Guess My Ethnicity | Lineup | Cut


  1. CallMeAli

    CallMeAli22 時間 前

    7:33 ... looks like Robert Sheehan. Even the outfit reminds me of Klaus from Umbrella Academy

  2. MG ppl

    MG ppl日 前

    I swear Americans are so obsessed with race that they can't identify someone without confusing race with ethnicity and religion

  3. XxStar_ FirexX

    XxStar_ FirexX日 前

    The fact that no one corrected the girl saying "Your Muslim"😭

  4. Patricia Ferguson

    Patricia Ferguson日 前

    i love how the group hug converged in on her at the end!! Its obvious her persona embraced every ethnic trait as unique and beautiful instead in contrast to seeing them as barriers and argumentative tinder. Why be offended by an ethnic trait when its your diversity that add flavor and beauty to videos like these, and beauty and diversity to this world?

  5. Gabriel Keller

    Gabriel Keller日 前

    We all have that friend who says: "I'm half American, half Spanish, and half English." What is he, one and a half people?

  6. Sacha Toelsie

    Sacha Toelsie日 前

    Dude, Indians are Asians! For instance, China and India are neighbours! Check it on google maps. Btw: Punjabi's are from India

  7. shadae robinson

    shadae robinson日 前

    I wanna do this, I feel like I can recognize ethnicity’s pretty well🤷🏽‍♀️

  8. Olly Pinoy67

    Olly Pinoy67日 前

    Jasmine= Hillary Banks cosplay

  9. Music Lover Reid

    Music Lover Reid日 前

    Him : My name is Jaime Her : Are you German? Is this a Germaaeaeaean?! His real name is Haime Heinrich Schwarzkopf

  10. kk

    kk日 前


  11. Ross Coetzee

    Ross Coetzee日 前

    “Do you like curry “ I died 😂

  12. 419 Wayward Kid*

    419 Wayward Kid*日 前

    I’m guessing ethnicity is more “what race and from which continent” 😂

  13. Technicolor-mom

    Technicolor-mom日 前

    I loved this and I learned so much!! Keep spreading the love knowledge is power❤️👊🏾

  14. Supermarket flowers

    Supermarket flowers日 前

    5:34 yo my dad is 6’2 and he’s Hispanic

  15. arya k

    arya k日 前

    just the ignorance.

  16. Trillions Missing

    Trillions Missing日 前

    Duh, Gentiles

  17. Ethan Cash

    Ethan Cash日 前

    You could be half Asian, or you could just have bangs

  18. Yung Smiley

    Yung Smiley日 前

    The Korean and black sis look like the bitmoji outfit lolllll

  19. Joanna Alexa Garcia

    Joanna Alexa Garcia日 前

    SAIPANESE AHAHHAAH I’m so dead!!! saipanese isn’t an ethnicity lol I’m from there! “saipanese” is someone who is born and raised on the island of Saipan of either race

  20. Epo

    Epo日 前

    hahaha I'm Guatemalan, and I usually get Persian/European mix... some Guatemalans don't believe Im Guatemalan

  21. Tommy Sixx

    Tommy Sixx日 前

    The half Japanese half Italian girl is hella cute 😍

  22. Ahava

    Ahava日 前

    Latino or Hispanic are not ethnicities it's a culture people a social construct created by the Europeans. They are mixed peoples..most of them anyway. Mexican, Honduras ....are nationalities...people

  23. Amber Carvers

    Amber Carvers日 前

    why the girl with stripes looks like avani

  24. Felix Wortmann Callejon

    Felix Wortmann Callejon日 前

    How are these people all so beautiful ?

  25. Bheki Dlamini

    Bheki Dlamini日 前

    I thought middle east people were terrorists

  26. Ominous02

    Ominous02日 前

    So we gonna act like that dude didn’t say he looks like Logic (they look nothing alike) but then says Logic doesn’t use the N word in his raps but literally uses it lmaooooo

  27. Princess Fatima

    Princess Fatima日 前

    Who else came here for the Muslim comments 😂

  28. shankha shubhra giri

    shankha shubhra giri日 前

    I am Bengali 😆

  29. Maria Eduarda

    Maria Eduarda日 前

    americans are so weird for this 1/4 ethnicity thing 💀 what is this bro an exam??

