H2O Just Add Water was the weirdest show...


  1. Isaque 101

    Isaque 1017 時間 前

    Can you do the greenhouse academy plz😁💚

  2. cass12234

    cass122349 時間 前

    This and Aquamarine made me want to be a mermaid as a 7 year old

  3. Stella Del Mazza Rocha

    Stella Del Mazza Rocha17 時間 前

    Mako Mermaids was better ngl

  4. Toyaa Ikem

    Toyaa Ikem17 時間 前

    Sooooo cool ......🙄😏

  5. Saylin yinyang

    Saylin yinyang日 前

    *Cleoer noer*

  6. Jaz Amorosino

    Jaz Amorosino日 前

    0:50 3:03 5:12 7:05

  7. EmilyVlogs

    EmilyVlogs日 前

    I love this show so much. Its 2020 and I'm still watching this

  8. Potato Life

    Potato Life日 前

    It’s not bad but it is weird

  9. FBI

    FBI2 日 前

    Yeah but it gives me major nostalgia bc when I was like 8 and 9 in summer me and my best friends would swim and when we got in at like 7 we would watch it till midnight rinse and repeat for like 3 months and that was my summer.

  10. BlueOrcaWhale 12

    BlueOrcaWhale 122 日 前

    I love this movie stop this was so good I have bin listening to it for half a year

  11. Blood Cotton Candy

    Blood Cotton Candy2 日 前

    Ya know in some mythologies if you eat a mermaid you retain eternal youth... So, winner winner seachicken dinner?

  12. Incoure Incorporated

    Incoure Incorporated3 日 前

    If you haven't pretended you're a mermaid at least once... *I don't trust you*

  13. Bianca EyeBee

    Bianca EyeBee3 日 前

    s o c o o l

  14. Tini Orc

    Tini Orc4 日 前


  15. Athol Wilson

    Athol Wilson4 日 前

    I used to hate this show.

  16. Thawk Gaming

    Thawk Gaming4 日 前

    My mom and sister liked that show. I didn't get it

  17. m0chi. cxt

    m0chi. cxt4 日 前

    2:59 OMG i DIED LAUGHING OMG!!!!, Like when she said "So cool" XD!!!

  18. Miranda

    Miranda4 日 前

    I was that one 6 year old that searched up "Real mermaid potion" on youtube

  19. Ilsen Leon

    Ilsen Leon4 日 前

    So watching the pilot, they are basically mermaids because Cleo couldn’t jump.... Seems legit

  20. Frustrated Programmer

    Frustrated Programmer4 日 前

    So um I recently finished all of H2O :( Now I got nothing left to watch...

  21. Zachariahc07 Carter

    Zachariahc07 Carter4 日 前

    do the sequal series plz

  22. Dragon_Cereal

    Dragon_Cereal5 日 前

    “So couel”

  23. Miranda Seymour

    Miranda Seymour5 日 前

    This was my show! Lol I really wanted to be a mermaid

  24. Esther Edgerton

    Esther Edgerton5 日 前

    I’m living in Australia at the moment and it’s not as dangerous as you might think it is well it’s not as dangerous to outsiders (A.K.A) you

  25. Amira Marquis

    Amira Marquis5 日 前


  26. Amira Marquis

    Amira Marquis5 日 前

    Also that 3 seres sooooo you have to watch alll of them

  27. Dragonclaw*1

    Dragonclaw*15 日 前

    Zane : My dad didnt like the water police knocking on his door Me: *looking at a boat full of pirates knocking on a door from across the street*

  28. Maria Luiza

    Maria Luiza6 日 前

    It’s so weird watch in English because here in Brazil we speak Portuguese and the names are different (I don’t know why ) Emma is Nanda Rikki is Drica Zane is Ighor Cleo is .... Cleo

  29. Senne Reinders

    Senne Reinders6 日 前

    Yeah it's weird for 32 year olds, 20 year olds, 15 year olds, but for 6 yr olds this show isn't weird at all. You're judging it like it's made for 30 yr olds. If that was true it would be pretty weird yes. But it isn't true.

