GTA V Online Which is Best Specialized car | Deluxo, Vigilante, Scramjet, Ruiner, Stromburg, etc


  1. SD1ONE

    SD1ONE6 ヶ月 前

    Hi Guys, reply this comment if you want to vote weaponized tampa....i can't include it in poll because there can be only 5 choices

  2. Rio

    Rio5 日 前


  3. XenoVoltage

    XenoVoltage7 日 前


  4. Rainbow Puppy

    Rainbow Puppy11 日 前


  5. Felix W.

    Felix W.17 日 前


  6. James Fiander

    James Fiander19 日 前

    SD1ONE I i like the weaponised Tampa it’s just a fun thing to drive and is very good off-road

  7. Rohit

    Rohit8 時間 前

    Brilliant effort. Hats off and thanks for clearing the picture

  8. Anthony Amadio

    Anthony Amadio20 時間 前


  9. Raj Atnur

    Raj Atnur23 時間 前

    Vilignate is the best

  10. 100.000 Subs no videos

    100.000 Subs no videos日 前

    Gud edit

  11. comandante memes G.E.W.P

    comandante memes G.E.W.P日 前

    I prefer vigifaggio because faggioman reference

  12. mongir 54

    mongir 54日 前

    Cool take off the subbison on you.

  13. Washo-Sama高梨 リッカ

    Washo-Sama高梨 リッカ日 前

    And the Motorcycles? I'm sorry for my English

  14. paneri prateek

    paneri prateek2 日 前

    Forget thier individual beauty and speciality..all it matters in 2019 well could it save ur ass against Oppressor mk 2 griefers

  15. ger mc kenna

    ger mc kenna2 日 前

    Only a bad ruiner driver could fall in the water

  16. Leviathan 1321

    Leviathan 13213 日 前

    This vid is 🔥

  17. 《 Anime Lover 》

    《 Anime Lover 》3 日 前


  18. Alice Yagami

    Alice Yagami4 日 前

    stromberg is more op total underrated

  19. Yoda ZX

    Yoda ZX4 日 前

    The vigilante is the best battering ram The weaponized Tampa is a good combat vehicle The scramjet is the best race car The ruiner 2000 is good at jumping off high places The stromberg belongs to land and sea And the deluxo is a flying car I vote #1 is scramjet, #2 is stromberg, #3 is deluxo, #4 is vigilante, #5 is ruiner 2000, #6 is weaponized tampa

  20. Marios Panagiotou

    Marios Panagiotou4 日 前

    Batmobile because you can use it even when on missions

  21. Totoi Jangcan

    Totoi Jangcan4 日 前


  22. Cristian Alicea

    Cristian Alicea4 日 前

    I like the scramjet

  23. Aaron Joshua Paucar Miranda

    Aaron Joshua Paucar Miranda4 日 前

    I'm the weaponized

  24. ross

    ross5 日 前


  25. McMuffin

    McMuffin6 日 前


  26. Alejandro Aguiri

    Alejandro Aguiri6 日 前

    Deluxo is my favourite because fly

  27. Ray Jay Hunter

    Ray Jay Hunter6 日 前

    That was the best gta editing I ever seen so far

  28. Llama masters music -

    Llama masters music -6 日 前

    For those who don’t understand why the deluxo was so much faster the second time even tho it looked like it was driving normally as you know it can fly but when you hover over the ground with it you go very fast

  29. Qwazplop

    Qwazplop6 日 前


  30. Jack D. Flippin

    Jack D. Flippin6 日 前

    I purchased the Deluxo a couple of days ago. Sure, the Oppressor mk2 is faster, but at least you can't fall off the Deluxo.

  31. Nick v/d Linde

    Nick v/d Linde6 日 前

    Rockstar didn't give K.I.T.T. Half its power, he's a lot faster in the series, has spm to add to that, has ski mode, and is basically indestructible, and then it doesn't have its computerized ability like micro lock, infra-red, etc. but, to be fair, he didn't have any guns or rockets.

