Gordon Ramsay Served Stuffed Clams With No Clams | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Respecting MP 40

    Respecting MP 406 時間 前

    The predecesor to the yankee with no brim

  2. Ruth Richardson

    Ruth Richardson7 時間 前

    Keith be looking like he's out of an Italian mobster movie...

  3. Steve Silvas

    Steve Silvas8 時間 前

    HAVE HIM EAT CAKE!..Marie Antoinette

  4. Drew Gregory's

    Drew Gregory's13 時間 前

    I'm smoking weed and playing with a hoe what yall folks up too??

  5. Lost SoulsAnimation

    Lost SoulsAnimation21 時間 前

    Its like making a floor with no cement

  6. EXTVS1

    EXTVS122 時間 前

    I just saw an ad with grilled salad. yep I'm @ the right channel

  7. Wes Broome

    Wes Broome日 前

    i want to watch the full episode, which episode is this?

  8. Eruuk

    Eruuk日 前

    Who decided it was a good idea to put sound effects whenever they touch the food like in a Tim and Eric sketch

  9. Donye Hardy

    Donye Hardy日 前

    What restaurant was this

  10. Joe Christianson

    Joe Christianson日 前

    I love when he wants the server to taste the food! The server knows how the food is made and how dirty the kitchen is and doesn't want to put the food in their mouth!!

  11. Nan

    Nan2 日 前

    McDonald’s would probably serve better food. At least their fries are freshly fried lol

  12. The City Official

    The City Official2 日 前

    Waiter that thinks his restaurant sucks: how was it? Gordon Ramsay: dreadful. Thank you.

  13. Wyo Drifter

    Wyo Drifter2 日 前

    Good. You food sucks

  14. British Guy

    British Guy2 日 前

    Here is our stuffed stuffing

  15. thechampisraw3

    thechampisraw33 日 前

    Its crazy how he knows exactly how it was cooked an prepared his taste bud is like noo other he really a food goat

  16. cheesy ·

    cheesy ·4 日 前


  17. Carolyn Smith

    Carolyn Smith5 日 前

    Does anybody know what episode this is from?

  18. LS6-SS

    LS6-SS6 日 前

    Those stuffed clams looked decent 😶

  19. AOC'S penis

    AOC'S penis6 日 前

    Costco sells those frozen stuffed clams. They arent horrible, it's just stuffing in shells, but Gordon's right- wheres the fckin clam?

  20. Arcade Kaos

    Arcade Kaos7 日 前

    I bought stuffed clams from the store without one piece of clam inside them before and if you can believe it or not I bought some had too much clams in them if it could be such a thing there was it was way too much clams inside the stuffed clams and one package had none so go figure

  21. Chiara Nieman

    Chiara Nieman7 日 前

    Why would you even consider putting something in the microwave with an attitude like 'jokes on him' knowing its gordon Ramsay smh

  22. Richard Cypher

    Richard Cypher7 日 前

    Don’t they know he’s coming there? The least they could do is actually cook some food for him

  23. StainderFin

    StainderFin7 日 前

    server: anything else? Gordon: puke bag.... it is BLAND!

  24. StainderFin

    StainderFin7 日 前

    When Chef throws Gordon meal outright bototm of microwave was sure he don noticed XD well his resturant was shutdown 5 minutes after i hope it was worth it....

  25. StainderFin

    StainderFin7 日 前

    Gordon: meat ball without meat fucking joke!

  26. Veronica Parks

    Veronica Parks7 日 前

    You need to be ready for Chef Ramsay .He don't play about presentation and taste 🍸💕🤺

  27. Joey

    Joey7 日 前

    This is all staged for the show

  28. Joey the toner guy

    Joey the toner guy7 日 前

    every episode, help we need help! okay your food sucks! no it is good! no it sucks! okay your right help me I love you

  29. Nikolija Uchiha

    Nikolija Uchiha7 日 前

    am i the only one thats simping for the server?

  30. Sander Jin

    Sander Jin8 日 前

    Always noticed the sounds of food to disguist the viewer, but i didnt expect for sound guy to add loud slurps with camera man pointing at the lady, that is drinking, lol.

  31. Dayz Be

    Dayz Be8 日 前

    Woaah stuffed clams with no clams

  32. Reeno 135

    Reeno 1359 日 前

    Well He doesnt Like the Meatballs and i dont Like those Fake squish Sounds (dont know how i should call em otherwise) that you can hear everytime He Cuts in the meat. it Just Sounds awful and it is Not ok to make Something to eat more disgusting than it is already.

  33. Pixies Ostrich Duster

    Pixies Ostrich Duster9 日 前

    That rice is an abomination

  34. ACID INK

    ACID INK9 日 前


  35. Cristi Fechete

    Cristi Fechete9 日 前

    Grandma's meatballs my ass. Those look more like grandpa's balls...

  36. Dorian Winston

    Dorian Winston10 日 前

    Every restaurant ever: "we know how Ramsay reacts to microwaved food. Microwave it anyway"

  37. nick B

    nick B10 日 前

    Squishy noises again. Why dont you just add fart and puke noises to. Then it can sound like Nickelodeon

  38. Delle Daye

    Delle Daye10 日 前

    How is he not dead yet... The food ALWAYS looks disgusting 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  39. funny videos show

    funny videos show11 日 前

    Making me wanna home cook more at least my food is fresh

  40. funny videos show

    funny videos show11 日 前

    This just opens my eyes to my food at the restaurant now reheated old food

  41. KitsuKame

    KitsuKame11 日 前

    “I thought he was gonna stab me with the fork if I told him it was good.” Damn, the poor man must have been terrified.

