Gordon Tricks Ignorant Restaurant Owners - Kitchen Nightmares


  1. ChickenNuggetDoctor

    ChickenNuggetDoctor4 時間 前

    These owners are not "ignorant" you just lied to them when you said you cooked it.

  2. Erifer Bautista Tapia

    Erifer Bautista Tapia8 時間 前

    This woman needs a bigger vocabulary

  3. E J

    E J8 時間 前

    Wow Ramsay is really trying to steal credit for these guy's food. Smh who else's food ideas has he stolen?

  4. Connor Mccombe

    Connor Mccombe日 前


  5. Gavin H.

    Gavin H.4 日 前

    "Phenomonal" - lady 2015

  6. UndeniableLuck

    UndeniableLuck4 日 前

    3:39 the credits as loads of names fly by

  7. Jay Millzz

    Jay Millzz8 日 前

    Should've served a bag of sh!t for desert, and then quit.

  8. Garett Gagan

    Garett Gagan9 日 前

    About fucking time damn right

  9. Anthony Smith

    Anthony Smith9 日 前

    My mouth is getting watery just from looking at those dishes

  10. Him Him

    Him Him10 日 前

    That chicken looked raw

  11. Gerard Tolson

    Gerard Tolson10 日 前

    Did anyone count how many times she said phenomenal?? 😂😂😂

  12. Michael Evans

    Michael Evans10 日 前

    The food can be good but the owners limit the chefs

  13. BigBoiPanda 16

    BigBoiPanda 1611 日 前

    Imagine getting pranked by a master chef

  14. Bob Bond

    Bob Bond12 日 前

    Good God, he must do this more often. It will put more owners to Trust their chefs or cooks that they have the ability if given the chance.

  15. MadeinUk

    MadeinUk13 日 前

    3:20 Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Gordon say 'chicken fried steak'? Would that not kill someone?! I can literally still hear it clucking. Something ain't right here big boy...

  16. Teddy Willey

    Teddy Willey13 日 前

    Own it haha said gorden😀

  17. Universal TrashTalker

    Universal TrashTalker15 日 前

    Me * it looks simple Ramsay * it's phenomenal me * its phenomenal

  18. tom sch

    tom sch16 日 前

    Love this one. From their heart? You did a great job

  19. Thiago Silva

    Thiago Silva16 日 前

    Love how the waitress after knowing it was the chefs just look at them super proud

  20. 121finalfantasy

    121finalfantasy16 日 前

    When you cook something from the heart it will taste great to everyone, when you're forced to cook something someone else wants you too it will turn out crap. Cooking is art at its best never hold back the artist

  21. Julian Caddy

    Julian Caddy16 日 前

    Thats the spirit

  22. Duskdred

    Duskdred17 日 前

    You see these 4 to 5 minutes videos, when you watch dozen of them, you alreday waste 1 hour, please be aware of that, don't tell yourself "One last video"

  23. •Galaxy Alexis•

    •Galaxy Alexis•19 日 前

    They have a rare disease called stupidious idoto😂

  24. محمد محمد

    محمد محمد21 日 前

    But is it really phenomenal tho

  25. AcidMushTV

    AcidMushTV23 日 前


  26. vulzE

    vulzE24 日 前


  27. JackRM11

    JackRM1124 日 前

    This food is making me hungry

  28. xxlCortez

    xxlCortez24 日 前

    What is this strong taste I'm tasting?

  29. ? ¿

    ? ¿24 日 前

    Phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal

  30. Punk Rock Vixen

    Punk Rock Vixen24 日 前

    This is why i quit trying to be a chef. Every restaurant i worked at had a strict recipe i had to follow. I couldnt make art and i couldnt be creative. All i was doing was making bland dishes with the same pinch of salt in every dish. I now only cook at home and regularly invite people over to cook for and thats when i enjoy being creative and seeing everyone love my cooking



    3:33 basically sums up the whole video 😂

  32. Excitable101

    Excitable10125 日 前

    I never understood why these places insist on using frozen, we the people can spot frozen a mile away and that is why your restaurants are empty.

  33. Phillip Beckman

    Phillip Beckman25 日 前

    Why do these owners give the chefs cheap frozen stuff to begin with? As Jack Nicholson said you can't make an omlet without breaking a few eggs.


    NULL SYNTAX26 日 前

    Ramsey is the best!

  35. Sugondesenuts

    Sugondesenuts26 日 前

    Take a shot everytime she say phenomenon!

  36. Mario Reece

    Mario Reece26 日 前

    So we gonna ignore the fact they had that apron on in the store that they wore in the kitchen lol

  37. DaminionC

    DaminionC27 日 前

    “ I didn’t cook it “ I hate it

  38. c7z

    c7z27 日 前


  39. Amelie Campbell

    Amelie Campbell27 日 前

    As soon as Gordan came clean you could see the owners dying inside

  40. Furkan Idk

    Furkan Idk27 日 前

    This is heartwarming ...

