Gordon Ramsay's perfect burger tutorial | GMA


  1. Łukasz Dehmel

    Łukasz Dehmel時間 前

    Why would you toast the buns on both sides? Hard crispy buns are fuckin shit. You only toast the insides. Why put butter on the meat? If you did get meat with the right fat content you don't need that shit. It makes it taste like butterbrot. Why not lard? Always use non stringy cheese. This ain't pizza. Why tomato? You're not making a salad mate. Where are the fuckin pickles? I envy you your neighborhood as much as you should my burger skills.

  2. Samuel Kilby

    Samuel Kilby2 時間 前

    Check out the burger recipes at (A COOKBOOK COLLECTOR)

  3. Elliot Pipes

    Elliot Pipes4 時間 前

    He snapped that lettuce like it was a steel beam

  4. Sean Heyns

    Sean Heyns5 時間 前

    Sub to Sketch on YT

  5. Lawrence

    Lawrence8 時間 前

    "The F Word Burger"

  6. Aditya Saputra

    Aditya Saputra9 時間 前

    He puts fown the lid like he's having a slam dunk contest

  7. Luis Perez V.

    Luis Perez V.9 時間 前

    El Pueblo

  8. sjn.mohamad adam

    sjn.mohamad adam10 時間 前

    Hi..im bugers lover from malaysia

  9. Stephanie Martinez

    Stephanie Martinez10 時間 前

    I just smiled when I saw that burger 🍔

  10. Fun Jellies

    Fun Jellies12 時間 前

    So you basically just season everything twice 🤣🤣 season season season

  11. Let Lying Dogs Sleep

    Let Lying Dogs Sleep12 時間 前

    That finished product in the thumbnail reminds me of the time Gordon was pretending a burger was too big to bite. Complete with macaroni stirring sound effects. Will those sound effects not be in this one?

  12. Steven Rojas

    Steven Rojas14 時間 前

    -1, he didn't grill the lettuce


    ELOY GARCIA14 時間 前

    Gordon,you are AWESOME!

  14. Jessica Webber

    Jessica Webber15 時間 前

    he puts to much pepper

  15. Matt

    Matt16 時間 前

    He probably seasoned the camera man before he started rolling.

  16. Nerf studios

    Nerf studios16 時間 前

    | how many times Gordon said burger V

  17. Jotaro

    Jotaro16 時間 前

    What's the bun called

  18. sfdfsa fsdf

    sfdfsa fsdf16 時間 前

    Who will win?

  19. Raditya Noegraha

    Raditya Noegraha17 時間 前

    No let me show you how its done .drive youre car to mcdonalds .order any type of burger Thats how its done you Donut

  20. Johnny Butera

    Johnny Butera23 時間 前

    what exactly is the perfect "chuck, or ground beef" not sure what meat to get xD

  21. Wolfysez

    Wolfysez日 前

    this is how meny times he said how meny times ⬇

  22. .

    .日 前

    I’m so hungry after watching these cooking videos 🤣

  23. Kiro The Gachatuber

    Kiro The Gachatuber日 前

    wait did he wash his *hands* ?

  24. Bukowski

    Bukowski18 時間 前

    No.its for extra seasoning

  25. Dunkey Review

    Dunkey Review日 前

    Tbh these burgers does not look tasty and trust me, I work in a burger restaurant

  26. CleanGG

    CleanGG日 前

    ya know..... its a burger

  27. SBworks

    SBworks日 前

    i know gordon will probably lightley season my entire family but im fine with mcdonalds lol

  28. DanXZSus sus

    DanXZSus sus日 前

    Legends say the patty and the onions are still burning

  29. Martine Jean Guerrier

    Martine Jean Guerrier日 前


  30. Ricardo Diaz

    Ricardo Diaz日 前

    What kind of meat did he used though??

  31. GrimSlaysX

    GrimSlaysX日 前

    Gordon knows how to make a mouth water...no wonder why he has kids he also knows how to make other things water

  32. John L

    John L日 前

    He once criticised and made fun of a restaurant for having too big a burger to bite into on his show but these are even larger. Please be consistent with your critique mr Ramsey. You’ll gain more respect from people who actually know how to cook if you do

  33. Big Man

    Big Man日 前

    This burger taste so...

  34. SC Cr1tic

    SC Cr1tic日 前

    The dislikers are vegans

  35. McHeffer69

    McHeffer69日 前

    Make sure you season your salt with your beef

  36. Chessy Copter

    Chessy Copter日 前

    Oh my spacious that looks good.

  37. Eugene Burgers

    Eugene Burgers日 前

    I really hope he seasoned Stevie wonder

  38. Victor OA

    Victor OA日 前

    7:11 Not on me pal!

