Guess My Ethnicity | Lineup | Cut


  1. Jenny N

    Jenny N22 時間 前

    someone get noel miller on this

  2. Mariana Murino

    Mariana Murino22 時間 前

    "I got white privilege" 🙄 🤦

  3. Jaden 007

    Jaden 007日 前

    US is such a strange country when it comes to ethnicity. White is not a culture or a country, black isn’t either. I know they mean European Americans and African Americans but for me as an European it’s so strange to hear Americans talking about „race“.

  4. Nylon

    Nylon日 前

    12:13 What a reminder of how much has changed in 7/8 months

  5. Andie Hernández

    Andie Hernández日 前

    The guy's name is Jaime. How could they think he's white and black? Xd

  6. WoodUlike2Know

    WoodUlike2Know日 前

    Funny when you "white" its funny. But literally europe is the only country with every color Red, Black, blue, green, hazel, blonde, brown, grey in the world. Every other country is just brown. So yea it's beautifully funny. #jealousyShowsHard inferiority complex got you envy cringing 😆

  7. glizzy hut jrs

    glizzy hut jrs日 前

    I know she did not say muslim wnat the hell!!!!

  8. Moon Xradel

    Moon Xradel2 日 前

    I can't say shit about the half Asian and half white guy. I'll probably be the same way too. I would be acting like I'm friends with everyone while deep down thinking everyone hates me lmao

  9. Moon Xradel

    Moon Xradel2 日 前

    Lmao bro, how did they not figure out the guy with the name Jaime was freaking Hispanic 😂😂 bro that's the most Hispanic sounding name along with José, Santiago, María, Hector etc.

  10. Chandreyee Dasgupta

    Chandreyee Dasgupta2 日 前

    I am so happy to find a.bengali girl here I am from Kolkata too❤️

  11. Lmao potato face

    Lmao potato face2 日 前


  12. Marco Rubio

    Marco Rubio2 日 前

    so many white fathers and black mothers nowadays

  13. Ay Noob

    Ay Noob2 日 前

    3:16 bruh what did she just say...

  14. shawnnenawnee

    shawnnenawnee3 日 前

    I'd love to be in a line up my plus my look throws alot of people off

  15. Kpopper 101

    Kpopper 1013 日 前

    Omg she said Muslim as an ethnicity didn’t she 🤦‍♀️

  16. Rebecca

    Rebecca3 日 前

    I wish I was on here😭nobody guesses my ethnicities correctly💀

  17. Alicia Roberts

    Alicia Roberts3 日 前

    I love all the laughter it's a cross between actual funny and uncomfortable!

  18. Alicia Roberts

    Alicia Roberts3 日 前

    I started off watching one and now I'm on my 7th one I believe this is very interesting I should probably stop watching so many of them at once.😅

  19. Bhris World

    Bhris World3 日 前

    The half Korean half Kenyan girl is gorgeous!!

  20. Danielle Muniz

    Danielle Muniz3 日 前

    This is partly funny but also VERY triggering and upsetting 🤦🏽‍♀️ that guy got me burning up😤

  21. Kristoff Bjorgman

    Kristoff Bjorgman3 日 前

    How did they get away with making this with all the PC attitudes going around?

  22. hopecore

    hopecore3 日 前

    whos gonna tell the white girl that muslim isnt an ethnicity-

  23. •glitch•

    •glitch•3 日 前

    6:36 YES!! I never see Chapinas on things like this😅 🇬🇹

  24. irishmakbeth

    irishmakbeth3 日 前

    9:09 yeah im just sweating too...

  25. Nadiazz

    Nadiazz4 日 前

    Does anyone think the girl in the striped shirt look like avani?

  26. Brishika Shankar

    Brishika Shankar4 日 前

    Okay but why isn’t talking about 10:22 “she could be Jewish” 💀

  27. Sofia Silberstein

    Sofia Silberstein2 日 前

    Thats not Bad:D

  28. Casey Foster

    Casey Foster4 日 前


  29. Kirstin Batchelder

    Kirstin Batchelder4 日 前

    "I can smell half asian" we can sense each other

  30. Chahd Othmane

    Chahd Othmane4 日 前

    Did I hear that right or did she really say Muslim, honey Muslim is not an ethnicity, Muslim is what followers of Islam are called. And if you want to know what Islam is its a religion. Like where did she go to school?? Wait a minute did that half asian dude just say Jewish bro do people not go to school or are they just confused if this is guess my Ethnicity or guess my religion.

