GRETA (2019) Ending Explained


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    what if a guy brought the bag back

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    What aboot the dead guy?!!

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    I'm here because I'm too scared to watch the actual movie 😂

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    Reminds me of split when he has the girls locked up and they see the different personalities when she locks up Francis and keeps her in a room

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    do i'm the pretty little thing that lives in the wall

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    *finds abandoned handbag at the subway* *leaves it with the subway security or the police* *The End*

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    Where are my overthetop villains with camp, catchprase, and charisma 😩?

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    OpEn YoUr EyEs (5:59)

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    Make Vikings explained from season 1 to 5 it would be intresting ?

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    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do an "Ending Explained" video on Captive State! I can't wait to hear your explanation on this one! :)

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    Hungarian reference first claimed in the evil dead series.

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    The first Trailer for Stranger Things 3 released. FoundFlix, we need all theorys and breakdowns you can give us.

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    I can’t wait for u to review US!!!!!

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    I hate movies where the psycho isn’t killed

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    Hey Foundflix, I want to reccomend a Korean horror film called 'The Wailing'. It was released in 2016 but it is really good and it has many unresolved theories that you might be able to uncover :)

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    *Moral of the story* just steal the bag

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    Perfect blue ending explained 💙

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    I would've been with Gerda and used her for her money. Lol

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    Explain Triangle

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    JPreporter sucks. Its been 5 days and i never got any notifications about this video or any previous ones for that matter...

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    When are you gonna do “US,” I’ve literally been checking everyday lol

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    After it comes out this Thursday presumably.

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    Why the hell did Greta need a new handbag for each person? That´s such cliché.

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    Would be cool to see a video for POSSUM (2018)! Keep up the good work :)

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    reminds me of roald dahl’s “the landlady” when she’s preserving the bodies

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    Am I the only one who's absolutely obsessed with his voice 😍😍

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    I only watch movies I've already seen before. This is for new movies lol

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    I don't have to see the movie now Thanks

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    that ending haha, love you dude

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    This movie taught me to be CAREFUL WITH PEOPLE!!

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    I just found your channel through the Conjuring series explained and fell in love! Your relax voice just makes these movies bearable for me. I get spooked too easily and the not creepy music helps a lot too! I love your channel!!!

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    Isabelle Huppert is really short.

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    So the moral of this movie is, never keep the bag take it to the cops. Also never take the bag.

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    This movie teaches me stanger danger and mind your business.

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    Would love to have a video explaining the lore of all the Puppet Master movies since the latest is now streaming on Shudder.

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    The speculation near the end of this video about "well maybe if she just went along with what Greta wanted and kept visiting her and being a surrogate daughter things would have been fine" Things would absolutely not have been fine. This is a woman who locked her daughter in a toy chest throughout her daughter's childhood whenever she did something 'wrong'. And 'wrong' to Greta probably included things like 'having friends' or 'wanting to pick out her own clothes'. If Frances had continued to visit Greta, I guarantee Greta's neediness and demands on Frances' time would have escalated, probably much the same way with the threats and stalking, all to the point where she drugs Frances and hold her captive anyway. When it come to abusers like this, whether they are man or woman, parent or spouse, friend or any other connection...there is NOTHING you can do to appease them. They want absolute control, and they want to exert that control through fear and punishment. Abusers will look for faults committed by their targets as an excuse to vent their psychosis, and if they do not find a fault, they will make one up as a pretense. Abusers are never satisfied, and should only be placated by their targets in order for their targets to stay alive/uninjured long enough to escape or reach safety. I realize this comment has become a bit of a soapbox, and I don't pretend to be a professional or licensed in any way. But please, in real life: NEVER tell yourself or anyone else that if you/they just do what the abuser wants, everything will be fine and no one will get hurt. It's simply not true.

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    Oh frick Gréta is a Hungarian name

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    Is it cliche that most mc's in horror movies mothers are dead before the movie starts.

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    when you said "learn their lesson" i thought you meant "to not be helpful" not "they need to call the cops"

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    Who else thinks he should do a ending explained on the movie US by Jordan Peele like if u agree

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    Fun fact; I think the box is actually a Tulipános Láda, aka "tulip chest" which held an important part in the former times of hungarian folks. In those times clothing was a luxury and people often had only one nice outfit for the rest of their lives. The girls from childhood started to sew and collect clothing pieces in preparation for her wedding and stored them in the tulip chests. So basicly all she had (wealth) was stored in the chest. Nowadays its just a heredity and lost its function. I think its a nice little touch, having Greta holding onto a chest which was meant for her daughter

  86. MegaMr JIN

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    This movie was SOOOOOOOOO frustratting to watch. Many times it was a facepalm moment for me because of very stupid and naive mistakes from the protagonist. But I'm so glad that loco cuckoo bitch Greta got a taste of her own medicine.....literally.

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    Can someone please help. I am trying to find the name of a thriller movie where a woman goes to a dinner party when people start killing, however she has survivalist skills and fights back. This is a fairly recent film but for the life of me I can not find anything on Google. Thanks from Australia.

  90. melissa irvine

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    Just checked not the movie. The movie I am thinking of was more recent and she had survival training.

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    You're Next

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    This movie sucked so bad that I of all people, an absolute avoid horror at all costs kind of guy, literally laughed. There was even a scene where I leaned over to my friend and said "this would be really kinky out of context." It was a great comedy.

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