Gucci Mane - Truth (Official Music Video)


  1. Gucci Mane

    Gucci Mane5 日 前

    I Am My Only Competition

  2. Showbiz Gwoponese

    Showbiz Gwoponese2 時間 前


  3. Ishaw Mcfail

    Ishaw Mcfail4 時間 前

    🗣️ he hit dem with dis on verzus ... I was like 😲 🖕🏾 🙅🏾‍♂️ ( gucci voice?. do u caught my druff)

  4. Ishaw Mcfail

    Ishaw Mcfail4 時間 前

    🗣️ oh yeah... Ima legend 💯💯💯

  5. Josh Bruce

    Josh Bruce6 時間 前

    Best out

  6. The Observant One

    The Observant One6 時間 前

    @gucci mane Wizop what's up my boy! This Juan Gee from N. Carolina! Holla at me cause I'm back nie 👊🏿💯👍🏿✌🏿💯💯💯💯

  7. jody McCoy

    jody McCoy19 分 前

    Crazy how they will always put biggie n Tupac beefing that killed them but then say Orlando did it because he got jumped smh . They was both hits period .

  8. jey Boudine-Mervillon

    jey Boudine-Mervillon24 分 前

    Shiit this song made me lose 30 pound

  9. Mark Ford

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  10. Mark Ford

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  11. Mark Ford

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  12. Melly's world btchs

    Melly's world btchs時間 前

    Why he got it Uploaded and some of yall this aint no dummies

  13. Tennessee Larry

    Tennessee Larry時間 前

    This nigga re dropped the song under his name...smh..this dude is savage lol

  14. Ks s

    Ks s時間 前

    Gucci is gay

  15. huttio srreu

    huttio srreu時間 前

    Respect 🙌🏼

  16. YouTube Jay Skreetz It’s Nothing

    YouTube Jay Skreetz It’s Nothing2 時間 前

    JPreporter Jay Skreetz it’s Nothing 🔥

  17. huttio srreu

    huttio srreu時間 前

    This is dumb.

  18. s b

    s b2 時間 前

    Big Guwop

  19. Kane

    Kane2 時間 前

    The first time I heard this diss.... chills man. Chills

  20. Mike Salazar

    Mike Salazar2 時間 前

    Uploaded 5 days ago? This song atleast a year, yall niggas late.. And dont forget the fact that jeezy tried ending this mans life, aint no getting over that.

  21. 99 Overall Inc.

    99 Overall Inc.2 時間 前

  22. clothingAndAccessoriesDeaigner ebonybbwbozz

    clothingAndAccessoriesDeaigner ebonybbwbozz2 時間 前

    Gucci a clone

  23. Marlon Hoilett

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  24. Grandmaster Grandmaster

    Grandmaster Grandmaster3 時間 前

    These are the old Gucci man⚔️⚰️

  25. GLEE 1800 716

    GLEE 1800 7163 時間 前

    Wish we had this Gucci still 🤦‍♂️ his new shit whack

  26. suudani

    suudani3 時間 前

    Dig yo partner up he can’t say shiiit!

  27. Cpx3

    Cpx33 時間 前

    This some Gangster shxt .

  28. Roman Smith

    Roman Smith4 時間 前

    Jeezy better be happy it wasn't this Gucci he went up against!!!

  29. Rekia Shia

    Rekia Shia4 時間 前


  30. Travis Jackson

    Travis Jackson4 時間 前

    1. Gucci Mane - The Truth 2. Ice Cube - No Vaseline 3. 2Pac - Hit 'em Up 4. 50 Cent - Back Down 5. Young Jeezy - Stay Strapped

  31. Jwebb0230

    Jwebb02304 時間 前

    This is dumb.

