Gun Range News Blooper


  1. Plabon Tamuly

    Plabon Tamuly3 ヶ月 前

    Can Anyone lipread and explain what he said lol

  2. Thanakhan 1414

    Thanakhan 14144 年 前

    Now... lol

  3. J.Santos

    J.Santos5 年 前


  4. Joey Charles

    Joey Charles7 年 前

    Why do you people bring politics into EVERYTHING!!

  5. Noah Soskha

    Noah Soskha7 年 前

    That moment when deaf people understood what he actually said.

  6. Ethan Powell

    Ethan Powell7 年 前

    Now (Gunshots) here at the range

  7. Steve Hunt

    Steve Hunt27 日 前


  8. Ejay

    Ejay7 年 前

    guns > reporters how to shut up the liberal media

  9. Edwin Cloud Brasil

    Edwin Cloud Brasil7 年 前

    .... and that's all I have to say about Vietnam war

  10. SugarW1thC0ffee

    SugarW1thC0ffee7 年 前

    Yes it was set up but the reporter didn't realize that the gun shots would cover his voice haha

  11. willian32976

    willian329767 年 前

    well! we know hes here at the range! or is that hear at the range?

  12. Sgtvp

    Sgtvp7 年 前

    LOL @ everyone saying this was a fail, you guys are the true failures, this was set up, hence the two now's at the start (one from reporter, one from guy shooting).

  13. RJ Acala

    RJ Acala7 年 前

    (Now) Now ...... Here at the Range!

  14. renolife

    renolife7 年 前

    You can hear the man who's practicing say "Now?" and then the reporter reply "Now" .. Scripted lol

  15. oliver18754

    oliver187547 年 前

    He still got it right. "BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! here at the range!"

  16. DarkSyde Phail

    DarkSyde Phail7 年 前

    Someone is going to get fired.

  17. Fakultet

    Fakultet7 年 前

    Ah, I see you've seen the video as well. Well done.

  18. XameteCorporation

    XameteCorporation8 年 前

    @SuperMegaTrailer You forgot the BANG!BANG!BANG!BANG!BANG!

  19. Prentice Neto

    Prentice Neto8 年 前

    "bang bang bang here at the range" well, you can't say he's wrong...

  20. Izzy

    Izzy8 年 前

    haha, i think the guy shooting the gun was trolling

  21. Ballista Pk

    Ballista Pk8 年 前

    Now? Now. "..and here at the range. :D"

  22. jaespiu5

    jaespiu58 年 前


  23. Noobie Quarantine

    Noobie Quarantine8 年 前


  24. SmartWarthog

    SmartWarthog8 年 前

    Heads up! I'm only gonna say this once...

  25. Princess Star Butterfly

    Princess Star Butterfly8 年 前


  26. baseballgirl25

    baseballgirl258 年 前

    Ironically, that could be one of the most insightful stories you'll hear on local news.

  27. Davtwan

    Davtwan8 年 前

    The most hilarious part of this is that it was PLANNED this way. Someone actually thought this was a good idea.

  28. Jonathan Good

    Jonathan Good8 年 前

    "Next, he'll be testing the AK-47!"

  29. Thomas

    Thomas8 年 前

    I uhh... replayed the video to try and here him repeat it because I couldn't hear him. Fail...

  30. DueceeeBadAsss

    DueceeeBadAsss8 年 前

    And Thats All He wrote...

  31. Ponci Rios

    Ponci Rios8 年 前


  32. SapoCaco

    SapoCaco8 年 前

    I agree with him

  33. Riley McIlwaine

    Riley McIlwaine8 年 前

    And that's the way the cookie crumbles.

  34. Dasia McMichael

    Dasia McMichael8 年 前

    That could have been the cure to cancer!!!

  35. mulfyflower

    mulfyflower8 年 前

    lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol umadbro? O_o

  36. dylan24

    dylan248 年 前

    (Bang) (Bang) (Bang) "...with pudding and a two-by-four."

  37. TCfoxs

    TCfoxs8 年 前

    "Thanks Ollie"

  38. nicholas wong

    nicholas wong8 年 前

    Now... Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Here At The Range!

  39. Dave D

    Dave D8 年 前

    O.K....not to get technical, but I work in the television industry. There are usually two channels of audio on beta-cams (and before you ask: Beta-Cams were an industry standard until recently) 1 is for stick or lav mics and the other is a camera mic for picking up nat-sound. This is obviously some clever mixing or to be more precise, elimination of the stick mic sound after he says NOW and up until the end of his stand-up. Still, it is very funny.

