Gordon Ramsay Served Stuffed Clams With No Clams | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. PIKL Creep

    PIKL Creep8 時間 前

    You should changed the title to "Gordon Ramsay was Served" because it looked like he was doing the serving.

  2. Enrico Gabuzzi

    Enrico Gabuzzi10 時間 前

    90% of restaurants are dumpsters!

  3. Christian Prusinski

    Christian Prusinski日 前

    This man legit thought Gordon was gon stab his ass

  4. ketchup packet

    ketchup packet日 前

    “he hates everything off the menu” bitch didn’t y’all feed him Italian ass flavored leftovers

  5. Lovely Aya

    Lovely Aya日 前

    It’s like being sold mashed potatoes without potatoes. I’m talking about you, KFC! 😑

  6. OrangeCrush Gamer

    OrangeCrush Gamer2 日 前

    When i cook frozen salmon. It looks 374726 times better than that. You lightly butter it, squeeze of lemon, just a little. Cover in tin foil and bake.

  7. Gankageddon

    Gankageddon2 日 前

    I always love how Ramsey treats his wait staff and other wait staff with respect, Hell's kitchen he protects his chefs from customers. "Only I'm allowed to degrade my chefs!"

  8. Effrey Jeppstein The WB's name is Eric Ciaramella

    Effrey Jeppstein The WB's name is Eric Ciaramella3 日 前

    Clam free clams... The world renowned Chef Mike does it again!

  9. Amanda Maybray

    Amanda Maybray3 日 前

    no one: gordon: look at that,

  10. Jen Tuesday

    Jen Tuesday3 日 前

    This show always amazes me how easy it is to start a functioning restaurant and/or get a job as a chef...im really hoping they give him this crap on purpose with the intention of getting help from the show....because seriously I’m no pro chef, but how fricking difficult is it to get meatballs right...or cook salmon to the right doneness (or do stuff like make a burger that’s not boiled etc) that you can’t do it when your literal job and source of income depends on you being able to. I’m in my mid 20s..literally learned to cook from JPreporter,online recipes, and the occasional cooking show combined with practicing...-do not cook for a living and I can get those things done well and these are middle aged grown ass adults who can’t seem to despite thinking they have enough skill to open up a restaurant...like nobody tasted their food and told them it was a bad idea? The arrogance, for real.

  11. DatFacePriceless

    DatFacePriceless4 日 前

    Omelette with no eggs Apple pie with no apples Cheeseburger with no cheese

  12. B l u e u

    B l u e u4 日 前

    In 2025, *Gordon Ramsay will be criticizing restaurants for terrible water.*

  13. Lois Massyn Van Heerden

    Lois Massyn Van Heerden5 日 前

    Not watching your stuff anymore. I have yet to hear you pay a compliment to another chef!



    Lady drinking normally: **SLURP SLORP GLORP**

  15. circycle

    circycle6 日 前

    The salmon was raw. That’s gross. It’s so easy to cook salmon

  16. Headless Horseman

    Headless Horseman6 日 前

    How are these damn restaurants in business? Chef Ramsay came to this kitchen and they tried to trick him with old food. Unbelievable. *edit I feel your pain Chef Boss

  17. Armando Ortiz

    Armando Ortiz6 日 前

    If I wanted to eat stuff from a microwave I would eat at home for less than the price of that restaurant

  18. Alexis Mol-Hdz

    Alexis Mol-Hdz6 日 前

    I thought i was over this. Now im Binge watching kitchen nightmares again

  19. Chris Tragedia

    Chris Tragedia7 日 前


  20. discman15

    discman157 日 前

    Every time the owners end up saying "how does he know anyway, iKNOW our food is good"

  21. Rich B

    Rich B8 日 前

    Stuff claims...stuffing on a clam shell.

  22. EmptyWalletMultimedia

    EmptyWalletMultimedia8 日 前

    The worst part is the female owner that didnt understand he meant it tasted like stuffibg FOR turkeys... not from turkeys smdh

  23. Angel T

    Angel T9 日 前

    Lol stuffing that you stick in the a$$ end of a turkey 😭😭😭😂😂😂

  24. Steven M

    Steven M10 日 前

    U want anything else Ya a sick Bag

  25. Abigail Despina

    Abigail Despina10 日 前

    It seemsike the chefs would try a little harder to impress him. Like maybe *not* microwave everything?They've probably seen the show at least if they know they're gonna be on it so they'd know he can always tell when it's microwaved.

  26. thedosalegend

    thedosalegend10 日 前

    "Stuffed clams with no clams" Yes but actually no

  27. your local disneyland

    your local disneyland10 日 前

    He came prepared to taste lol

  28. Ben Nelson

    Ben Nelson12 日 前

    Who the hell puts meatballs on a salad? Who the hell orders it?

