1. Savannah Hughes

    Savannah Hughes日 前

    it’s quarantine rn and idk why but you being nervous is making me nervous😭😭and i have butterflies cuz of you😂

  2. slushie jar 666

    slushie jar 666日 前

    I'm going to highschool this year so just watching all of these

  3. zinab Youssef

    zinab Youssef2 日 前

    i was late to like all my classes on the first day and when i walked in everyone just stared at me

  4. Danna Cisneros

    Danna Cisneros2 日 前

    CCP? We call it college and career awareness or CCA-

  5. leah labelle

    leah labelle3 日 前

    omg orange is the new black, SO GOOD, MY FAV.

  6. Taylor Fitzgerald

    Taylor Fitzgerald4 日 前

    When they says “ I don’t know what to wear” Us people that wear uniforms “ well, here we go again”

  7. Emily Eichman

    Emily Eichman4 日 前

    POV: you’re watching this during quarantine craving that first day of school feeling

  8. Stephanie Renteria

    Stephanie Renteria5 日 前

    I like the back ground music. ( Put your head on my shoulder)

  9. Rita Deresse

    Rita Deresse5 日 前


  10. Brianna K

    Brianna K6 日 前

    8th grade year and 7th i walked into the wrong class and stayed there for like 2 weeks it was embarrassing

  11. _MarshMallo_

    _MarshMallo_6 日 前

    Me during summer break: Oh this coming school year will be so fun! Me during the second day: ugh this sucks

  12. Chelsey k

    Chelsey k6 日 前

    I use that face wash love it

  13. Samantha Rojas

    Samantha Rojas7 日 前

    If anyone is looking for the song its called "missing someone" by DJ Quads... You can thank me later

  14. Marwa El karine

    Marwa El karine7 日 前

    I'm thinking of my first day at hight school during the quarantine😔😔 Im nervous 😦I need your support guys❤❤

  15. breanna MacDonald

    breanna MacDonald8 日 前

    Who's watching this in 2020 wishing they could be at school rn

  16. Carolyne Volore

    Carolyne Volore8 日 前

    While watchong this When you took out your chromebook I was like OMG I HAVE THE SAME ONE✨

  17. ReynaÑx7

    ReynaÑx78 日 前

    were did you get your camera from or whats it called ?????

  18. trenady bell

    trenady bell9 日 前

    i’m scared for my freshman year cause of quarantine

  19. sweet n girly

    sweet n girly9 日 前

    People say their nervous for the first day of school "omg I'm so nervous teheeehe" Try being an introvert, having social anxiety, and being diagnosed with one of the most mentally exhausting anxiety disorders *Erythlophobia And I'm not talking about a disorder that's just in your head people can actually see it with their own two eyes. I wouldn't wish my anxiety on my worst enemy.

  20. P e a c h y

    P e a c h y9 日 前


  21. It’s Dakota

    It’s Dakota10 日 前

    I love how I don’t start HS till grade 10

  22. just andra

    just andra10 日 前

    bro u have the same nose as me ive never seem anyone else with the same nose lmao

  23. L o v e l y

    L o v e l y11 日 前

    I'm going to highschool whenever school starts back up and my hs has 3 stories. I'm seriously gonna get lost 😭

  24. Blossom Official

    Blossom Official9 日 前

    Same, Im so scared

  25. L o v e l y

    L o v e l y10 日 前

    @Simply_Devy Tyy😭

  26. Simply_Devy

    Simply_Devy10 日 前

    L o v e l y goodluck😭😭

  27. it’s._. asmxra

    it’s._. asmxra12 日 前

    I literally watching this before my freshman year and we only have 3 months left 😬 I’m hella nervous and scared. can some please give advice?

  28. Ximena Morales

    Ximena Morales13 時間 前

    I know im not the girl in the video but some advice I can give you as a junior about to be a senior is join clubs and sports. Going into highschool i only had a few friends but with joining a sport I was able to make so many new friends with ppl in my grade and grades above me too. Another piece of advice is that freshman year is probably going to be your easiest year academically so please use that to your advantage, once you hit 10th grade the workload starts to pile up. Also leading into that grades do matter so try not to slack off as much :) Another tip would be to nor be afraid to ask for help the majority of your teachers will be really nice and want to help you out. Also its going to benefit you in the long run. My least piece of advice would be to enjoy highschool as much as possible try going to your schools dances, events, football games etc... because they are great ways to make memories. One more piece I forgot was that you might not be friends with your current group of friends when you get to your senior yr. I have a completely different friend group right now then freshman yr. Its a part of growing up and people just take different directions in life. Overall just try to have a good time and make wise choices! :) Good Luck

  29. Canton Wilhoit

    Canton Wilhoit13 日 前

    the deodorant <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="670">11:10</a>

  30. Canton Wilhoit

    Canton Wilhoit13 日 前

    half the video is blurry 😬

  31. Nia Kirk

    Nia Kirk13 日 前

    is anyone else just freaking out because her freaking camera wont focus......anyone? okay cool just me. but i loved this video and you are amazingly pretty!!!!

