Gordon Ramsay's Funniest Moments on Kitchen Nightmares UK



    BEEFY BOI時間 前

    I love how wholesome the last one was

  2. contrerados

    contrerados4 時間 前

    *That old man was startled by Gordon; he thought he might find him frozen.*

  3. Spoopbase Central

    Spoopbase Central6 時間 前

    Um. I'm British but I've been watching the American kitchen nightmares. It feels so quiet Britain: *the engines of cars 5 miles away* America: RANCID SCALLOPS, BRING IN THE SNAKES

  4. Nik Falcon

    Nik Falcon15 時間 前

    "No swearing for me" Gordon are you alright?

  5. Adrian Mackay

    Adrian Mackay16 時間 前

    "Sci-fi sperm" 😂

  6. Mc Lovemoffin

    Mc Lovemoffin日 前

    I love how raw the uk clips are... no music no sound effects.

  7. Arly Kohar

    Arly Kohar日 前

    7:27 hahaah when he pointed that piggy bank xD

  8. LUCK. Sir

    LUCK. Sir2 日 前

    I feel sick too

  9. Jeff gain

    Jeff gain2 日 前

    Where’s the lamb sauce

  10. Jazmi Hamizan

    Jazmi Hamizan2 日 前

    as someone who fuckin swears a lot more than gordon, and to add that im a fucking chainsmoker, that fucking challenge is one big nightmare for me and my fucking wallet

  11. Pi61

    Pi612 日 前

    I don't see how he can't stop swearing on this one... he runs a kid show

  12. andyg3

    andyg32 日 前

    so much better without all the over dramatisation

  13. Kiwi

    Kiwi4 日 前

    I thought that was sick coming out of his mouth in the thumbnail lol

  14. Cheeky Jester

    Cheeky Jester4 日 前

    “It’s grim, it’s fucking grim.” *Brief intermission by the chef (?)* “I could fucking kill someone-“

  15. Zeftax

    Zeftax4 日 前

    What is the last one, it looks so wholesome and I wanna see it

  16. Amducyas

    Amducyas4 日 前

    he's overreacting to those scallops I think... or maybe he's just that sensitive about his food.. dunno.. stil A great FUCKING chef :)

  17. Gacha Newbie

    Gacha Newbie5 日 前

    Me: Suggested: Amy’s Baking Company

  18. Luciano Rubio

    Luciano Rubio6 日 前

    Gordon might seem like an asshole sometimes. But this is why i love him

  19. CRz gangster

    CRz gangster6 日 前

    Imagine just doing your weekly shop at Tesco and you see Gordon strolling around

  20. Amir Hanz

    Amir Hanz6 日 前

    It a fucking donkey

  21. G Dog

    G Dog7 日 前

    UK kitchen nightmares : Gordon walks in ( people bantering idly in the background ) US kitchen nightmares : Gordon Ramsey goes for a piss ( out of completely fucking nowhere, orchestra trying to re create Gordon Ramsey pissing )

  22. Taitutti

    Taitutti7 日 前

    4:53 that old man nearly had an heart attack, damn gordon u scare people more when you are friendly lol.

  23. C17 ByKenshi

    C17 ByKenshi8 日 前

    ,,Sci-fi Sperm“

  24. GES

    GES8 日 前

    Lenin needs a wash

  25. Crazyswan

    Crazyswan8 日 前

    3:42 That made me laugh for some reason.

  26. Tabs -

    Tabs -8 日 前

    Seeing plastic Tesco carrier bags again shook me lmao

  27. Matt Sugui

    Matt Sugui8 日 前

    A squash is some thicc juice for those living in the US

  28. Katsura ja nai, Zura da!

    Katsura ja nai, Zura da!8 日 前

    This is funny?

  29. Daevectus

    Daevectus9 日 前

    We out here smoking asparagus

  30. Ras Mus

    Ras Mus9 日 前

    What a fucking wholesome ending to a fucking episode, god fucking dammit.

  31. Djinn Zhad

    Djinn Zhad9 日 前

    8:21 that clickbait, well played

  32. Juzo S.

    Juzo S.10 日 前

    UK Version definitly better. When He says fuck its not beeped out. Americans are so weird. Your Kid can take his AR15 to school no Problem but cuss words in TV thats a big NO NO

  33. Unit 01

    Unit 0110 日 前

    “A fucking donkey’s dick swinging side to side” - Gordon.R

  34. Silvia Almeida

    Silvia Almeida10 日 前

    Stop swearing please and is rood😠

  35. ox rdz

    ox rdz10 日 前

    3:41 who else does that?

  36. Ysabell Lee

    Ysabell Lee11 日 前

    *Asparagus just hits different*

  37. anx

    anx11 日 前


  38. Prinz Eugen

    Prinz Eugen11 日 前

    Its just chill music

  39. Prinz Eugen

    Prinz Eugen11 日 前

    Why this video are more chilled than the other Gordon video?

  40. TheSansTMᄏ

    TheSansTMᄏ11 日 前

    3:43 😂👌

  41. Miguel Esteves

    Miguel Esteves12 日 前

    Kitchen nightmares UK is much better. In US they need the music for drama and crazy edits. This is more like what kitchen nightmares should be

  42. Sir Valeron

    Sir Valeron12 日 前

    DOnkeys dick DANGling

  43. iris welie

    iris welie12 日 前

    what episode is the last part From

  44. Gaming Gods

    Gaming Gods12 日 前

    i suppose it's my fault really. Ya reckon mate?

  45. Tom Lifford

    Tom Lifford13 日 前

    6:29 “It’s hard to break a habit of life time “

  46. Stephanie Power

    Stephanie Power13 日 前

    This is so much better then the American version...all you hear is music and fucked up noises in the background!! Listen to the difference next time it's Ficken nuts

  47. Tomas

    Tomas13 日 前

    Wait this is a comedy right? just checking

  48. Utilizator Necunoscut

    Utilizator Necunoscut13 日 前

    Sandy is thicc as fuck

  49. CrazyGamerBro

    CrazyGamerBro14 日 前

    4:09 When your waiting for your mum to hurry up and leave the shop.

  50. ronarudo

    ronarudo14 日 前

    I would smoke an asparagus.

  51. a person

    a person14 日 前

    gordon greets an old man and the old man waved to the camera man

  52. a person

    a person14 日 前

    “sci fi sperm”

  53. Andri Bartolozzi

    Andri Bartolozzi14 日 前

    Gordon is so funny wow

  54. Angels son

    Angels son14 日 前

    fuck meey

  55. Venus Grecia

    Venus Grecia14 日 前

    Respect any food

  56. Jody April

    Jody April14 日 前

    "What the fuck is in that duck? It's like fucking Sci-Fi sperm" -Gordon Ramsay

  57. Olivia

    Olivia14 日 前

    Neville longbottom looking ass with his rancid scallops

  58. Aida

    Aida14 日 前

    I swear the UK version is like therapy and the US version just sparks up my anxiety again

  59. braddeicide

    braddeicide15 日 前

    7:27 that's some techno viking right there

  60. Tommy Hunter

    Tommy Hunter15 日 前

    Finally uk ones