Gordon Ramsay's Pork Chop Looks Like A Map Of The USA | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Juan Arocha

    Juan Arocha3 時間 前

    I believe that pork chop should be in a museum

  2. RedmanRedmanRedman

    RedmanRedmanRedman11 時間 前

    5:02 what in absolute fuck is that

  3. Justin.X

    Justin.X15 時間 前


  4. TEAM C

    TEAM C18 時間 前

    4:03 anyone else hear that bruh sound??

  5. Alanna •_•

    Alanna •_•21 時間 前

    How can u mess up macaroni and cheese? It’s literally the most simplest thing you can make.

  6. Aubrey Unger

    Aubrey Unger日 前

    Jean: I tHiNK i MOrE AbouT SWeEt TEa tHAn YoU DO gEnIUs

  7. [?] Question Block

    [?] Question Block日 前

    Looks more like a piece of raisin toast

  8. Rajeev Talwer

    Rajeev Talwer日 前

    Gordon: what can you suggest? Waiters: leave

  9. Frida Sofía Cantú Alanís

    Frida Sofía Cantú Alanís日 前

    i don´t get it, they ask Gordon for help but they don't accept their fault... my gosh

  10. Dan827 Cbro

    Dan827 Cbro日 前

    Honestly id eat anything Even nothing



    hes so picky

  12. Toasty

    Toasty日 前

    Gordon Ramsay: *drinks water* ITS BLAND AND SOGGY!

  13. David Brennan

    David Brennan2 日 前

    Reminds me of the cheese sketch from Monty python

  14. Jack Touron

    Jack Touron2 日 前

    Gordon: can I go to the toilet. Waiter: no sorry we have no toilet Gordon: fuck me

  15. Tércio Francelino

    Tércio Francelino2 日 前

    honestly i have to say is very disrepesc to a client to serve macrowave food, man i gonna eat out if i want to make macrowave food i just buy one in the store

  16. Monica Argyo

    Monica Argyo2 日 前

    let's be serious. Food is supposed to be normal, tasty, good. Extraordinary if you pay good money for it I suppose.If he was to come around here then I think he would put EVERY business out.

  17. EonShade

    EonShade2 日 前

    What else can I get for you_ The wheel for the bike so I can get the f outta here. *OooooooOo*

  18. Kobe8

    Kobe82 日 前

    3:58 HE IS SCOTISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Clovity

    Clovity2 日 前

    Gordon : Can I walk out Waiter : Sorry we're out of doors Btw I feel bad for her she seems nice.

  20. Nicky1612 Official

    Nicky1612 Official2 日 前

    Ida no ho ta macke ood dat da british eat *SPEECH 100*

  21. GLSUoA

    GLSUoA2 日 前

    3:26 "How is it?" 5:08 "How is it?"

  22. Daniel Warren

    Daniel Warren2 日 前

    We nuh have dat

  23. Zeb Zelezney

    Zeb Zelezney2 日 前

    Imagine trusting blacks with food ... these are people who lick ice cream and put it back in the fridge in supermarkets. The black community is the shame and embarrassment of all humanity.

  24. SHEDAN

    SHEDAN日 前

    Zeb Zelezney I’d say you’re more of an embarrassment to humanity with a racist attitude like that. The way you call human beings “blacks” as if they’re a different species you are really a disgusting human being.

  25. mxya

    mxya3 日 前

    6:09 fly: can i have some? 6:12 Ramsey: f*ck of fly

  26. Boussa Diagne

    Boussa Diagne4 日 前

    Gordon: God bless America Also Gordon: Fuck off fly

  27. Matthew De Guzman

    Matthew De Guzman4 日 前

    I don't understand why they don't have a lot of food available at the menu when they know that one of the best chefs in the world is about to eat at their restaurant..

