HACKER INVADES OUR SAFE HOUSE! Spy Ninjas DIY Crafts Prank Wars Challenge In Real Life


  1. Exposing Project Zorgo

    Exposing Project Zorgoヶ月 前

    Which trap was your favorite?

  2. joan bacoto

    joan bacoto9 日 前

    Vy is a hacer now hahaha not fun sorry cay

  3. Sahuma Ahmed

    Sahuma Ahmed27 日 前


  4. Kristel Hernández

    Kristel Hernándezヶ月 前

    V thers a live song

  5. Debby O'Reilly

    Debby O'Reillyヶ月 前

    I have a crush on Regina BY Benji

  6. infinite Dash Beydoun

    infinite Dash Beydounヶ月 前

    Hi I'm project zorgo

  7. Red Raheem

    Red Raheem20 時間 前

    V is a haker

  8. Sharifah Alia

    Sharifah Alia日 前

    hi Daniel i wanted to know that pz 9 is Justin if you want to know okay let me tell guys when pz 9 was sweating he open 's hoodie i saw the skin colour if you this u must believe me ok 😭😭😭😔💔

  9. Tavoris Brown

    Tavoris Brown日 前

    Guys pz9 going to prank you Chad he said it's this app that called photo shop or photo shoot it's one of those two apps

  10. Aisha Malik

    Aisha Malik日 前

    Pz9 is a bit dom maybe he needs to go back to school

  11. Chasity Kuhn

    Chasity Kuhn2 日 前

    I subscribed to pz 9 because it will help you get information about project zorgo



    Why dont you show your face pz9😢😥😳✌

  13. Omer Mohamed

    Omer Mohamed2 日 前

    Pz4 the angry brid is landing vy the angry brid has landed

  14. Alvaro Reyes

    Alvaro Reyes2 日 前

    Exposing Project zorgo

  15. Gabriela Dimirova

    Gabriela Dimirova2 日 前

    And chad and danil

  16. Gabriela Dimirova

    Gabriela Dimirova2 日 前

    Love your videos vy there AMAZING

  17. Re Fa

    Re Fa3 日 前

    Pz9 you no what should you do you should give back vys phone now

  18. Sally-Anne Browne

    Sally-Anne Browne3 日 前

    Roseser are red Viylts are blue If you are a spyninjer make this blue

  19. Dhang Austria

    Dhang Austria3 日 前

    Anyway the prank that regina made does not went through his face It went through the crotch

  20. Johnny Tsoi

    Johnny Tsoi3 日 前

    Why did vy and regina not go and take his mask off when they had the chance .


    GACHA_ WOLF3 日 前

    Pz 9 is justin because his skin tone,

  22. Rosie playz

    Rosie playz3 日 前

    Vy: PZ9 i been waiting for you AAAAAA PZ9:owwwww

  23. Rosie playz

    Rosie playz3 日 前

    Pz9 po poo

  24. Rosie playz

    Rosie playz3 日 前


  25. akash udayan

    akash udayan4 日 前

    ewww vy said im always pooping

  26. Genevieve Clark

    Genevieve Clark4 日 前

    OMG VY l hope you get your phon bake 😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟 OMG OMG OMG you are 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  27. Kaylee Sapp

    Kaylee Sapp4 日 前

    I think pz9 is 9 because he is super duper bad at hacking and Photoshop

  28. Jasleen Kaur

    Jasleen Kaur4 日 前

    Pz9 his name is melvin

  29. JESSE guzman

    JESSE guzman4 日 前

    I bet that hurt 13:32

  30. JESSE guzman

    JESSE guzman4 日 前

    ohhhhh that part when he fell ahhhhh I bet hurt real bad

  31. gary revis

    gary revis4 日 前

    I'm pz9 the best fighter

  32. Bionicle LEWA Lu

    Bionicle LEWA Lu5 日 前

    I subscribed to project zorgo and spy ninjas

  33. Maria Eujenia Jara

    Maria Eujenia Jara5 日 前

    I want. To be a spy Ninja

  34. kate Cat

    kate Cat5 日 前

    Pz9 is tove

  35. kate Cat

    kate Cat5 日 前


  36. Zia Hasani

    Zia Hasani5 日 前

    Does vy know that this video is made by Daniel

  37. ariffinification

    ariffinification5 日 前

    Didn't you notice that Vy's bag says spy ninjas

  38. Katrina Lofberg

    Katrina Lofberg5 日 前

    No thank you none

  39. Krzysztof Bambrowicz

    Krzysztof Bambrowicz6 日 前

    10:7 Looool.

  40. Candis Holmes

    Candis Holmes6 日 前

    Imani is the day you

  41. Ashley Stevens

    Ashley Stevens6 日 前

    I want I want a shout-out

  42. Rayyan Tntoush

    Rayyan Tntoush6 日 前

    Pz9 is stove same eyes same ponytail and same Bandana

  43. Diya Regmi

    Diya Regmi4 日 前

    His name is Melvin

  44. Sahro Mohamed

    Sahro Mohamed6 日 前

    Im not subscribe to pz9 im subscribe to vy

  45. Madisyn Vance

    Madisyn Vance6 日 前

    Vy he have your. Phone

  46. Pearlene Wright

    Pearlene Wright6 日 前


  47. Pepsi Queen06

    Pepsi Queen066 日 前

    Projectzogo is watching

  48. Pepsi Queen06

    Pepsi Queen066 日 前

    Project Zora go is watching

  49. khushi pokhrel

    khushi pokhrel6 日 前

  50. Cherish Sweetser

    Cherish Sweetser6 日 前

    hi vy

  51. Fausta Akromaviciute

    Fausta Akromaviciute6 日 前


  52. Fausta Akromaviciute

    Fausta Akromaviciute6 日 前


  53. Dhruvy111

    Dhruvy1116 日 前

    My phone has a Face ID

  54. jelle bay

    jelle bay6 日 前

    Im subscribed

  55. Bobbie Pence

    Bobbie Pence7 日 前

    I have not

  56. richard varley

    richard varley8 日 前

    pz9 is bold and i love you guys

  57. Royce Edward

    Royce Edward8 日 前

    i love your movie.

  58. Royce Edward

    Royce Edward8 日 前

    I love vys trap

  59. ourachna gaur

    ourachna gaur9 日 前

    Roses are red and voilets are blue Daniel is dumb And REgina too L.O.L

  60. DodoBalls 69

    DodoBalls 699 日 前

    10:13 nice singing XD

  61. roblox 23323 roblox 333923

    roblox 23323 roblox 3339239 日 前

    When Regina got soaked

  62. Shamar Christian

    Shamar Christian10 日 前

    I want to keep making your awesome videos

  63. ROBLOX MaxUgh

    ROBLOX MaxUgh10 日 前


  64. ROBLOX MaxUgh

    ROBLOX MaxUgh10 日 前


  65. Leah Morrison

    Leah Morrison10 日 前

    Karen Pineda, how 🤣

  66. kia Davis

    kia Davis10 日 前

    The dunk tank of water when vy hit pz9

  67. Sashie Kumar Kovindasamy

    Sashie Kumar Kovindasamy11 日 前

    The spy ninja network has stopped

  68. Itstacy queen

    Itstacy queen11 日 前

    Someone needs to take a chill pill which is (pz9)

  69. Just me Doing me

    Just me Doing me11 日 前

    you are not our boss vy so stop being boossy

  70. Just me Doing me

    Just me Doing me11 日 前

    pz9 is bener than the spyninjas