  32. Emily Nascimento

    Emily Nascimento13 日 前

    Aug 1???? We usually go to school around aug 20-25

  33. yo what up

    yo what up14 日 前

    i miss getting ready for school in the morning 🥺 rip rip

  34. It’s your girl Tsohadí:dę’ 123

    It’s your girl Tsohadí:dę’ 12314 日 前


  35. Adriana Maldonado

    Adriana Maldonado14 日 前

    she gives me alexis marie vibes and alexis had the same fit for her 1st day too

  36. Alexa Arneros

    Alexa Arneros14 日 前

    Who else is watching this during 2020 and remembering the good times of 2019? Just me okay...

  37. shrekis love

    shrekis love4 日 前

    Yessss same!

  38. suzanne

    suzanne12 日 前


  39. Kelleygirls Kelley

    Kelleygirls Kelley14 日 前

    I love how she actually gets up to her alarm and I slept through all of 3 of mine!!🤣

  40. Julisa Solis

    Julisa Solis16 日 前

    Me watching this bc I wish I was in school rn but I can’t bc of quarantine 😔

  41. alicia l

    alicia l16 日 前

    bruh omg its not just me that like sprays the air w perfume and jump into it like...

  42. Chlöe :3

    Chlöe :317 日 前

    I’m going into high school next year and I’m extremely nervous. I’m probably more nervous because my mom is a teacher, and I know all the teachers, and some teachers, I call by their first name, so it’s a very stressful thought.

  43. Mya Pennington

    Mya Pennington17 日 前

    Who out here watchin bc they goin to be a freshman and didn't get to finish 8th and miss school?

  44. Mya Pennington

    Mya Pennington7 日 前

    @Keily Flores Me too

  45. Keily Flores

    Keily Flores14 日 前

    Mya Pennington meee Im so scared

  46. Kenzie B

    Kenzie B17 日 前

    when we go back to school imma be a freshman and i’m gonna be a new kid bc i loved during quarantine but i’m really good at making friends so i’m not that scared but like i am at the same time😂😩

  47. Bekah

    Bekah17 日 前

    Her: yeah my school doesn't really have a dress code Me: **glaring in uniform**

  48. Armani Serenity

    Armani Serenity18 日 前

    Yall be talking bout nervous my first day of school I went into a restroom and stayed there and got lost so many times 😭😭🤦🏽‍♀️

  49. Blitz

    Blitz18 日 前

    Who tf starts school AUGUST 1st??? Dude I feel bad. My school year doesn’t start till August 26th.

  50. Mani Carter

    Mani Carter16 日 前

    Blitz I’m starting August 3rd cause I have year round school😬

  51. Brooke Isgreat

    Brooke Isgreat18 日 前

    her:my school is one story me:my high school has three stories and an elevator

  52. -* Angelic Sunshine*-

    -* Angelic Sunshine*-19 日 前

    Oh my god I’m bouta go to middle school and I have SO much acne does anyone has remedies that worked for them?????

  53. Belinda Huth

    Belinda Huth19 日 前

    Next year is my first year of high school (2021) eek I’m so scared

  54. Belinda Huth

    Belinda Huth19 日 前

    I am sooo nervous for the first day of high school next year I’m in grade 6 now I am soo scared

  55. Arianna Torres

    Arianna Torres19 日 前

    Ik I’m late but what curler did u use 🥺

  56. sativa diva

    sativa diva20 日 前

    I'm moving district too nervous

  57. Uma Laguna

    Uma Laguna20 日 前

    wait your first day was in aug ?

  58. Uma Laguna

    Uma Laguna20 日 前


  59. camila pineda

    camila pineda21 日 前

    This year I'm going to be a high school freshman... I'm definitely not getting up this early, like an hour earlier than school starts. I won't have to do my hair because I have naturally wavy hair and I don't like wearing makeup so yeah, I hate stepping out of my comfort zone...