  40. Tyler Scott

    Tyler Scott8 年 前

    @dfbhcf would have been gold if after all those gun shots he yelled "SOMETHING BIT ME!" lmao

  41. Migz

    Migz8 年 前

    Keep it classy, san diego. Lol!

  42. BLaCkKsHeEp

    BLaCkKsHeEp8 年 前

    and that's the way the cookie crumbles!

  43. kevin santiago

    kevin santiago8 年 前


  44. KJ B

    KJ B8 年 前

    This is one of those things that makes me laugh for 5 minutes for no real reason at all.

  45. 03protegeES

    03protegeES8 年 前

    LOL yeah now is a good time to shoot!

  46. trugangsta4real

    trugangsta4real8 年 前

    The anchor says "now..." with such confidence and excitement--he's totally like "awe this is sooooooo clever......"

  47. Imad Hakim

    Imad Hakim8 年 前

    hahaha the gun did all the censoring

  48. Marcel Randow

    Marcel Randow8 年 前


  49. Aiman Muzammiil

    Aiman Muzammiil8 年 前

    Hahahahahahaha, this fucking channel can make my day anytimeeeee!

  50. Chotika Konthus

    Chotika Konthus8 年 前


  51. Louise Valentine

    Louise Valentine8 年 前

    @bhermoth He said: the thing on his ears looks like the feet of those old fridges

  52. jirosei8

    jirosei88 年 前

    lol "now?" "now...channle 9 news here-and here at the range." they told when to shoot.

  53. Sander

    Sander8 年 前

    I think it's funny that some of you guys think that this is a fail. It was obviously planned...

  54. Stefneh

    Stefneh8 年 前


  55. firacosplay

    firacosplay8 年 前

    @elianzinho i had to google translate your comment...well i went to spanish and it didnt translate all of it said "translate to portugese" and i got "the business in his ear seem's those foot refridgerator" can you translate for me....

  56. NAR

    NAR8 年 前


  57. arup02

    arup028 年 前

    @chuckface06 It's portuguese. Brazilian portuguese

  58. Dag

    Dag8 年 前


  59. getlow1985

    getlow19858 年 前

    @Gibsonfan1989 LMFAO!

  60. Not Vegeta

    Not Vegeta8 年 前

    @chuckface06 according to Google Translator (and i'm not making this up) "the business in his ear seems those foot refrigerator!"

  61. chuckface06

    chuckface068 年 前

    @elianzinho i dont know what you just said, but i like spanish

  62. Jordan Sales

    Jordan Sales8 年 前


  63. janettadoughton

    janettadoughton8 年 前

    So funny!

  64. Nicklas Berntzon

    Nicklas Berntzon8 年 前

    There is only 1 thing i could say about the war in Vietnam

  65. KGB_INC

    KGB_INC8 年 前

    "...and here at the range!" Well said, Mr. News guy. Well said.

  66. kiddingme01

    kiddingme018 年 前

    Arturo Trejo is awesome!

  67. Commander Shepard

    Commander Shepard8 年 前

    I can't believe he just told off the Pope AND the vice president

  68. CanadianMusic&TV

    CanadianMusic&TV8 年 前

    And that's all I have to say about that.

  69. Jeremy Byron

    Jeremy Byron8 年 前

    NOw, asdjasdgjasdghjhgajgdjasg here at the range.

  70. aboverim

    aboverim8 年 前

    He's the Forrest Gump of Reporters.

  71. Zeus Caldas

    Zeus Caldas8 年 前


  72. Rubens Biazzetti

    Rubens Biazzetti8 年 前

    @bellitaguedes mas a primeira bala tem o som junto com a arma, a difenreca veloc do som e da luz é perceptivel sim , mas nao com tanta diferenca de tempo ;s ,sei la tbm, nao vai muda nada uashdaudh

  73. Max Polianski

    Max Polianski8 年 前

    i like the part where he says....

  74. dj7oya

    dj7oya8 年 前

    @rubensbiazzetti pode te rsido uma outra pessoa com arma, mas muito bem percebido mesmo assim!

  75. Rubens Biazzetti

    Rubens Biazzetti8 年 前

    tem um BANG a mais do que a arma da, fakezor aushduahdausd

  76. Vinny X

    Vinny X8 年 前

    caralho kibeloco!

  77. TheStormofStorms

    TheStormofStorms8 年 前

    really? your at a range?

  78. Alexandre Gomes

    Alexandre Gomes8 年 前


  79. TheCandid

    TheCandid8 年 前

    "Now?'' "Now" BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM "here at the range"

  80. Computeiros

    Computeiros8 年 前

    ri muito! uiashuiashuiah

  81. Cesar Cavalcanti

    Cesar Cavalcanti8 年 前

    @AsterTheGreat cuz this video was posted on a huge blog here in brazil