Gordon Witnesses Hilarious Argument Over Microwaved Lamb | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. wocko53

    wocko534 時間 前

    Fat Sammy is batting way above his average with his wife!!! Jeez!!!

  2. Todd Thomas

    Todd Thomas10 時間 前

    Customer: it’s not good Sammy: it’s not bad it’s not bad 🤣

  3. HeyMyLifeIsLibby

    HeyMyLifeIsLibby2 日 前

    As someone who prides himself on working hospitality and customer service for 10 years, I was deeply insulted and cringed as to how Sammy engaged with the customer. The customer may not always be right, but when they have a valid point and deliver it as diplomatic as possible, you damn well listen to them and act on it.

  4. AnglerShark

    AnglerShark2 日 前

    **On the verge of tears** It'S nOt bAd ThoUgh, iT's NoT bAD

  5. monim Abouabdellah

    monim Abouabdellah2 日 前

    It's like i'm watching a mafia movie like good fellas or the godfather...

  6. Stephen Ireland

    Stephen Ireland3 日 前

    Sammy’s has a smart attractive girlfriend! Is It the money! I don’t get it

  7. Jack Call

    Jack Call2 日 前

    They are a match made in heaven.Just watch the episode

  8. the.beard.yyc

    the.beard.yyc6 日 前

    Anyone know season and episode?

  9. JA Purnell

    JA Purnell7 日 前

    this owner has a head like anorld when he had the womans head had on total recall

  10. Filip Dejneka

    Filip Dejneka7 日 前

    Umm guys <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="348">5:48</a> what is Ben Affleck doing there

  11. tomcha75

    tomcha759 日 前

    Regardless of what the customer was like or said (she was right, btw I think), his mindset is just wrong for the type of business he's in.

  12. Dan Smith Ali

    Dan Smith Ali10 日 前

    That fat guy is freaking delusional , the he treats the customers just makes me want to slap the shit out of him , he shouldn’t act like that in front of the customers he is supposed to be listen carefully and have a nice friendly attitude

  13. SuperSaiyaman3

    SuperSaiyaman311 日 前

    he missed that spongebob episode where mr. krabs tells them that the customer is always right

  14. L P

    L P11 日 前

    He came into that convo a little too hot

  15. L P

    L P11 日 前


  16. C.I.A

    C.I.A12 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="258">4:18</a> timestamp for my lazy ass

  17. Pat2296

    Pat229613 日 前

    Aww - Gordon was so happy with a clean kitchen for once. Loses happy so fast with that drawer. 😕 And why is Sammy's girlfriend so desperate?

  18. Ruan Antunes

    Ruan Antunes13 日 前

    Sammy looks like he's been rejected by the Mafia and then decided to open a terrible restaurant to get revenge 😂

  19. John Rambo

    John Rambo13 日 前

    what a bitch that lamb looked perfectly medium before they went into the microwave that is

  20. Yella Dart

    Yella Dart13 日 前

    Jesus Christ, yes, stand up for yourself in a service job, but if the customer says the food is bad, and you can see from literally a brief GLANCE that the food is indeed cooked incorrectly, then you take it on the chin and fix the problem. You don't get defensive and make a scene. That's appalling.

  21. Dahlia B

    Dahlia B15 日 前

    "How are the customers leaving if there aren't any in here to begin with?" *SaVaGe*

  22. Kelly Connelly

    Kelly Connelly15 日 前

    What an unbelievable over-grown toddler! Jesus... How that piece of ham landed such a beautiful and down to earth seeming woman is beyond me.

  23. Jerzy Dziś

    Jerzy Dziś16 日 前

    Adam Sandler the Chef 👨‍🍳.

  24. Tim Colledge

    Tim Colledge16 日 前


  25. bryantXCVI

    bryantXCVI16 日 前

    what does his girlfriend see in him?

  26. Nawal

    Nawal18 日 前

    How did that Buffoon pull a chick like her?

  27. MacStoker

    MacStoker17 日 前


  28. UsmanNabi - Pothwari Sher - Pothwari Saaz -

    UsmanNabi - Pothwari Sher - Pothwari Saaz -18 日 前

    “This place is spotless! Amazing!” “.... WHAT THE FUCK?! “ 😂😂

  29. Uncle Sam

    Uncle Sam19 日 前

    "I just wanted to pick her up and throw her around" I cracked so bad he gon' have a hard time picking that ass up for sure.