  42. rich90553 • 69 minutes ago • • • • •

    rich90553 • 69 minutes ago • • • • •12 日 前

    Fresh ground pepp...

  43. Lorel

    Lorel12 日 前

    All these Kitchen Nightmares are exactly alike. To begin, none of the food is any good anywhere. Big surprise!! Then, with Ramsay’s help, the food is great. I could do these shows & I’m not even an award winning chef. I hope the owners of the restaurants & the chefs are aware of what’s going on & that their feelings aren’t hurt. It’s all predictable & boring.

  44. MsVrael

    MsVrael12 日 前

    Honestly can't believe she said that at the end. "We're about to get raped right now". Did I hear that incorrectly?

  45. LIFE You Only Live Once

    LIFE You Only Live Once12 日 前

    Question - Where are the clams..? Answer - the chef left them in the back of the 🦃 turkey🙂🙂🙂

  46. LIFE You Only Live Once

    LIFE You Only Live Once12 日 前

    Stick these clams in the back of the turkey 🦃....fucking clams

  47. kageyama tobio

    kageyama tobio12 日 前

    incase anyone was wondering this is season3 ep 6 no need to thank me



    Ramsay definitely did not like it. You could see him clam up over that dish

  49. Reichen Beauparlant

    Reichen Beauparlant13 日 前

    Loved how they added the sound effects wen he cut/moved the food

  50. linchuue

    linchuue13 日 前

    "I was a little scared to eat off his plate 'cause I thought he was gonna stab me with a fork if I told him it was good". I-

  51. Y0UKA1 ヨウカイ

    Y0UKA1 ヨウカイ13 日 前

    i shouldn’t have click on this video, now i’m probably gonna go on a hell kitchen streak for the next few days

  52. Kounut Satomi

    Kounut Satomi13 日 前

    Italian sewers

  53. Bob Bond

    Bob Bond13 日 前

    The young server is doing a great job with what he has to work with , but the food is horrible. Whoever is cooking should take a course in culinary arts.

  54. DevTK

    DevTK13 日 前

    I think they meant stuffed hams, the new jersey ones...

  55. Eric Rivera

    Eric Rivera14 日 前

    Meatballs fucken horrible crumbled..🌰

  56. paul okh

    paul okh14 日 前


  57. Moodymize

    Moodymize14 日 前

    Next up: gordon vs mcdonalds

  58. John Brice Bender

    John Brice Bender14 日 前

    I hate the American version of this show. Why do they add nasty ass "slurping" noises every time anyone touches the food?!?

  59. I want to die

    I want to die15 日 前

    Man that looks delicious Gordon : gross Me : gross

  60. rory vonbrutt

    rory vonbrutt15 日 前

    What the hell you mean you came back without the liquor are you crazy that's the only thing that's going to help LOL

  61. •Luma Maker•

    •Luma Maker•16 日 前

    You know whenever a chef microwaves Gordon’s food I always get the feeling that Gordon gets this dreadful feeling in the pit of his stomach just telling him, “Your in for a fucking ride”

  62. Lizélle Engels

    Lizélle Engels16 日 前

    i was a little scared to eat off his plate because i was scared if i said it was good he would stab me with the fork

  63. staccs

    staccs17 日 前

    Love to see it



    Max is nice

  65. slimwillo

    slimwillo18 日 前

    My dream is to have a burger that Gordon cooked

  66. Alliyah Steele

    Alliyah Steele19 日 前

    The clams are in the same place as the lamb sauce

  67. sokol

    sokol20 日 前

    Oh no, I said stuffed hams!

  68. rwdplz1

    rwdplz120 日 前

    You served a professional chef microwaved leftovers? Should have been fired on the spot.

  69. Lilo 5626

    Lilo 562620 日 前

    They need help, he criticize the food, you can't take that seriously and just fuck it I'm out. He's here to help the kitchen make better food, the waiters waitress brutally honest that their food is shit, can't complain about that

  70. MasterChef

    MasterChef21 日 前

    Legend has it he’s still looking for the clams.

  71. Sumukh

    Sumukh22 日 前

    Chef Ramsay knows more adjectives than my entire vocabulary

  72. Grace taylor

    Grace taylor22 日 前

    I cooked salmon on a grill Raw in the middle but Still ate it It was food

  73. Grace taylor

    Grace taylor22 日 前


  74. Pretty Prudent

    Pretty Prudent23 日 前

    We don’t realize how crappy these people are who are cooking our food in these restaurants.

  75. 3rd String Waterboy

    3rd String Waterboy23 日 前

    "Would you like anything else?" "A sick bag maybe"😂😂😂😂

  76. Post Mloney

    Post Mloney24 日 前

    0:13 seriously? editing team is having the time of their lives.

  77. Patrick's Crazy Place

    Patrick's Crazy Place24 日 前

    Meatball Salad? Stuffed Clams with no clams? Undercooked samon? Rice that looks like a brick? This is all horrible.

  78. Yikes! Meatball

    Yikes! Meatball24 日 前

    So basically he got stuffed shells

  79. Phillip Beckman

    Phillip Beckman25 日 前

    That salmon fish looks disgusting. How does he eat that?

  80. Odd Geno

    Odd Geno25 日 前

    Why can’t people just make good food 😩 Like honestly what is so hard 😭