Gordon Shocked By Disastrous Dancing & Food | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. History Egg

    History Egg18 時間 前

    I expected a Greek dance... not an Indian one At least he stacked some things which in this case are tables

  2. History Egg

    History Egg18 時間 前

    This is why Greek restaurants outside of Greece and Cyprus are sh*t

  3. Deltius

    Deltius日 前

    people: oh this food is okay people: NANI??? GORDON RAMSEY FILM CREW???? VAAAT???? man this fud is shit i hate it sm

  4. youtube hero

    youtube hero2 日 前

    2:37 This is one of my favorite moments from the show

  5. Loltroll842 0

    Loltroll842 02 日 前

    *Belly dances* Gordon: *Vietnam Flashbacks*

  6. Angel Gameplays

    Angel Gameplays2 日 前


  7. potato slayer

    potato slayer2 日 前

    us it just me or the owner actually looks like gaben? xD

  8. its me , deanna

    its me , deanna3 日 前

    2:17 gordon is having major ptsd

  9. Nickie D

    Nickie D4 日 前

    Food sucks but we have an erotic dancer. Gtfoh

  10. robimess

    robimess4 日 前

    hahahah reminds me a chapter of a local adaptation of this tv show here in Chile. The restaurant was named "pan y teatro" (bread and theater) hahaha. The owners performs a singing show and a stand up comedy show, but the food was hideous and the chef who does the work of Ramsay was totally pissed of when the perform starts. hahaha He has the very same reaction "un-fucking unbelievable" YHAHAHAHAH

  11. Aamir Khan

    Aamir Khan4 日 前

    That guy's one hell of a table dancer.

  12. daniel_crissey

    daniel_crissey4 日 前

    Imagine all the sudden you hear everyone clapping then you see a woman in a bikini dancing then you see someone bite and hold a table with their mouth and then seeing Gordon Ramsay in the background.

  13. Franchesca Murray

    Franchesca Murray4 日 前

    Honestly, your better of buying a cookbook and eating at home

  14. Muhammad Fachri Putra Adilin

    Muhammad Fachri Putra Adilin7 日 前

    Bro thats liza koshy dancin

  15. Kadence Altigieri

    Kadence Altigieri7 日 前

    15 hours a day. That’s cute. Sorry my opinion is biased.

  16. EGC Forsak3n

    EGC Forsak3n7 日 前

    im greek xd

  17. Nic Ong

    Nic Ong8 日 前

    Even the baby doesn’t like the food

  18. Kenyetta Ready

    Kenyetta Ready8 日 前

    At this point I'd rather watch Rishi dance.

  19. ParalayGER

    ParalayGER8 日 前

    "It's an embarrasment to Catalonia" - well Catalonia is in Spain, so the Greek guy might not care

  20. PH animations

    PH animations8 日 前

    I got a chef ramsay ad 😃

  21. Captain Crusher

    Captain Crusher8 日 前

    Those are some damn strong jaws!

  22. John Bundner

    John Bundner9 日 前

    Where is mcgruff??

  23. John Bundner

    John Bundner9 日 前

    Un bleeping believable!!

  24. Thomas Smith

    Thomas Smith9 日 前

    1:04 I think it needs some sauce

  25. grandhelper sucker_punch

    grandhelper sucker_punch9 日 前

    aHHH,Our greek culture,were we bite tables and spin around,much better than the food, 9/10.

  26. Cun't!

    Cun't!11 日 前

    It's a restaurant or a fucking circus?

  27. Tyler Goodman

    Tyler Goodman12 日 前

    Finally something edible they just got roasted

  28. North-American P51D-10

    North-American P51D-1012 日 前

    1:00 you know you made bad food when a kid says its bad food

  29. Prinempal

    Prinempal13 日 前

    That belly shot!

  30. Bussy bald like caillou

    Bussy bald like caillou13 日 前

    Bruh Gordon look so disappointed when they stared to dance.

  31. Can Köksöken

    Can Köksöken13 日 前

    I think the tables tastes better then the food lol😂😂

  32. Lamponen Army

    Lamponen Army13 日 前


  33. snowz

    snowz13 日 前

    0:39 anyone else hearing that sound cutting ? or is it just me

  34. tiny_petty

    tiny_petty14 日 前

    The son's hot

  35. Sasha Hammy

    Sasha Hammy15 日 前

    Dancer bites table Gordan: OH! FINALLU SOMETHING EDIBLE

  36. Oscar gamez1

    Oscar gamez119 日 前

    You can hear every guy there just getting a boner

  37. Minwon Jang

    Minwon Jang20 日 前

    Is it just me, or does that Son look like a discount Matt Mercer?

  38. LittleRoter

    LittleRoter23 日 前

    0:52 Awww thank you!!! 0:58 The fuck is this

  39. Joe D'Amico

    Joe D'Amico24 日 前

    I love how gordon cringes when the son starts dancing.

  40. Mr. Businessman

    Mr. Businessman26 日 前

    The son is amazing

  41. Shamsun Nahar

    Shamsun Nahar27 日 前

    It's a Greek tragedy

  42. Mrs. Bunny

    Mrs. Bunny27 日 前

    2:19 Gordon: *Surprised Pikachu Meme*

  43. HumpMeFuckMeDaddy BetterMakeMeChoke

    HumpMeFuckMeDaddy BetterMakeMeChoke27 日 前

    okay but Aris let me talk to You for A second I have A great paying job come be my baby.Imma treat You so right call me.

  44. Necahara

    Necahara27 日 前

    The dancing was ok. The time and place is not.

  45. Vella Bella

    Vella Bella28 日 前

    I must be a chef's nightmare. I don't like any meat rare. It must be cooked well and still tender

  46. Thier petersen

    Thier petersen28 日 前

    Legit distracting people from the shitty food, with a dance.

  47. Noah

    Noah28 日 前

    0:38 These cuts in his Voice 😂 Nice Fake

  48. A Simpson

    A Simpson28 日 前

    Believe it or not, this used to be THE spot to eat at the Harbor and Aris has always been hot and sweet 🔥🔥🔥

  49. Dandafryingpan

    Dandafryingpanヶ月 前

    That guy has to have the strongest jaws in history. At least it's edible

  50. coco c

    coco cヶ月 前

    Gordon: Finally something edible!!

  51. neoqueto

    neoquetoヶ月 前

    When the table is the tastiest thing in the entire restaurant

  52. Dynamite Gamer

    Dynamite Gamerヶ月 前

    that little girl be like im about to end this whole mans career

  53. Otaku 4 Lyfe

    Otaku 4 Lyfeヶ月 前

    Oh thank god i think Zenigundam is gone!

  54. Ares

    Aresヶ月 前

    I’m a proud Greek. But Greeks make funny episodes HAHAHAHA

  55. Ares

    Aresヶ月 前

    Restaurants in a crisis.... time to dance!

  56. Milo Openg

    Milo Opengヶ月 前

    It reminds me of a family restaurant that I went before served with dreadful chicken rice with their tv showing classic porn. Boss with the same mindset hoping to let their customers forget how bad the food on the tables...

  57. Stardust

    Stardustヶ月 前

    What's belly dancing doing in a greek restaurant anyway?

  58. Drifty boi 415

    Drifty boi 415ヶ月 前

    little girl: I dOnT LiKe It mom:U DONT LIKE IT?

  59. Brandon Sura

    Brandon Suraヶ月 前

    Chefs/owners: They love our food Appears on Kitchen Knightmares

  60. Pirikapirilala Magical Channel

    Pirikapirilala Magical Channelヶ月 前

    Gordon Look At Man Biting Table "Finally Something edible"