Gordon Ramsay's perfect burger tutorial | GMA


  1. Silverkhan Ruykhan

    Silverkhan Ruykhan時間 前

    " *RAW* !"

  2. whatdoing

    whatdoing2 時間 前

    This is a kraby patty among kraby patties 😩

  3. Mr. Aziz

    Mr. Aziz2 時間 前

    10th time watching this in 2 years

  4. bob bib

    bob bib2 時間 前

    anyone else noticed how the burgers multiply on the grill teach me that trick please

  5. It's Vermeny

    It's Vermeny2 時間 前




    Gordon when he makes microwave popcorn: Put in the bag at a 86° angle on both sides in the heating source, now make sure you find the hottest spot for the bag...

  7. Jacksaar 000

    Jacksaar 0004 時間 前

    I'm laying in bed and have literally no intention of cooking a burger

  8. Jacksaar 000

    Jacksaar 0004 時間 前

    Imagine a bird craps on the bun and it goes unnoticed because it looks like mayonnaise

  9. Oleksandr Vorochuk

    Oleksandr Vorochuk5 時間 前

    i like how he just close the grill 2 sec later opens the grill

  10. Smile452

    Smile4525 時間 前

    its cake bro its all cakwe

  11. Landen Weaver

    Landen Weaver5 時間 前


  12. wookidoo

    wookidoo6 時間 前

    "I'm a firm believer in toasting both sides of my buns", said Gordon as he turned around in the tanning bed.

  13. Varun Iyengar

    Varun Iyengar7 時間 前

    I am excited to learn how he makes the perfect buhguh!

  14. Kasey carter

    Kasey carter7 時間 前

    Make me one please, that looks so good!!! 😱😱😱😱🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

  15. Tom Tom

    Tom Tom7 時間 前

    2:09 is that a voice crack?

  16. Phelix Productions

    Phelix Productions8 時間 前

    How to Basic makes better burgers tho

  17. Aero-Geek

    Aero-Geek8 時間 前

    Lightly seasoned them, *absolutely douses the shit out of the grilled onions*

  18. Joshua Spano

    Joshua Spano8 時間 前

    Damn Gordon you forgot about me...guess I haven't been your neighbor for the last 5 years 🙄

  19. Dennis Offline

    Dennis Offline9 時間 前

    on down in!

  20. George Kazen

    George Kazen9 時間 前

    Bullshit artist 😎.

  21. Lewis J

    Lewis J9 時間 前

    He doesnt use lube in the bedroom, he uses butter and seasonings.

  22. Literally Water

    Literally Water9 時間 前

    I think it needs more seasoning

  23. Bill Lindsey

    Bill Lindsey9 時間 前

    Gordon was on Hot Ones(very funny) in 2019, and at 8:17 he began explaining how to make the perfect burger...a minute later, closes with the importance of allowing the burger to rest for a few minutes, so as to let the juices equilibrate...I agree.

  24. Theo Grandson

    Theo Grandson9 時間 前

    I just burned the shit out of my buns

  25. Ian George

    Ian George10 時間 前

    When you get a Gordon Ramsey ad on a Gordon Ramsey video

  26. little ali

    little ali10 時間 前

    at the end of the video i got a gordon ramsey ad 0o0

  27. X34

    X3410 時間 前

    He had me till he put mayo on a burger come on man real Texans don't do mayo the do barbeque

  28. Ivan borsh Jgghfs

    Ivan borsh Jgghfs10 時間 前

    Good work Gordon that's exactly how I make my burger although I like red onions uncooked

  29. Nicolas Serra

    Nicolas Serra10 時間 前

    Horrible, how the fuck do you eat it?

  30. CakeorDeath75

    CakeorDeath7510 時間 前

    Global warming burgers 🙁

  31. Jesse Brownell

    Jesse Brownell10 時間 前

    Gordon...season first because u can't season after it cooks..... 30 seconds before serving....seasons burgers

  32. Aarowzzz

    Aarowzzz11 時間 前


  33. Kyriakos Arrianas

    Kyriakos Arrianas11 時間 前

    Big Dislike...he forgot to seazon the spatulas and the grill

  34. John Barrett

    John Barrett11 時間 前

    Way too thick. Huge fail. Ramsay is a narcissistic idiot.

