GTA Online Speedrun - Former World Record - Criminal Mastermind/All Heists in [3:42:22]


  1. RoK_24

    RoK_243 年 前

    Check out the Outtakes! :D

  2. Ayden b Boger

    Ayden b Boger27 日 前

    Dan Evans b

  3. Las Vegas R_R

    Las Vegas R_Rヶ月 前

    @Rikke Nielsen That was a mistake. Sorry

  4. Xx.UrBunny

    Xx.UrBunnyヶ月 前

    U u hi u hu

  5. Las Vegas R_R

    Las Vegas R_Rヶ月 前

    LightTH 1000 up we n w. Err r

  6. RoK_24

    RoK_242 ヶ月 前

    yes exactly, A+B do Fleeca, C+D do Fleeca too and then all 4 do Prison Break afterwards

  7. Rio

    Rio2 時間 前

    if you watch this at 11:06 AM/PM, when RoK asks what time it is, and his friend replies with "12:51?", the time will be 12:51 PM/AM

  8. F1ixx

    F1ixx20 時間 前

    Legend says he will respond to this comment Also nice speedrun it takes 3hrs just for the prison break for me

  9. Shawn The master

    Shawn The master日 前

    Gj man props to you 👍

  10. xd oof

    xd oof日 前

    3 years and you are still responding your a legend for doing that and the former record

  11. Bisonsfanpolska

    Bisonsfanpolska日 前

    Can you make a achievement guide for the achievement "Mastermind" ~GTA Online: Earn 25 Platinum medals across Heist Setups and Finales !!! Or can I see how many platinum medals I already got ?

  12. RoK_24

    RoK_24日 前

    yea you can check it in the pause menu under achievement

  13. Julio Santos

    Julio Santos日 前

    OMG ur the best

  14. Lil Rusty

    Lil Rusty3 日 前

    U a legend bro

  15. Lil Rusty

    Lil Rusty2 日 前

    RoK_24 still responds in 2020 damn

  16. RoK_24

    RoK_242 日 前

    no u



    maaaaster XD 83

  18. Lucid_TTV_ Kaylor

    Lucid_TTV_ Kaylor3 日 前

    What speed run me and my crew are going’s to attempt this but it won’t be easy

  19. Sandwich of ham

    Sandwich of ham3 日 前

    All this shit and i can barely get a dude to join the prison break heist without either leaving, dying, or no body joining.

  20. isaia z

    isaia z4 日 前

    aun recuerdo cuando lo jugaba en PS3 les daba el 25% a todos y yo me quedaba con el 0% para ayudarlos, hasta que lo tuve que vender para salvar a mi perrito y aun asi murio :'

  21. FX Zeyking

    FX Zeyking5 日 前

    So u still reply?

  22. RoK_24

    RoK_244 日 前

    if I see a reason to

  23. cmrn

    cmrn5 日 前

    Does he still like comments tho 3 yrs later

  24. cmrn

    cmrn5 日 前

    RoK_24 makes sense

  25. RoK_24

    RoK_245 日 前

    if they're original and/or funny

  26. SamuraiDj

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  27. RoK_24

    RoK_245 日 前




    This is my first time watching this, pretty epic you guys actually speedran something online.

  29. Lawrence Chiou

    Lawrence Chiou6 日 前

    Why didn’t you use the vigilante to get there by boostin

  30. RoK_24

    RoK_246 日 前

    check the date of this video

  31. Narrator

    Narrator6 日 前

    I fell asleep watching JPreporter and when I logged onto my phone I was watching this,I was 1 hour and 30 minutes in

  32. Minecrafter MCR

    Minecrafter MCR8 日 前

    Sorry... That's been beaten already... :/

  33. Minecrafter MCR

    Minecrafter MCR5 日 前

    @Doctor Anarchy Yeah and maybe i just wanted to say that anyway? lol U flaming correction freak show!

  34. Doctor Anarchy

    Doctor Anarchy8 日 前

    Can you fucking read? The title former record. Lol

  35. noluckbro idk

    noluckbro idk8 日 前

    I am impressed my team quits after we fail like 6 times xD

  36. Mr.FJC

    Mr.FJC8 日 前

    Do you have to do all setups?

  37. RoK_24

    RoK_248 日 前

    Did you get "all in order" or "loyalty" bonus?

  38. John Gilip

    John Gilip8 日 前

    RoK_24 I only got 1 mil can you explain why?:(

  39. John Gilip

    John Gilip8 日 前

    RoK_24 yo basically I did it and only 2 of my friends got 12 mil

  40. RoK_24

    RoK_248 日 前


  41. John Watermellon

    John Watermellon9 日 前

    Funny how he responded to my comment 3 years later

  42. Hrithik Guptan

    Hrithik Guptan15 日 前

    I have never played the og heists. I gathered a team and got the criminal mastermind in first try...

