Gordon Witnesses Hilarious Argument Over Microwaved Lamb | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Mario Juano

    Mario Juano13 時間 前

    Woman at 4:20 complaining about her dish is a disgrace. That lamb is cooked perfectly.

  2. Aunt Jemima

    Aunt Jemima14 時間 前

    “I wanted to kill her”... cuz you microwaved her food

  3. Paul Ackroyd

    Paul Ackroyd21 時間 前

    “Put in the microwave, put in in the microwave a minute and a half” “I don’t want it microwaved” “Nobody’s talking about microwaves you’re talking about microwaves, do you work for a microwave company you know so much about microwaves” “Bullshit she told me it went in a microwave”

  4. ashleelmb

    ashleelmb日 前

    Gordon: That's raw chicken Sammy! Sammy: What, we can't have them next to each other? Gordon: Oh come on! Sammy turns to his chef: Come on you know that bro! *You clearly didn't though Sammy.*

  5. J8ck

    J8ck日 前

    "This place is spotless absouloutly, what the f**k is this?"

  6. Ashia Nafishat

    Ashia Nafishat日 前

    He's so upset inside, he's fucking "fumigating".

  7. MissMeow 25

    MissMeow 25日 前

    The waiter should inform the kitchen and Sammy what the costumer said about the dish to the tee, that way they would actually understand what they need to fix instead of walking up to the table and make a fool of themselves.

  8. Depressedgumin

    Depressedgumin日 前

    “Don’t call me a liar, a cheat, dishonest.” He says. Proceeds to lie, cheat and be dishonest like a boss

  9. DreamerZeke

    DreamerZeke2 日 前

    I have to disagree with Lauren. The customer is most definitely not always right. However, the woman had every right to complain in this case. Sammy is just a complete idiot.


    MIGHTYBOOSCH1982 日 前

    'there's a right way and a wrong way' mate you had a go at her for saying it was microwaved when it was microwaved

  11. Gary McEveley

    Gary McEveley2 日 前

    Ramsey. Why do you have cooked and raw stored together? After he picks up raw the meat the goes and grabs the cooked stuff with the same hand. WTF are you doing Gordon? He contaminates more of the food in that kitchen than the staff.

  12. No Power

    No Power3 日 前

    Sammy: "Shut it down! All of it. Shut it down now! I don't give a fuck!" Gordon Ramsay: Am I joke to you?

  13. Al

    Al3 日 前

    3:25 sheee thiccc

  14. Nico Kaspers

    Nico Kaspers3 日 前

    3.24 dat ass

  15. Devil0356

    Devil03563 日 前

    If I saw that I would have walked out without another word or bite. The whole restaurant should have cleared out XD

  16. Leigh King

    Leigh King4 日 前

    Still looking for the lamb sauce

  17. crazy horse

    crazy horse4 日 前

    Although he was wrong the woman complaining looked like a horrible old bastard

  18. Taylor

    Taylor5 日 前

    So, a customer tells the truth and the owner responds with “I want to kill her”... wow...

  19. Freddie1980

    Freddie19805 日 前

    That is one rude asshole. Gordon done well to get out of this without getting whacked.

  20. Freddie1980

    Freddie19805 日 前

    3:24 nice bum!

  21. Ezeqeel

    Ezeqeel5 日 前

    They call it Chicken Novella. *Who are they?*

  22. Jay P

    Jay P6 日 前

    I'm so upset inside I'm effing fumigating 😂😂😂😂😂

  23. may cmh

    may cmh6 日 前

    "same shit, different town" jjhggjkk

  24. LogicalNotes

    LogicalNotes7 日 前

    Sammy is a meatball

  25. abigail fear

    abigail fear7 日 前

    Away from ramsay the guys says he's gonna tell him lol to his face he doesn't say a word just blames staff lmao

  26. Logan Eddington

    Logan Eddington8 日 前

    "I wanted to kill her, but I didn't." "Oh my god, I wanted to throw her out."

  27. Matt S

    Matt S8 日 前

    With places like these you would be better off doing some microwaved ready meal at home.

  28. Justin Stevenson

    Justin Stevenson8 日 前

    I’m so upset inside, I’m like fuckin fumigating! Hahaha might as well go into pest control if your this bad at running a restaurant 😼😼

  29. Indian Rookie

    Indian Rookie8 日 前

    6:25 That clapping 👏 I'm really dead lol 😂

  30. Alphabet Soup

    Alphabet Soup8 日 前

    Sammy is fumigating because he’s a fuckin cockroach.

