Gordon Ramsay's Top 5 Fish Recipes


  1. Alice

    Alice22 時間 前

    Gordon, you can't just say hot oven. lol I need a Temp. lol

  2. OOP KAWHi

    OOP KAWHi2 日 前

    Who’s eating fish fillet while watching this?

  3. Robert Knight

    Robert Knight2 日 前

    The batter for the cod is AMAZING!

  4. Jip Linnartz

    Jip Linnartz2 日 前

    “You cannot beat crushed delicious peas” Me: no but you can crush them?

  5. 28 StAB woUnDS???

    28 StAB woUnDS???2 日 前

    Seriously that sound they used in the into is straight from pornhub I swear it is

  6. 28 StAB woUnDS???

    28 StAB woUnDS???日 前

    MIND BLOWN🧠🧨🔥🔥

  7. Piggies YUM YUM BACON

    Piggies YUM YUM BACON日 前

    28 StAB woUnDS??? Oh my god!

  8. Jakareh75

    Jakareh752 日 前

    Actually, chili seeds have no heat. The white ribs the seeds are attached to have the most heat, but the flesh has heat as well.

  9. Bevillain

    Bevillain3 日 前

    I’m done after the first one, I hope you got yours.

  10. LessonLearntBefore

    LessonLearntBefore4 日 前

    In to cherry wash?



    Even 0.25x seems faster for me. JPreporter, do something

  12. 523FILMS

    523FILMS3 日 前

    I turn it up to 2x. Not fast enough

  13. Leap Tech

    Leap Tech4 日 前

    The first one made me stop watching, you'd go into shock over the artery clogging cholesterol recipe.

  14. William Lemons

    William Lemons3 日 前

    Leap Tech you mad?

  15. Leap Tech

    Leap Tech3 日 前

    @William Lemons Apparently you don't.

  16. William Lemons

    William Lemons3 日 前

    Leap Tech I know what cholesterol is. I’m telling you you’re being a blow hard if you actually had to stop watching.

  17. Leap Tech

    Leap Tech3 日 前

    @William Lemons You might want to research cholesterol before making another ignorant remark and then watch the video a second time and you'll see.

  18. William Lemons

    William Lemons4 日 前

    Leap Tech chill out, nothing was deep-fried

  19. Matt Weis

    Matt Weis6 日 前

    5:47 put CC on and watch. Who did it hahaha

  20. Remco Hekker

    Remco Hekker6 日 前

    Recipe 2, olive oil in an asian dish??? That’s a rookie mistake....

  21. wenjingsaf

    wenjingsaf6 日 前

    the best part is these dishes can be easily keto! he said a little knob of butter but that looks like a big ol' chunk out of my wallet to.me

  22. Robert Dellanno

    Robert Dellanno6 日 前

    Does he actually eat the food when he’s done

  23. Kali Linux

    Kali Linux7 日 前

    I have exams and i m watching this wtf is wrong with me

  24. William Lemons

    William Lemons4 日 前

    Kali Linux Have some discipline

  25. Max Haibara

    Max Haibara7 日 前

    3:19 Gordon watches PewDiePie confirmed

  26. Paul Barry

    Paul Barry7 日 前

    Dont over pound ur nuts

  27. sarah.j collver

    sarah.j collver8 日 前

    yummm these recipes look amazing! Especially the mushy peas and the peanut chili fish. Why did you blanch the chips before baking them wouldn't that remove the starch of the potatoes?

  28. Walter Polowski

    Walter Polowski8 日 前

    Why dont you cook/bake that in banana leaf?

  29. Secret Formula Films

    Secret Formula Films9 日 前

    The intro sounds like the pornhub intro

  30. Andrew Noel

    Andrew Noel9 日 前

    The music intro sounds familiar.....it sounded like.......

  31. Grashella Bico

    Grashella Bico9 日 前

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

  32. zizoboy heaven

    zizoboy heaven10 日 前

    make fish . yammmmmy ..its 4 am am hungry for fish .. again .🤔

  33. michael88h

    michael88h10 日 前

    You can always tell a Scottish dish. Gnocchi, chip butty, mushy peas

  34. Valentin Wipff

    Valentin Wipff10 日 前

    In the 4th dish he cooks the fish he only roasts the fish on the sides. Is the inside cooked? he cooked it like 3 min

  35. Leowolf *

    Leowolf *11 日 前

    Makes my mouth water wish we had good food like that here. Our best is a casino that says it’s 5 star. But I know it’s not

  36. Ali_ReBORN

    Ali_ReBORN11 日 前

    @2:23 a nice little knob of butthurt!