  43. RoK_24

    RoK_2415 日 前


  44. triple gate

    triple gate15 日 前

    If your gonna be a girl gta character don’t look like a Karen who gave their own kids drugs

  45. A6pukoc

    A6pukoc15 日 前

    and here I am who failed EMP delivery for 10 times

  46. A6pukoc

    A6pukoc15 日 前

    nah, all I want is beat all mission from Heists update as host because I like them and could not play GTA Online for 5 years

  47. RoK_24

    RoK_2415 日 前

    we've all been there

  48. BigE

    BigE15 日 前


  49. Richard Vela

    Richard Vela16 日 前

    Imagine how much money they have after all heist

  50. Fletcher Raymond

    Fletcher Raymond17 日 前

    This is the greatest GTA video on JPreporter ❤️

  51. Khail Gaspar Vlogs

    Khail Gaspar Vlogs18 日 前

    Wait.... Does he still replies even doe it's been 3 years??!

  52. RoK_24

    RoK_2418 日 前


  53. Faze Sway

    Faze Sway18 日 前

    Will he like this comment 3 years later?

  54. RoK_24

    RoK_2418 日 前


  55. Demifane

    Demifane18 日 前

    3 years later and my mans is still replying/hearting comments, what a guy.

  56. Elijah Jeudine

    Elijah Jeudine19 日 前


  57. Sentimental Gentleman

    Sentimental Gentleman21 日 前

    Me and a friend of mine are interested in doing the challenge. We both did the Fleeca Heist already, so we need 2 other people to do them so we continue from there. My username is HowToSaveAHoe (yup) and I’m on PS4. If we end up doing the challenge correctly, we can probably move on to the Doomsday Heist and do the challenge there, just add me and message me saying you saw this comment!

  58. Cryptic Rage

    Cryptic Rage21 日 前

    when did you get the 10 mil?

  59. RoK_24

    RoK_2421 日 前

    The very first time I completed this challenge as you can only get the bonus money once

  60. STHEA

    STHEA22 日 前

    How did you get the kurama in the prison for the prison break finale ?

  61. STHEA

    STHEA22 日 前

    RoK_24 thanks!

  62. RoK_24

    RoK_2422 日 前

    you can watch Penguin's perspective in the description

  63. Blaze J

    Blaze J22 日 前

    I beat your time I just didn’t screen record 😟🤣

  64. RoK_24

    RoK_2422 日 前


  65. glendog

    glendog23 日 前

    im always wondering why does he not have more than 50 k subs hes content is very good and original

  66. Tr Wave

    Tr Wave24 日 前

    My questions is. How the heck you drive that fast as soon as your tires are spinning. You can’t even double clutch at that time. What’s ur secret?!?

  67. RoK_24

    RoK_2424 日 前

    lol what do you mean? With what vehicle? Do you have a timestamp?

  68. lcoulter890

    lcoulter89025 日 前

    3 years later, does he respond?

  69. lcoulter890

    lcoulter89025 日 前

    @RoK_24 damn that sucks but good job

  70. RoK_24

    RoK_2425 日 前


  71. JamesMarsay Gaming

    JamesMarsay Gaming26 日 前

    Wow just wow I need friends like this

  72. Lil Whoadie

    Lil Whoadie26 日 前

    What about three years later

  73. RoK_24

    RoK_2426 日 前


  74. Ty London

    Ty London27 日 前

    people who are mentioning ads in the way, they don’t have ads in the video because you need to have 10k subscribers to be able to add advertisements

  75. RoK_24

    RoK_2426 日 前

    1.000 subs not 10.000 ;)

  76. TEB Yuckiii

    TEB Yuckiii27 日 前


  77. silent brix

    silent brix27 日 前

    You inspire me to so my best

  78. George Dawson 2822 Dawson

    George Dawson 2822 Dawson29 日 前

    Popopopopoo shit

  79. WirdManTV

    WirdManTV29 日 前

    3 almost 4 years!

  80. PBK Miracle

    PBK Miracle29 日 前

    If they had opressers 2 years ago they would’ve done it in 2h 30m

  81. ADK038

    ADK038ヶ月 前

    crazy fast lol

  82. Connor Bridges

    Connor Bridgesヶ月 前

    Meanwhile me spending the whole day because my friends aren’t on and I’m playing with randoms

  83. Winttrs

    Winttrsヶ月 前

    *last heist* Teammate: I got to go bro..

  84. Henry Dargan

    Henry Darganヶ月 前

    Love how these guys are just vibing while trying to set a world record 😂

  85. Mr. Nottt

    Mr. Notttヶ月 前

    don't work

  86. Killerinstinct Killerinstinct

    Killerinstinct Killerinstinctヶ月 前

    What it do baby

  87. Luke Costigan

    Luke Costiganヶ月 前

    Once my krieger got hit by a train and got blown up on the challenge lol

  88. Ulanio 69

    Ulanio 69ヶ月 前

    In the escape of Pacific bank you entered to home. Where it is?

  89. RoK_24

    RoK_24ヶ月 前

    0604 Las Lagunas Blvd. or something, but it got patched sadly

  90. The Pulse

    The Pulseヶ月 前

    why didn’t y’all get the money

  91. RoK_24

    RoK_24ヶ月 前

    If you're fast enough then it'll work

  92. The Pulse

    The Pulseヶ月 前

    RoK_24 if i turn my console off when someone dies does it reset it?

