Gordon Ramsay's Funniest Moments on Kitchen Nightmares UK


  1. Никола Кока Кола

    Никола Кока Кола16 時間 前

    But Russian restaurants is the best (I live in Russia!)

  2. it'sNorkey

    it'sNorkey日 前

    The thumbnail look like smoking asparagus

  3. Dan Picton

    Dan Picton日 前

    What the name of the episode from the last clip please guys

  4. 2- D

    2- D日 前

    Ramsey: * Says something * Cooker: *Nervous sweating*

  5. Please Stop

    Please Stop日 前

    Gordon was losing his money as we speak doing that non-swearing challenge

  6. david harrison

    david harrison2 日 前

    UK version: ramsay walking in with a home camcorder and presses record and let it run as he sees it US version: hollywood cameras, makeup, wardrobe, post production, sound department. script editor/supervisor etc etc

  7. EggBoii

    EggBoii2 日 前

    Rumour has it that Gordons swear piggy is still funding major development projects throughout Uzbekistan.

  8. BenSmith🍇🔌

    BenSmith🍇🔌2 日 前

    Will someone get Im a drink

  9. Fernando Miguel Garcia Gimenez

    Fernando Miguel Garcia Gimenez2 日 前

    “That looks like a polished shit” Killed me.

  10. Jack Rock

    Jack Rock3 日 前

    Title: Gordon Ramsay's Funniest Moments on Kitchen Nightmares UK 2:06 Ramsay: I can kill someone...

  11. Victoria Joan Johnson

    Victoria Joan Johnson3 日 前

    Gordon is such a sweetheart he actually helped her buy stuff at the supermarket ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  12. Peter Miles

    Peter Miles3 日 前

    I like how in the UK people respect gordan and look up to me because his a world class chef and than in the US people treat him like a his new to cooking

  13. Ethan Patel

    Ethan Patel3 日 前

    Holy shit imagine making gordon ramsey sick omg id close the restaurant right there if that was me ngl.

  14. M Nice

    M Nice4 日 前

    Imagine shopping with Gordon in Tesco 😂😂

  15. Dody Abdalla

    Dody Abdalla4 日 前

    1:46 it can’t be that bad 😂😂

  16. rp.al9

    rp.al94 日 前


  17. Mrbev YT

    Mrbev YT4 日 前

    2.06 😂😂🤣🤣

  18. jc parakon

    jc parakon4 日 前

    The last one was my favourite episode so wholesome

  19. Das Ding

    Das Ding5 日 前

    Can someone put in a "fucking" counter? xD

  20. k3tz Z_

    k3tz Z_5 日 前

    *Was he smoking an asparagus-*

  21. Nicholas Lambert

    Nicholas Lambert5 日 前

    The way Gordon swears he could do it for the hole of Britain

  22. Charlie Toes

    Charlie Toes5 日 前

    Beans beans beans is that where lingard got it from

  23. Yo BOIII!

    Yo BOIII!6 日 前

    Everybody talking about how UK version is chill while US version is garb... Bruh, do the unnecessary effects/commentary x50 times, that's India for you!

  24. yuvalheadshot gabay

    yuvalheadshot gabay7 日 前

    Its more of like a decomnetry

  25. ψυ‧χή

    ψυ‧χή7 日 前

    3:54 u scared the shit out of him

  26. kiara kiara

    kiara kiara7 日 前

    8:08 that whistle in the background i'm dying 😂😂

  27. kiara kiara

    kiara kiara7 日 前

    1:41 not him pretending to feel sick in front of gordon just to save what left of his face 😂

  28. Rebecca Sigsworth

    Rebecca Sigsworth8 日 前

    So tame compared to us one. Never seen any of uk ones they need to repeat them

  29. 123 173

    123 1738 日 前

    imagine going to the supermarket and seeing gordon rolling around on a shopping trolley

  30. searching_ _1337

    searching_ _13378 日 前

    5:10 what did he really drink that day

  31. Nathan

    Nathan8 日 前

    Gordon’s wife: How do you like my clam. Gordon: It’s fooking raw. Smells like sh!t

  32. Rickle- _-Pick

    Rickle- _-Pick9 日 前

    Was I the only one who thought he was smoking a blunt in the thumbnail?

