1. Onespot Gaming

    Onespot Gaming年 前

    Which is your favorite? Vote using polls !!

  2. fun with jassy singh

    fun with jassy singh4 日 前

    Mk2 is my favourite

  3. Bence Matvon

    Bence Matvon4 日 前

    Mk-2 oppressor !!!!

  4. 이름TV의 신기한 게임 영상

    이름TV의 신기한 게임 영상6 日 前

    all!! (sorry my English is bad)

  5. Mr Game & Watch

    Mr Game & Watch17 日 前

    @Beldi55 it ok

  6. Mr Game & Watch

    Mr Game & Watch17 日 前

    Mk 2

  7. NinjaFoxPower

    NinjaFoxPower11 時間 前

    Id rather deal with the normal oppressor and not the mkII. It's too overpowed and try hards always pick on noobs with it. I always have to bring my MOC everywhere I go and it sucks. I cant even run my gunning business without a MKII screwing me over. I've lost about one million dollars due to oppressor's alone. I wish rockstar would at least nerf the design a lot.

  8. Marivic Ingco

    Marivic Ingco19 時間 前

    Oranaorauz-6180 Deathbike-815 Oppressor-619 Oppressor mk-134

  9. Nazario De Lia

    Nazario De Lia日 前

    The deathbike is faster, i don't know because in this video it isn't. Maybe apocalypse is better?

  10. George Miller

    George Miller日 前

    This test isn't right The deathbike is the fastest vehicle in the game due to its boost

  11. StartArt Animations

    StartArt Animations2 日 前

    here. a better guide. just buy all of them? like u have atleast 10 mil if u r watching tis. so ummmmm. yeah. just buy all of them

  12. Што? Каво?

    Што? Каво?2 日 前


  13. Abhyuday Mishra

    Abhyuday Mishra3 日 前

    O pressure is best

  14. Kronicle Cycles

    Kronicle Cycles3 日 前

    They should of did a wheelie on the deathbike

  15. Bence Matvon

    Bence Matvon4 日 前

    MK2-oppressor have a more nice rockets!!!

  16. el morrito 64

    el morrito 645 日 前

    The people with oppressors aré so disturbing and they kill you AND destroy your vehicle just because they can Please gta quit the oppressors, this Is gta 5, not Cyberpunk 2077

  17. Ian Teh Youtuber12755!'s Second Channel

    Ian Teh Youtuber12755!'s Second Channel6 日 前

    Wing bike (MK1) vs deathbike vs game ruiner (MK2)

  18. Yasser Boumediane

    Yasser Boumediane6 日 前

    Yes the others are better but the deathbike is the coolest tho also the fact that you cant fall off of the opressor mk2 is complete bullshit

  19. Benstroyer 1752

    Benstroyer 17526 日 前

    Who else hates it when someone says they got the "Opressor mk". And ur just like do you is are have stupid

  20. Noah Skoro

    Noah Skoro6 日 前

    The problem (3:37)is: Opressor&Opressor MK2 can both fly

  21. Noah Skoro

    Noah Skoro6 日 前

    3:32 sry

  22. GIOBROZ100

    GIOBROZ1006 日 前

    5:35 permanite brain damage

  23. Robby Plays

    Robby Plays7 日 前

    Oppressor Mk1: Who are you? Oppressor Mk2: Im you but better

  24. Berkoud

    Berkoud7 日 前

    Oppressor bikes should delete from game

  25. Yolanda De leon

    Yolanda De leon7 日 前


  26. Solo música

    Solo música8 日 前


  27. Sergiogtorres 12345

    Sergiogtorres 123458 日 前

    It has been proven that the ruiner 2000 has better tracking!

  28. Cosmin George2004

    Cosmin George20048 日 前

    Fully Upgrade with boost is not correct 🤦‍♂️.

  29. Joel Rios

    Joel Rios9 日 前

    Oppressors are for try hard and stupid and dumb people

  30. zCrampz

    zCrampz9 日 前

    Actually you can use the boost more then once and keep going at the same speed

  31. Kras Silver Fang

    Kras Silver Fang9 日 前

    When did GTA V become a Saints Row wannabe?

  32. Rafael Pereira Degrossoli

    Rafael Pereira Degrossoli11 日 前

    Quem e br?

  33. Ford2219

    Ford221911 日 前

    3:12 LMAOO 😂 😂

  34. Kasia Kolasa

    Kasia Kolasa11 日 前

    nagraj jaki samochód jest najlepszy

  35. The Senate

    The Senate11 日 前

    As soon as the Oppressor Mk II came out, most players lost their dignity

  36. buttmud clamp

    buttmud clamp12 日 前

    So ur saying the mk2 was made for trolling g and almost non miss accuracy

  37. Mr Gabe

    Mr Gabe12 日 前

    7:16 the FIRST case of the covid...

  38. Marco Luciani

    Marco Luciani12 日 前

    porco piera

  39. cybercybex

    cybercybex12 日 前

    Bulletproof! * Uses a gatling laser.

  40. Rocky Rocks

    Rocky Rocks12 日 前

    5:55 Franklin won!!!