  41. Derek Jeter

    Derek Jeter27 日 前

    Next time I tried to commit a crime and the police got me, I'm gonna raise my hand and say: "I didn't cook them"

  42. Mike Peterson

    Mike Peterson28 日 前

    In an alternate universe this clip is Gordon steals credit from two chefs.

  43. Lily Ritchie-Cruickshank

    Lily Ritchie-Cruickshank28 日 前

    Plot twist: they hated it but just said it was good because it was 'made by Chef Ramsey'

  44. Slobodan Reka

    Slobodan Reka29 日 前


  45. Lil peanut 2109

    Lil peanut 210929 日 前

    To this day I still don’t know why 1080p is a quality option on any of these videos it jus looks the smar

  46. D-FENS

    D-FENS29 日 前


  47. Call me ADAM

    Call me ADAM29 日 前

    If these two chef competed in hells kitchen they would win.

  48. Kameron Fountain

    Kameron Fountainヶ月 前

    *p h e n o m e n a l*

  49. Federico Marcia

    Federico Marciaヶ月 前

    I really hoped he said "so, what can the chefs learn from this dish?"

  50. Notthatguy.

    Notthatguy.ヶ月 前

    This shows that not all restaurant owners on kitchen nightmares, arent ignorant and selfish

  51. Ryukii

    Ryukiiヶ月 前

    Call an ambulance But not for me!

  52. Lucas JURY

    Lucas JURYヶ月 前

    Why are you watching this go to bed already

  53. thecreeperminecart

    thecreeperminecartヶ月 前

    Shut the ball sacs up bitch

  54. Ram2500 6.7cummins

    Ram2500 6.7cumminsヶ月 前

    You could tell both owners are control freak jerks, too bad it had to take Gordon fucking Ramsay to get them to open their eyes. They really didn’t deserve to have the boys working for them. Lucky fucks.....

  55. 21ck00

    21ck00ヶ月 前

    The title could also be "Gordon Ramsey takes credit for the work of other chefs"

  56. Matthew Pieter Rice

    Matthew Pieter Riceヶ月 前

    Beautiful job

  57. Ryan John

    Ryan Johnヶ月 前

    Surprisingly, he’s actually nice in-person

  58. Nikolia Sokolov

    Nikolia Sokolovヶ月 前

    If someone gave me bird shit and told me gordon cooked it i would say its phenomenal

  59. mohit shrestha

    mohit shresthaヶ月 前

    the guy on 0:42 looks like bill gates mayber he is bill gates's brother chill gates

  60. Ramen Rat

    Ramen Ratヶ月 前

    Just vibing

  61. Darth - Pok3

    Darth - Pok3ヶ月 前

    I have to say those two chefs are probs the most likeable people on kitchen nightmares.

  62. CRENO K

    CRENO Kヶ月 前

    It’s a good product

  63. Bongo Cat

    Bongo Catヶ月 前


  64. TerraReez

    TerraReezヶ月 前

    0:33 *Bill Gates selling fish?*

  65. Hal Edwards

    Hal Edwardsヶ月 前


  66. Pdrew

    Pdrewヶ月 前

    Those dudes need to be working at real restaurant

  67. Cool Person

    Cool Personヶ月 前

    Golden has two moods Mood 1: DISGUSTED JUST DISGUSTING Mood 2: amazing SHOW HIM WHO U ARE. Delicious. Exquisite

  68. Ahmed Ansari

    Ahmed Ansariヶ月 前

    Which episode is it

  69. Myles P

    Myles Pヶ月 前

    First thing he thought was fresh equals expensive he wants to get rich off someone else’s name

  70. Dank

    Dankヶ月 前

    wow a Gordon Ramsay add before a GordonRamsay video lol

  71. Clara Beasley-Murray

    Clara Beasley-Murrayヶ月 前

    I love how good he must have made the two chefs feel

  72. Lowry TV

    Lowry TVヶ月 前

    This is why he is an amazing chef he wants to inspire and motivate even if it costs 1000 f bombs.

  73. Jose R Suarez

    Jose R Suarezヶ月 前

    Gordon is a genius,amazing..!

  74. Brian Corr

    Brian Corrヶ月 前

    There is something you need to know about the fish... I cooked this entire meal in the shower while I bathed.

  75. poof reka

    poof rekaヶ月 前

    Imagine how much better their restaurant would've been if the owners didn't hold his best chefs back

  76. Arthujbr _

    Arthujbr _ヶ月 前

    The ol’ switcheroo

  77. Kemar Colli

    Kemar Colliヶ月 前

    How much times she said phenomamal --->

  78. Brick

    Brickヶ月 前

    Gordon: it should melt in your mouth Guy: it did chef omg it really did chef

  79. Jay2 Tarry

    Jay2 Tarryヶ月 前

    Hey Panini heads drop a like on the vid plz ;)

  80. BTSpandasus Chimchim

    BTSpandasus Chimchimヶ月 前


  81. Jaymee Fletcher

    Jaymee Fletcherヶ月 前

    the owners are morons.

  82. PizzaMan 5000

    PizzaMan 5000ヶ月 前

    Chicken fried steak looked world class. Usually I wouldn't feed one to a prisoner.