GTA Online The Diamond Casino & Resort DLC Update - $100,000,000 SPENDING SPREE! BUYING EVERYTHING!


  1. Lemar Sivnarain

    Lemar Sivnarain22 時間 前


  2. Sammie Bow

    Sammie Bow2 日 前

    go get fucket

  3. Sammie Bow

    Sammie Bow2 日 前


  4. Sammie Bow

    Sammie Bow4 日 前

    how did you get all of that fucking money

  5. Jackyboy 2001

    Jackyboy 20017 日 前

    The “NFS” livery should be on a BMW look alike...not the AUDI look alike☹️

  6. Huening Kai

    Huening Kai8 日 前

    btw guys does the ps3 also have the update????

  7. Sunxi Lugo

    Sunxi Lugo8 日 前

    How do you buy the casino if you only have 100,000 dollars

  8. Borister 9

    Borister 98 日 前

    Where you on ps4 on that stream

  9. Sherrié Aikins

    Sherrié Aikins9 日 前


  10. Sherrié Aikins

    Sherrié Aikins9 日 前


  11. Milkton Royas

    Milkton Royas11 日 前

    I wanna see if any of these cars can be customized in Benny’s

  12. SmartClam

    SmartClam11 日 前



    DOSH BALI12 日 前


  14. Žilvinas Jimmy

    Žilvinas Jimmy13 日 前

    Why fake audi has bmw from most wanted decals ?

  15. This_ Gen

    This_ Gen14 日 前

    Why is almost everything on his cars stock it’s boring

  16. Anthony Byers

    Anthony Byers14 日 前

    Wot a idiot not even 60s in and asks if your enjoying the stream haha

  17. Venom Gaming

    Venom Gaming15 日 前

    Dropped a like

  18. Rh_pwetyi92

    Rh_pwetyi9215 日 前


  19. King Ferg

    King Ferg16 日 前

    The New Thrax is based off of the New Buggatti Chiron 🤯🤯

  20. Joel Smith

    Joel Smith11 日 前

    Actually based off of the 2019 Bugatti divo

  21. luis nava

    luis nava12 日 前

    Could be also the new Audi 2019

  22. Brown Suga

    Brown Suga16 日 前


  23. jj b

    jj b16 日 前

    How do u get cockpit view?

  24. Jack Froggatt

    Jack Froggatt17 日 前

    I can’t stop hearing Jerry Smith

  25. x Lidz

    x Lidz17 日 前

    1.25 speed

  26. RJIVHalo

    RJIVHalo17 日 前

    Urrr a faagggg

  27. MrTamiya89

    MrTamiya8918 日 前

    I Must Have Spent like 20 Million Between my Two Character's, so i Don't know where this idea of 100 Million spending spree Has come from and Ms Baker Looks like She Could be Agent14's Sister, They Look Alike

  28. Shannon Poore

    Shannon Poore18 日 前



    XBOX GAMING18 日 前

    The Enus Paragon r looks like a Porsche from the back and a Bentley from the front

  30. Ryder Frericks

    Ryder Frericks19 日 前

    Your a poopie head

  31. lx42

    lx4219 日 前

    how tf do you get all the money

  32. ItzDJB_123

    ItzDJB_12320 日 前

    Wish I had this game

  33. Turismo R Grotti

    Turismo R Grotti20 日 前

    1:36:00 Vidoes get demonetized for encouraging virtual casino with non profitable reasons, you can gamble your real money by spending it on shark cards thought...

  34. Baba Ajetunmobi

    Baba Ajetunmobi20 日 前

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  35. Piquant

    Piquant20 日 前

    I got 300m by using this glitch : *trevorzone. site*

  36. Charles Lopez

    Charles Lopez20 日 前

    U forgot to put turbo on the annis car

  37. cole reilly

    cole reilly20 日 前

    playback speed 1.25 ur welcome

  38. Ferrari Rarri

    Ferrari Rarri21 日 前

    Funny cos I remember buying my penthouse with all features and still costed me 200000000 Wait I meant 6million

  39. XxGripzXx Xx

    XxGripzXx Xx21 日 前

    Funny thing is i could go to the sims 4 an get a penthouse and make it rain action for much cheaper 😂😂

  40. Itz Nayem

    Itz Nayem21 日 前

    Damn gta took it to the next level

  41. nicole arno

    nicole arno21 日 前

    I wish i had that ammount of money fr...

  42. TANAYA

    TANAYA21 日 前

    Y did u put the mclaren in if it hasn't been released yet

  43. Mr JaRell dot com

    Mr JaRell dot com21 日 前

    Just bought gta5 online today. Traveled to casino right away and the doors dont open. What am I doing wrong?

  44. David Walbridge

    David Walbridge22 日 前

    644k views. I stand corrected. GTA Online was not dead. It was just taking a nap. Unbelievable.