  29. Grant Y

    Grant Y12 日 前

    i love all the server interactions in these vids

  30. Ya Boi Diglett

    Ya Boi Diglett12 日 前

    It wasn't a stuffed clam, it was a stuffed

  31. Eric S. Czernecki

    Eric S. Czernecki13 日 前

    (Does air quotes like Dr. Evil) "Clams."

  32. Olivia feiloakitau

    Olivia feiloakitau13 日 前

    guy: how is it ramsey: terrible, watery, dreadful, I have had a enough. guy: thank u.

  33. Sir Billius

    Sir Billius13 日 前

    He wasn’t exactly specific with what was wrong with the meat balls. Sure it’s a crime to put saucy meatballs in salad, but the meat itself didn’t look too bad.

  34. Nawin

    Nawin13 日 前

    1:39 why does he look so much like The Dolan Twins

  35. ryler05

    ryler0515 日 前

    21 dollars, the price they charge at these restaurants now a days is quite literally robbery.

  36. Steve Dyches

    Steve Dyches8 日 前

    Not literally robbery when someone is willing to pay, but I get what you're saying. I've worked in plenty of restaurants over the years and there is a lot of overhead expenses to consider. Even places with great food and service struggle to make payroll and profits.

  37. Xarcis

    Xarcis15 日 前

    The sound team must have a great time making these. Like so many added in sounds. Like slime in food or rattling of ice when gordon drinks.

  38. Pablo Gonzalez

    Pablo Gonzalez15 日 前

    Where's the cream filling?

  39. Marci Leatherboots1

    Marci Leatherboots116 日 前

    You know, it always makes me laugh no matter how many times I see Kitchen Nightmares, when these chefs/restaurant owners say, "Chef Ramsay is going to love my food." It's like bitch, if your food was good, your restaurant wouldn't be failing and you wouldn't have called Gordon for help.



    How do you go 0 - 3 knowing who is eating the food???

  41. Kevin Jones

    Kevin Jones17 日 前

    Sick bag😂😂😂



    1:41 LOL

  43. Luciano Martinez

    Luciano Martinez17 日 前

    I thought you said we were having Steamed Clams!!!

  44. Oscar Soliz

    Oscar Soliz17 日 前

    What the hell was the owner going to do walking in like terminator to beat Gordon??

  45. Jon DGAF

    Jon DGAF18 日 前

    Grandmas meet balls.

  46. Daniel Hernandez

    Daniel Hernandez18 日 前

    Where's the lamb *SAUCE* = Where's the *CLAM*

  47. yes.

    yes.18 日 前

    I’m selling this 0:14 0:14 0:14 0:14 0:14 0:14 0:14 0:14 0:14 0:14 This cost one like!

  48. mc1dash1b

    mc1dash1b18 日 前

    Oh come now, do you think we are as gullible as that? Grandma’s meatball salad? Obviously made up for the show if it were actually on any menu it would be ordered zero times, get real.

  49. Atx Cat

    Atx Cat18 日 前

    If you can cook a slab of salmon maybe cooking isnt your thing

  50. Philip Sepanski

    Philip Sepanski18 日 前

    This guy makes me scared to start a food business

  51. Damian

    Damian19 日 前

    *"Did you bring the liquor?"* Faaaaahck me. Lmao 😂😂😂

  52. Ben Paul

    Ben Paul19 日 前

    Gordon ramsay is like a fucking broken record! It doesnt matter how good or bad a place is, you always get its bland, dry, not seasoned, not cooked etc etc! Gordon would find a glass of water dry.

  53. Nick Johnsen

    Nick Johnsen19 日 前

    Did Gordon actually say dreadful? Or did this kid jus hear what he assumed Simon Cowell and or Gordon would say at that moment. “Ayyy he said something or other in British bro!”

  54. michael88h

    michael88h20 日 前

    They kill me with the extra sound effects on the food

  55. MɨҡɛʏքօօɦɮɛaʀJaċҡsօռ

    MɨҡɛʏքօօɦɮɛaʀJaċҡsօռ20 日 前

    The server looks like general Zod serving food

  56. Unknown King

    Unknown King20 日 前

    1:27 No mames haha

  57. Marcella G

    Marcella G20 日 前

    i love stuff clams.

  58. Jonathan Pasch

    Jonathan Pasch21 日 前

    A meatball fqing salad??! 😂😂😂

  59. Sals Furniture

    Sals Furniture21 日 前

    Fish still frozen fvck

  60. Ernest Bigot

    Ernest Bigot21 日 前

    He would love my grain free, cheese free, sauce free ravioli.

  61. Lowkey kid

    Lowkey kid22 日 前

    Why the fuck are these owners all retarded! They know Gordon Ramsey is coming yet they still fuckin serve leftovers and microwave food! I have no experience in that field but if I was in their position I’d do a better job just by using simple COMMON SENSE