Gutfeld on new research on intolerance on campus


  1. Lady Tea

    Lady Tea24 日 前

    Pretty soon you'll have to be 30 years old with a note from your mommy and daddy that you're mature enough to go to work

  2. jerry

    jerry25 日 前

    What is gutfeld wearing haha I love it


    THATGUY26 日 前

    Most of their (Dems) violence stems from their ignorance and fear!


    THATGUY26 日 前

    The most IGNORANT of the parties is always the most INFLAMMABLE.

  5. richard short

    richard shortヶ月 前

    Cant debate how Carlin lived through this and made jokes about it.

  6. D Augusto

    D Augustoヶ月 前

    Heraldo, a waste of oxygen! And yeah, I know that is not how he spells it.

  7. Nishant Bhadoria

    Nishant Bhadoriaヶ月 前

    Oh god... Same incidents happening in India after Narendra modi came into power intolerance , campus violence , free speech under attack..... All over world left liberals ideology and tactics to spread propaganda is so same....

  8. P. F. Fear

    P. F. Fearヶ月 前

    Those who sit on the fence get shot at by both sides❗😱❗ Not to mention those sharp pickets are hard on your backside❗😜❗

  9. .

    .ヶ月 前

    There are laws in I think most States and most Cities against using profanity in public, you can be fined and go to jail for it if its a repeated offense, we should crack down on the profanity in public laws. One of many reasons, it incites violent behavior and it is threatening against individuals.

  10. Ron Williams

    Ron Williamsヶ月 前

    These kids are just mimicking their bulldozer parents. They watched their parents yell at teachers when their kids received poor grades and watched their parents eviscerate coaches for not letting their kids play. These kids are mentally stunted. Their parents are the bad seeds who should have never procreated. This is what happens when kids never encountered adversity. Kids are seeking to create the same safety nets they have at home. Sad.

  11. iCore ZX14R

    iCore ZX14Rヶ月 前

    The "tolerant left" is an oxymoron!

  12. Barb Nelson

    Barb Nelsonヶ月 前

    In the 60's we called them cults

  13. Victor V.

    Victor V.ヶ月 前

    This behavior is fostered waaay before college, it is the result of poor parenting. Parents that don't correct their children and instead let them throw tantrums in order to breed "self-confidence" have created adults that never mature. Home-schooling is the future.

  14. Ethan Moon

    Ethan Moonヶ月 前

    They are not preparing us for success, they are abusing government-backed student loans to raise tuition, and they are purposefully training intersectional aggitants. They are the CNN of education. Not only bad, but also obsolete.

  15. Robert Johnson

    Robert Johnsonヶ月 前

    Why would I want my tax dollars to go to these univershitties?

  16. Cy ganjia

    Cy ganjiaヶ月 前

    You left wing. Idiots created this generation now deal with it. . The only way to really addressed is to make Americans. Suffer and deal with the reality of socialism and communism on a daily basis.. After creating a generation of Underachievers. What do you expect? . America's only salvation lives with the immigrants Who come from other countries and embrace capitalism As the truest way of getting head in life.... If any of you really want to succeed in life. Make friends with an immigrant. LOL, he or she will show you how to succeed.

  17. Serge Charlebois

    Serge Charleboisヶ月 前

    Hollow logs make more noise!

  18. Marc Elliott

    Marc Elliottヶ月 前

    No, they are the future dead of the coming civil war.

  19. Eugene Jacquescoley

    Eugene Jacquescoleyヶ月 前

    Gutfeld: Mutha fucka, I didn't realize you was a college professor. I still don't realize this.

  20. Captain Jack

    Captain Jackヶ月 前

    It's not free speech that's under attack so much as rational thought. (Common Sense - Intelligence)

  21. Gregory Phillips

    Gregory Phillipsヶ月 前

    Of course i agree these radical students can be a problem but the media wants you to believe that you canr go near a college campus with a maga hat. Its just noy true. Of f course the media portrays this as the end of free conservative thought. Fox news is just as fake news as msnbc cnn etc. There are of course liberal biased college professors but its a healthy homogenous blend. It often depends on what the professor teaches. If he's teaching karl marx or gender studies hes likely to be liberal. If teaching biology or astronomy then there will likely be a healthy mix of political philosophies.

  22. Scarlet Rose Lynn

    Scarlet Rose Lynnヶ月 前

    Is Jaun gone for good? If so, GOOD RIDDENCE!!!!!

  23. Paul D

    Paul Dヶ月 前

    Nice cherry picking. Typical Fox News Garbage.

  24. John Hare

    John Hareヶ月 前

    So they closed all the free mental institutions in favor of 100K dollar colleges. Nice.

