'Guardian Angel' Revealed: Crash Survivor Meets Mystery Priest Rev. Patrick Dowling


  1. Kisha Lray

    Kisha Lrayヶ月 前

    he is a man, not an angel. a man who needs to obey all Jesus commands to enter Heaven. all thanks and praises go to GOD Almighty only!!

  2. Jessica B

    Jessica Bヶ月 前

    I don't think it's the same guy.i think this guy claims it was him because he thought he was going to receive some type of reward for coming forward.sketch looks nothing like the priest.

  3. Killer Queen

    Killer Queen2 ヶ月 前

    I am not religious but dang, he seems like an actually god

  4. Monica Lopez

    Monica Lopez3 ヶ月 前

    Oh bruuuuther! Ummm no he is not an angel!🙄

  5. Daniel Shrigley

    Daniel Shrigley6 ヶ月 前

    Angels typically come to us as strangers. They come to us without us knowing that was an angel until after they performed their miracles. Angels are spiritual beings, they can take human form or remain in their spiritual form because they have a spiritual body. Typically Angels come to us in dreams when we sleep or as visions when we are awake. All methods are valid ways sanctioned by God. Angels have no gender they don’t have the need for gender as they don’t have a reproductive function. They can take form of whatever gender they desire to be perceived as or what’s needed to fulfill the needs God tasks them to accomplish. There are different types of angels such as healing angels and warriors angels. There are even angels that carry trumpets and control the commands by God. We never pray to an angel or call them Lord. Jesus is our lord, angels are servants to God. When you go to heaven you will hold a special place with God, that Angels will cherish for you. You lived the test of life and successfully earned your place in heaven. Angels never suffered the tests Humans have.

  6. MrGallan50

    MrGallan506 ヶ月 前

    more questions than answers

  7. Ladycarpenter

    Ladycarpenter8 ヶ月 前

    Bless your heart 💙

  8. Debra Buford

    Debra Buford8 ヶ月 前

    God will show up right on Time For you AMEN

  9. Clifton Rodgers

    Clifton Rodgers9 ヶ月 前

    More morons believer

  10. Dave BB

    Dave BB11 ヶ月 前

    What do you call a guy who never works a day in his life , doesn’t pay rent or taxes and lives off other peoples money ???? No , not a homeless bum ,, A priest !

  11. Lalo Lariz

    Lalo Lariz年 前

    I'm sorry but I really hope he's not just taking credit for something he didn't really do. That would be a dick move but hey it's cool karma is a B. Plus Jesus Christ knows and sees all so even if it wasn't him when he dies he has some explaining to do..🤔

  12. Robert Severson

    Robert Severson年 前

    Yeah he appears out of cornfield then disappears without driving away

  13. Greg Matanjun

    Greg Matanjun年 前

    This priest bi-located, a common ability among saintly people. Which was also why they could not photograph him then.

  14. millieo

    millieo年 前

    He was in that spot, exactly where he needed to be, exactly when he needed to be there. That is a miracle.

  15. DT.Bích Nga

    DT.Bích Nga年 前

    .I've dreamt him

  16. J Mac

    J Mac年 前

    If you crash it, he will come (Im sorry its the corn field and its just too easy, glad shes ok and could his accent be anymore perfect and adorable?)

  17. Jade Welch

    Jade Welch年 前

    But how did he disappear from all the photos that were taken? Or disappear from the scene so fast without no one noticing?

  18. Meanah Brown

    Meanah Brown年 前

    He's got great skin, idk why that's the first thing I notice!