  93. RoK_24

    RoK_24ヶ月 前

    you only receive the money bonus for the very first time you complete this and we've done this challenge a dozen times by now

  94. Marcos Reyes

    Marcos Reyesヶ月 前

    Your characters hot

  95. SF Martinez

    SF Martinezヶ月 前

    I was watching sun else and I fell asleep and I wake back up I watched the whole video

  96. Andrej Djokic

    Andrej Djokicヶ月 前

    Do another One!But uhh With the new heist dont include the ones you already did tho!

  97. RoK_24

    RoK_24ヶ月 前

    we are planning on doing that

  98. Team Com1X

    Team Com1Xヶ月 前

    Me and my friends took 3 hours to do prison heist setups 😭

  99. TheMoz

    TheMozヶ月 前

    Is he still responding to this day...

  100. RoK_24

    RoK_24ヶ月 前


  101. CookieManGaming

    CookieManGamingヶ月 前

    Nice speedrun man nobody joins my heist thats sad

  102. CookieManGaming

    CookieManGamingヶ月 前

    @RoK_24 i finally found a heist crew and im still lerning your heist tactics

  103. RoK_24

    RoK_24ヶ月 前


  104. Ninja Tokes

    Ninja Tokesヶ月 前

    Yo the sidewalk is called a sidewalk for a reason u know🤣

  105. ℓιттℓє ѕα∂ιѕтι¢

    ℓιттℓє ѕα∂ιѕтι¢ヶ月 前

    i rly must say that this trash talk is fucking annoying and stopped me watching this shit^^

  106. Armani Vongdara

    Armani Vongdaraヶ月 前

    Do you have to do the fleeca job ?

  107. RoK_24

    RoK_24ヶ月 前


  108. Minus One

    Minus Oneヶ月 前

    I learned a lot from that speedrun thanks man

  109. Biron Jefferson

    Biron Jeffersonヶ月 前

    Why play as females

  110. RoK_24

    RoK_24ヶ月 前

    diversity, I play as male on my main character already



    3 years and this guys still reying to comments... Dayum

  112. Individu

    Individuヶ月 前

    Eh mais tu cheat zebi

  113. charles francisco

    charles franciscoヶ月 前

    can you do doomsday heist speedrun?

  114. RoK_24

    RoK_24ヶ月 前

    we are planning on doing it

  115. -_-Andres -_-

    -_-Andres -_-ヶ月 前

    Yo anyone wanna do doomsday day act 3 mission add me michael_0279 I'm on ps4

  116. тeddу

    тeddуヶ月 前

    Dude I love this video so much. I mean I don't normally like videos but this one I liked out of instinct.

  117. Super Vortex

    Super Vortexヶ月 前

    i did it twice as fast

  118. RoK_24

    RoK_24ヶ月 前

    wow even more cringe

  119. Super Vortex

    Super Vortexヶ月 前

    @RoK_24 nope im a modder check my chanel fool

  120. RoK_24

    RoK_24ヶ月 前

    yea and then you woke up

  121. xKayZen

    xKayZenヶ月 前

    Nice job guys GG

  122. bandit dog376

    bandit dog376ヶ月 前

    My only dream is to have friends like this

  123. Raees's Pieces

    Raees's Piecesヶ月 前

    Thank me later 🤨 0:50 - The Fleeca bank job 21:18 - The Prison Break 1:01:37 - The Humane Labs 1:54:09 - Series A - Funding 2:51:00 - Pacific Standard

  124. WhiteSide Gaming

    WhiteSide Gamingヶ月 前

    Me: Why Did He Do That?? Me 30 Seconds Later: *_PERFECT_*

  125. Fizzable

    Fizzableヶ月 前

    How do you do the fast travel thing? For example at 1:42:50.

  126. RoK_24

    RoK_24ヶ月 前

    No problem, welcome to GTA Online! Have fun and always be prepared for those MK2's ;)

  127. Fizzable

    Fizzableヶ月 前

    @RoK_24 ohhh. Nice. Thank you!

  128. RoK_24

    RoK_24ヶ月 前

    Oh, well first in order to be able to trip skip you need to have done the heist mission in which you want to trip skip at least once before. All 4 heist members actually need to have done the mission at least once. Then when you do it again you can all 4 sit in one car, wait through the first sets of dialogue and then a prompt will appear something along like "Press H/Dpad Right to trip skip." If 3/4 people vote for it, it will skip the drive for all of you.

  129. Fizzable

    Fizzableヶ月 前

    @RoK_24 what do you mean by trip skip? Im new to the game and dont know alot of terms n stuff

  130. RoK_24

    RoK_24ヶ月 前

    get all 4 in one vehicle, wait for some dialogue to happen and trip skip

  131. Xheenis

    Xheenisヶ月 前


  132. biscuit the miscuit

    biscuit the miscuitヶ月 前

    :me see this vid: watches Also me:seeing a vid of the same thing but less time on the vid What?