  30. Zahid Shabir

    Zahid Shabir20 日 前

    I CAN TELL FOR A FACT THAT THIS PLACE IS NOT A CLEAN PLACE They probably only had it cleaned before Gordon came to show him how "clean" it always is or whatever

  31. Kris B

    Kris B20 日 前

    Mexico doesn't have food hygiene practices. José knows no better.

  32. Nixer Doyle

    Nixer Doyle20 日 前

    I'm not a liar or a cheat. (Proceeds to lie and cheat.)

  33. Frank c

    Frank c20 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="123">2:03</a> nice angle ;)

  34. Gaelle Kimwanga Nkeny

    Gaelle Kimwanga Nkeny21 日 前

    She said to get it more done not hot..... damn 😭😭

  35. R Bailey

    R Bailey22 日 前

    “I’m fumigating” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. Kazledrop69

    Kazledrop6922 日 前

    Haha , "I'm so angry, I'm fumigating!" ... Uhhh what? What... Fumigating a house, for a bug infestation?

  37. craig shrimpton

    craig shrimpton22 日 前

    Sammy's so mad inside he's fumigating. Doesn't he know that's the wrong word for the sentence.

  38. james G

    james G22 日 前

    He looks like the pelicans from finding Nemo as a person you know I'm right

  39. Amelia Holland

    Amelia Holland23 日 前

    “im fucking fumigating” 😭😂😂

  40. Kouo Chan

    Kouo Chan23 日 前

    Shoutout to those cameramans waiting outside behind the restaurant for GR

  41. Bartooc

    Bartooc23 日 前

    Lol Gordon for once just watching enjoying the show.

  42. Bartooc

    Bartooc23 日 前

    He's arguing with her he didn't put it in the microwave while he put it in the microwave while being filmed?

  43. El Othemany

    El Othemany24 日 前

    This guy is hilarious.. He reminds me of the show The Sopranos.. 🤣

  44. Dj MC chicken

    Dj MC chicken25 日 前

    Sammy got no balls fucking pussy ass

  45. Haha P

    Haha P25 日 前

    This fella is lucky he didn’t cross paths with me. Cause I would have told him straight up to shove those chops up his ass, and walked out. Never paid either for nothing. Disgusting man! Small minded and entitled. Hopefully this restaurant is no longer in business.

  46. Haha P

    Haha P25 日 前

    This fella is lucky he didn’t cross paths with me. Cause I would have told him straight up to shove those chops up his ass, and walked out. Never paid either for nothing. Disgusting man! Small minded and entitled. Hopefully this restaurant is no longer in business.

  47. Jacky

    Jacky27 日 前

    Every time when Gordon says ‘oh my god’ I’m already in full cringe mode due to this idiot

  48. Lanang Agung

    Lanang Agung27 日 前

    Sammy looks like a Italian mobs

  49. Splitter S

    Splitter S27 日 前

    Sammy, look here you arrogant little American prick..gordon has 32 restaurants worldwide, how many do you have? Fuckin listen to Ramsey....

  50. Cpt. Duck

    Cpt. Duck29 日 前

    Sammy looks like the guy who still believe in Santa and always waiting for him all night in christmas then disapointed and still wanna try next year...

  51. Karim

    Karim29 日 前

    “You know so much about microwave” 😂😂

  52. anchuto

    anchuto29 日 前

    So many restaurants in this show have employees who can barely speak english. Maybe the key to success is don’t hire cheap labor.

  53. Pathogen Apex

    Pathogen Apexヶ月 前

    Ugh Gordon's shit does stink and stink bad because of the food you gave him

  54. Muhammad Essa

    Muhammad Essaヶ月 前

    SHE'S HIS GIRLFRIEND, HUHHHH,Is she blind or deaf

  55. Felipe Frota

    Felipe Frota28 日 前

    She love$$ him...

