Guys with 'Entrepreneur' in their bio


  1. Gabriel Ko

    Gabriel Ko10 時間 前

    I got an ad of an entrepreneur on JPreporter on this video. Lol

  2. the night sky

    the night sky12 時間 前

    I got an ad and the first thing he said was I am an entrepreneur 😂

  3. Unknown

    Unknown16 時間 前

    10 months ago? This is over a year old

  4. Brooks McCarthy

    Brooks McCarthy23 時間 前

    Is this the orientation video that plays for all of the new villagers?

  5. The High Paladin In Nirvana

    The High Paladin In Nirvana日 前

    I just got an ad about some entrepreneur before the video wtf

  6. Ben Becic

    Ben Becic日 前

    Lol good job all around " BMW 3 series, cup holder " had me rolling

  7. Dennis Tran

    Dennis Tran日 前

    So entrepreneurial that he can't spell tesla

  8. B A S S

    B A S S日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="52">0:52</a> just because you have dreams doesn't mean you have to sleep on your dreams.Out there are dreams and dreams are reality and we are living in a constant state of reality,so go out there and chase your dreams,but don't chase them to fast,because you might fall,but if you fall,get back up,and when you get back up...oh I got somebody in the chat sub to me or i will eat an onion

  9. B A S S

    B A S S日 前

    B M W

  10. Miranda Strickland

    Miranda Strickland2 日 前

    This is off topic but who thinks that Trevor is handsome😍

  11. Pixxa_blue 1

    Pixxa_blue 12 日 前

    Yes I work at gnc 😂

  12. Devni

    Devni2 日 前

    I legit had an ad about some entrepreneur before this. What even

  13. Haziq Doublecheese

    Haziq Doublecheese2 日 前

    all of us mocking entrepreneurs here while making $7 an hour. I agree with the guy but sadly we’re still a joke😭

  14. Niks

    Niks2 日 前

    Before watching this video, I got an ad with a 23 year old guy who is an entrepreneur

  15. iTablet Tech

    iTablet Tech2 日 前

    Wow, this is way too accurate.

  16. X S

    X S3 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="150">2:30</a> 25 SALES DEEP

  17. Dooba Jackson

    Dooba Jackson3 日 前

    Did anyone else notice the tiny smudge on the camera lens? About half way up and a third of the way over...I was trying to wipe it off of my monitor for half of the video 😂

  18. Tenz Tops

    Tenz Tops3 日 前

    Two word Says one word

  19. B M

    B M3 日 前

    I come to this park to network. *WhO’s TrYiNg To BuY sOmE sHrOoMs?*

  20. Dei Dream

    Dei Dream3 日 前


  21. Car Nut

    Car Nut4 日 前

    BMW BMW BMW..........................BMW BMW BMW BMW

  22. Aryan Sachdev

    Aryan Sachdev4 日 前

    "T e s - t l a w" -Entrepreneur

  23. Lazy Lee

    Lazy Lee4 日 前

    This is legit some people so it’s even funnier

  24. Hand Lotion

    Hand Lotion4 日 前


  25. Christian Rogers

    Christian Rogers4 日 前

    Guys that listen to post rock

  26. Dwiki Halla

    Dwiki Halla4 日 前

    The ad before this video is this guy promoting himself as an Entrepreneur 😂

  27. anonimus 500p

    anonimus 500p4 日 前

    Guess what, I got an entrepreneur add before the video!

  28. Young Bob

    Young Bob4 日 前

    I wish I had a tesla unfortunately I'm 12 and live in the UK where there had to find

  29. another human being, blyat

    another human being, blyat4 日 前

    Ya gotta love them Testlaw cars

  30. Sam Ludendorff

    Sam Ludendorff5 日 前

    I know an entrepreneur who lives with his parents, he makes €10k/month

  31. Rithica Devireddy

    Rithica Devireddy5 日 前

    Those hands tho 😂 too accurate dammit

  32. mari marq

    mari marq5 日 前

    *Every person involved in some Forex Trading Group on IG*

  33. Jausha Bakkas

    Jausha Bakkas5 日 前

    Lmao the ads that appear is ads about young entrepreneurs! I'm dead!

  34. Gavin.Skates__

    Gavin.Skates__5 日 前

    can you guys sub to my channel it would help me out alot

  35. The Stammering Dunce

    The Stammering Dunce5 日 前

    I was recommended this video. I clicked on it. Before it started, I got an ad for an entrepreneur JPreporterr. 😂

  36. Chriss Re

    Chriss Re6 日 前

    Uber App + Dating app --- Fender. or FendHer. Lol

  37. chase moneta

    chase moneta6 日 前

    hahaha... what about guys that have entrepreneur tattooed on their fore heads. LOL!!!