  45. black foxy

    black foxy22 日 前

    Arrg is this on PC

  46. AWildMarsh

    AWildMarsh22 日 前

    dead channel

  47. The Car Hub

    The Car Hub22 日 前

    Dude you're so boring with car customization

  48. T Nation

    T Nation22 日 前

    @6:56 well you’ll soon see that happen in a mission haha

  49. T Nation

    T Nation22 日 前

    @4:31 when I first seen your person I was like ohh shit yous to are gonna look the same when yous meet haha look like brothers or father and son hahahahaha

  50. Logan Howard

    Logan Howard22 日 前

    This dude leaves so much stock😂

  51. Famous AM

    Famous AM23 日 前

    What’s up with you tubers stating the obvious and reading stuff that we can clearly see on the screen ? Are people really that dumb ? Oop don’t answer that

  52. Pearla Zoughibah

    Pearla Zoughibah23 日 前


  53. Pearla Zoughibah

    Pearla Zoughibah23 日 前


  54. Lil Bennie Bahamas

    Lil Bennie Bahamas23 日 前


  55. JAHIEM Ingram

    JAHIEM Ingram23 日 前

    Hey bro

  56. Joey Freestyles

    Joey Freestyles23 日 前

    How do you upgrade your membership

  57. Benjamin Hernandez

    Benjamin Hernandez23 日 前


  58. gery jajo

    gery jajo23 日 前

    Anyone knwos the trailer music of the diamond casino trailer at the begining at 1:10 in this vid

  59. gery jajo

    gery jajo20 日 前

    @MiniV826 i am sorry but thats not the song of the intro of diamonds casino at 1:10

  60. MiniV826

    MiniV82620 日 前

    Kleeer Tonight

  61. Dwight K. Schrute

    Dwight K. Schrute24 日 前

    I love how he randomly has 100Mil on him. Let me know when you quit modding and saying that you legit earn that.

  62. Dwight K. Schrute

    Dwight K. Schrute21 日 前

    David Walbridge Doubt it.

  63. David Walbridge

    David Walbridge22 日 前

    Dwight, do you know how much real world money this guy makes from this channel? This dude is PAID. I don’t think he’d have any problem dropping a thousand bucks or more on shark cards. He can write it off on his taxes anyway. He is not a modder.

  64. Not Good At Games

    Not Good At Games23 日 前

    Dwight K. Schrute bro who cares

  65. Mr Mayan

    Mr Mayan24 日 前

    Not even going to watch...14ads...get a job

  66. Boss _Kicks6

    Boss _Kicks624 日 前


  67. DRJ71

    DRJ7124 日 前

    I think he thought that car was from fast and furious not need for speed


    HENRY JENZEN24 日 前

    Update is already boring gambling is boring after a while and I can’t be in passive on my Mk2 when I want to get away from tryhards and griefers. I like to use the Mk2 for making money and now I am subject to griefers attacking me thanks to rockstars retarded change to passive plus the other retarded passive mode changes.


    HENRY JENZEN23 日 前

    Danger Gamer no it shouldn’t

  70. Danger Gamer

    Danger Gamer24 日 前

    Passive mode should get deleted

  71. Layton williams

    Layton williams24 日 前


  72. Alex Melanson

    Alex Melanson24 日 前

    This guy pisses me off

  73. Red Penguin

    Red Penguin24 日 前

    I got car 1st try

  74. Josh Potts

    Josh Potts24 日 前

    Have you tried getting a limo in the penthouse garage

  75. Alex Rechez

    Alex Rechez24 日 前

    They should get some of these vehicles in story mode

  76. Luis Lopez

    Luis Lopez24 日 前

    Sees Greek like statue of a lady twerking. Says nothing...... this fuckin guy.

  77. Clutchz

    Clutchz25 日 前

    I just bought gta 5 again and got a shark card so i have 8 million 😁

  78. Symmetric

    Symmetric25 日 前

    The Enus paragon R needs a drop top version.

  79. Donald Fousek

    Donald Fousek25 日 前


  80. slutta duck

    slutta duck25 日 前

    Got the car the 1st spin too yesterday

  81. MUFFY Cohn

    MUFFY Cohn25 日 前


  82. _CLIPPED._ _

    _CLIPPED._ _25 日 前

    ngl his customizations are horrible

  83. Chaii Xaneski

    Chaii Xaneski25 日 前

    Check my recent upload :]

  84. C Kez

    C Kez25 日 前


  85. Smooth Yoda

    Smooth Yoda24 日 前

    C Kez the game isn’t about that. If you want that, go into an rp server or find a mod

  86. Pythagoras man

    Pythagoras man25 日 前

    When I log on it makes me make a new character and gets rid of my car's etc.. but I still have my rank

  87. Supper Sloth

    Supper Sloth25 日 前

    Your a ricer

  88. Supper Sloth

    Supper Sloth25 日 前

    On some things

  89. Supper Sloth

    Supper Sloth25 日 前

    DONT BUY THE NEW ANNIS!!! It's one of the slowest super cars

  90. Sexytim

    Sexytim25 日 前

    Real TDU2 vibes from that car in the casino. AAAh memories

  91. zeke 11

    zeke 1125 日 前

    Agatha looks like a descendant of that lady from RD online whose husband got killed.

  92. Zach Ashton

    Zach Ashton25 日 前

    That doesn’t mean two seater, that is what level you have to be to buy it