GTA V Online Which is Best Specialized car | Deluxo, Vigilante, Scramjet, Ruiner, Stromburg, etc


  1. Rozan Ibnu Muammar

    Rozan Ibnu Muammar12 分 前

    Why GTA right now become The World War III Mad Max from the back of the dark knight of the future game?

  2. Bryce Ellenberger

    Bryce Ellenberger時間 前

    But he forgot to say you can bring the vigalintie on heists and ut has faster boost recharge and has the best rocket tracking in the game

  3. The1xTrip Murillo

    The1xTrip Murillo2 時間 前

    I personally love the deluxo because flying is just way easier to get around places and it’s very smooth in my opinion. It also has weapons on it just like the others

  4. Szymon Sz

    Szymon Sz5 時間 前

    Ruiner 2000

  5. Petra Wiesmayr

    Petra Wiesmayr12 時間 前

    Van you say Waths the Song name

  6. Jowl

    Jowl19 時間 前

    Where's the ardent? Lol

  7. Mister Mister

    Mister Mister22 時間 前

    I have a feeling he could've used some more missiles

  8. gopnik kasarj

    gopnik kasarj日 前

    I vote opressor

  9. GavinX24

    GavinX24日 前

    I don’t really like this guy because he favorites cars and makes some not start at the same time or makes some go slower like sometimes you don’t hear some of the acceleration

  10. O'Ren Ishii

    O'Ren Ishii日 前

    the deluxo get ti in gta 5

  11. Noah Kneisley

    Noah Kneisley日 前


  12. mrwicked7

    mrwicked7日 前

    I already own a fully weaponized deluxo and Vigilante and recently purchased the ruiner 2000 but I'm still trying to figure out why it cost the most and seems to have the least to offer. As a Knight Rider fan, I was expecting it to be nearly indestructible like Kitt from the show but it gets banged up easily especially doing jumps.

  13. dit is joel

    dit is joel日 前

    I just love the vigilant

  14. Alfdakai

    Alfdakai日 前

    Scramjet may not be the best but is probably the most fun

  15. Qahtan Hinai

    Qahtan Hinai日 前

    Deluxo is the best

  16. Magatsu

    Magatsu日 前

    _Blessed_ editing skills

  17. Shadow Ninja

    Shadow Ninja日 前

    vigilante is good car for misions in gta 5 online 😀😀

  18. CQG

    CQG日 前

    We can all agree that no one would choose the weaponized tampa over any of these vehicals

  19. John Harkin

    John Harkin日 前

    I have all of these the stromberg is the best in my opinion

  20. wyatt darshay

    wyatt darshay日 前

    What about the ardent?

  21. NCR Trooper

    NCR Trooper日 前

    Opressser sadly

  22. Awarepillow

    Awarepillow日 前

    Deluxo is the beast because it can fly anywhere

  23. Supernova Squad clips

    Supernova Squad clips2 日 前


  24. E -joe

    E -joe2 日 前

    Love ur editing style and how much effort u put into these vids

  25. Hi Taylor

    Hi Taylor2 日 前

    I think scramjet deluxo and vigilante are the winners

  26. Hersongarcia

    Hersongarcia2 日 前

    Vigilante deluxo

  27. Noah YTK

    Noah YTK2 日 前

    When batman fans meet bttf fans

  28. Buddy._.7280

    Buddy._.72802 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="76">1:16</a> dayum I got goosebumps at this part. The beat was sick and made the vigilante look even more badass

  29. Jagdish Poonia

    Jagdish Poonia3 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="239">3:59</a> that's what she said

  30. Bence Kovács

    Bence Kovács3 日 前

    Deluxo has got the fastest rocket in the game. It's faster than a jet! And targets even if youin the top of the car. Deluxo's rocket vs opressor mk2's rocket :)

  31. Cake n Bacon

    Cake n Bacon3 日 前

    that intro was clean

  32. 「3Surs」

    「3Surs」3 日 前

    i like how the durability test is based on oppressor mk2 missiles, cuz that's where most of our problems comes from

  33. Tom Altkrüger

    Tom Altkrüger20 時間 前

    Durability isn't always the way to go. I use my Deluxo against mk2s and am succesfull all the time. If you're wondering how I'm dodging the missiles using advanced techniques.

  34. RagBits

    RagBits3 日 前


  35. FaTe boy carti ///LLJ

    FaTe boy carti ///LLJ3 日 前


  36. Perpetual Liam7002

    Perpetual Liam70023 日 前

    The audio? Anyone notice

  37. ClearMonach

    ClearMonach4 日 前

    Thank you now I knew what to buy You have my subscripsion and like

  38. Nolan Merritt

    Nolan Merritt4 日 前

    stromberg has best intro. no cap

  39. -Slur-

    -Slur-4 日 前

    When not even the poll includes includes the weaponized Tampa

  40. Rypenguin219

    Rypenguin2194 日 前

    Deluxo cuz came from the best movie ever

  41. Robert Shalhoub

    Robert Shalhoub4 日 前

    Scramjet is my favorite

  42. MythicalShots

    MythicalShots4 日 前

    It bugs me that he wrote barriors and stromburg lol

  43. Skiet Noob

    Skiet Noob4 日 前

    Ruiner 2000 takes way more than 1

  44. Marian Csorba

    Marian Csorba4 日 前


  45. Sam Hale

    Sam Hale4 日 前

    The vigilante is amazing it’s completely ravages AI on the road you smash through their cars with no recoil or anything without even getting knocked off track it’s boost makes its so so fast and it has amazing rockets and looks badass with the batmobile tumbler design I own all of them and honestly Vigilante Deluxo Scramjet are all well made vehicles scramjet is amazing with your friends Deluxo is just a flying car with missiles very fun the Stromburg is just tanky many don’t realise because it doesn’t look very tough but it can handle 3 missiles and as you saw it can also return them meaning it can beat most players as they have to hit you 3 times and you only have go fire a rocket once so you will rip apart other specialised vehicles or planes oppressors you name it these are my favourite vehicles in the game full stop