    SPREAD LOVE11 日 前

    chips on bread 🤔🤔

  38. Jeff Hart

    Jeff Hart12 日 前

    The key to good cooking is to make sure you have to take a massive poop so you can hop around like a drunk kangaroo



    Burnt peanuts

  40. autizmus

    autizmus13 日 前

    Castration made simple. 19:21

  41. Shvkim uel

    Shvkim uel13 日 前

    6:30....after you've taken a piss

  42. amber peppers

    amber peppers14 日 前

    I really wish you had a cook with show. Where you post the ingredients needed in the morning and we can cook dinner with you live (or with the video) I would be following every day!

  43. TheBitch IsBack

    TheBitch IsBack15 日 前

    That ketchup container is so fucking cute

  44. Tracy Gardner

    Tracy Gardner16 日 前

    I am going to try making the 3nd dish.

  45. Lydie Griffiths

    Lydie Griffiths16 日 前

    Thank you so much, Chef, for sharing your knowledge and talent with us.

  46. Matthew Bradley

    Matthew Bradley16 日 前

    15:39 ...I use an office stapler to seal my parchment paper fish envelopes. Works like a charm!

  47. Will Tripp

    Will Tripp16 日 前

    Who made this transition music, Pornhub?

  48. Guru Sandirasegaram

    Guru Sandirasegaram17 日 前

    Fish & chips my favourite food Every Sunday I go cook is English man from England.

  49. Yanuario Arias

    Yanuario Arias17 日 前

    i wonder if Ramsey can come up with some carnivore dishes spices are acceptable. but only animal fats are allowed.

  50. Yanuario Arias

    Yanuario Arias17 日 前

    ever since I've gone carnivore I find these recipes unattractive.

  51. Yanuario Arias

    Yanuario Arias16 日 前

    @The7Dark you dont know what a carnivore is? Its a zero carb diet. Look it up.

  52. The7Dark

    The7Dark17 日 前


  53. R.L. H.

    R.L. H.17 日 前

    Seeing Chef Ramsay use ketchup makes me happy.

  54. joan baczek

    joan baczek17 日 前

    What did he top the peas with? It sounded like chocolate 😂

  55. joan baczek

    joan baczek17 日 前

    Wow I wish I could just relax and cook I always get so stressed then I get stuf done way before others then I’m serving items one at a time cuz if I hold stuff on my counter like he does it’s cold. Ugg I’m horrible with timing! In the winter my kitchen is frozen so food is cold 3 minutes after I take it off the heat if I keep it on the burner in low it’s burned befor I finish the other 4 items. I want Ramsey kitchen and groceries money 😆

  56. Tyler Reyes95

    Tyler Reyes9518 日 前

    Look at that beautiful

  57. Big Chungus

    Big Chungus18 日 前

    the intro sounds familuar ;))))))))))))))))))))))))

  58. harley dude

    harley dude18 日 前

    This is why he is the best chef out there

  59. Aaron Zadorozhniy

    Aaron Zadorozhniy18 日 前

    It sounds like he says penis 🤣

  60. HantaleMedia

    HantaleMedia19 日 前

    "Place into an oven for 20 minutes" What temperature? Fan forced, grill? Those familiar with chips will probably just assume 180-200 ish bake, but if you're trying to encourage people who don't cook often to cook...

  61. delo Last

    delo Last19 日 前

    Come here and realize I've been cooking fish like a caveman.

  62. :: Kashocal ::

    :: Kashocal ::20 日 前

    Penis in.

  63. FunweyGames

    FunweyGames21 日 前

    the intro is the Pornhub Premium sound thing XD

  64. Angl Tan

    Angl Tan23 日 前

    delicious cook by ramsay ckk.ai/4EG0

  65. Jojo Damnit

    Jojo Damnit24 日 前

    Did he just make a french fry sammich? 😳

  66. FitzOfRage

    FitzOfRage24 日 前

    He said penis 20 times and never said no homo

  67. Fu Ndjck Ue

    Fu Ndjck Ue24 日 前

    Tell me why the intro sound like pornhub

  68. HowToSports

    HowToSports25 日 前


  69. Maris Staff70

    Maris Staff7025 日 前

    What’s a knob of butter

  70. potatoeanimate

    potatoeanimate26 日 前

    if undyne watches this...

  71. Path of the N

    Path of the N26 日 前

    that last one kind of blew my mind...

  72. Anita Scheepmaker

    Anita Scheepmaker26 日 前

    No recipe for pike?