  32. SeanMics

    SeanMics4 時間 前

    Respect 🙌🏼

  33. Brandon Delbert

    Brandon Delbert4 時間 前

    TRUTH: after the verse battle the next day at work a dude at work commented and said I couldnt of been jeezy me and that n!&&@ gucci would of been fighting he wouldve had to kill me after playing truth. 🤔🤨 bruh you do know gucci killed the last n!&&@ that tried to run up on him the wrong way right?????🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️🙅‍♂️

  34. Bermy Kingz

    Bermy Kingz4 時間 前

    This might be the hardest diss track

  35. J C

    J C5 時間 前

    This is an old song tho

  36. Mr Kmm

    Mr Kmm5 時間 前

    If you ain’t a boss player you a hater or you minding your business in the neutral zone now after this battle everybody gone know who they is

  37. Mr Kmm

    Mr Kmm5 時間 前

    Playa fly crowning me song it’s back on track in the world now let’s get get get it like shawty lo said and game still recognize game

  38. Mr Kmm

    Mr Kmm5 時間 前

    This gone straighten the new faces out to let them know they in the game of life and the world they thought was real is a fantasy because ain’t no playing with the game of life so if you not in get out the way like slim diamond said

  39. Irving Salas

    Irving Salas5 時間 前

    This def has more than 1.6 mill views NOW

  40. BigSavv Thirty4

    BigSavv Thirty45 時間 前

  41. Romario G

    Romario G5 時間 前

    Did this ngga gucci re upload the track

  42. Bando Official

    Bando Official5 時間 前

    This is Straight Classic Shit the real TrapGod

  43. Jj Lee

    Jj Lee6 時間 前

    Gucci you taking the piss LMAO

  44. roll roll

    roll roll6 時間 前

    We smokin on pookie loc tonight I put that nigga In da dirt schoowop it's down paper down paper ong🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  45. Josh Bruce

    Josh Bruce6 時間 前

    Best out

  46. Tra Crumpler

    Tra Crumpler6 時間 前

    Hands down one of the best diss records of all time

  47. Josh Bruce

    Josh Bruce6 時間 前

    Best out

  48. Ryan Bradbury

    Ryan Bradbury7 時間 前

    “I know it’s hard for you to sleep known you killed yo home boy. You left his son to be a bastard won’t even raise your own boy.”

  49. Josh Bruce

    Josh Bruce6 時間 前

    Best out

  50. Lisimba Keyes

    Lisimba Keyes7 時間 前

    That shit is garbage...

  51. Josh Bruce

    Josh Bruce6 時間 前

    Best out

  52. M.A.E. Productions

    M.A.E. Productions7 時間 前

    Tbh guwop killed jezzy with just this song alone

  53. Josh Bruce

    Josh Bruce6 時間 前

    Best out

  54. Flint j

    Flint j7 時間 前


  55. Josh Bruce

    Josh Bruce6 時間 前

    Best out

  56. Yeni Fleitas

    Yeni Fleitas7 時間 前


  57. Josh Bruce

    Josh Bruce6 時間 前

    Best out

  58. TLHH 3101 E

    TLHH 3101 E7 時間 前

    GUCCI MANE THE TRUTH 2!!! The Hype Magazine My HipHop Life Rap Music Promo HipHop Fight Club New York Underground Radio Super Star Central Rap Head Hood Illustrated Rap or Die Beats and Bars That Other Ish 🤴🏿🌹

  59. _ dbrendon

    _ dbrendon8 時間 前

    Brasil 🇧🇷

  60. J Rock Jones

    J Rock Jones8 時間 前

    I jus knew somebody was gone jump ..but

  61. Dillon Radcliffe

    Dillon Radcliffe8 時間 前

    JEEZY took that dub

  62. Hot Boy Ziggy

    Hot Boy Ziggy8 時間 前


  63. Chief Guwop

    Chief Guwop8 時間 前

    This the real gucci

  64. M W

    M W8 時間 前 I

  65. Baby Ward The 4th

    Baby Ward The 4th8 時間 前

    Fat Gucci mane>>>>>>>> skinny Gucci

  66. Vee Dill

    Vee Dill8 時間 前

    Hey Gucci. Make a remix to ya old sold the kitchen

  67. Tony Jackson

    Tony Jackson8 時間 前

    Mane re-uploaded the Junt 😭

  68. Tyrone Jackson

    Tyrone Jackson8 時間 前

    Tbh this Gucci mane scares me

  69. Holy

    Holy9 時間 前

    Clout chasing hard.