  33. Cv

    Cv9 日 前

    Man said sci-fi sperm yna🤣🤣

  34. BB Slayer

    BB Slayer9 日 前

    Imagine he tapped on that guy’s shoulder to say hi and the guy turned out to be Stan Lee

  35. alex alex

    alex alex10 日 前

    Does anyone still notice that Gordon in the thumbnail is holding an Asparagus

  36. adamboy840

    adamboy84011 日 前


  37. Random Guy

    Random Guy11 日 前

    He still has a spark of his inner child! 3:40

  38. Gaming And Random Videos RO

    Gaming And Random Videos RO11 日 前

    Imagine learning to cook with Gordon Ramsay."WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?"

  39. Aleks Solowski

    Aleks Solowski11 日 前

    He just does think that the scollopes are good

  40. Laura Mae Parry

    Laura Mae Parry11 日 前

    Hahhaha gordan swaring and paying had me laughing! X

  41. 11 22

    11 2212 日 前

    Lol did the guy spit on his own dish?

  42. Fadhelshh

    Fadhelshh12 日 前

    it’s totally different when the music’s gone

  43. Kyno

    Kyno12 日 前

    8:28 Idk why, but he looks like a distant brother of Freddy Mercury.

  44. Captain Cymbal

    Captain Cymbal12 日 前

    2:26 is it just me or does he sound like Simon peg?

  45. Kurosaki Gaming

    Kurosaki Gaming12 日 前

    6:55 I'm sorry, but they're nice and what ma'am?

  46. Moth_man96

    Moth_man9612 日 前

    I think because your regular Brit swears just as much as Gordon they don't really get that offended.

  47. H R

    H R13 日 前

    That first guy was making duck a l'orange with orange squash 😂😂😂🦆👀

  48. Chris Whittaker

    Chris Whittaker14 日 前

    Sandy was scarily stupid, freaking out about lack of food that she was supposed to buy...

  49. ll

    ll14 日 前

    focking hell

  50. Dark Ninja

    Dark Ninja14 日 前

    Uk: not overconfident and chill Us: overconfident and toxic (I dont live in any of these countries btw)

  51. Adwait

    Adwait15 日 前

    Is This Even Kitchen Nightmares 😂😂😂

  52. Dave Jeffers The King Of Music

    Dave Jeffers The King Of Music15 日 前

    I see a lot of idiots making comparisons from the US version to the UK version after having watched both over the years I actually prefer the US version myself it's way better and more popular.

  53. Dave Jeffers The King Of Music

    Dave Jeffers The King Of Music6 日 前

    @BlondeShyGuy ya your point is?

  54. BlondeShyGuy

    BlondeShyGuy6 日 前

    UK version > US version

  55. Baffle

    Baffle15 日 前

    I don't know what's more hilarious Gordon going to Tesco Or having a swear jar 😂

  56. The Extravagant Pizza

    The Extravagant Pizza15 日 前

    Gordon Ramsay must have an iron stomach after all the food poisoning he experiences.

  57. Jimmy Joncevski

    Jimmy Joncevski15 日 前

    Ramsay love him just a O.G

  58. omer gulseven

    omer gulseven16 日 前

    Why is he eating the kabab like that

  59. Hamz4 TV

    Hamz4 TV16 日 前

    8 minutes and 53 seconds of awkwardness

  60. sarah phillips

    sarah phillips17 日 前

    3:42 Gordon having the time of his life

  61. Ravi Sharma

    Ravi Sharma17 日 前

    He is the most sensitive chef in this universe and also has the most sensitive taste buds..

  62. Specularstone00_ Tv

    Specularstone00_ Tv17 日 前

    I like the ones that end well. He gave that man some confidence and made him vibrant. Ramsey has done so much for the cooking world which is an important part of humanity imho

  63. VVM

    VVM17 日 前

    Honestly if I was an old man and Gordon Ramsay was passing by with a cart and pats my chest saying "How are ya ol' mate" how would you not get a heart attack