  38. John Travolta

    John Travolta6 日 前


  39. Saucy Gamer

    Saucy Gamer6 日 前

    His haircut could be used as a 16 lane highway.

  40. Семён Тиссен

    Семён Тиссен6 日 前

    😂 Fuck, mirror

  41. Subscribe 4 no reason

    Subscribe 4 no reason6 日 前

    It’s funny cause this is so accurate and true

  42. Sonic

    Sonic6 日 前


  43. Christian Davenport

    Christian Davenport6 日 前

    these guys are the same people who will follow you just too unfollow 5 hours later and dm trying to sell you something that you've never even heard of

  44. James Banks

    James Banks6 日 前

    Bro I literally got an ad about some 26 year old entrepreneur before this video started

  45. Agate Širmahere

    Agate Širmahere6 日 前

    i got an entrepreneur add in this video. i guess I've got to become one now

  46. Bored

    Bored6 日 前

    I really want a testlaw 😭

  47. Tomáš Dohnal

    Tomáš Dohnal6 日 前

    I got an ad while watching this video for a guy who is an etrepreneur

  48. ZapAtomic

    ZapAtomic6 日 前

    I got an ad for a guy whos first line was that he is an entrepreneur

  49. cuv

    cuv6 日 前


  50. Finlay C

    Finlay C6 日 前

    The haircut is ACCURATE

  51. z baker

    z baker6 日 前

    “You’re 25” “25 sales dEep”

  52. The Fool

    The Fool7 日 前

    Wtf I got an entrepreneur ad at the end of the video😂

  53. S M

    S M7 日 前

    Its a struggle

  54. Chris Vaughan

    Chris Vaughan7 日 前


  55. ngtruht

    ngtruht7 日 前

    You forgot the whole thing about stacking self-help books and attending business/investing/motivational seminars.

  56. Ivan Vincent

    Ivan Vincent4 日 前

    experienced this, very accurate hahaaha

  57. Anwesha Goel

    Anwesha Goel7 日 前

    Did anyone keep their hands like this guy while watching it or just me?

  58. CytoHex

    CytoHex7 日 前


  59. Precious Fatoye

    Precious Fatoye7 日 前

    "I wasn't sleeping, I was dreaming about success" That finished me haha

  60. diegoalvarez64

    diegoalvarez647 日 前

    I got some entrepenuer’s ad before this video

  61. lowkey aria

    lowkey aria7 日 前


  62. st ys

    st ys7 日 前

    Fuck this guys had a lot of stimulants

  63. Loco X

    Loco X7 日 前

    Pub on this is about an “entrepreneur”


    BRADY QUINN7 日 前

    me after starting a snapchat premium

  65. Mitchell Paddon

    Mitchell Paddon7 日 前

    “Being broke is a mindset” Homeless people:......

  66. Splish splash your opinion is trash

    Splish splash your opinion is trash7 日 前

    Where are his airpods???

  67. Jorakkk

    Jorakkk7 日 前

    I had an ad of a 'entrepenuer' before the video

  68. Joshua Joe

    Joshua Joe7 日 前

    How does this guy make it believable that he’s is a complete douchebag.



    aka everyone i went to high school with

  70. Aiden LaMarche

    Aiden LaMarche8 日 前

    What does he do buisness in?

  71. The Commenter

    The Commenter8 日 前

    First of all, how did you get into my recommended? Second of all, I'm subscribing.

  72. Youtube Traveler

    Youtube Traveler8 日 前

    Wtf. The ads "entrepreneurs" guys .

  73. Renate de Vreede

    Renate de Vreede8 日 前

    "Only coworker I need is adderal"

  74. aye g

    aye g8 日 前

    connecting the fingertips to connect one brain cell to the other

  75. M Ordune

    M Ordune8 日 前

    This was Garyvee before he became famous.

  76. Mckenzie Shafer

    Mckenzie Shafer8 日 前


  77. Rifqi Hatta

    Rifqi Hatta8 日 前

    I legit got an actual "successful entrepreneur college dropout" ad before the video

  78. abbie

    abbie9 日 前

    why do my fingers ache watching this

  79. Deaths disciple

    Deaths disciple9 日 前

    Every guy? I see women with entrepreneur under they’re bio and have shit businesses

  80. Bilal Husain

    Bilal Husain9 日 前

    T E S T L A W

  81. Drkacha

    Drkacha9 日 前

    Got an ad where a guy says in the first 2 seconds ,,I'm an entrepreneur"