  25. Al Dente

    Al Denteヶ月 前

    Having been in a university lately I have to say the most dangerous feeling place is the safe space. You never know what will set the people off and the unwritten rules change by the hour. Safe spaces are like land mine areas filled with anthrax and salt. Safe spaces are unsafe, and instills PTSSD (post traumatic safe space disorder) in the victims they lure and attack in there.

  26. Robert Evans

    Robert Evansヶ月 前

    Not only should those two UNI students be locked in padded cells, but their outbursts should be broadcast on every media outlet to show the type of person that supports leftist democrat ideas.

  27. Paul _

    Paul _ヶ月 前

    Being a Democrat is a reason NOT TO HIRE someone. democrats are bigots, racists, sexist and ageists and they hate capitalism, how could a capitalist company ever hire them, too much possible litigation...not enough insurance to cover those people.

  28. Paul _

    Paul _ヶ月 前

    My kids will never go to public school or college.

  29. Paul _

    Paul _ヶ月 前

    wonderfully intolerant communist scumbags. No way would I ever HIRE THEM.

  30. Paul _

    Paul _ヶ月 前

    intolerance comes from the left. and their ignorant professors. after years as a scientist, shows how ignorant my professors were. with a few exceptions, the rest just repeat the same things year after year, from 20 years ago

  31. GotTreeFiddy 187

    GotTreeFiddy 187ヶ月 前

    Those are not rational people. Screaming and hollering like that cause someone thinks differently than you or cause you didn't get your way. How will these idiots even survive without their parents.

  32. Todd no last name

    Todd no last nameヶ月 前

    I would have said to that one guy, "okay, hold still, while we slash your throat, fascist. Or do you want to slash your own throat?"

  33. Barrie Smith

    Barrie Smithヶ月 前

    Try marriage for nearly fifty years you are right of centre and your wife is left and we are looking forwards to many more years together

  34. Alt-Middle

    Alt-Middleヶ月 前

    The left is going nuts because they are losing. PC is becoming a joke. Victims that are not victims are becoming a joke. Terms like racist, homophobe, and xenophobe are no longer working against the right because we're not. People are waking up and it's making the left insane,,,, well, more insane.

  35. Cameron Mes

    Cameron Mesヶ月 前

    roadkill on his lip fosho looks like a dead raccoon

  36. Greg

    Gregヶ月 前

    Harraldo can call himself moderate all day but hes just a lib!

  37. susan olson

    susan olsonヶ月 前

    Please keep Geraldo!

  38. susan olson

    susan olsonヶ月 前

    Please keep Geraldo!

  39. sar

    sarヶ月 前

    Northeaster and northwestern colleges. Most of them Ivy Leagues. Down in the south. No problems. No time for that kind of stuff. And I'm in an art's school XD

  40. Neal Buster

    Neal Busterヶ月 前

    I'm a conservative, and I dont want any liberal friends. You cant trust them.

  41. Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast

    Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcastヶ月 前

    The left is so bigoted.

  42. Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast

    Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcastヶ月 前

    Good thing the college I go to isn't like that.

  43. Jeff Karrick

    Jeff Karrickヶ月 前

    It's not just University it's all over publicly funded high schools too

  44. Trevor Sedis

    Trevor Sedisヶ月 前

    Jerry Rivers is an Aztec farkward narcissist. Still, he's better than Wan Juan and "Here's the debate questions, Hilligula!" Brassiere.

  45. Robert Weinstein

    Robert Weinsteinヶ月 前


  46. Fredric Bethune

    Fredric Bethuneヶ月 前

    All the communist Democrats have left is hate and conspiracy theories. They display hate and disinformation at their debates and rallies and with their puppet media. They espouse the doctrines used by Moa, Stalin and Lenin to control the masses. Their candidate as it look right now will Be comrade Bernie Sanders an avowed Communist hiding in a Democrat party disguise. Don’t believe a word of comrade Sanders grandpa like persona. He will tax social security, redistribute your bank savings, and take your 401k and retirement, To redistribute you’re wealth. Vote Trump 2020 to simply save our way of life.

  47. pinch mesh

    pinch meshヶ月 前

    If regulated opinions are mandated, there is no democracy. It's called a cult if small, and a dictatorship (or communism) if large. Individuals cease to count and the government becomes the most important entity. No one is happy.

  48. Paul Froelich

    Paul Froelichヶ月 前

    I loved college and learned much from some very liberal professors, who to my recollection were extremely inviting towards other points of view and both fostered the respect of and showed respect towards their students. Maybe that's because it was the University of Arkansas, and people in Fayetteville are just incredibly warm human beings.