  64. 2Spooky _4You

    2Spooky _4You18 日 前

    I always thought he was vomiting in the thumbnail

  65. Matthew GC

    Matthew GC18 日 前

    3:55. That guy seemed happy to get a pat from Gordon

  66. shivam jaggi

    shivam jaggi18 日 前

    you dont microwave a salad you donut

  67. Huseyin Kaba

    Huseyin Kaba18 日 前

    Go to fk turkey then you wil see how good it is

  68. Williamg209

    Williamg20918 日 前

    0.50 Isn't that from the del Costa series

  69. NoobtraderFx

    NoobtraderFx19 日 前

    Knocks wine glass... gordans reaction ‘ ohh jesus’ 😂

  70. Josef kornal

    Josef kornal19 日 前

    3:42 no matter, how old we grow. 😏

  71. Regan Brannigan

    Regan Brannigan19 日 前

    “Well I didn’t realise it was fucking off” that lad is a crease


    TTV STEEZY19 日 前

    si-fi sperm killed me 😂😂😂😂

  73. qiamdof 112233

    qiamdof 11223319 日 前

    US kitchen owners(kitchen nightmares) are crazy

  74. M se7en

    M se7en19 日 前

    Smoking asparagus has been by far the best smoking therapy I've heard of so far



    I can't believe the amount of grammatical errors these so called Englishman and Americans have here in the comment section. For God sakes, it's your own language. Pitiful, shameful

  76. Jessica Giles

    Jessica Giles19 日 前

    If Gordon stops swearing he's only half as funny :-)

  77. Lloyd Ragragio

    Lloyd Ragragio19 日 前

    5:56 the water start to sweat knowing that Gordon will find out its blunt

  78. Thomas The roblox wooden train

    Thomas The roblox wooden train19 日 前

    1:08 Gordon eats a McDonald’s fry

  79. aadarsh hanuman

    aadarsh hanuman20 日 前

    8:33 *”I’m now smokin Asparagus & it tastes Fookin Delicious”* -Gordon Ramsey

  80. Sebas :b

    Sebas :b20 日 前

    8:22 fuck...the Evangelion flashback

  81. bird

    bird20 日 前

    Sci-fi sperm... Well can't say its not creative

  82. Dex Star

    Dex Star20 日 前

    That’s like a donkey’s @&%$ 😝😝😝

  83. shihen Dalpadadu

    shihen Dalpadadu20 日 前

    He's just a pure jerk, he is acting like an asshole all the time just to maintain he's career 😢 he's not the only chef in the whole world. There lot better ones with good hearts and down to earth ❤

  84. BobDeGamer

    BobDeGamer21 日 前

    Gordon Ramsay: WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!?! Gordon Ramsay: *Annoyed* *Starts smoking asparagus

  85. Suppenteller

    Suppenteller21 日 前

    7:11 voice like a smokey gordon ramsay

  86. Suppenteller

    Suppenteller21 日 前

    3:54 imagine walking to a grocery store and greeting an 90 year old with "how are you young man"

  87. Bradly bBelle

    Bradly bBelle21 日 前

    This just fucking hilarious, having blast 🤣😂😂

  88. Ismael Elizondo

    Ismael Elizondo21 日 前


  89. TheTobes99

    TheTobes9921 日 前

    I hope Lennon is okay. I loved that bloke's passion.

  90. Goran S

    Goran S22 日 前

    *Sci-Fi Sperm*

  91. Cooking with Riz Gee

    Cooking with Riz Gee22 日 前

    Good work

  92. O.K007

    O.K00722 日 前

    “What do you think ?” Gordon:stares.. Also Gordon: “am I a joke to you?”

  93. Morgan Mackay

    Morgan Mackay22 日 前

    Gordon is currently living on the street, 2 million in debt because of that swear jar

  94. Gladlee

    Gladlee22 日 前

    3:36 WTHECK tesco market Hahahah 😂😂😂

  95. Hxstle_bear Gacha x

    Hxstle_bear Gacha x22 日 前

    *I showed this to my pet rat he became ratatouille*

  96. Janis Gabranovs

    Janis Gabranovs23 日 前

    this is more wholesome than funny

  97. Yassine51

    Yassine5123 日 前

    just a question is it that hard to cook something that someone doesnt spit out?

  98. O O

    O O23 日 前

    It's like a donkey's dick!!! Bahahahahahahah

  99. Emiya Shirou

    Emiya Shirou24 日 前

    Gordon- And it sounds fantastic! And u sound in control! And u look bloody good Me - yes, yes..I'll marry u

  100. LuigisFitnessTrainer

    LuigisFitnessTrainer24 日 前

    Why in the thumbnail does it look like he took a puff of an asparagus blunt and got kicked in the balls at the same time

  101. jacob lawson

    jacob lawson24 日 前

    3:42 look at Gordon sliding around like a 10 year old on his trolley

  102. Flying Hawlucha

    Flying Hawlucha24 日 前

    He nearly made the old guy have a heart attack after tapping him