  31. B Laety

    B Laety4 日 前

    The creole woman was amazing guys let’s talk about the positive and not the negative all of them did not mean to offend each of us can say something and think it is ok but to others it is offensive no one is perfect so let’s just appreciate the fact that they all tried and learned a lot

  32. LionessProwess

    LionessProwess4 日 前

    I 💗 to guess people's ethnicity. Fun vid!👍🏼

  33. J_schmuck14

    J_schmuck145 日 前

    im sorry but that half asian guy was just not funny using his half asian side to try to be controversial eedyit fam

  34. Lexy Shade

    Lexy Shade5 日 前

    3:26 ”I think Black and Hispanic and the father is the black one, I know how it goes” what he said was so unsettling🤢

  35. O Coelho Branco

    O Coelho Branco5 日 前

    That’s funny. We could never do that in Brazil. We look all type of ways and it has been so long since we got mixed up, most of us don’t even know where our ancestors came from 🤷🏻‍♀️

  36. Wth is a grape?

    Wth is a grape?5 日 前

    The one dude comparing everyone to his friends lol

  37. Wth is a grape?

    Wth is a grape?5 日 前

    8:00 Y'all hear that??

  38. Wth is a grape?

    Wth is a grape?5 日 前

    She did not just ask this dude about his pubic hair...

  39. itsbeliinda

    itsbeliinda6 日 前

    The with all honesty the half Asian guy is rude

  40. obe dan

    obe dan7 日 前

    I dont like that mix Chinese guy...he keep on relating people with Black... hey look at their skin!!

  41. Faith Flahn

    Faith Flahn7 日 前

    I got a black friend who’s into to lotion-

  42. anna luz vega

    anna luz vega7 日 前

    8:27 when the woman tries to find out if she's latina dancing with her THE CRINGE knowing or not knowing how to dance does not make you more or less latino lmao

  43. - kool -

    - kool -7 日 前

    Who’s gonna tell them that white and black isn’t an ethnicity?

  44. Tracy Hock

    Tracy Hock7 日 前

    My mom is Guatemalan and my dad Honduran and I get Pakistani, Moroccan, Arabic, Indian, etc.. oh and just for fun my parent's thought naming me what they did would make my life easier 🤦‍♀️ Now I'm married. LOL

  45. Christine Eleonore Poppe

    Christine Eleonore Poppe7 日 前

    That one is interesting... I love this video because it reminds me a lot of myself... I'm part American French polish and east Prussia... People are always surprised because they think I'm German and when they get to know me better they see that I'm definitely not😂😂and my daughter's father is Portuguese... nobody until now could guess that right

  46. Oof Mcoofer

    Oof Mcoofer8 日 前

    I'm bengali

  47. Army Dweeb

    Army Dweeb8 日 前

    how about bengali? (Someone who was born in the country bangladesh)

  48. Malena

    Malena8 日 前

    "she can't dance bachata, she's definitely not latin" me a latina that cant dance bachata: 👁️👄👁️

  49. Ssss Ssss

    Ssss Ssss8 日 前

    Most indians do not have curly hair. And "muslim" is not ethnicity.

  50. Morteza Pishnamazi

    Morteza Pishnamazi9 日 前

    Gimme some Sammy please

  51. Nut Twins

    Nut Twins9 日 前

    If one of my friends went, they wouldn't guess Indian. She doesn't look indian

  52. Nut Twins

    Nut Twins9 日 前

    If I went, they probably would've guessed it fast. But not so fast cos I don't look too chinese