  56. Vito Leskur

    Vito Leskurヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="204">3:24</a> damn. 😳

  57. Vito Leskur

    Vito Leskurヶ月 前

    "The place is spotless. Absolutely spotless." ... "Look at the shit down here. Cooked meat with raw meat" They had us in the first half, not gonna lie.

  58. eytan0127

    eytan0127ヶ月 前


  59. Stephanie IloveJacindaArdern

    Stephanie IloveJacindaArdernヶ月 前

    fumigating,what are you a termite?

  60. David Gartland

    David Gartlandヶ月 前

    What a douché, I mean seriously, "do you work for a microwave company"...

  61. JJC Lopes

    JJC Lopesヶ月 前

    One of the most common phrases in Kitchen Nightmares: "When was that cooked?"

  62. IRatherNot_ SayIt

    IRatherNot_ SayItヶ月 前

    I'm just gonna say atleast Chef Mic is getting recognized for doing his job.



    Alright so maybe I've cut some corners, took some short cuts and ripped people off for "Imitation" crap for years but don't call me a dishonest guy, Ramsay's out of order! Hahahaha!😂 Yeah that's an outrageous claim Sammy!🙄

  64. Rossano Toia

    Rossano Toiaヶ月 前

    For real it was medium rare the first time she had her lambs. I have checked mutiple times. I have stopped the video. She was a pain in the ass. Still she is right about the microwave she should asked for well done. IMO.

  65. Barbara Dyson

    Barbara Dysonヶ月 前

    Sammy is one ignorant, ill bred and ill manned object. Sells artificial crab, then says he doesn't lie. Yoiks.

  66. DreamBelief

    DreamBeliefヶ月 前

    The guy got even worse after Gordon left - ripping people off to the sum of thousands of dollars, convicted for illegal use of other people's credit cards, trashing his own restaurant in a tantrum. The list goes on. The guy has serious issues with his behaviour and how he treats others. He still clearly thinks he's always right and is entitled to use and abuse others.

  67. Jet

    Jetヶ月 前

    "I'm fumigating" LMFAO 🤔

  68. Charlie Lamb

    Charlie Lambヶ月 前

    He’s like Danny DeVito in Matilda

  69. Hispanic! at the disco

    Hispanic! at the discoヶ月 前

    Sammy's girlfriend is far too good for him.

  70. Unbias

    Unbiasヶ月 前

    Took him a hot minute to become an expert on not putting raw and cooked chicken together.

  71. Manahil Fatima

    Manahil Fatimaヶ月 前

    Me eating chocolate wafers: *BlAnD*

  72. Sairy Palma

    Sairy Palmaヶ月 前

    I liked how everyone in the dinning room was clapping when he returned with the other lamb chops

  73. Jojo beanz

    Jojo beanzヶ月 前

    People they filming kitchen nightmares and still go expecting good food

  74. Nga Dinh

    Nga Dinhヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="361">6:01</a> Chef Ramsay was sneaking some foods 👀

  75. sleuxy

    sleuxyヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="231">3:51</a> lool

  76. Tanvir! 'o'

    Tanvir! 'o'ヶ月 前

    If Gordon wasn't there nobody would have complained adding a camera is just

  77. Bradley Allen-Holland

    Bradley Allen-Hollandヶ月 前

    Gordon goes to these restaurants because they need help, so people probably complain about the food every day

  78. bakersmileyface

    bakersmileyfaceヶ月 前

    How are the customers all experts on food? I mean I'm pretty sure 90% of people would just say "This food is bad". But customers on this show always can tell exactly what is wrong with it or explain why it isn't good.

  79. Nba Bigboy

    Nba Bigboyヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="205">3:25</a>

  80. Andrew Marajh

    Andrew Marajhヶ月 前

    Sammy got Cute Girlfriend.

  81. Arjun Ghosh

    Arjun Ghoshヶ月 前

    Apart from the food.. How did that twat guy got that beautiful girl

  82. Wammy Games

    Wammy Gamesヶ月 前

    Sammy:What microwave? *Moments ago* Sammy:Put it in the mircowave

  83. Bluuu McGuffin

    Bluuu McGuffinヶ月 前

    Sammy seems like the disgusting kind of asshole who would beat his wife and children.

  84. Kiran R

    Kiran Rヶ月 前

    He's fumigating