Gunna - ROCKSTAR BIKERS & CHAINS [Official Video]


  1. Big Cap

    Big Cap8 時間 前

    Fuc hit the like button

  2. Daylan Dade

    Daylan Dade18 時間 前

    Who are the girls

  3. RaE Rae

    RaE Rae日 前

    DIS BEAT👌👽🐍🐍

  4. Barnyarne

    Barnyarne2 日 前

    Michael Jackson Would’ve Love ❤️This Salute To Gunna Youngest Hard Worker Putting Out Hits 🤘🏽

  5. Joe

    Joe2 日 前

    Louder guitar would have made it even more hard

  6. Everybodyhatestrilla

    Everybodyhatestrilla3 日 前

    The beat is sample from something but i can’t figure it out can someone tell me

  7. Angel Hernandez

    Angel Hernandez2 日 前

    Rwby 4

  8. AK 13

    AK 134 日 前

    Boss 👌🔥

  9. Juen Schuster

    Juen Schuster4 日 前

    Without lil baby.. Gunna views aint there

  10. LilRayBans

    LilRayBans4 日 前

    I love Gunna but this his worst song

  11. Erick_ 21

    Erick_ 215 日 前

    This music video reminds me of Scream by Michael Jackson 💯🤷🏽‍♂️

  12. Anthony Pinto

    Anthony Pinto5 日 前

    This should’ve had uzi on it

  13. Oratile Mokgosi

    Oratile Mokgosi6 日 前


  14. KBJ

    KBJ6 日 前

    one uh da best in da album

  15. Vonn Villuminati

    Vonn Villuminati6 日 前

    Thank God Didn’t think it would happen, Thank God He Done Blessed Me With Talent 🔥🔥

  16. KC Myers

    KC Myers7 日 前

    This that Neo-Gotham City beat. Batman Beyond vibes 🔥🔥

  17. Jason Warren

    Jason Warren7 日 前

    put uzi on this

  18. Fidel Mphekgwane

    Fidel Mphekgwane7 日 前

    streets need a track with Sahbabii

  19. DONN DEF

    DONN DEF7 日 前


  20. Boni Ragz

    Boni Ragz8 日 前

    Iistening to Gunna and smoking weed have two things in common , they both make me have such an amazing feeling 😊

  21. Moxi

    Moxi9 日 前

    rwby gang

  22. Im talking Shit For Clout

    Im talking Shit For Clout11 日 前

    gunna is fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  23. r jay

    r jay11 日 前

    this song hard as fuck!!!

  24. ownageparty

    ownageparty11 日 前

    Everything is on point the beat, rhymes, video.

  25. LayLow30 Yo

    LayLow30 Yo13 日 前

    Better than MJ

  26. YaCuzinDREW

    YaCuzinDREW13 日 前

    Bruh Gunna and wheezy the new Missy Elliot and Timberland on GOD the Perfect comparison💯

  27. Fire Age Beats RvaOne

    Fire Age Beats RvaOne13 日 前

    Why do you guys throw up devil horns? Repent.

  28. dgvrg dszhf

    dgvrg dszhf14 日 前


  29. miles teagle

    miles teagle14 日 前

    Bruh rich as hell but this video corny as hell 😂😂😂🤷🏾‍♂️ but he still rich tho

  30. G Ghost Shotta

    G Ghost Shotta14 日 前

    These nikkas all sound alike I stg

  31. jbb

    jbb15 日 前

    This beat is so fucking ridiculous mannn

  32. RRM Gunna

    RRM Gunna15 日 前

    Bro you are not the real gunna I was gunna first 🤷🏿‍♂️🤣 and my music better

  33. Zay ThaGod

    Zay ThaGod15 日 前

    this shit is fire

  34. XREAPER 2157

    XREAPER 215715 日 前

    For some reason I'm getting a Naruto vibe, or its just me.

  35. Angelica Gabrielle

    Angelica Gabrielle15 日 前


  36. Josh Strongarm

    Josh Strongarm16 日 前

    All I hear is a copyright sue.

  37. 곽수성

    곽수성16 日 前

    0:49 who is she


    YUNG OOZE16 日 前

    video of the year

  39. Jacob Foley

    Jacob Foley17 日 前

    Where the guitar riffs 😂

  40. jim kako

    jim kako17 日 前

    Remix travis & thug🙏😭

  41. Yung G Beatz

    Yung G Beatz17 日 前

    Gunna got more potential than lil Baby 🤷🏾‍♂️

  42. jim kako

    jim kako17 日 前

    Quanta essência, estou viciado nessa droga!!

  43. Keyzee!

    Keyzee!17 日 前

    Rico Nasty have to jump on this.

  44. jim kako

    jim kako18 日 前


  45. 2Pac Tv

    2Pac Tv18 日 前

    Jus wait till they hear my remix 🤧🔥


    TCMBART18 日 前

    this beat grew on me hella hard

  47. Karthik Anil

    Karthik Anil19 日 前


  48. Bineyam Merid

    Bineyam Merid19 日 前

    damn gunna slow down nah im kidding keep going full sprint dawg

  49. d w . Baltimore

    d w . Baltimore21 日 前

    prob 1st time i ever seen a gunna vid not no fan of his music but bruh different

  50. Mohamed

    Mohamed21 日 前

    Who is she 0:48 ?

  51. Chris Tech

    Chris Tech18 日 前


  52. Xavier Da2

    Xavier Da221 日 前

    Can gwan

  53. Juen Schuster

    Juen Schuster21 日 前

    I dont hate.. But he bitin young thug smfh.. ALL THE WAY AROUND

  54. Atomsk

    Atomsk21 日 前

    bruh is that the RWBY theme song?

