puts a f@cking tsar bomb in the house*

  11. bill cipher

    bill cipher3 日 前

    Me:aw that's cute Watch mojo:TOP 10 SWEETEST MOMENTS IN ANIME

  12. Ariel Fetters

    Ariel Fetters4 日 前

    200+ witnesses when he kills the slave seller. Zero shits given. Frank Castle would approve.

  13. Michael C

    Michael C4 日 前

    Why is there no place I can go online to pay to watch any anime I want? Why is it so hit and miss?

  14. Jhonatan Soares

    Jhonatan Soares4 日 前

    Anime name?

  15. The Bombblows12

    The Bombblows125 日 前

    Where's the king's opinion on what he did inside the king's kingdom?

  16. Hime Crush

    Hime Crush5 日 前

    whats this anime?

  17. Kiriha Asuka

    Kiriha Asuka5 日 前

    i love how seiyuu voiced tio in anime, it add more sth when you know and reading tio in WN xD, its gracious funny and feel like a hopeless person.

  18. FBI Investigations

    FBI Investigations5 日 前


  19. Jonathan Chavarría

    Jonathan Chavarría5 日 前

    Joyvchrrioserruon 9:08p.m.comentario1993

  20. Jonathan Chavarría

    Jonathan Chavarría5 日 前

    Joyvchrrioserruon 1993

  21. Hải Đăng Phạm

    Hải Đăng Phạm6 日 前

    Beach u didn't let them tell thier child hood story

  22. DubstepSwag

    DubstepSwag6 日 前

    4:45 When the anime's MC is so OP that the girls are getting wet.

  23. ファックラブ

    ファックラブ7 日 前

    Oh but this anime is still trash



    Mais que voz mais fofa essa



    0:43 Porn anime

  26. teacher k

    teacher k7 日 前

    what is this anime

  27. spiritouspath

    spiritouspath7 日 前

    Absolutely love that show I honestly believe it’s 1 of the best of it year

  28. 4lpha Jnx

    4lpha Jnx7 日 前

    Oni-Chan was gud But Papa was better

  29. Justice Lim

    Justice Lim8 日 前

    Bad guys:makes myu cry Hajime: peace was never an option

  30. NightmareVF

    NightmareVF9 日 前

    Damn, that anime is done well; my heart breaks every time I hear that poor child cry

  31. MemeLord DK

    MemeLord DK9 日 前

    0:26 they both look so adorable

  32. Christian Linnemann

    Christian Linnemann10 日 前

    Hajime: "Do you think I can be a father?" Every girl: "You're my papa because I said so."

  33. Pk Misku

    Pk Misku10 日 前

    1:19 did Myu try to guilt trip Hajime?

  34. Xochilt precious Hinkey

    Xochilt precious Hinkey12 日 前

    Whats the anime

  35. Joevannie Garcia

    Joevannie Garcia12 日 前

    This is giving me flashbacks of Tyler1 when he turned into a super saiyan

  36. osmacar

    osmacar12 日 前

    That burn at the end

  37. J W

    J W12 日 前

    In life you're never ready. Being a papa with love in your heart is worth it.

  38. Samurai X

    Samurai X13 日 前

    Other male protagonists: I won't kill you because it's not right and also I'm merciful and stuff Hajime: You pissed me off, die!

  39. Assention

    Assention14 日 前

    Bandits: captures myu Hajime: loads gun with religious intent

  40. Nick Lancial

    Nick Lancial14 日 前

    All it took was an adorable little mergirl to start calling the MC papa to get the other girls maternal instincts going lol

  41. Little Howler

    Little Howler15 日 前


  42. Enclavious Firaga

    Enclavious Firaga15 日 前

    Imagine the inertia from traveling as fast as he does

  43. Raul Rosas

    Raul Rosas16 日 前

    if john wick was the MC then myu wouldnt get kidnapped

  44. tHaT FbI dEpArtMeNt

    tHaT FbI dEpArtMeNt16 日 前

    What is the EPISODE????!?!?! TELL MEEEEE

  45. Tua Kevin J.Manullang

    Tua Kevin J.Manullang17 日 前

    Idk but that mc really looks like najenda for me...

  46. Ethical Zyclops

    Ethical Zyclops19 日 前

    I MISS MYUU'S CRY.... Although myuu is an assassin/sniper now... (Joke)

  47. radafus link

    radafus link19 日 前

    3:24 KATSSSUU

  48. Weeb Online

    Weeb Online19 日 前

    Hajime: I'm not your dad Myu: gets hurt in any way Hajime: so you have chosen death

  49. Atomic Mayhem

    Atomic Mayhem21 日 前

    Myu a merman maybe your father, but this guy is your daddy. GOTG reference 😂

  50. Jakvai

    Jakvai21 日 前

    You've leveled up. You've evolved from Big Brother to Papa.

  51. Gachafary

    Gachafary22 日 前

    Real world parents adopt orphans Animes:Orphans adopt parents

  52. svg madness

    svg madness22 日 前

    Nobody: Myu: SEXY NEGLECTY

  53. Gabre

    Gabre23 日 前

    So you've hurt the girl I saved thiry minutes ago? Call your collegues because you have just KILLED THEM ALL!

  54. Asriel Dreemurr

    Asriel Dreemurr24 日 前

    Dies from cuteness overload*

  55. DiamondDemon935

    DiamondDemon93524 日 前

    *Hajime:* Stop calling me papa *Myu:* DID I STUTTER?

  56. khaixin sipa

    khaixin sipa24 日 前

    garbage moment i ever seen

  57. Winston King

    Winston King24 日 前

    Is the manga further than the anime or ?

  58. Michael Shinigami

    Michael Shinigami24 日 前

    How can she cry when she’s in water?

  59. たかぎ

    たかぎ24 日 前


  60. ElectroEel

    ElectroEel24 日 前

    How did Soul lose an eye?

  61. Raphael Lauf

    Raphael Lauf25 日 前

    Hoe can one cry when being hold by the magnificent papel swiss guard

  62. Simon S.

    Simon S.26 日 前

    2:36 That sounds like a tongue twister.