  53. Goddess Boricuaa

    Goddess Boricuaa9 日 前

    I would love to see them try this with someone like myself I have a hispanic/middle eastern/Asian mixed mother and father that’s biracial (black and white) I have very light skin cat like green-blue eyes and dark wavy hair that I straighten and it’s to my tailbone high cheekbones and full lips and they would never be able guess my race or ethnicity I literally get everything under sun people never get it right ! I’m usually mistaken for just being white but that’s probably bc of my eye color and skin tone ! This is stupid most of them look like what they actually are I would’ve easily guessed what they are who told them they looked like something different none of them were really striking to be confused by ? Get people that would actually make you wonder ! Like the hapa guy literally looks asian 🤷🏻‍♀️ for some reason he thinks he looks white He kept saying the other hapas were too dark and he wouldn’t have guessed like stfu I knew right away they were hapas ! And the Mexican guy does not look like logic 🙄 and the girl who clearly is black but identify as such that’s really sad her parents are both supposedly mixed they should’ve taught her both sides ! The whole video is a NO 🚫✋🏻

  54. Lucky Dippers

    Lucky Dippers9 日 前

    Nagtatagalog daw pero bakit ganun ang pagkasabi... parang hindi! hehe

  55. Galaxydave

    Galaxydave9 日 前

    4:08 lol I also thought, and I'm from Germany xD

  56. Mel

    Mel10 日 前

    that half/half dude is giving me very much backhanded racist comments. i feel bad for the people there because they seem uncomfortable. also can people learn that muslim is not an ethnicity.

  57. Flora Stewart

    Flora Stewart10 日 前

    All the flavors are beautiful

  58. Jon Doe

    Jon Doe10 日 前

    The lil white girl is dressed like every nerdy-female character in movies

  59. Donice Chappell

    Donice Chappell10 日 前

    Nicole is gorgeous... i neeed to be her friend!!

  60. Donice Chappell

    Donice Chappell10 日 前

    the girl who is sikh... is absolutely ... unrealistically beautiful to me.. her face is stunning.

  61. Donice Chappell

    Donice Chappell10 日 前

    I'm white and native american.... boy bye. lol... white folks love claiming native... you're just white.. it's ok lol

  62. Donice Chappell

    Donice Chappell10 日 前

    The guy witht he blue shirt... is gorgeous. I want him

  63. kikkiana

    kikkiana10 日 前

    that guy is mad ignorant

  64. nandana pandya

    nandana pandya11 日 前

    Bengali is indian...

  65. Amen Allah Khanfir

    Amen Allah Khanfir11 日 前

    Bro the girl that said Muslim girl bye

  66. Matthew Anderson

    Matthew Anderson11 日 前

    Where my fellow Scandan-Asian’s at? Half Swedish & half Vietnamese here!

  67. SkyLight Gameuse

    SkyLight Gameuse12 日 前

    Nicole is part of the people whose genetics did magic

  68. Thomas Doherty

    Thomas Doherty12 日 前

    the reason they only say white, is because they are white americans

  69. izwhynot

    izwhynot12 日 前

    The first girl was from Kenya 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪💪gang gang

  70. RaPTraYzZ Games

    RaPTraYzZ Games13 日 前

    Does someone know the name of that bengali girl with the striped black and white shirt?

  71. Nishchay Srivastava

    Nishchay Srivastava13 日 前

    Muslim isn’t an ethnicity lol, like no one looks like a Christian

  72. Maia

    Maia13 日 前

    Imagine following Sikhism and not being able to pronounce it right 🤦🏻‍♀️

  73. Aputsiaq Malakiassen

    Aputsiaq Malakiassen14 日 前

    Can I just say sth? Everybody outside of Greenland thinks I’m asian... I am Greenlandic lol just needed to say

  74. caveat lector:

    caveat lector:14 日 前

    Curry girl wasn't prepared to be analyzed about her spice repertoire

  75. princess bubblegum

    princess bubblegum14 日 前


  76. Mamba N

    Mamba N14 日 前

    For a sec I thought he said apa smh

  77. anzulem

    anzulem14 日 前

    This video just goes to show how people don’t see Hispanic as an ethnicity. There’s white, black, Asian, Arab and more that are Hispanics and they are all kinds of sizes. Some people in the video are really ignorant

  78. AnonymousCheetos

    AnonymousCheetos9 日 前

    Hispanic is not an ethnicity lol. Hispanic/Latino is a race which has ethnicities such as Mexican, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Guatemalan ect.

  79. Jayne Zayas

    Jayne Zayas14 日 前

    “white” is always just white. there are sooooo many countries with “white” people, never irish, polish, lithuanian, south african, french, or swedish. just makes me think no one has any geographical knowledge.