  60. Alena Mondragon

    Alena Mondragon21 日 前

    okay but she's so prettyy🥺💗

  61. Vashon Smith

    Vashon Smith21 日 前


  62. TT// tiffany w

    TT// tiffany w22 日 前

    who’s watching bc they miss school & is excited for it to start next year 🥺

  63. Kaleigha Tv

    Kaleigha Tv22 日 前

    Y’all can wear sleeveless shirts omg I wish my school would let us 😭💀

  64. eva cooper

    eva cooper24 日 前

    I love you so much because you don’t give a crap what people think about you .........AMAZING

  65. ɐuᴉʇsᴉɹɥɔ

    ɐuᴉʇsᴉɹɥɔ24 日 前

    Omg I was so scared too but now it's been almost a year since I started high school and it's really not too bad

  66. ulianna

    ulianna26 日 前

    im starting high school next year and im already nervous hahaha

  67. Camila Pizarro

    Camila Pizarro27 日 前

    “Naturally long” *goes hame on the mascara on her eyelashes

  68. Jazlyn Henry

    Jazlyn Henry28 日 前

    I’m finna be in highschool next year🙄smfh (give me advice/tips about highschool😭😭)

  69. Jackie Montalvo

    Jackie Montalvo22 日 前

    don’t get with seniors and just be you :)

  70. Alyssa Lara

    Alyssa Lara28 日 前

    how on earth do u wake up at 4 me 5 bc i just cant

  71. Yelsey Ortiz

    Yelsey Ortiz28 日 前

    Me watching during quarantine :👁👄👁

  72. Bineet K

    Bineet K29 日 前

    Do you still have P.E in high school??

  73. Jess Wilson

    Jess Wilson29 日 前

    Who else lives in Australia and its their first year of high school but they are 12.. Edit: wait, wft? I just realised she is starting the year in August????? Someone explain this to my aussie mind

  74. Mani Carter

    Mani Carter16 日 前

    Jess Wilson she probably has year round school like me. When you have year round school you usually start on the first week of August. I start high school August 3rd😬

  75. Alexus Renjel

    Alexus Renjel29 日 前

    "Because this whole summer i didnt sleep

  76. Nini Tv

    Nini Tv29 日 前

    You look so pretty 😍😍😍

  77. Drippy tnf

    Drippy tnf29 日 前

    Quarantine 2020?

  78. Tajayiah Jason

    Tajayiah Jason29 日 前

    When I try to wake up early I feel paralyzed

  79. DanceMomsLover#1#1

    DanceMomsLover#1#1ヶ月 前

    The beginning scared me so bad, because I thought someone was calling me. I was gonna ignore it, but still

  80. Ur_Local_Leo

    Ur_Local_Leoヶ月 前

    PeOplE stArt scHoOl at the StArt of august?! Woah I didn’t know that lol

  81. Chelsea

    Chelseaヶ月 前

    “I got up a little early” *meanwhile, it is 4 a.m.*

  82. Tae Kook

    Tae Kookヶ月 前

    I I’m late to watching this, April 26 2020

  83. Aaliyah Engle

    Aaliyah Engleヶ月 前

    Her camera didn’t focus at all

  84. Mia Marron

    Mia Marronヶ月 前

    girl how did you do your hair😍

  85. kennedy deida

    kennedy deidaヶ月 前

    watching this in corona time missing school tbh

  86. Kimberly Rivera

    Kimberly Riveraヶ月 前

    Who knew about quarantine:)

  87. sooyoungworlddomination hehe

    sooyoungworlddomination heheヶ月 前

    I’m here bc I miss school. Quarantine a bitch. Like if you the same

  88. Gisselle Huizar

    Gisselle Huizarヶ月 前

    I watched this a week before I started freshman year and I was so nervous for high school, now I’m watching it at the end of freshmen year and I remembered how nervous I was and now I’m nervous 😂

  89. iicoco

    iicocoヶ月 前

    when school starts up again i have to wake up at like 6 cause school starts at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="450">7:30</a> but this is a huge change in middle school it started at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="515">8:35</a>🥴

  90. Chloe Ann

    Chloe Annヶ月 前

    Anyone else have algebra 2 in freshman year

  91. Roxy

    Roxyヶ月 前

    WHEN SHE SAID IM NOT TRYNA SEE ANY OLD PEOPLE, I felt that on another level. Like girl I’m not tryna run into a snake from my old school, no THANK YOUUUUUU. 💀💀

  92. iicoco

    iicocoヶ月 前


  93. シ R a m e n シ

    シ R a m e n シヶ月 前

    Latina things!!!!! Lol I liked and subbed 💕