  70. WhyRunNow_-

    WhyRunNow_-9 時間 前

    aint nothing retarted bout gucci but this gold rolex !!

  71. Monta Wiley

    Monta Wiley9 時間 前

    I tell you what - jeezy


    GREEK BOY9 時間 前

    G U W O P 7 4 5 B A B Y


    ZOETIFIED9 時間 前

    Damn Gucci was never to 🤬 F with 🥶

  74. Baby J

    Baby J9 時間 前

    This nigga took it there



    Right now in Madrid banging it hard

  76. D G

    D G9 時間 前

    Well someone's gettin smoked!!!

  77. Soinas Doyi

    Soinas Doyi9 時間 前

    The real Gucci just hacked the Account to let everyone know he's still alive

  78. Brandon Delbert

    Brandon Delbert4 時間 前


  79. K.0 Built

    K.0 Built10 時間 前

    Where waka at tho

  80. Chris Bell

    Chris Bell10 時間 前

    BIGG facts ❤️

  81. Soinas Doyi

    Soinas Doyi9 時間 前

    Lil flip will smash Gucci

  82. Faraji Dat

    Faraji Dat10 時間 前

    Gucci opened a bandaid that night 😂😂😂

  83. William Parks

    William Parks10 時間 前

    Never play Truth or Dare with Gucci. 😬😬

  84. Driq G

    Driq G10 時間 前

    Only OG gucci fans who knew about this before the versus can like this💯

  85. Deezy Baby 260

    Deezy Baby 26010 時間 前


  86. John Dough

    John Dough10 時間 前

    he had to release it again 😂

  87. Eric DeLaCerda

    Eric DeLaCerda11 時間 前

    Real talk i miss this Gucci. RIP. Free Brick Squad1017

  88. Alabama 101 Alabama 101

    Alabama 101 Alabama 10111 時間 前

    I'm from bama about 110 miles from the Atl . tell u what you don't have to come to the big city to be real fuck wit any country boy and you will get it

  89. Blaze The Writeous

    Blaze The Writeous11 時間 前

  90. Young Flair

    Young Flair11 時間 前

    The new Gucci don’t even look like this man right here this the real Gucci the Gucci now is not real