  32. joseph zaia

    joseph zaia7 日 前

    My Aunty is better

  33. Wolfy 514

    Wolfy 5147 日 前

    You forgot the ardent

  34. Harry York

    Harry York8 日 前


  35. Basil423

    Basil4238 日 前

    The scramjet and bat mobile are really good but the deluxo is just so much fun to have and looks cool

  36. Harry LSakboi

    Harry LSakboi8 日 前

    The scramjet and vigilante were the best in my opinion

  37. matt user373569313

    matt user3735693138 日 前

    Omg I like that thing 0:20 and on damn was that done in director mode or well Rockstar editor?

  38. Headphone Pasta

    Headphone Pasta8 日 前

    i voted for tampa

  39. Flying Gaming

    Flying Gaming10 日 前

    Deluxo! Is my favorit

  40. GhoulDubz

    GhoulDubz10 日 前

    Its not stromburg its Stormberg

  41. My Bad Highlights

    My Bad Highlights10 日 前

    Mine is the stromberg as it is the best (imo) lambo (Pegasus are the lambos of this game right?).

  42. Maxxux Marco Marzan

    Maxxux Marco Marzan11 日 前

    My first choice is STORMBURG

  43. FFF

    FFF11 日 前

    1:15 Midnigth Club 3 music 👌👌👌

  44. Reyzer

    Reyzer11 日 前

    *Scramjet 👍*

  45. Jefferson Eang

    Jefferson Eang12 日 前

    Ruiner 2000 team!

  46. Parker Steele

    Parker Steele13 日 前

    Modded faggio.

  47. Slav King

    Slav King13 日 前


  48. ninjastarplayz playz

    ninjastarplayz playz13 日 前


  49. Hunter Williams

    Hunter Williams13 日 前

    Stromberg submarine mode highest damage resistant and greatly accurate rockets

  50. vTinyTitanv

    vTinyTitanv14 日 前

    I vote deluxo even tho I own the scramjet

  51. Big balooga 03

    Big balooga 0314 日 前

    Obstacle course deluxo am I a joke to u?

  52. Plane Spotter NUE

    Plane Spotter NUE14 日 前

    Bro the ruiner can Jump!!! Why u doesnt use it ?

  53. SD1ONE

    SD1ONE14 日 前

    I used it for the hard part where it's able to get it done in one go.

  54. Madden Murray

    Madden Murray15 日 前

    Scramjet my vote, but personally I do also like the weaponized tampa

  55. Psy Blast

    Psy Blast15 日 前

    Scramjet friend said stormburg


    KROMEGAL_ƎxE16 日 前

    Stromberg cause it shows me this beautiful underwater-world

  57. Ruthvik Reddy

    Ruthvik Reddy16 日 前

    What an effort did sd1one kept Hatss off

  58. Flisk Flask

    Flisk Flask16 日 前

  59. DrousyPanda72 Panda72

    DrousyPanda72 Panda7216 日 前

    1. Deluxo 2. Vigilante 3. Stromberg 4. Scramjet 5. Ruiner 2000 6. Tampa

  60. DrousyPanda72 Panda72

    DrousyPanda72 Panda7216 日 前

    Just my opinion

  61. Guco111 _

    Guco111 _16 日 前

    vigilante is my favorite

  62. *insert name here*

    *insert name here*16 日 前

    Deveste vs vigalante

  63. Rip X

    Rip X17 日 前


  64. 15k with 0 videos

    15k with 0 videos17 日 前

    Sub. To me for PewDiePie

  65. William Skjöldebrand

    William Skjöldebrand17 日 前

    1. Vigi 2. Stromberg 3. Deluxo

  66. Elite Mclean

    Elite Mclean17 日 前


  67. Peari

    Peari18 日 前

    Deluxo is by far the best. Who wants a parachute when you can fly?