Gordon Ramsay Tries An 'Award Winning' Meatloaf | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Tluanga Colney Jr.

    Tluanga Colney Jr.日 前

    not everyone is same in taste most of the people may not like what GR likes


    SAFIYA KK4 日 前

    I know how to fix the first dish Just dip it in the sauce and them fry it.

  3. Sarah Al-shourbaji

    Sarah Al-shourbaji5 日 前

    Im genuinely surprised Gordon Ramsey hasn’t died from food poisoning yet.

  4. JayJay Jellybean

    JayJay Jellybean6 日 前

    Fun fact: I'm taking a shit right now that looks exactly like that meatloaf.

  5. Atorizon v.2

    Atorizon v.26 日 前

    Me: That looks delicious! Gordon Ramsay: Bloody hell. That's *disgusting* . Me: Yeah! Disgusting °~°

  6. Sagnik Mukherjee

    Sagnik Mukherjee6 日 前

    It's like a funeral in my mouth ! XD XD

  7. Ant Studios

    Ant Studios6 日 前

    Where’s the Nino joke?

  8. Garrett NG KC

    Garrett NG KC6 日 前

    i like how they add sound effects into the food

  9. moonlit luv

    moonlit luv8 日 前


  10. Ian Rey Tarded

    Ian Rey Tarded8 日 前

    Those chips, were not chips They were wood chips

  11. Roblox lover 0654

    Roblox lover 06548 日 前

    *the only award this meatloaf ever won is for the fact it made my bowel movements 10x more extreme than anything else ive ever eaten!*

  12. Rich83

    Rich839 日 前

    I like Gordon Ramsay, but come on you can't mess up Nacho's that's the easiest thing in the world to make. They looked good..

  13. nadim r

    nadim r10 日 前

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  14. raven plays

    raven plays10 日 前

    Wtf did I wacth

  15. dan o kelly

    dan o kelly11 日 前

    "Wake up and admit it's shit!"

  16. Paul Young

    Paul Young12 日 前

    Gordon was legit pissed that time

  17. Night Fury

    Night Fury14 日 前

    'AwArD wInNiNg' **Lmao that description--**

  18. Aaron Arshad

    Aaron Arshad16 日 前

    Putting a lemon in the middle of a wet Calamari bowl. Seems odd as would be unpleasant touching the lemon

  19. Hosea Mathews

    Hosea Mathews16 日 前

    Is there some kind of rules when it comes to liking food? What if I find Ramsay's food disgusting, am I right or am I wrong?

  20. vhea He

    vhea He17 日 前

    Which episode is this from?

  21. GeneralAsintado

    GeneralAsintado17 日 前

    Lol that description “aWaRd wInNiNg

  22. Moony rose

    Moony rose17 日 前

    No one..... Waiter: doesn’t like food Gordon: doesn’t like food Gordon: thank you VS Chef: I love the food! Gordon: RAAaAaGEEEeeEeE ItSSsS SOoooO GROSSssSsSs

  23. james earl latina

    james earl latina17 日 前

    When i watched the full vid it was an amazing transformation

  24. Prince prince

    Prince prince20 日 前

    I hate the waiters fucking atleast have bit of loyalty to the owner rather then enjoying the embarrassment they going through

  25. murat karakas

    murat karakas21 日 前

    Why is Gordon so angry

  26. United We Stand

    United We Stand22 日 前

    They literally add sound effects when he’s running the spoon through his food😂😂😂😂

  27. Ya Boi Diglett

    Ya Boi Diglett22 日 前

    It won a participation award

  28. Hillary Te

    Hillary Te23 日 前

    Gordon:*tries food* Gordon:Nasty Food:Am I a joke to you??? Gordon:No you aren’t your just plain sh*t Which for Gordon he KNOWS that all these friggin hideous food is crap at first sight

  29. The StarLight

    The StarLight23 日 前

    I like how the waiters just enjoy the entire show up close.

