Gordon Ramsay's Top 5 Fish Recipes


  1. Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi Uchiha3 時間 前

    When the into started playing I thought I clicked on a pornhub video

  2. Wanwan Moba

    Wanwan Moba5 時間 前

    The Fish is so raw that it’s still finding nemo

  3. Morgan Taylor

    Morgan Taylor6 時間 前

    I've never seen a fry sandwich in my life lol

  4. Evander Salvador

    Evander Salvador9 時間 前

    0:01 BGM ... only legends will know. 😎

  5. Millie Diaz

    Millie Diaz10 時間 前

    They trying to take Matteo :*(

  6. Michael Adkins

    Michael Adkins13 時間 前

    Fries in the oven for 20 minutes? What temperature? 325 degrees? Or 425?

  7. Jasmine Rivera

    Jasmine Rivera15 時間 前

    Hi thank you red chilli too hot for me can i use jalepeno?

  8. Jay Quek

    Jay Quek16 時間 前

    3:48 Penis

  9. Catherine Carbonell

    Catherine Carbonell日 前

    i want that ketchup bottle

  10. Tony Gakop

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  11. Glendy Beatriz

    Glendy Beatriz2 日 前

    i made the battered fish and mushy peas! thx gordan. turned out great! my bf lived in england for a couple years and reminded him of it. i didnt even realize it was a british thing lol... it was so easy to make, i made it withshrimp and cod btw

  12. MusicchannelFX

    MusicchannelFX2 日 前

    6:43 My pan is Always nice. She asks how my day was and opens up doors when I carry heavy stuff

  13. Edward Siswanto Santoso

    Edward Siswanto Santoso3 日 前

    Imagine he finish cooking in 3 minutes I finish in a matter of hours

  14. OTG

    OTG3 日 前

    Does anyone hear the PH intro

  15. Vkonto

    Vkonto3 日 前

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  17. Gallery Hilma

    Gallery Hilma5 日 前

    omg his skill hit different with another chef

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    #SpiceMixRecipes5 日 前

    Fantastic jpreporter.net/block-UCjS6UA2d9Yz4ydXfYd9OGXQ

  19. Giltr0y

    Giltr0y5 日 前

    He used only a tea spoon of salt in his salt crust recipe

  20. Giltr0y

    Giltr0y5 日 前

    Can I make these? I have microwave.

  21. jins george

    jins george6 日 前

    5:38 That doesn't look good to me. Ive seen him trashing a similar one in HK 🙄

  22. July17

    July178 日 前

    I’m quite sure I’ve heard that transition music elsewhere

  23. Debbie isaacs

    Debbie isaacs8 日 前

    "blanch".. don't explain how..

  24. Debbie isaacs

    Debbie isaacs8 日 前

    "seasoned flour"...? what seasoning

  25. Stefan Frisk

    Stefan Frisk8 日 前

    How does anyone think peas and mint are a good combo or even food?

  26. Brady Dixon

    Brady Dixon8 日 前

    Wonder if he likes fried fish like how they make it in the south

  27. Arne Hefer

    Arne Hefer8 日 前

    “Now, for the penis and chili”

  28. IavraGW2

    IavraGW29 日 前

    My chilli sauce has been sitting for almost 2 years now, i can't wait to eat in another 20 or so, when it reaches its full flavour.

  29. Beejay Dixon

    Beejay Dixon9 日 前


  30. Elsa Batu

    Elsa Batu9 日 前

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  31. Karolina

    Karolina9 日 前

    Did this man just make a French fry sandwich....

  32. adrian blade

    adrian blade9 日 前

    Gordon's top 5 recipes 1. Where's 2. The 3. Fking 4. Lamb 5. Sauce

  33. Ray D.

    Ray D.9 日 前

    He should have used a Knorr Fish Stockpot.

  34. ghaster lord

    ghaster lord10 日 前

    0:00 pornhub

  35. PrinceRobert Cruz

    PrinceRobert Cruz10 日 前

    Everty time i watch your cooking style i feel like a 13y.r , so amzing and important thing in kitchen always cook fresh and be kind to others , i am be kind in my people and serve the food they love..godblessü #Chef and your whole Family We always cook delicious Food , Waste it go Feed the Pigs and be a Millioner..

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    Good job👍

  38. Daljeet Singh Arora

    Daljeet Singh Arora12 日 前

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  39. Cyndi Foore

    Cyndi Foore12 日 前

    I love you Gordon.....

  40. Rico Suave

    Rico Suave12 日 前

    Even the water looks delicious

  41. Your Mom

    Your Mom13 日 前

    *gordon Ramsay having sex* “Penis, in. Wow, amazing, just beautiful. Leave it in for literally, 10 minutes.”