  39. Seizureboiii

    Seizureboiii日 前

    what in gods name is a chipotle buttah

  40. Dan Frey

    Dan Frey日 前

    did he really need to name-drop at the end? He's just a douchey asshole, period

  41. Javaun Linton

    Javaun Linton日 前

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Gordon’s grill: I’ve been touched by the Hands of GOD himself

  42. Mark William Weston Wilson

    Mark William Weston Wilson日 前

    What a wakner, I wish he would piss off and never be seen again really bloody burgers

  43. NBA 4Life

    NBA 4Life日 前

    “A busy grill, is a delicious grill.” Gordon Ramsay 2017.

  44. Galaxy Demon563

    Galaxy Demon563日 前

    If he saw a tutorial for this he would say that burger is so f**king raw WWE just s**t themselves

  45. omegah XD

    omegah XD日 前

    Thuh Buggah

  46. Kamen 23

    Kamen 232 日 前

    Ainsley vs. Gordon.... who would win?

  47. MH Eclipse

    MH Eclipse2 日 前

    So I ask myself....... WTH DONT YOU PUT NO SPICE AND SEASONING ON YOUR BURGERRRRRR ? just always salt and pepper.

  48. Jara Borgesova

    Jara Borgesova2 日 前

    A order of ten, And you would be in the pupu Gordan! But any way they are lovely!...

  49. HotDog88GT

    HotDog88GT2 日 前

    Taller than the "Cowboy Burger" he couldn't bite in his Kichen Nightmare series.

  50. c-dog878

    c-dog878日 前

    Thats what I was thinking as well! Guess two great minds think alike

  51. Prithul Baveja

    Prithul Baveja2 日 前

    Im surprised he didnt season the grill too

  52. maria fe

    maria fe2 日 前

    Im surprised you dont have a brain

  53. Row. B

    Row. B2 日 前

    Came to make a seasoning comment but looks like yall covered that

  54. Everyday Chris

    Everyday Chris2 日 前

    What's your favorite seasoning ? Gordon: More seasoning

  55. Jafman

    Jafman2 日 前

    Under 10 minutes? I need to learn this.

  56. Joan Madjarov

    Joan Madjarov2 日 前

    I started watching this video, then I had to go for lunch, after that finish the video.But it was a mistake, now I am hungry again!

  57. Gin Mador

    Gin Mador2 日 前

    squish that cat

  58. Wolferdogz

    Wolferdogz2 日 前

    He forgot the lamb sauce

  59. Eternal Frogger 29

    Eternal Frogger 292 日 前

    Gordon, you fucking doughnut, u didn’t season your hands

  60. NBA 4Life

    NBA 4Life日 前

    I’m pretty sure that instead of water for a sink and shower he uses seasoning instead

  61. psyduck slsh

    psyduck slsh2 日 前

    I have my own burger shop and If I sell this weird looking crap I'll get killed by hungry peeps! that can't bite into this WTF GORDEN??

  62. whichDude

    whichDude2 日 前

    @maria fe Not saying you can't bite into it, but Gordon is a bit of a hypocrite. He mocks a burger for being to tall in Burger Kitchen episode of Kitchen Nightmares, and his perfect burger is actually a little taller.

  63. maria fe

    maria fe2 日 前

    If you can't eat that you have a tiny mouth

  64. whichDude

    whichDude2 日 前

    Best thing is that he mocks others for making burgers this big while his perfect burger is a tower.

  65. fernando lopera

    fernando lopera2 日 前

    He probably seasoned the camera man before he started rolling.

  66. Arsenal Vibe

    Arsenal Vibe2 日 前

    This is how many times he said burger | V

  67. Arsenal Vibe

    Arsenal Vibe2 日 前

    Information about how many times he said burger

  68. Sandwich

    Sandwich2 日 前

    What do likes give you

  69. Adam Gilson

    Adam Gilson2 日 前

    Fun fact: The first thing Gordon did when his kids where born was season them.

  70. Evan S.

    Evan S.2 日 前

    Noobs I season my hand then make the burger and season the bread

  71. DC S

    DC S3 日 前

    Gordon used so much black pepper that in the times of Spice trade this would be a luxury item only eaten by kings.

  72. Yo Man

    Yo Man3 日 前

    He cares on his burger more than my family care about me

  73. Evan S.

    Evan S.2 日 前


  74. maria fe

    maria fe2 日 前

    Good then.

  75. Robert Moody

    Robert Moody3 日 前

    Wouldn’t eat a crumb this Arsehole makes. His ego is bigger than his head.