  30. Shakira Coye

    Shakira Coye日 前

    Great to see more blasians out there🔥✊ 🇧🇿🇨🇳

  31. isolde

    isolde日 前

    that last girl is so damn beautiful :(

  32. PersianinSweden

    PersianinSweden日 前

    This is super easy just bring genocides and politcally charged subjects and see how they react. Easiest way to guess someones ethnicity!

  33. an actual apple

    an actual apple日 前

    cOoOoL...."nervous laugh"...

  34. Lourdes D

    Lourdes D日 前

    To the man who says that latinos father’s are shorter I would like he to meet my father 6’5 tall and he is from Ecuador

  35. Alyvia Diane

    Alyvia Diane日 前

    I knew that guy was native and white. I just knew it

  36. Oluchukwu

    Oluchukwu2 日 前

    Asia is not a country

  37. Maggie DeWaard

    Maggie DeWaard2 日 前

    that guy is so funny. ."you could be asian, but you could also just have bangs." WHAT. i spit out my coffee. also the white girl saying "muslim".... heh?! LAST thing, all the women in this are so fcking beautiful it's unreal.

  38. Andres Gonzalez

    Andres Gonzalez2 日 前

    What’s that half Korean/ half Kenyan girls @?

  39. Anuradha Biswas

    Anuradha Biswas2 日 前

    Weird but i guessed the bengali girl right may be because I am bengali tooo... Bengali girls are known for perfect natural lash, hair and waist curves....

  40. 2020

    20202 日 前

    That beautiful Punjabi girl !

  41. Maya Smith

    Maya Smith2 日 前

    Am blasian black & Japanese. People stare & whisper & try to guess my race frequently lol

  42. A fucking leaf

    A fucking leaf2 日 前

    "Regular old white dude" Okay, so if we said regular old black woman... that wouldnt be okay. It is okay to accept that white is as diverse as black.

  43. AlaskanChicka907

    AlaskanChicka9072 日 前

    Whoa I was not expecting a to see a athabascan on here! Way to go cut for including Alaska native people on here!

  44. XFishstickX1

    XFishstickX12 日 前

    No one: Absolutely no one: The half Chinese guy: your half! Take it or leave it

  45. Kathleen Totten

    Kathleen Totten2 日 前

    I know a girl who’s half Irish and half Korean, she has green eyes, red hair and pale skin.

  46. Kathleen Totten

    Kathleen Totten2 日 前

    I’m adopted too, and I don’t want to know who my birth parents are. I am very happy with my life and everyone in it rn, it would change everything.

  47. Kathleen Totten

    Kathleen Totten2 日 前

    “My dad is white, my mom is from China” This is what my fritura son is gonna say!

  48. ann fernandez

    ann fernandez2 日 前

    the dude with the white dad and the chinese mom same

  49. nicole marie

    nicole marie2 日 前

    This half asian guy just assumes everyone is part asian.

  50. Lara Areiqat

    Lara Areiqat2 日 前

    when she said "Muslim" as an ethnicity 😐😂

  51. INTL Bosslady

    INTL Bosslady2 日 前

    Love this omg! Get asked what I am all the time!

  52. Ir Yackelyn Vasquez

    Ir Yackelyn Vasquez2 日 前

    Why did that one girl keep thinking that having some different or sorta curly hair associated with people black have they not seen Irish gingers or the movie brave

  53. Shakaliah Elisha

    Shakaliah Elisha2 日 前

    Muslim isn’t an ethnicity and did she just say Asian eyes I’m crying she’s wild af😂

  54. Paulo Victor

    Paulo Victor2 日 前

    As a Brazilian I find kind strange this designations "Im Half something and half something", here in brazil almost everybody is mixed, white people have black blood , and black people have white blood too, black and white here is just the color of the skin, not the ancestry, and it doesnt matter that much the color here as in the US

  55. Idk_Im_Ok

    Idk_Im_Ok2 日 前

    Logic definitely does say the n word in his raps

  56. Jordan J

    Jordan J2 日 前

    why the half Asian guy got so many friends like jeez

  57. Jordan J

    Jordan J2 日 前


  58. Victoria Emmanuel

    Victoria Emmanuel2 日 前

    Did sis in purple really say "Muslim" as an ethnicity? smh

  59. Vera Correia

    Vera Correia2 日 前

    Possible the most racist video I have ever seen!! However not many white people one it so I guess it's ok 🤮🤮

  60. Secundino Arias

    Secundino Arias2 日 前

    Finally some guatemalan representation