  35. World Mapping

    World Mapping11 時間 前

    I agree with the thickness but imo he's a bit of a narcissist but definitely not an idiot

  36. Triop

    Triop11 時間 前

    9:27 IT'S RAW ! ! !

  37. The Humanzombie

    The Humanzombie11 時間 前

    99% of the comments: ThE cAmErA wAsNt SeAsOnEd. Me: The burger low key looks amazing and very tasty.

  38. wagsbass

    wagsbass11 時間 前

    When did Gordon move to the US?

  39. Dekieon

    Dekieon12 時間 前

    Telling me to season it, without telling me what spices you are using makes this pointless.

  40. TubbyTimmy

    TubbyTimmy12 時間 前

    My burgers always ball up and fill with sewage water... :(

  41. Matthias Bachetzky

    Matthias Bachetzky12 時間 前

    Such videos are great, if you are hungry. When will JPreporter have a taste-function?

  42. Chocolate9897

    Chocolate989712 時間 前

    I feel for those burgers left on the grill to become well done.. gordon get better friends, no one should eat well done.

  43. therandomofrandom

    therandomofrandom12 時間 前

    I like the part when he temped the burger to make sure it was done

  44. Palmer Adams

    Palmer Adams13 時間 前

    bloody fuckin burger sucks m8 too big for my FUCKING MOUTH

  45. World Mapping

    World Mapping11 時間 前

    @Palmer Adams k

  46. Palmer Adams

    Palmer Adams11 時間 前

    @World Mapping should've specified that in the recipe he is a shitty chef

  47. World Mapping

    World Mapping11 時間 前

    then make a smaller patty?

  48. Tyrone Dip

    Tyrone Dip13 時間 前

    Hey Gordon we’re the lamb sauce?

  49. Chindumpling

    Chindumpling13 時間 前

    This guy is good, should be like a chef or something

  50. Decaf

    Decaf13 時間 前

    "Kim and Kanye 3 doors down" points halfway down a mountain

  51. Tamil News World

    Tamil News World13 時間 前

    omg how much salt he was adding

  52. MuddahFukkah

    MuddahFukkah14 時間 前

    Salt, pepper, salt, pepper... salt, pepper again... Got it.

  53. K n

    K n14 時間 前

    It takes 5 cows, 10 swines and 20 chicken to make that burger. Yikes

  54. K n

    K n9 時間 前

    @World Mapping im not vegan. Ofc i did make em up, silly poopoo head I just think that owning your own animals or buying meat from small farms would mean that the meat is also healthier for you... and more tasty. Besides, we were given herbs to eat. Not meat

  55. World Mapping

    World Mapping11 時間 前

    shut it vegan you just guessed those numbers

  56. Luke Temple

    Luke Temple14 時間 前

    To red, like it medium well.

  57. J4King

    J4King14 時間 前

    too much seasoning

  58. Катя Христова

    Катя Христова14 時間 前

    How can i open my mout so much 🤔🤔🤔...

  59. World Mapping

    World Mapping11 時間 前

    smaller patty

  60. Édouard Fournier

    Édouard Fournier14 時間 前

    This guy would be a great chef

  61. World Mapping

    World Mapping11 時間 前


  62. Otto Didakt

    Otto Didakt15 時間 前

    Ballistic BBQ does a waaaay better job at explaining burgers, in detail !

  63. World Mapping

    World Mapping11 時間 前

    yeah the explaining was kinda weird but you get the idea

  64. Kurt Mccowan

    Kurt Mccowan15 時間 前

    Can believe he out buns and onions on a plate raw meat was just on

  65. flybynjght

    flybynjght15 時間 前

    No one: Gordon Ramsey: thats the BUM

  66. James MacColl

    James MacColl15 時間 前

    Patties are way too thick. This is the annoying thing about chefs doing burgers nowadays, they always do meatloaves in brioche.

  67. World Mapping

    World Mapping11 時間 前

    burgers should be wider, not taller

  68. ImagineJerseyy

    ImagineJerseyy15 時間 前

    Liam Thompson gang?

  69. Nani The Obbyist

    Nani The Obbyist15 時間 前

    Hahaha this is so funny im starving and im looking at food videos

  70. Teresa Clark

    Teresa Clark16 時間 前

    Way too thick

  71. Act Raiser

    Act Raiser16 時間 前

    The comment section is to die for xD