  80. Aminata Archives

    Aminata Archives14 日 前

    I guess I'm mixed. Half Black and half Muslim.

  81. Audrey M.

    Audrey M.14 日 前

    All of these SUCK

  82. Mr X

    Mr X15 日 前

    Half Italian, half japanese. Shut up and marry me!

  83. king justinv

    king justinv15 日 前

    The Creole lady is so respectful and an awesome wholesome individual

  84. DonRonald

    DonRonald15 日 前

    Where’d yall find Walmart Joji and Walmart Logic

  85. Noora S

    Noora S15 日 前

    "Muslim" bruh a Muslim is someone who follows Islam which is a religion. that's not an ethnicity

  86. Bastián L

    Bastián L16 日 前

    My dad Chilean and my mom Chilean, so you guessed it... I'm Mexican

  87. Bastián L

    Bastián L16 日 前

    Normally when it comes to white skin, the people in the video just say "white". Like, do they know Europe? There is a lot of types of white, like slavic, scandinavian (one girl mentioned it actually), baltic, etc.

  88. Rutendo Mpofu

    Rutendo Mpofu16 日 前

    asian dude saying everyone is half: me and everyone there pls stop:

  89. W O K E。 W O K E

    W O K E。 W O K E16 日 前

    Mmm not all textured hair is black:/ like there are Arabs, and Latinos

  90. Bo Bo

    Bo Bo16 日 前

    Sorry don’t wanna be rude but the half Asian and half white dude was a little annoying

  91. enya

    enya16 日 前

    the first girl is just wow, so beautiful, and her style is immaculate

  92. leah

    leah17 日 前

    when she said she didn’t identify with her black culture & she thought she was full asian that is so sad :( you’d never guess she was asian she looks like a black women & will / has most likely gone through what other black people have.

  93. Virtua Player

    Virtua Player4 日 前

    If she was raised only by Asians it's ok. Otherwise it's a bit sad. But you can acknowledge your ethnicities without relating to them due to your lack of knowledge about them. Also black culture does not exist. Afro-american culture maybe.

  94. Kai Evans

    Kai Evans6 日 前

    Dark asians exist; so thered be no reason for her to question it. Also, it ain't sad. I'm Hispanic and adopted. I dont identify with Mexican culture. Not sad. Just life.

  95. Србомбоница

    Србомбоница17 日 前

    Превише су мешани људи у САДу белци су им баш ко монгрели јако ружни људи ,нису лепи уопште ,те приче да су мешана деца лепша су таква ноторна лаж и будалаштина ,много су лепше чистије етничке заједнице .И у Србији мешани ми нису лепи уопште ,делују недовршено

  96. silver 9spartan

    silver 9spartan17 日 前

    Can someone tell me the girls @ at the far right in the blue clothing

  97. chimakalu41

    chimakalu4117 日 前

    1:58 half Korean half kenyan cool.

  98. Hisoka Amorou

    Hisoka Amorou17 日 前

    Im alaskan but people assume I'm Asian 😬

  99. Hisoka Amorou

    Hisoka Amorou9 日 前

    @AnonymousCheetos yes I know that but also in serbia

  100. AnonymousCheetos

    AnonymousCheetos9 日 前

    I mean Alaskan Natives did come from Asia (specifically north of asia)

  101. 98_babyboy_98

    98_babyboy_9817 日 前

    Does anybody know the first girls name or ig ?

  102. Angel Carbajal

    Angel Carbajal18 日 前

    for some reason i could immediately tell the vietnamese girl was asian just based on her side profile. idk how to describe it but that absolutely gave it away for me

  103. Doge the dog

    Doge the dog18 日 前

    The half Native american guy is cute 🔥😂. Can someone tell me his @ ?

  104. Dai-Chi Tran

    Dai-Chi Tran18 日 前

    maybe we should bring in curly haired vietnamese? given the fact that vietnam as a whole has 54 ethnicities given that the kinh makes up the majority of vietnam

  105. Christianne Seeram

    Christianne Seeram18 日 前

    Ethnicity and race are two different things dudes. Ethnicity has more to do with culture, nationality and identity, while race has more to do with biology and physical characteristics.

  106. DJ

    DJ18 日 前

    The Asian guy was annoying