  76. Jimi Xia

    Jimi Xia3 日 前

    “A busy grill is a delicious grill” Starts seasoning the outside of the grill

  77. Official DynxBlxx1

    Official DynxBlxx13 日 前

    Wow, I can’t believe that this video is over 60M views. 😯.

  78. Brutality 568

    Brutality 5683 日 前

    60 million views lmaooo

  79. Andre Joseph

    Andre Joseph3 日 前

    Ba ga

  80. Allen Gard

    Allen Gard3 日 前

    He sounds like he doesn’t know what he’s doing, even though he does😂

  81. Gecko20

    Gecko203 日 前

    I don’t even like meat, but this does make it look good

  82. Farzana Zalme

    Farzana Zalme3 日 前

    hi gordan ramsy can you make more burger videos

  83. That Seventiesman

    That Seventiesman3 日 前

    Perfect burger is a vegan burger.

  84. Evan S.

    Evan S.2 日 前



    DAMIEN STEP3 日 前

    What I have to do to be invited to your lunch ? 🍀🍀🍀

  86. Sandwich

    Sandwich2 日 前


  87. TheHentaiCritic

    TheHentaiCritic3 日 前

    "The flame is the flavor" (house catches fire) "What happened?" "The flavor 👌👌"

  88. Uncle John

    Uncle John4 日 前

    The biggest question for me is how do u eat it

  89. Sandwich

    Sandwich2 日 前

    Oh that’s simple. You grab the burger with your hand, put it close to your mouth, and open it, that’s important and chomp down. Thank you for reading my tutorial

  90. Lior Nachmias

    Lior Nachmias4 日 前

    He didn’t wash hands between touching raw meat and then the other ingredients.

  91. Anurag Singh

    Anurag Singh4 日 前

    4:04 Me when I reheat leftover pizza

  92. Jose Moran

    Jose Moran4 日 前

    “Slice slice slice slice

  93. Jose Moran

    Jose Moran4 日 前

    “Gimme a S A L T

  94. Haista vittu

    Haista vittu4 日 前

    May i introduce the *f word burger*

  95. Harri Gkiouliver

    Harri Gkiouliver4 日 前

    The landscape is SO Greece 🇬🇷!!!

  96. GamingWithMemes

    GamingWithMemes4 日 前

    Do you guys ACTUALLY put olive oil on THEN season? Amateurs, I season my olive oil

  97. just an scp fan

    just an scp fan4 日 前

    Make the burger relax 2 seconds later *Proceeds to squish it slightly*

  98. Joshua Montoya

    Joshua Montoya4 日 前

    What kind of butter does he use

  99. Angga Saputra

    Angga Saputra4 日 前

    At this point, i gotta ask. Did he seasoned water?

  100. MrZeLuzzion

    MrZeLuzzion4 日 前

    alternate title: how to make a krabby patty

  101. damgul damgul

    damgul damgul4 日 前

    "gimme an S S, gimme an A A gimme an L L, gimme a T T SALT AND PEPPER"

  102. trustin JesusChrist

    trustin JesusChrist4 日 前

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  103. panday700 gaming of games

    panday700 gaming of games4 日 前

    everyone:we have our delicious local burger gordon:i have a luxurious burger

  104. Aron Witkowski

    Aron Witkowski4 日 前

    This is not perfect burger (for me) i can make better burger on basic bbq with meat from my cows...

  105. Harley Mabie

    Harley Mabie4 日 前

    How many degrees is piping hot. I hate sounding like a fucking donkey 😉

  106. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark4 日 前

    He says "Easy to do" But still criticizes people who try to make his burger.

  107. missclick_vlogs

    missclick_vlogs4 日 前

    theres always room for improvement, and he is the teacher. The teacher is teaching, therefore he would not be doing his job if he wasnt criticizing.

  108. Lone Galaxy

    Lone Galaxy4 日 前

    Gordon, there’s a burger on your seasoning

  109. Psycho_RyZe YT

    Psycho_RyZe YT5 日 前

    Kayne's address leaked hacker Gordan

  110. The RANDOM Vid Guy

    The RANDOM Vid Guy5 日 前

    so perfect it can be used as stock photo

  111. MarBear

    MarBear5 日 前

    NOOO I wanted to try his burger but I don't like onions!! it won't tast the same!



    Who’s here in 2020

  113. WP S

    WP S5 日 前

    Gordon deoderises with cayenne and fresh black pepper

  114. ghazaleh shahsavan

    ghazaleh shahsavan5 日 前


  115. David Tovaryš

    David Tovaryš5 日 前

    35K people didn't find the lamb sauce