  91. Ashley M

    Ashley M11 時間 前

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  92. BrandNew

    BrandNew11 時間 前

    Hard. As. Nails💯

  93. The Rebellion

    The Rebellion12 時間 前

    Real Guwop... fuc clones

  94. Luckideadbou Channel

    Luckideadbou Channel12 時間 前


  95. KD'sRaggedy HeadPiece

    KD'sRaggedy HeadPiece12 時間 前

    😭😭😭😭 Gucci reupload it

  96. Herbert Romero

    Herbert Romero12 時間 前

    Lil flip will smash Gucci

  97. ShawnMcCray

    ShawnMcCray12 時間 前

    Total game changer during #Verzuz


    L.A DA GEM [ELL-AYE-DA-GEM]12 時間 前

    LYRICS: [Intro] Ha It's Gucci Suckers keep on downing me They know they should be crowning me Hahaha Yo It's Guwop Just counting paper (Just counting paper) We're just counting the days, huh [Verse 1] 80 chains going and ain't took one yet (Burr) Ain't nothin' retarded 'bout Gucci but this gold Rolex (Huh) A ten thousand dollar bounty put on my neck (Burr) I hope you didn't pay them, 'cause they didn't have no success (Nope) You seen my interview, nigga, and you got upset (R-I-P) I seen your interview too, you looked oh-so-stressed I think the nigga just mad 'cause I fucked his ex (Mwah) And I'm a big dog, he got the lil' boy complex Go dig your partner up, nigga, bet he can't say shit And if you looking for the kid, I'll be in Zone 6 (Gucci) I hit a birthday party fresh, you and your homeboy, Tip I know y'all seen me over there with that black four-fif' I bought a Bentley Mulsanne, it look just like Tip’s But I never went platinum-do you catch my drift? (Skrrr!) I never let a nigga do me like Tip did Flip (It's Gucci) This the same shit that got Big and 2Pac killed, it's Gucci STREAM MY MUSIC VIDEO 💎💎💎 LIKE|COMMENT|SUBBBB. [Interlude] Haha Okay For the record, this is not a diss record Just the truth It's Gucci, the living legend Oh, yeah I'm a legend Living legend, nigga Respect that (Gucci) Check! [Verse 2] I ain't playing with you, I ain't trying to dance with you (Fuck you) I ain't using hands, let them rubberbands get you (Get 'em) It take money to go to war, and we can go to war, nigga (Get 'em) I ain't no real rapper, I'm a fucking gravedigger (Ha) I'm a old-school fool, don't make me show my age, nigga Grab a Louisville and turn it to a batting cage, nigga I did a song with Keyshia Cole, and I know you still miss her (Yeah) But Puff was fucking her while you was falling in love with her (Wow) Call you to do a song, wouldn't even smoke no bud with you (Haha) I was screaming "So Icey" and was a neighborhood nigga (Burr) This AR is my backup 'cause I don't need nann nigga Must didn't hear when Flocka said, "Let them guns blam, nigga!" (Bow, bow) Used to drive to Birmingham with a lot of grams, nigga (Skrr!) I'm just who I am, nigga, but I ain't sparing nann nigga I know it's hard for you to sleep knowing you killed your homeboy You left his son to be a bastard, won't even raise your own boy (Gucci) STREAM MY MUSIC VIDEO 💎💎💎 LIKE|COMMENT|SUBBBB.

  99. 4 ReaLa

    4 ReaLa12 時間 前


  100. The Jozabad Podcast

    The Jozabad Podcast12 時間 前

  101. Sloppy Joe Entertainment

    Sloppy Joe Entertainment12 時間 前

    For my record, this is not a diss record. THIS DA TROOF

  102. Chuck 9Deez

    Chuck 9Deez13 時間 前

    This the same that had big and Tupac killed let’s thank god it didn’t turn out that way for both of these dudes

  103. cheikh mor gueye

    cheikh mor gueye13 時間 前

    Old Gucci i know

  104. Galactic Kief

    Galactic Kief13 時間 前

    So we’re just going to ignore the keiysha Cole comment ?? Shawty was getting raw dogged ahaha no diss juss the truth

  105. N Dee Clear Publishing LLC U.T.A

    N Dee Clear Publishing LLC U.T.A13 時間 前


  106. A U

    A U13 時間 前


  107. Firelover #1

    Firelover #113 時間 前

    Types in young jeezy and ended up listening to Gucci lol

  108. Mill Bill

    Mill Bill13 時間 前

    The same people who said Jeezy won that battle are the same ones who voted for trump 😂

  109. Heat Pete

    Heat Pete14 時間 前

    Just lettin ya'll know there a new hybrid strain out called "Pooka" it's a cross between Pookie and Tooka 💨🔥💯

  110. Brutha Ron

    Brutha Ron14 時間 前

    pooka pack lmao

  111. FrontStreet Hitta

    FrontStreet Hitta14 時間 前


  112. Dynasty Kingdom

    Dynasty Kingdom14 時間 前

    R.I.P real Gucci

  113. Patrice Jenkins

    Patrice Jenkins14 時間 前

    You downing me but you know you will be crowning me!# Versuz😂😂.

  114. J-Milli Beatz

    J-Milli Beatz14 時間 前


  115. BabyGurl Cole

    BabyGurl Cole14 時間 前

    Damn whole damn south war coming up next

  116. THE BAYO

    THE BAYO15 時間 前

    this go hard asf

  117. Issac_cogna

    Issac_cogna15 時間 前

    This straight 🔥🔥 Gucci mane always got the hardest beats

  118. Dylan Rich

    Dylan Rich15 時間 前

    Gucci a product of jeezy, lil jon, pastor Troy. Gucci aint start no fuckin movement he was just there. All yall sayin that shit either aint from georgia or you too young to even speak on it.