  19. Killswitch Kitty13

    Killswitch Kitty13年 前

    What an amazing story. I thank God for his complete healing for Katie. ALL things are possible through Christ. What an amazing man, doing equally amazing work! I love that he’s so humble as well, you can tell that he’s ill at ease with the attention, and doesn’t see himself as heroic for doing God’s work. Truly a “Humble Servant of Christ”. Father Dowling was not the only “Angel” on the road that day though, every one of those first responders were as well. The efforts, hard work, and determination of everyone on the scene, and Katie’s faith in those responders and The Lord, truly show the beautiful outcomes that are possible when Man and Christ come together for a single purpose. It’s inspiring to say the least. 🤗

  20. dumbo7429

    dumbo7429年 前

    He had to rush to rape a child.



    the artists sketch looks nothing like the priest who came forward. hmmmmmm

  22. sherry a

    sherry a年 前


  23. Shadowof 115

    Shadowof 115年 前

    Oml! Thats my church! I know that priest! Hes done a few masses at our church! Wow... Out of all the things iv watched on youtube id never thought id see something so close to home!

  24. rb26 Does Everything

    rb26 Does Everything年 前

    The Drunk Driver Was Probably Arrested For DUI

  25. The Hacks-By-Jack Channel

    The Hacks-By-Jack Channel2 年 前

    It's a miracle she didn't die on impact. That was one nasty wreck.

  26. Mr. CU NT

    Mr. CU NT2 年 前

    This guy prob wasn't even there lol

  27. Ryan Steele

    Ryan Steele2 年 前

    Every since I've seen this or first heard about this guy claiming he was that priest I've had a feeling it was a lie. That it wasn't him but someone else and this guy is just taking credit for it. idk though. I could be wrong.

  28. Cat Lady

    Cat Lady3 年 前

    I am so glad that this man came out and revealed his true identity. Guardian Angels do not exist!!!

  29. crystal woodson

    crystal woodson3 年 前

    Think about it..a accident that bad!!!and she survived ,definently not normal!!,thats obviously god!!!!

  30. GOrDoN ReMseY

    GOrDoN ReMseY3 年 前

    Is he Irish? :D I'm Irish

  31. Stanley Lucas

    Stanley Lucas3 年 前

    People may mock the Catholic Church for all it's Virgin Mary stuff but the one thing about the Catholic Church is that they just don't accept any odd thing as a miracle as Protestants are prone to do.. The Catholic Church conducts an intensive, hard-nosed investigation before they declare anything to be a miracle. I was the personal recipient of belief by my Protestant church that a miracle had occurred with me when it had not. i wouldn't wish that amount of kookiness and craziness on anybody.

  32. Shadowof 115

    Shadowof 115年 前

    Stanley Lucas i agree. I am Catholic. Have been since i was about 5 or 6. I personally know this priest as well as that is my church in my home town in one of the pictures hes in. I may not believe in everything the catholic religion is but i can say that true priests like him do what they do for others! He has been a blessing at every mass he has provided for our parish and now i have something else to look up to him for!

  33. Matt D

    Matt D3 年 前

    I believe in Miracles and that they can happen. But this 1 didn't explain anything. Where he came from, if other's recognized him at all from seeing him by claiming that he was there. Grateful that the girl survived but the story doesn't add up to me and I believe in Miracles!

  34. Matt D

    Matt D3 年 前

    Stacy Jarman even the sketch that was drawn up from these people are saying he looks like doesn't look like him. This Church he came from must have been right in the cornfield, because he didn't drive up in anything. He doesn't even explain where he came from or where he went to when they said he just appeared and disappeared. But, what ever! Lol

  35. Stacy Jarman

    Stacy Jarman3 年 前

    Matt D I agree. There's no information here and it doesn't add up... looks like a guy trying to get on TV to me. no explaination at all.

  36. Joanne Bilodeau

    Joanne Bilodeau3 年 前

    Huh ?? He looks nothing like the composite sketch and he doesn't explain where he came from, nor how he left the scene without detection. Did the first responders recognize him ? Not very good reporting on this one ABC. 😞

  37. sqlblindman

    sqlblindman4 年 前

    The priest didn't do anything but get in the way.

  38. Bruce Lindman

    Bruce Lindman3 年 前

    No, he just got in the way of professionals who were doing their jobs with the training they received and the technology available.