  30. Tamed Potato

    Tamed Potato23 日 前

    Why do I think Gordon Ramsey is a delusional person? Is it only me?

  31. SSShh asmr

    SSShh asmr24 日 前

    Is there a need for him to shout ??

  32. Cyphlix

    Cyphlix25 日 前

    Me: the nachos look delicious Gordan: Disgusting, looks like a funeral Me: whelp, guess I'm a necrophile 🤷‍♀️

  33. Night Wolf

    Night Wolf25 日 前

    Everyone is so pissed at gordan ramsey

  34. Sebi Bab

    Sebi Bab25 日 前

    The best thing about this place are the waiters

  35. FateGotOut

    FateGotOut25 日 前

    Owner: *made the menu but doesn’t have a cooking background* Me: Oh my goodness, use common sense.

  36. Bryan Lum

    Bryan Lum25 日 前

    Award winning nightmare

  37. Alf P

    Alf P26 日 前

    She had legitimate question.

  38. Benjamin Brady

    Benjamin Brady26 日 前

    MFW calamari isn't spelt with a k

  39. Yes I Am Mad

    Yes I Am Mad27 日 前

    The "party in my mouth" looks awesome.

  40. Yes I Am Mad

    Yes I Am Mad27 日 前

    0:16. Brilliant sound effects.

  41. Gabriele Porru

    Gabriele Porru27 日 前

    0:15 you can clearly see this poor man is losing his sanity...

  42. Qwuik

    Qwuik27 日 前

    We all sometimes see Gordon doing this. 2:54

  43. FantasticEggs

    FantasticEggs27 日 前

    She's such a Karen, she decided to be the manager herself.

  44. QWertY Magnus

    QWertY Magnus28 日 前

    it was like a funeral in my mouth

  45. QWertY Magnus

    QWertY Magnus28 日 前

    it was like a funeral in my mouth

  46. Eleaps

    Eleapsヶ月 前


  47. Barbara Dyson

    Barbara Dysonヶ月 前

    Arrogant little female, who thinks she knows best over ramsay

  48. ICUP 3x

    ICUP 3xヶ月 前

    I never get tired of the old routine

  49. Naxzed NU

    Naxzed NUヶ月 前

    Gordon: *almost gets slapped* *makes the person who slapped him dial Nino* HELLO, MY NAME'S NINOOOOO! NINO NINO NINO



    Award winning meatloaf looked disgustin because it looked like diarrhea on the top btw i dont like pig meat and it looked like pig Meat with diarrhea

  51. KE1309 XD

    KE1309 XDヶ月 前

    How often does he said "wow"?

  52. Neil Jensen

    Neil Jensenヶ月 前

    Bunch of fags there

  53. Floyd Moras

    Floyd Morasヶ月 前

    I don't think it's that bad as he reacts

  54. Rand McNally

    Rand McNallyヶ月 前

    what award did that thing win?

  55. Freestyler Gaming HD

    Freestyler Gaming HDヶ月 前

    Are they next going to make micrwaved haggis

  56. Wallace Lam

    Wallace Lamヶ月 前

    God, the servers are the best!

  57. iPAD Gamez

    iPAD Gamezヶ月 前

    Gordon Ramsay drinking water with ice cubes Gordon: Is this *FRESH* Waiter: Its Frozen Sir Gordon: Bloody Hideous, Outrageous! Me: Well fuck

  58. DavidSylvester7

    DavidSylvester7ヶ月 前

    That waiter's laugh is really creepy, joker esque.

  59. Inoos Abdul mathloob

    Inoos Abdul mathloobヶ月 前

    if my mom made food from him i wouldn't know if he would like it or not, he should really try indian food

  60. Nol See

    Nol Seeヶ月 前

    I love how the waiters laugh as a coping mechanism. But when Gordon pointed out how embarrassing it must be to serve....2:10 that agreement came right from that poor man’s soul. Damn.