Gryffin - Body Back ft. Maia Wright (Official Music Video)


  1. ʙᴜɢ ʜᴀ ɴɪ

    ʙᴜɢ ʜᴀ ɴɪ15 時間 前

    BODY 🔙

  2. Abi Yksw

    Abi Yksw日 前

    Middle finger to the sky 😍 gryffin this is talent ❤

  3. Gox Channel

    Gox Channel日 前


  4. Rudyansyah chanel

    Rudyansyah chanel日 前

    Gryfin i love you to

  5. Hường Phạm

    Hường Phạm2 日 前


  6. Edwin

    Edwin2 日 前

    Bro you can’t help but dance to this song, I love IT SO MUCH

  7. Maycon Silva

    Maycon Silva2 日 前

    02:03 Hexagon

  8. EternalSilence

    EternalSilence3 日 前

    Fail handshake 1:41. Good thing the guy's face was edited out...

  9. Ixion Hellstriker

    Ixion Hellstriker19 時間 前

    EternalSilence lmao

  10. I M20 sun

    I M20 sun3 日 前

    this song reminds me of my girlfriend

  11. yash shirole

    yash shirole4 日 前

    Hear this song in 0.75x

  12. STAN 07

    STAN 072 日 前

    yash shirole its dope bro✨🔥👌🏻

  13. Pegion

    Pegion5 日 前

    내한 기대되요!!!!!!!!!!!! ㅎ히

  14. Zartur Adriano

    Zartur Adriano6 日 前


  15. SAKÜL

    SAKÜL7 日 前

  16. Juni Ariawan

    Juni Ariawan7 日 前

    I like you

  17. Trường Nguyễn Văn

    Trường Nguyễn Văn8 日 前

    anh em Việt Nam 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳 cho tôi thấy cánh tay của cm các bạn đi ạ

  18. RockinDaKing JUELZ

    RockinDaKing JUELZ8 日 前


  19. keyvan aqsha

    keyvan aqsha8 日 前


  20. Matej Havlicek

    Matej Havlicek8 日 前




    UGH!! Booty Shacker music has no place in proper EDM playlists.

  22. Khánh Đặng

    Khánh Đặng9 日 前

    Beautiful song

  23. James Taylor

    James Taylor9 日 前

    Best melody ❤

  24. Alif Najmi

    Alif Najmi10 日 前

    anyone from malaysia hit the like👇

  25. ឆយ លីម៉េង

    ឆយ លីម៉េង10 日 前

    watch this before tiktok😊

  26. MeH UnKnOwN Gaming

    MeH UnKnOwN Gaming10 日 前

    Anyone listening to this song in 2020??? 👇👇

  27. Ankit Patel

    Ankit Patel10 日 前

    Avicii ❤️ Kygo ❤️ Gryffin

  28. อั้ม ซุย'ยย

    อั้ม ซุย'ยย10 日 前


  29. iputu adiwiguna

    iputu adiwiguna10 日 前

    Amazing song.. Come to Bali gryffin.

  30. discordggptQxDKZ

    discordggptQxDKZ11 日 前

    1:44 😐🙄 frozen knuckels 😅😅

  31. Ŧ Ꝁ ł Ƚ Z͛ヅ

    Ŧ Ꝁ ł Ƚ Z͛ヅ11 日 前


  32. Oishik

    Oishik11 日 前

    Why this song on 13M? Childhood deserve some more views..

  33. aldindin best

    aldindin best12 日 前

    Request lagu yang belum pernah di denger org indo

  34. loream impusm

    loream impusm12 日 前

    very good song 100% Talent kuy!! bro

  35. Than Htun

    Than Htun12 日 前

    One of my favorite .

  36. Mateus Ramos

    Mateus Ramos12 日 前

    1:43 Vácuo, heueheuheu BR BR BR

  37. Lilith Dearduff

    Lilith Dearduff13 日 前

    i haven't watched this vid but I have high expetation

  38. silverアクセくん

    silverアクセくん13 日 前


  39. Laurent Yesuantara

    Laurent Yesuantara13 日 前


  40. Dahari Azam

    Dahari Azam13 日 前

    Interne tak Clear

  41. นิกกี้ สโลลี้

    นิกกี้ สโลลี้13 日 前


  42. leviaxe

    leviaxe13 日 前

    i don't know how to show how much i like this song, already liked it, wish i could press a new like button each time i listen to it!

  43. Sai Gaikwad

    Sai Gaikwad13 日 前


  44. SEEN

    SEEN13 日 前


  45. Rasheed Gulab

    Rasheed Gulab13 日 前

    Trinidad and Tobago listening 2020. I like this song!

  46. WIGUNA ChanneL

    WIGUNA ChanneL13 日 前

    Come to bali pleaseee :)

  47. Roger Vásquez

    Roger Vásquez13 日 前

    Si es muy linda.tiene un ritmo contagioso

  48. SnipingRaptor

    SnipingRaptor14 日 前

    Bruh.. Gryffin has blown up in 2019 !! 😮🎵🎧

  49. Viergin Ikhlasul Amala

    Viergin Ikhlasul Amala14 日 前

    This song was recommended by my crush. And I love it❤

  50. RD Magsi

    RD Magsi11 日 前


  51. min ji goo

    min ji goo14 日 前


  52. TheTaalman

    TheTaalman14 日 前

    This is my music driving to my winterhols in France from Holland. This is going to play on my head when going down the white slopes under a blue sky. Love it!

  53. Risfha Ainunysh

    Risfha Ainunysh15 日 前

    Udah berkali-kali muter lagu ini Enakeun bet

  54. /5minand30sec /

    /5minand30sec /15 日 前

    SORRY TO ANYONE WHO MADE THIS VIDEO BUT😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂...... For a second I thought I was watching hillsong. Ah this generation.

  55. darth chicken

    darth chicken12 日 前

    I would say ok boomer or Instagram normie but now I don't know

  56. Mohith Poojary

    Mohith Poojary15 日 前


  57. Benefits Vang

    Benefits Vang16 日 前

    Anybody from Sacramento notice the tower

  58. Garrett Sweet

    Garrett Sweet16 日 前

    Wtf how does Gryffin not even have 1M subs by now?? He’s one of the best in the game atm

  59. Paanuganti Raghu

    Paanuganti Raghu16 日 前

    Great song

  60. Paanuganti Raghu

    Paanuganti Raghu16 日 前

    Great song

  61. Gwyneth Anne Estoya

    Gwyneth Anne Estoya16 日 前

    I love gryffin

  62. Lokesh Kumar

    Lokesh Kumar16 日 前

    Hit if you have started listening in 2020 too.

  63. Byron R.

    Byron R.16 日 前

    the luckiest dog in the world

  64. Lộc Nguyễn

    Lộc Nguyễn17 日 前

    Crazy !!!!