  39. carolinafan2016

    carolinafan20163 年 前

    please shut up

  40. jay-r ledesma

    jay-r ledesma3 年 前

    when he got in the way, everyone became calm which helped somehow ease the tension with the people on the crash site...

  41. MartinB

    MartinB3 年 前

    This is the heart of in atheist. This world will be a cold one soon.

  42. sqlblindman

    sqlblindman4 年 前

    Seems the angels were the neighboring fire department with better equipment. They're the ones that saved her. Let's all stop and give thanks to an organized government comprised of compassionate citizens using the latest technology created by science. That's the real story here.

  43. Joyful Noise

    Joyful Noise年 前

    sqlblindman ....It's a miracle because there was no cell service on the highway in the area where they were. Ok, and who do you suppose called for a second fire truck with better tools? Those men worked hard and saved that girl, but without the power of God, their efforts alone would have been useless. All the tools were broken, and there was no cell Service. The priest arrived and calmed everyone down. He told them more help was coming with better tools. The first responders didn't even know about the new truck coming. Don't you see? The miracle is because none of the first responders had called for a second truck. That's not to denounce the heroic work of all the responders! Prayers alone do not save! We have to pray AND take action! The priest prayed while the responders did the manpower!

  44. sqlblindman

    sqlblindman3 年 前

    @MartinB I don't have to judge the scene to remove god from the story, because god wasn't at the scene. You're trying to insert god into it.

  45. Cat Lady

    Cat Lady3 年 前

    MartinB And I guess God only loves some people since thousands of humans die every single day in different accidents, illnesses, violent crimes etc etc

  46. MartinB

    MartinB3 年 前

    And if she died in the car accident you would say there is no god if there was why would he take innocent young girl's life. ether way you will judge the scene in order to remove god from the story. Since the firefighters themselves feel some kind of miracle took place in that kind of crash maybe you should give god some credit for sending a priest to make them feel comfort and calm and there is still a chance for her survival.

  47. J-Stilt 9

    J-Stilt 94 年 前

    So why didn't he explain how he was there in the first place? Did ABC not think to ask that simple question that's on everyone's mind? Who knows... it's funny how every time they say "It was like he appeared out of thin air!" they keep showing the shot of the cornfield lol.. That must be where he lives. Poor guy!

  48. Dr Scolopmpeyo

    Dr Scolopmpeyo5 ヶ月 前

    J-Stilt 9 he was in the jam of cars behind the accident when he noticed the accident in front of him.

  49. David Quezada

    David Quezada4 年 前

    well he boosters their morale to help her so I assume he helped but they should show more support for the people who actually pulled her out. is all.

  50. D Smith

    D Smith4 年 前

    God Bless you Reverend Dowling. You are a Guardian Angel

  51. John angel Guitarist

    John angel Guitarist4 年 前

    To understand this, you need to read the Gospels. If you don't, you will never understand.

  52. highlander

    highlander年 前

    Absolutely agree with you.

  53. 12dollarsand78cents

    12dollarsand78cents4 年 前


  54. Leon Lively

    Leon Lively4 年 前

    The question remains...was it a chance encounter or did the priest ease her mind at the prodding of God?

  55. Joshua19

    Joshua194 年 前

    The Priest was just doing what he's supposed to do. Did his prayers and blessing the woman help? yes that's what they are supposed to do, did an angel descend from heaven and pull her out of car? no, did she just appear outside of the car by means outside of the physical laws that govern the universe? No. Firefighters arrived there with the proper equipment to get her out. I think American Protestants are so quit to deem fufilled normal processes be it prayer or physical means as miraculous that they've really dumbed down what a miracle is. Certainly it was God's will that she got out by normal means and the prayers helped things workout but still that's not a miracle. It does shows the effectiveness of prayer. Also the Priest is not a Angel, angels are pure spiritual beings very different than physical beings such as ourselves. The Priest was just doing unto the Glory of God what he's suppose to do as a priest.