  46. The Epic Show

    The Epic Show4 日 前

    Deluxo bc I'm biased

  47. manne herou

    manne herou4 日 前

    Vote now:i go to vote and than i can't vote on weponized tampa

  48. SD1ONE

    SD1ONE4 日 前

    Well, In few days, It won't matter because youtube is removing the poll feature due to it being "rarely used"

  49. [\^/] 343 Guilty Spark

    [\^/] 343 Guilty Spark4 日 前

    Wish Ruiner 2k had super pursuit mode... im sad they didnt go all in

  50. cheeseball_1738

    cheeseball_17384 日 前

    The production of your videos is always amazing I always like and I’m subscribed

  51. Izayah Perez

    Izayah Perez5 日 前

    Vigilante all the way home

  52. N-Crash56

    N-Crash565 日 前

    Death to aggressive missiles!

  53. PrimyFritzellz

    PrimyFritzellz5 日 前

    Honestly, Deluxo everyday anytime. There is NOTHING the deluxo can't do. It's so versatile in every area, great missiles, medium cannons, can fly, can hover above water, can drive perfectly well offroad and climb mountains. Downsides is only the armor of the car and how well protected you are, but if you are a good driver you'll never or rarely get hit.

  54. K1rillka

    K1rillka5 日 前

    Just like for K.I.T.T

  55. reuben russellwood

    reuben russellwood5 日 前

    Great video however it does not include the ruiners fully loaded abilities

  56. Moonshot Music

    Moonshot Music5 日 前

    Imagine voting for the ruiner, just imagine

  57. Scooty Dooby

    Scooty Dooby2 時間 前

    Don’t get mad that’s you don’t have it if you had it you wouldn’t be commenting this

  58. Gabriel Gustafsson

    Gabriel Gustafsson6 日 前

    Deluxo. Love back to the future

  59. Benjamin Webb

    Benjamin Webb6 日 前

    Should I get the deluxo or vigilante

  60. Benjamin Webb

    Benjamin Webb6 日 前

    Is the vigilante best

  61. Joris Rombout

    Joris Rombout6 日 前

    Rip rocket voltic

  62. Hanif Arham

    Hanif Arham6 日 前

    Scramjet very appealing, gonna buy that

  63. Anuvab Saha

    Anuvab Saha6 日 前

    That Vigilante Destroyed the Contest

  64. FireNinja743

    FireNinja7436 日 前

    Uhh the best of all of them is the OPRESSOR MKII. WOOOWWW

  65. Niah & Joon

    Niah & Joon6 日 前

    Cars. “Aren’t y’all tired of the police Ruiner 2000 let’s destroy them Strongburg lets egnore them Tampa lets drive through them Vigilante lets go the other way Scramjet *Disspears*

  66. Neito Monoma

    Neito Monoma2 日 前

    Deluxo Lets call lester

  67. Simone Cadau

    Simone Cadau7 日 前

    La strombergaaa

  68. Hisham Muhammed

    Hisham Muhammed7 日 前


  69. Jernej & Jaka

    Jernej & Jaka7 日 前

    I won the stromberg on the lucky wheel

  70. Svenja Reuter

    Svenja Reuter7 日 前

    I 've bought the deluxo

  71. Melted Glass

    Melted Glass7 日 前

    *Water test* Tampa- wait wait wait wait

  72. Melted Glass

    Melted Glass7 日 前

    Anyone else realize the most expensive and least expensive are both the worst

  73. Melted Glass

    Melted Glass7 日 前

    Tampa for having armor is TRRAASSHHH

  74. Claim

    Claim7 日 前


  75. יותם פרנקו

    יותם פרנקו7 日 前

    the delaxo is good ?

  76. A R C H I E

    A R C H I E7 日 前

    Mach 5 is faster when airborn and it really is faster than the batmobile

  77. Kalodro Robichaux

    Kalodro Robichaux7 日 前

    The scramjet

  78. Caden Krei

    Caden Krei7 日 前

    The scram jet is the best you should buy it

  79. Grandma Patricia

    Grandma Patricia8 日 前

    Do which can go across the map fastest lmao

  80. Neeklix

    Neeklix8 日 前

    Make some vs races!!!!

  81. Modern Combat

    Modern Combat8 日 前

    The storm berg is great for running from players

  82. mike visser

    mike visser8 日 前

    the intro is BADASS MADE!!! WELL DONE! love it when the delux came in lol

  83. Game Galaxy

    Game Galaxy8 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="437">7:17</a> FinnMcMissle going into underwater

  84. NoSkillZ GAMING [WR]

    NoSkillZ GAMING [WR]8 日 前

    New subscriber