  30. Elikeys CDX

    Elikeys CDX6 日 前

    4:34 Moon used Moonblast! It’s super effective! Cleo, Emma, & Rikki transformed into Primarina! (Just making a dumb Pokémon reference...)

  31. Irelyn Lopez

    Irelyn Lopez6 日 前

    When I was younger I thought this show was totally normally and now.....

  32. Esmeralda Serrano

    Esmeralda Serrano6 日 前

    Don’t talk like that about one of my favorite shows 😥😥😥😥😥 And Cleo doesn’t say soo cool that much

  33. Júlia Sá

    Júlia Sá6 日 前

    No you didn't 😒😒😒

  34. Sad Unicorn

    Sad Unicorn6 日 前

    you should do "The Secret Circle"

  35. Happy Churro

    Happy Churro6 日 前

    So cool

  36. theletterafterj

    theletterafterj6 日 前

    This show was my shiiiiiiit

  37. TimTheToyMan

    TimTheToyMan6 日 前

    Do a show called spellbinder. It was a pretty outta this world Australian teen scifi drama.

  38. Hannah Banana

    Hannah Banana7 日 前

    1:45 and then she ends up dating him

  39. joinkz 13

    joinkz 137 日 前

    Wahahahaha what’s wrong with 8 pack crayons?🤣

  40. Andrew Kershaw

    Andrew Kershaw7 日 前

    So cool😂😂

  41. Joya Ah

    Joya Ah7 日 前

    4:38 is the BEST cgi I've ever seen

  42. craigime

    craigime7 日 前

    I watched for Phoebe Tonkin

  43. Haunted_ Melon

    Haunted_ Melon7 日 前

    My a Australian: Sits at home, goes to school and eats

  44. daegu lovx

    daegu lovx7 日 前

    It's weird knowing that all this time growing up I was fooled thinking that Rikki's real name was "Drica", as she's called in my country

  45. Lala Loopy

    Lala Loopy7 日 前


  46. Yvette Nicole

    Yvette Nicole8 日 前


  47. Rebekah Jones

    Rebekah Jones8 日 前


  48. deirdre jacobs

    deirdre jacobs8 日 前

    Is no one gonna talk about how eeerily similar Cleo looks to Camila Mendez from Riverdale?!?! 😲😲

  49. Elizabeth Moore

    Elizabeth Moore6 日 前

    deirdre jacobs I don’t see it

  50. Optics Online

    Optics Online9 日 前

    You could also fight crocs for that bub light

  51. Sara Star

    Sara Star9 日 前

    Was Sky high real or just a fever dream I had?😂

  52. Guacamolly

    Guacamolly9 日 前

    4:33 i never understood this: so they fall down the tunnel thingy in like, the middle of the day, or possibly the morning, ya? so how the hell is the full moon overhead like what, five minutes later????

  53. Junior Lossitaire

    Junior Lossitaire9 日 前

    So cool

  54. Amelia Brand

    Amelia Brand9 日 前

    me seeing this show wanting to be a mermaid and making my parents buy me a fin fun mermaid tail

  55. Fre sha va cado!

    Fre sha va cado!9 日 前

    This *is* my favorite show.

  56. XxarlosaurxX

    XxarlosaurxX9 日 前

    I watched this when I was 8 and I am an aussie and yes, this was an awesome show for 2014 me

  57. Christian Jean

    Christian Jean9 日 前

    *So Cool*

  58. xo

    xo9 日 前

    H20 was the shit though lmao

  59. Júlia Rangel

    Júlia Rangel9 日 前

    Why do I keep seeing Veronica(riverdale) in Cleo?

  60. PartyAnd ThePeople

    PartyAnd ThePeople10 日 前

    They need to do a 2020 remake lol

  61. Katxx33

    Katxx3310 日 前

    “So cool” 🧜🏼‍♀️



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