  56. James C

    James C4 年 前

    A nationwide call for 15 minutes of fame, hmm....of course this must be him....

  57. Bill Moore

    Bill Moore4 年 前

    For those that don't believe, no explanation will ever suffice. For the true believers, no explanation is needed. ........I believe

  58. Damon Owens

    Damon Owens3 ヶ月 前

    Best statement for all to hear

  59. Silent_MajorityUSAF 88

    Silent_MajorityUSAF 883 ヶ月 前

    Me too Bill. Me too

  60. Shadow1234

    Shadow12346 ヶ月 前

    The bibles

  61. Alice Burns

    Alice Burns3 年 前

    Bill Moore AMEN!

  62. sherry a

    sherry a4 年 前

    To whittmann 11: 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😇🙌

  63. lon jon

    lon jon4 年 前

    who ever thinks the priest is a hero is an idiot

  64. Allan Brewster

    Allan Brewster4 年 前

    The Priest did nothing in his own power, but angels hearken to the voice of the word of God to perform it. It was real angels that did the miracle. Hebrews <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="73">1:13</a>-14King James Version (KJV) 13 But to which of the angels said he at any time, Sit on my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool? 14 Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?

  65. R. M

    R. Mヶ月 前

    @Killswitch Kitty13 - I am Catholic and you are correct ( in my opinion/belief) Free will to everyone. Nobody has the right to judge another. Of course; none of us are free from sin. Any religion that pushes an agenda are extremists. Christian or otherwise.

  66. Killswitch Kitty13

    Killswitch Kitty13年 前

    Joshua19 I’m pretty sure that no where in any scripture does it allow for such judgment. I’ve done a lot of religious research in my day, and I’m a Christian. Funny though, in all of the research I’ve done, never have I found a single scripture that allows man to cast judgment on one another. I have read quite a bit of scripture that makes it clear that the only one with the power to judge man is GOD. It’s hard to take someone so judgmental seriously as well. And, since I know how these debates always seem to go, let me say this: no, this is not a comment from me being judgmental to you. I’m not judging you at all in fact. It’s not my place to. I’m only pointing out that since you’re so studious in your Anti-Protestant beliefs, and do not like that some scriptures have been translated in a way that you deem is wrong, then going against God by placing such judgement on another could be considered hypocritical.

  67. Antonina MacNeish

    Antonina MacNeish年 前

    Not all angels are supernatural

  68. Antonina MacNeish

    Antonina MacNeish年 前

    Allan Brewster I agree not not angels are supernatural

  69. Joshua19

    Joshua194 年 前

    Oh hush your protestant bs. No one takes you or your Anglican translation version of a incomplete Canon of scriptures seriously. Due to your over 30,000 denominations of confused heresy your people have caused more ignorance and indifference to God worldwide than an Atheist regime could ever hope to.

  70. 599eXseX

    599eXseX4 年 前

    WOW! he is some kind of sorcerer

  71. natashka1982

    natashka19824 年 前

    Just as my skeptical callous ass was going to start believing in this nonsense, BAM! An update! Sorry, theists, looks like you still believe in nonsense.

  72. Rina Lore

    Rina Lore年 前

    natashka1982-Lock the door but at least leave the windows open. When it's time for you to believe, it will happen when you least expect it. Most of all it will be worth your while holding onto that hope. Trust me... Once, I too didn' believe.

  73. Joyful Noise

    Joyful Noise年 前

    Cindy Pedersen .... Thousands of people die each day because we have corruptible bodies that are fallible and can die, but we are not meant to die all at the same time. Some people die of old age. Other people die at birth, while others die in a plane or car crash, and yet, many people die of disease or murder. There are many ways people die because that's the way our world is, but God says that he has a better world where no one is hurt, sick or dies. It's called Heaven. It's a real place! You can go there one day. God invites us all, through Jesus Christ!