  28. Guardian

    Guardian4 日 前

    *HoW iS iT*

  29. alie wareei

    alie wareei4 日 前

    Lol i laughed my ass down at the end when he said i want to get the hell out out here with that bike or what ever he said

  30. KB Arts

    KB Arts4 日 前

    God bless America. Fuck off fly -Gordon Ramsay

  31. Fahad Aldowseri

    Fahad Aldowseri5 日 前

    Gordan: Can I have some water? Waitress: Sorry, we ran out. Gordan: Why you are open? Waitress: Sorry, we ran out of answers.

  32. Muhammad Habib Elahi

    Muhammad Habib Elahi5 日 前

    6:12 F##K OFF FLY😂

  33. rudy rudolf masoara

    rudy rudolf masoara5 日 前

    Have you ever looked at a funny comment and said " *Damn i wish i wrote that* "

  34. Alina Supryaga

    Alina Supryaga5 日 前

    Someone says bruh at 4:03 😂

  35. Emily Swift

    Emily Swift5 日 前

    "Thats supposed to be sweet Thats why we call it *sweet tea*"

  36. Eclipse

    Eclipse6 日 前

    6:08 i have died

  37. 70 Bux

    70 Bux6 日 前


  38. Mobster Monkey

    Mobster Monkey6 日 前

    Gordon Ramsay: *Walks into restaurant* Restaurant: *Why Do I Hear Boss Music?*

  39. Lazulix

    Lazulix6 日 前

    5:10 fck off fly AHAHAHA

  40. Mustafa Mobaid

    Mustafa Mobaid6 日 前

    The pork chops looks like apple logo

  41. NewLegend 27

    NewLegend 276 日 前

    I love how he calmly tells the map of America from a fucking pork chop.

  42. tahlia burney

    tahlia burney6 日 前

    how can you mess up mac ‘n’ cheese

  43. Lucia Llewellyn-Thomas

    Lucia Llewellyn-Thomas7 日 前

    "like I wouldn't know how to make food that British eat"

  44. perfect P

    perfect P7 日 前

    Okay just grab someone's food off their plate

  45. Falk Fluge

    Falk Fluge8 日 前

    So nobody gon talk about the thumbnail lookin like a fuckin last of us zombie head?

  46. Roko Palada

    Roko Palada8 日 前

    6:11 f off fly

  47. Jonabelle Casumpang

    Jonabelle Casumpang8 日 前

    Does ramsey even pay for this

  48. Glenn Owen

    Glenn Owen8 日 前

    No. Not right now. Just no.

  49. Nic Ong

    Nic Ong8 日 前

    Waiter: what’s your order Gordon: can I have a water?? Waiter:oh sorry we don’t have that available we don’t have plates either

  50. Yurami Saya

    Yurami Saya6 日 前

    Nic Ong you need plates to drink water? It would make better sense if you say ‘we don’t have cups’

  51. James Ogilvie

    James Ogilvie9 日 前

    Gordon:do you have anything Waitress:No we don't have anything

  52. Chandelier Mirage

    Chandelier Mirage9 日 前

    Lady! There is a difference between Sweet Tea and gallons of fucking sugar

  53. Family guy580

    Family guy5809 日 前

    where is my lamb sauce where is my fucking lamb sauce

  54. KY1ELITE

    KY1ELITE9 日 前

    Gordon:Do you have a decent chef and a unbiased owner? Sorry no we don’t have that here

  55. Quincy Jones

    Quincy Jones9 日 前

    ill be honest, those bbq ribs looked delicious

  56. The Shadow Slayers

    The Shadow Slayers10 日 前

    “God bless America” Flip off fly

  57. J. J 06

    J. J 0610 日 前

    6:10 f*ck off fly

  58. Anil Dahal

    Anil Dahal10 日 前

    Fking staged restaurant, just look at the floor

  59. Andreas Soteriou

    Andreas Soteriou10 日 前

    Come on Patti

  60. Mini Diamand

    Mini Diamand10 日 前

    "HoW cAn SoMeOnE mIsHeEnDlE bReHd"

  61. fawdfaw

    fawdfaw10 日 前

    Wow,that waitress is sweet. Anyone know her instagram?

  62. steven woollard

    steven woollard10 日 前

    Mac & Cheese no please