  55. Takekingsolx ll

    Takekingsolx ll21 日 前

    1:45 that’s my favorite part 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  56. Skyvlv

    Skyvlv22 日 前

    Liquidator привет

  57. TahitianTreatSkeetJuice

    TahitianTreatSkeetJuice22 日 前

    Shit cold. Should have way more views.

  58. rishawn98

    rishawn9822 日 前

    This man is too good bruh 😂😂


    GOLDYUNGE22 日 前

    fire !!!!!!!!

  60. Hileal Phillips

    Hileal Phillips22 日 前

    So , RWBY VOLUME 4 OP anyone ??? Or am I trippin ???


    BAKED SKUNK22 日 前


  62. TheNamesRyan

    TheNamesRyan23 日 前

    can anyone tell me the name of the boots at 0:18 cause i want

  63. TheNamesRyan

    TheNamesRyan23 日 前

    fuck those are the maison margiela's looks like im emptying out my bank account

  64. Fidds Eureka

    Fidds Eureka23 日 前

    Gunna Wunna 🤮

  65. Daniel Lopez

    Daniel Lopez23 日 前

    1:45 my favorite part



    dog who produced the video?!

  67. Akon Geezy

    Akon Geezy24 日 前

    Wheezy 🌊 Wunna twin

  68. Clutch handla

    Clutch handla24 日 前

    🔥🔥🔥aye yall peep my music and show love ~ clutch handla

  69. CallMe3

    CallMe325 日 前

    “I been puttin it on like way bacc in the day the price tag only thing that changed” too hard😂😂😂

  70. The Hyperdemensional Weeb

    The Hyperdemensional Weeb25 日 前

    Most people: fire rap song Other people: MJ Scream Me: RWBY op 4 If you don't get the reference then go away.

  71. Angel Hernandez

    Angel Hernandez2 日 前

    And because i brought the battle pass of SMITE

  72. Angel Hernandez

    Angel Hernandez2 日 前

    Samee rwby 4, i was shocked

  73. DONN DEF

    DONN DEF7 日 前

    I all those people💀

  74. lil Blicky

    lil Blicky25 日 前


  75. dirtyfaygo

    dirtyfaygo25 日 前


  76. hiemgood

    hiemgood27 日 前

    Wheezy outta here) Woo, woo Woo (Yeah) Woo Woo, woo Yeah [Chorus] Rockstar life, bikers and chains (Chains) One carat, dripped in my fame (Fame) Drugs runnin' deep through my vein (Woo) I’m takin' drugs, healin' the pain (Woo) Another paint drip on my main (My main, woo) Another paint drip me in wave (Wave, woo) I got more whips than a slave (Slave, woo) Huh, safety deposit through Chase (Yeah) [Verse 1] Copped the wrap on that bitch, got it matted (Yeah) They doubted, ain’t think it would happen (Yeah) Thank God that he blessed me with talent (Thank God, yeah) My new bitch, I got she done been in the pageant (Yeah) She sexy and so charismatic (Yeah, uh) I hope it's a bulletproof vest in that jacket (Yeah) I keep the drumstick like it's Madden (Yeah) (I keep the drumstick like it's Madden) In need of that cash like an addict (Addict, woo) Told her, "Pull up," and sent her the addy (Pull up, woo) Young Gun' Wunna go keep all my baddies (Young Wunna, woo) I'm a rockstar and I got all the fashion (Uh, woo) Can't see you, these lights steady flashin' (Woo) Raise the bar for my niggas now, we livin’ legends (Wunna) Just look at how we livin’ lavish (Just look at how we livin' lavish) [Chorus] Rockstar life, bikers and chains (Chains) One carat, dripped in my fame (Fame) Drugs runnin’ deep through my vein (Woo) I'm takin' drugs, healin' the pain (Woo) Another pain drip on my main (My main, woo) Another pain drip me in wave (Wave, woo) I got more whips than a slave (Slave, woo) Huh, safety deposit through Chase (Yeah) [Verse 2] I want the fortune, not fame (Yeah) Run it up, go buy the Lamb’ truck (Uh) The Porsche, the Rolls Royce and the 'Vette and the Range ('Vette and the Range) Niggas don't play 'cause they know we gon' bust (Nah) We pull up, bullets runnin' like rain (Rain) The drip comes to us, they ain't keepin' up (Nah) I switch it up, leather jackets and chains (I switch it up, leather jackets and chains) Uh, rockstar life, bikers and chains (Woo) Uh, you don't want smoke with the gang (Woo) FN, it spittin' out flames (Woo) Uh, I bring the heat like La Flame (Woo) Came from the side but I ain't Tity, 2 Chainz Shady Baby, born and raised (Yeah) I been puttin' on like way back in the day The price tag only thing that change (Yeah) [Outro] Woo, woo Woo, yeah (Yeah) Woo Woo, woo

  77. West Nile

    West Nile27 日 前

    Gunna is so so dope

  78. Andrew Graves

    Andrew Graves27 日 前

    underated af

  79. George Farr

    George Farr28 日 前

    1:25 "i got more wips then a slave" bruh am i trippin

  80. Lalisa M

    Lalisa M28 日 前


  81. GrantNBB !

    GrantNBB !28 日 前

    this beat so hard 😂💯

  82. Stephon Wiggins

    Stephon Wiggins28 日 前

    When you make a beat out of blowing air in a straw

  83. K

    K28 日 前

    must be the same million people that listen to the other fire artist huh

  84. Son Goku

    Son Goku29 日 前


  85. Kerby King

    Kerby Kingヶ月 前

    Thank God , I have Gunna to listen to while Carti is on vacation my g. This is different, I love it!

  86. Jay Peterson

    Jay Petersonヶ月 前