  74. Joyful Noise

    Joyful Noise年 前

    natashka1982 ....It's a miracle because there was no cell service on the highway in the area where they were. Ok, and who do you suppose called for a second fire truck with better tools? Those men worked hard and saved that girl, but without the power of God, their efforts alone would have been useless. All the tools were broken, and there was no cell Service. The priest arrived and calmed everyone down. He told them more help was coming with better tools. The first responders didn't even know about the new truck coming. Don't you see? The miracle is because none of the first responders had called for a second truck. That's not to denounce the heroic work of all the responders! Prayers alone do not save! We have to pray AND take action! The priest prayed while the responders did the manpower!

  75. Cat Lady

    Cat Lady3 年 前

    Sandra L then why do thousands of innocent people die each day?????

  76. J-Stilt 9

    J-Stilt 94 年 前

    +Sandra L It's not nonsense at all... get your head out of your a$$

  77. FPChris

    FPChris4 年 前

    How about thanking the REAL people that got her out.

  78. Greg Matanjun

    Greg Matanjun年 前

    God uses real people to do His work...

  79. HFD Shrimp

    HFD Shrimp年 前

    Joyful Noise god did nothing they could call for an extra truck without a phone it’s called a two way radio and they are on all trucks ya dumb ass.

  80. Joyful Noise

    Joyful Noise年 前

    FPChris ....It's a miracle because there was no cell service on the highway in the area where they were. Ok, and who do you suppose called for a second fire truck with better tools? Those men worked hard and saved that girl, but without the power of God, their efforts alone would have been useless. All the tools were broken, and there was no cell Service. The priest arrived and calmed everyone down. He told them more help was coming with better tools. The first responders didn't even know about the new truck coming. Don't you see? The miracle is because none of the first responders had called for a second truck. That's not to denounce the heroic work of all the responders! Prayers alone do not save! We have to pray AND take action! The priest prayed while the responders did the manpower!

  81. HFD Shrimp

    HFD Shrimp2 年 前

    FPChris he helped and prayers help victims in bad situations

  82. Rat Poison

    Rat Poison3 年 前

    Cindy Pedersen No, it was simply their time. That's life, and those of you who view death as this evil thing have never stopped to think maybe the world we are living is less real then where we go when we die. Look at how fragile life is, look at how beautiful this world is, then realize that this world is all we have and all we will ever know. After you come to that realization, think about this. We experience things with only five known senses, what if the other side, or where we go when we die is a realm in which we sense things completely different. What if it is a place so much more real then what we are in now. You people who choose not to believe in God simply because people suffer amuse me. You nor I know what waits for us on the other side, so why do we always see death as this tragic event. Sure when we die we shed our body, but whose to say we don't wake up on the other side In another form and have new senses and meet new people and live a new different kind of life. Go study near death experiences, the things people experience during them makes them no longer fear death, it changes them forever. Including atheists. Go listen to their testimony

  83. Helena M

    Helena M6 年 前


  84. Joseph Blanche

    Joseph Blanche6 年 前

    Just a great story....no matter how we all kind of hoped to see ...he is a special man for sure....bless him and thank god she is ok

  85. kromking

    kromking6 年 前

    What a very nice story. GOD has blessed the young lady and the priest too!

  86. III-GabeN-III

    III-GabeN-III6 年 前

    Im confused. So he was the only one with a mobile and dialed 999 . Or had the quick revive like jesus had :P

  87. wanful50

    wanful506 年 前

    Either the people that saw this person were near sighted, or they were delirious when they saw the sketched man. Makes me question?

  88. Quinn

    Quinn6 年 前

    lol ok

  89. Cris vegas

    Cris vegas6 年 前

    . 5.I also have every penny he ever tossed at me when he was still with us! Katie has a special Angel too. Always believe

  90. Cris vegas

    Cris vegas6 年 前

    4.Fortunately no one was injured too badly other than a few bumps and bruises. I believe my friend is my Guardian Angel. I have a jar full of pennies I have found since he passed and I wonder how many near misses

  91. my pic

    my pic6 年 前

    Ask and receive.expect it and in more abundance ,watch for more praise reports on this and future of believing .P.T.L.