  49. fate victrx

    fate victrxヶ月 前

    Wow thank you mr geraldo Pls keep your seat pls n tnk u

  50. Ki Ki

    Ki Kiヶ月 前

    I have MDD, PTSD, and GAD. I do not want these people as my doctors or my children's teachers. I'm glad I left college. It's much cheaper to go get a certificate.

  51. Nina D

    Nina Dヶ月 前

    I'm surprised they didn't use the liberty hangout visit to Ohio U

  52. Gordon Welford

    Gordon Welfordヶ月 前

    The Left are Evil and Insane.

  53. Richard Willette

    Richard Willetteヶ月 前

    College is for Liberals. Us conservatives got Prager U & Trump University

  54. Robert Delisle

    Robert Delisleヶ月 前

    the difference is meds lots of meds that they get FREE!

  55. Charlie

    Charlieヶ月 前

    "The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next." -- Abraham Lincoln

  56. Vidhya Ritchie

    Vidhya Ritchieヶ月 前

    Emily is so smart. But how come her hair colour is black one day and blonde the next.

  57. mark jackson

    mark jacksonヶ月 前

    Emily🗽 is SMOKIN' HOT...............just sayin'!

  58. James Lindsay

    James Lindsayヶ月 前

    Somewhere the real 1960's hippies of free speech and tolerance of ideas are crying. The modern leftist has betrayed the values the hippies promoted when they were a minority opinion. When the hippies grew up and became a majority in academia and Hollywood, they became the new oppressor class and instead of free thought, they impose their free thoughts on us.

  59. Keith Brown

    Keith Brownヶ月 前

    Geraldo is soooooo much better than Juan!

  60. Alan Coleman

    Alan Colemanヶ月 前

    How did these liberal socialist bastards get sooooo much power over us????

  61. Soundwave Superior

    Soundwave Superiorヶ月 前

    When you are so liberal you become intolerant. This really is opposite land. What's good will be called bad and what's bad will be called good.

  62. Bone Headed

    Bone Headedヶ月 前

    What about Kaitlin Bennet's latest...

  63. Brett Neuk

    Brett Neukヶ月 前

    The issue is the left being more fascist...than normal lol

  64. Edward Lobb

    Edward Lobbヶ月 前

    Anti white white racists are more open with their hatred, than minority anti whites, but, basically they all drink the Kool Aid from the same jug.

  65. Mike Spak

    Mike Spakヶ月 前

    Juan can hopefully get a job at CNN...LOL

  66. ToldYouSo

    ToldYouSoヶ月 前

    Emily should ponder if maybe, just maybe she didn't get flak for her views in college was because of the way she looks. Pretty girls are completely oblivious sometimes to how much that matters...

  67. texmexexpress 72

    texmexexpress 72ヶ月 前

    What degenerates dislike this? Do they want to slash republican throats?

  68. Days Al

    Days Alヶ月 前

    EXPOSED CORRUPT far LEFT college campus!

  69. Bone Headed

    Bone Headedヶ月 前

    And they want us to pay for their indoctrination into the looney far left. Over my ded body.

  70. Rann B

    Rann Bヶ月 前

    nuke these "colleges"

  71. TurboCMinusMinus

    TurboCMinusMinusヶ月 前

    The left would truly know what intolerance is, if I had power.

  72. wingpins

    wingpinsヶ月 前

    No leftist has ever argued that people should be tolerant of all views.

  73. blokcom

    blokcomヶ月 前

    So glad Juan the Wrong isn't on. Besides, Geraldo's moustache is the one.

  74. eat all now save none 4 later

    eat all now save none 4 laterヶ月 前

    They look like a bunch of hippies, walking around on campus.

  75. Ric Fleming

    Ric Flemingヶ月 前

    Those grads remind me of the opening scene from Boondock Saints in the meat packing plant.

  76. indy_go_blue60

    indy_go_blue60ヶ月 前

    "If fascism comes to America, it'll be disguised as liberalism." -Sen. Huey Long, 1934. Reagan quoted him in a famous speech in 1983 and is often credited with the quote.

  77. indy_go_blue60

    indy_go_blue60ヶ月 前

    I live just across the river from Purdue U. Mitch sucked as governor, but he really has done a good job as president of the school. There's a little SJW-ism, but nothing like across the border just 100 miles at the U of Illinois.

  78. Christopher Sandidge

    Christopher Sandidgeヶ月 前

    It's insanely ironic that these "anti-fascists", are the fascists. They need to go.

  79. Jimbo Coats

    Jimbo Coatsヶ月 前

    Probably CIA plants!

  80. simply danLrene

    simply danLreneヶ月 前

    Check out Evergreen College and see what they have done over the past couple of years and still doing.