    ORANGE TING26 日 前

    I LOVE FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Elia Pensio

    Elia Pensio26 日 前

    3:48 thought I heard him say penis there for a sec lol

  75. Try Me Recipe

    Try Me Recipe27 日 前

    Check out this awesome fish Recipe!! jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-Hfrtz9IJKbA.html

  76. Brian Killian

    Brian Killian27 日 前

    Simply impressive. Thank you Sir!

  77. Squishy _Metal421

    Squishy _Metal42127 日 前

    0:00 - 0:03 close ur eyes and what does it sound like

  78. Tom Varrette

    Tom Varrette28 日 前

    hates pineapple on pizza, yet makes a french fry sandwich............tool

  79. John Smith

    John Smith28 日 前

    Trying the chilli one today but with Basa fish, cannot wait!

  80. Robert Pitts

    Robert Pitts29 日 前

    Wish I knew what he preheated the oven to.

  81. T和也

    T和也29 日 前


  82. Abdulrahman Barzani

    Abdulrahman Barzani29 日 前

    Ramsay is the type of guy who might put some poop in his dish just for some fLaVoUr!

  83. Bepis Hepus

    Bepis Hepusヶ月 前

    Is that a carb sandwich?

  84. ErazerWa

    ErazerWaヶ月 前

    we need to talk about what a knob of butter is gordon

  85. TheXmaximX Max

    TheXmaximX Maxヶ月 前

    6:30 Shake up your penis

  86. t Zz

    t Zzヶ月 前

    Wow!! I from thailand

  87. Andrew Birch

    Andrew Birchヶ月 前

    Your cameraman deserves a bullet to the fuckin head.

  88. Pemba Salakha

    Pemba Salakhaヶ月 前

    Watching him cook is like watching porn.︶︿︶

  89. Dean Pewsey

    Dean Pewseyヶ月 前

    the peanut mullet (i used red snapper) is amazing!! so good!

  90. bogieboog

    bogieboogヶ月 前

    Reall grrriiiind the penus down lolol

  91. Mei Hamid

    Mei Hamidヶ月 前

    Tried 3 of them, one in baking paper turned out not beautiful at all! Way too much flavour. Fish fingers great! Rest was ok.

  92. Ben Off

    Ben Offヶ月 前


  93. jazreel salagoste

    jazreel salagosteヶ月 前

    what is that leafy . thing ? anyone ? is it a thyme?

  94. berkeleybenje

    berkeleybenjeヶ月 前

    Did he say “chili and penis”?

  95. Bio Boi

    Bio Boiヶ月 前

    3:19 LIke a nine-year-old. All pewds fans are like OMG he said that!

  96. Itachix520

    Itachix520ヶ月 前

    intro sounds really similar to pornhubs intro

  97. Molk The Idiot

    Molk The Idiotヶ月 前

    that reely grinds thuh peenus down

  98. Fritz Munro

    Fritz Munroヶ月 前


  99. 23luisi

    23luisiヶ月 前

    I made the fries and the fish pretty good. He is my favorite chef.

  100. TRUTH

    TRUTHヶ月 前

    Really a French fry sandwich 🤦

  101. TheSilverGamer

    TheSilverGamer13 日 前

    Yes. It's really nice with fish, actually.

  102. Rahm Menon

    Rahm Menonヶ月 前

    Bottom twist 😈👌🏼

  103. marc sannicolas

    marc sannicolasヶ月 前

    Those fish dicks look so good but WHERES THE TARTAR SAUUUCE!?!

  104. marc sannicolas

    marc sannicolasヶ月 前

    Never slice at an angle.. you call this guy a chef.

  105. RM's Moonchild

    RM's Moonchildヶ月 前

    I thought he said " p e n i s " 🗿

  106. Hombre Acero

    Hombre Aceroヶ月 前

    What is the problem not appreciating Peruvian ceviche

  107. Kilikus

    Kilikusヶ月 前

    It puts a smile on my face to know that Gordon has a small bottle of tomato ketchup in his kitchen.

  108. fifty shades of shades

    fifty shades of shadesヶ月 前

    Why do the countdowns sound like the pornhub theme song lol

  109. Cecilia Kim

    Cecilia Kimヶ月 前

    I don't like fish very much but these make me hungry

  110. limirl

    limirlヶ月 前

    Death to Dill!!!!

  111. meatyboititlord

    meatyboititlordヶ月 前

    6:20 penis seasoning

  112. rem45acp

    rem45acpヶ月 前

    He doesn't say the oven temp when putting the chips in the oven... he doesn't say if it's medium heat, high, or low heat when doing the fish in the pan. For someone who doesn't cook, this is much needed information! WTF!