  92. Cris vegas

    Cris vegas6 年 前

    2. I went to see if someone was hiding...just in case...but all I found was a bright shiny brand new dime! I of course picked it up and went on my way, only to witness a car crash right where I would have been pulling out and would have been hit on the driver's side

  93. Cris vegas

    Cris vegas6 年 前

    1:I had a friend who used to throw pennies at me to distract me or get my attention. He was KIA on duty with the police department we worked at. Pennies started showing up, shortly after, in the oddest places. One time I was leaving a store when I heard a coin drop out of nowhere. No one was there but me and the cashier

  94. Cris vegas

    Cris vegas6 年 前

    think it's odd that he's not in any of the more than 70 pictures taken at the scene when he clearly just walked up as you say? I'm not saying he flew in on wings of angels, I'm just saying it's odd that he just showed up and wasn't seen coming or going. All involved, you know, the people that were actually there, not just reading the article, felt something strange. Some of them even said (or at least implied) that he was actually an angel.

  95. BootyTaster

    BootyTaster6 年 前


  96. David Mcd

    David Mcd6 年 前

    Yeah. They never shut up about it! Atheists are the biggest hypocrites.

  97. Remnant Soldier

    Remnant Soldier6 年 前


  98. silver117atg

    silver117atg6 年 前

    Lmfao stuff like this is why i always have good laugh.

  99. billyc2010

    billyc20106 年 前

    No it wasn't the prayer. It was the rescue people.

  100. supery2jay

    supery2jay6 年 前

    Lol at all the butt hurt comments below who actually wanted to believe it was a angel and wanted to give credit to magic mumbo instead of the actual fire fighters and medics. The preist even went to see her again and she didn't say "its not u" lol. Just another dy of ppl claiming in miracles and magic only to later find out its just plain old man as always. Nothing new here lol.

  101. supery2jay

    supery2jay6 年 前

    No lol it was the medics and fire department and the ppl who air lifter her to the hospital. Why is this not the turn out u wanted??????

  102. supery2jay

    supery2jay6 年 前

    Nice lol regular ol joe no angel as I stated in previous video. Welcome to the real world and in the future plz don't make a az out of yourself believing in hocus pocus and magic lol.

  103. Joseph Blanche

    Joseph Blanche6 年 前

    Its not the turn out I would want because we all need something to look up....but at the end it was prayer that once helped her come out of it....good story bless them

  104. Billy Brighton

    Billy Brighton6 年 前

    God Bless That Man.


    KITTYARR6 年 前

    JPreporter comments are really bad.... :/ sad

  106. LA_Jordan

    LA_Jordan6 年 前

    nope, not just you :)

  107. Quinn

    Quinn6 年 前

    I hardly disagree with you. This world is a terrible place. And how you can think a good god is in charge of it is beyond me.

  108. Renato Reinisch de Azevedo

    Renato Reinisch de Azevedo6 年 前

    Shut up you non believers stop hatin

  109. wolverine

    wolverine6 年 前

    well its good that he helped and all but the fact that he "revealed" himself is for him wanting to appear on tv, maybe its not him but he should not have revealed himself, it should have been left for people to wonder if its an act of god or not, the fact that he's a priest doesn't mean shit to me because he did reveal himself didn't he and why would one do that if not for self satisfaction and claiming the credit

  110. Anti Hypocrite

    Anti Hypocrite6 年 前

    Just some religious fanatics making up a cockamamie story disliked the one of the virgin birth by having the child that was conceived by another man and not her husband . She has had a lady luck on our side.

  111. Faustaao

    Faustaao6 年 前

    If that was the guy, despite the sketch not matching, then a human helped another human. How is this supernatural?

  112. MirroTea

    MirroTea6 年 前

    God bless n_n