  31. MrVassago89

    MrVassago898 日 前

    The customer asked for it to be cooked more, the waiter said it was cold? The waiter should have said she wants it cooked more.

  32. Prasun

    Prasun8 日 前

    "same shit, different town" makes sense

  33. exo enthusiast

    exo enthusiast8 日 前

    "Absolutely spotless, amazing- WHAT THE, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT" LMAO

  34. LiL UZI Squirt

    LiL UZI Squirt9 日 前

    Waitress @ 3:24 is Thicccc

  35. Todd Thomas

    Todd Thomas9 日 前

    It’s not bad it’s not bad It’s bad No it’s not bad

  36. Wisam Safi

    Wisam Safi9 日 前

    3:55 “ I make great food, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t make great food!” What do you mean “here”? On a fucking TV show about bad restaurants in desperate need of help?

  37. Legion Of SnowBros

    Legion Of SnowBros10 日 前

    I love the manager. He is like from a movie.

  38. Milky Way Laniakea Superclusterite

    Milky Way Laniakea Superclusterite11 日 前

    How do these self-absorbed, excuse-making, fat ugly men end up with sweet ladies with a brain? It beggars belief! It's not even like they're so wealthy no one has to work... these wives of idiots could SUCCEED! But instead they nurse a manchild, and for what?

  39. TIm Dyer

    TIm Dyer12 日 前

    Why are food standards in America so damn shockng. I heard they accept 1 maggot per x KG of meat. Chlorinated chicken. Huge amounts of food poisoning.

  40. Mugshot

    Mugshot12 日 前

    3:50 priceless

  41. Sonam Nechen

    Sonam Nechen12 日 前

    "Same shit different town" My brain that sounds familiar *Flash back of Gen Shepard killing Ghost and Roach intensifies*

  42. H. Louise

    H. Louise13 日 前

    That fkn lamb died for this bitch. What a fkn waste!!!!! THIS is the actual tragedy!

  43. Omar Sukar

    Omar Sukar13 日 前

    5:46 listen this lady thinking she gordan ramsay just say u don't like the food u cook food it's gonna release heat don't say u know it's microwave cause its releasing heat yes sure it was microwaved but her reasoning was wrong

  44. Veil Break

    Veil Break13 日 前

    This one seemed staged

  45. dunjjkange

    dunjjkange13 日 前

    "I'm fumigating." No, Sammy. I do not think that means what you think it means.

  46. eric burhed

    eric burhed14 日 前

    This guys a fucking joke

  47. Snatxi

    Snatxi14 日 前

    Chef mike would be so proud

  48. Roo Hit

    Roo Hit14 日 前

    The lamb looked pretty close to medium rare in fairness. Maybe even a little over

  49. Noel Tan

    Noel Tan14 日 前

    This place is spotless. Absolutely spotless. Amazing. *opens the fridge* What the fuck 😂😂

  50. BlueSharkBoy434

    BlueSharkBoy43415 日 前

    The only nice thing in that kitchen is the girlfriend's ass at 3:25

  51. Bob Thenob

    Bob Thenob16 日 前

    "HOW DO YOU KNOW ITS MICROWAVED" because plates hotter than the food you arrogant c***

  52. Joshua Bicknell

    Joshua Bicknell16 日 前

    This guy deserves to go under.

  53. Dash Perú

    Dash Perú14 日 前

    Joshua Bicknell about 6ft under

  54. Din

    Din17 日 前

    How did a rude incompetent idiot like him get a restaurant in the first place?

  55. donald parker

    donald parker17 日 前

    this guy is a mobster for sure lol

  56. Cody Ferris

    Cody Ferris17 日 前

    There's a right way and wrong way of handling that and he was totally wrong

  57. Barbara Dyson

    Barbara Dyson18 日 前

    Why does that twat argue with Ramsay when he's a nobody.

  58. Diamond Hazard

    Diamond Hazard19 日 前

    "Same shit , different town" No shit

  59. kirjian

    kirjian19 日 前

    Man said he was *Fumigating*

  60. Irene Belserion

    Irene Belserion20 日 前

    Sammy is disgusting and should be fired at all times! 👍🏽

  61. Khalid Khalid

    Khalid Khalid20 日 前

    Shout out to the cameraman waiting on the backdoor for a reaction