  41. Gaming With Vansh

    Gaming With Vansh13 日 前

    Mk 2 ruined the fun of the game

  42. TheSmallBoi Sam

    TheSmallBoi Sam13 日 前

    Why is this even a comparison. The Depressor MK2 hovers above the ground meaning zero friction and is fitted with a hydra engine. No point comparing it with the others

  43. Techy

    Techy14 日 前

    I love how one spot shows us all we need to know about the bikes and then adds a random factor to it like bowling xD

  44. crow with a knife

    crow with a knife15 日 前

    Oppressor is by far the most fun to use. And you can put a price on happiness. Therefore, it is the best.

  45. First Don Diego

    First Don Diego15 日 前

    That death bike doubles as a lawnmower and car-barber.

  46. Johny Jahn

    Johny Jahn15 日 前

    Lol the mafia city meme



    deathbike like a shotaro

  48. Surub

    Surub16 日 前

    and thats why i love the normal opressor more than the mk2 i mean u basically cant fall off that mk2 off the normal opressor you can die in a finger snap

  49. Laxed

    Laxed16 日 前

    yea ill take the oppressor the mk2 is for retards

  50. Rodrigo Oliveira

    Rodrigo Oliveira16 日 前


  51. Rodrigo Oliveira

    Rodrigo Oliveira16 日 前

    Oppressor mk ll

  52. South Texas Deathride

    South Texas Deathride16 日 前

    7:32 on the right "Oh look out! We got a badass here!"

  53. Swapnil Abgul

    Swapnil Abgul17 日 前

    Plot twist Opressor mk2 is the real deathbike

  54. Hamato Yoshi

    Hamato Yoshi17 日 前

    Круто 👍👍👍👍

  55. Mohammad Alhaj

    Mohammad Alhaj17 日 前

    2:46 parashockx outro

  56. MrNoughty

    MrNoughty17 日 前 This is the link to my new channel the old got hacked and deleted. Please check it out It’s on Gta 5 and valarant gameplays

  57. itemxtreme

    itemxtreme17 日 前

    3:29 i prefer the real mafia boss music I mean "That's how mafia works" music or just "PUMP"

  58. mr cartolinha

    mr cartolinha18 日 前

    5:27 what name music

  59. mr cartolinha

    mr cartolinha18 日 前

    Whats name music

  60. drex strider

    drex strider18 日 前

    Deathbike looks like it's from yugioh 5d's

  61. Zach_090_Beas t

    Zach_090_Beas t19 日 前

    The mk1 is so easy to fall off of

  62. David Fogler

    David Fogler20 日 前

    I love what the mark 2 can do, but hate what it’s used for

  63. cody willicott

    cody willicott20 日 前

    Mk1 is better

  64. Lamar Davis

    Lamar Davis20 日 前

    Yeah I remember when the spikes/gun jb700 car was deleted from the online because it was "overpowered"

  65. Sebastian Jeager

    Sebastian Jeager20 日 前

    6:33 song?

  66. TM TM

    TM TM20 日 前

    I got hacks add my wechat ok?

  67. Stark Madhesh Gaming

    Stark Madhesh Gaming20 日 前

    6:30 Niko let's go bOwLing

  68. Mocanu Octavian43

    Mocanu Octavian4321 日 前

    i put a opressor mk2 in destroyed status with a combat rifle very fast by shooting its engine or the middle

  69. Jan Syrovátka

    Jan Syrovátka21 日 前

    Oppressor MK 2 broke the game :(

  70. James Faulks

    James Faulks21 日 前

    deathbike has the highest top speed and is crazy for the highways other than that don’t bother

  71. Estiben Llonzhon

    Estiben Llonzhon21 日 前

    I hate the mkII

  72. Dancing Cojo

    Dancing Cojo22 日 前

    i hate the deathbike the least so it wins

  73. Jenni

    Jenni22 日 前

    4:02 bru i like the rocket boost sound from distance

  74. Hayden Corbin

    Hayden Corbin23 日 前

    You did the speed test with the deathbike wrong. If you get the apocalypse one with the chain on the wheels it becomes the fastest

  75. Theron Mitchell

    Theron Mitchell23 日 前

    The deathbike has a glich so it goes really fast

  76. Kimchi

    Kimchi23 日 前

    It’s cool how this guy makes one-shot overpowered weaponized hovering/jumping bikes look cute

  77. imtiaz ali

    imtiaz ali23 日 前

    Don't hurt kurmas

  78. Nicole Trew

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  79. bigtime primtime

    bigtime primtime24 日 前

    People only say the oppressor is the fastest because it's a flying vehicle with boost

  80. Tactical_ Showcases

    Tactical_ Showcases24 日 前

    Which one would win: Cool Ass Deathbike or Game Ruiner and Retardmobile or The most fun vehicle in the game ( Retardmobile is MK2 and Most Fun is Oppressor )

  81. Lucky Frosty 13

    Lucky Frosty 1324 日 前


  82. Jerrence Aldrin

    Jerrence Aldrin25 日 前

    hehe again

  83. That Irish Geezer

    That Irish Geezer26 日 前

    Couldn’t decide which one to get so got all 3

  84. Sarika Singh

    Sarika Singh27 日 前

    Oppressor mk2 lover

  85. Nikola

    Nikola27 日 前

    For oppressor mk1 u actually need some skills to roll it.

  86. GULBICIK _#

    GULBICIK _#28 日 前

    I like oppressor MK1