  42. Gus666

    Gus66613 日 前

    Potatoes and bread? Doesnt look very appetizing

  43. DZ Malekvali

    DZ Malekvali13 日 前

    Pullock sucks...stop it Ramsey

  44. Trumpet-01 Rocket

    Trumpet-01 Rocket13 日 前

    Looks good but where are your green vegetables

  45. Debbie Edelmann

    Debbie Edelmann14 日 前

    wtffffff is that, his PANTS ?? 10:19 seconds?

  46. Unisloth ಠuಠ

    Unisloth ಠuಠ14 日 前

    Do you think he watched Food Wars! ?

  47. Kush Manjrekar

    Kush Manjrekar14 日 前

    Did Gordon Ramsay seriously say crush your nuts?

  48. Ryan Spangler

    Ryan Spangler15 日 前

    No thanx on the french fry sandwich

  49. Ron Si

    Ron Si15 日 前

    I like the butt fucky.

  50. James Dorpinghaus

    James Dorpinghaus16 日 前

    Gordon, you should receive a knighthood. You're one of the best and most famous chefs in the world. I've seen what good you've done for people. People really don't understand your methods in Hell's Kitchen. Over ten years and you're still one of the most relevant chefs in the world. I've learned alot from you and improved my cooking skills tenfold.

  51. Karen RichmondKarenrichmond

    Karen RichmondKarenrichmond16 日 前

    You lost me at paprika on French fries then in bread

  52. Mimi Goodcat

    Mimi Goodcat16 日 前

    Large slices of potatoes in a thick bread sandwich , no. The fish looks good though.

  53. Joker Toker

    Joker Toker16 日 前

    Mashed peas? I don't think so, what happened to 'chips' with the fish?

  54. Kathleen Burke

    Kathleen Burke18 日 前

    There's no waste of time here. I'm a good home cook, but I always learn something from Gordon. Great hands.

  55. R Claypool

    R Claypool18 日 前

    Check this funny cooking show out!!! jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-7YsS5BIcqDw.html

  56. Pavle Jacovic

    Pavle Jacovic19 日 前

    My fucking mouth is watering

  57. Susanna maine

    Susanna maine20 日 前

    He cooks like he's in a hurry. That's cool

  58. Tasty Food with Sam

    Tasty Food with Sam20 日 前

    Very very tasty and delicious recipe 👌 my favourite

  59. Mahatma Gandhi

    Mahatma Gandhi20 日 前

    it says 1080p but what a hoax on the quality

  60. Oksana Buynitzky

    Oksana Buynitzky21 日 前

    I love how Gordon cooks : nothing overcooked and burnt.


    KYOKI CHAN22 日 前

    its 4:50 am. I am hungry

  62. Moist Andy

    Moist Andy22 日 前

    Hey, thankyou for this fish recipes, you are so generous.

  63. Jeremy Tan

    Jeremy Tan22 日 前

    I'm just here because of Covid...not that big a fan on fish

  64. Ancient Mage

    Ancient Mage22 日 前

    I don’t even watch this video I just really think his voice is calm and commanding and him cutting the knife mixed with his voice goes great

  65. Ron Nguyen

    Ron Nguyen22 日 前

    Look NATSY

  66. Hatija786 Love

    Hatija786 Love22 日 前

    Wow I'm craving fish now might as well go to the local chippy!

  67. Sapphires_ Royalties

    Sapphires_ Royalties22 日 前

    Around 8:17-8:20 Gordon smirk like😳

  68. Jazz Meals

    Jazz Meals22 日 前

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  69. Aqua Beast

    Aqua Beast23 日 前

    gordan ramsey : peanuts what I heard : penis

  70. squard up facts and hacks

    squard up facts and hacks23 日 前

    Everytime he says peanuts , it sounds like penis , penis in

  71. khang karim

    khang karim24 日 前

    ❤️ Love all Your five ways of Fish style and recipes. Gourmet cooking. Thank you . On Appetit! Delicious 🤤 😇🤗

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  73. sumaira Ali

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  74. Arc Fire fist Hawk

    Arc Fire fist Hawk25 日 前

    Do more cooking vids chef i love cooking its fun

  75. Chris Tucker

    Chris Tucker25 日 前

    my dad had a red mullet, he used to put peanuts in it too

  76. Juan Ramirez

    Juan Ramirez26 日 前

    5:45 *Now THE PENIS AND CHILI*

  77. Hermopolis Amun

    Hermopolis Amun27 日 前


  78. Samir Muradov

    Samir Muradov28 日 前

    Ramsay forgot momma cherris goujouns

  79. Moogie Always

    Moogie Always28 日 前

    One of the most beautiful of comfort foods-- the chip butty.

  80. Nand Gopal

    Nand Gopal28 日 前

    I m loving it. Kolkata.

  81. Raymond Lee

    Raymond Lee28 日 前

    Am I the only one who noticed how he touches his butt and his balls every once in a while? LOL Anyway, it's his own food and I think he ate those by himself.