Gordon Ramsay's Chicken Parmesan Recipe: Extended Version | Season 1 Ep. 3 | THE F WORD


  1. Nhan Le

    Nhan Le日 前

    Hardest challenge Gordon Ramsay has ever faced: Try to do a dish without salt and pepper

  2. Salsabor Boricua

    Salsabor Boricua日 前

    You are a genius men what a talent you are if only i could do half of what you do my wife will marry me again lol

  3. Comics Nerd2099

    Comics Nerd2099日 前

    Gordon: Literally, a tablespoon of oil *proceeds to empty half the bottle of oil*

  4. CallOfPundy1192

    CallOfPundy1192日 前

    I swear every process is another level to him

  5. gamer's EYE

    gamer's EYE2 日 前

    Chut ka nai

  6. jrs89

    jrs892 日 前

    Olive oil in pasta water? Cover the lid of the pasta? Why?

  7. Dee Nuts

    Dee Nuts2 日 前

    (Insert salt and pepper jokes here)

  8. TheSpookyBoi

    TheSpookyBoi2 日 前

    I've made this before, but I didn't wimp out on the portions. I basically ate an entire tub of it.

  9. LiorFez

    LiorFez2 日 前

    2 scoops of sauce is not enough gordon!

  10. Yamila Emilse Coutsiers

    Yamila Emilse Coutsiers2 日 前

    That´s a "suprema"...an argentinian dish

  11. Mihai Apavaloaei

    Mihai Apavaloaei2 日 前

    petition to make "look what's happening to my chicken. it's spreading out" into a meme

  12. Barbara C

    Barbara C3 日 前

    What I wouldn't give to have you cook for me...just once! You are the master!

  13. Scared Heretic

    Scared Heretic2 日 前

    I just don't like certain foods, like tomatoes, so I feel like he would cook something incredible and I wouldn't like it. Then I'd feel bad. That's my two cents. Do what you will with that

  14. kawfeemimi

    kawfeemimi3 日 前

    chicken permission 😍

  15. Pankaj Rai

    Pankaj Rai3 日 前

    Just Literally !!

  16. Lil Dub

    Lil Dub4 日 前

    "a touch of olive oil" proceeds to pour one out for the dead homies

  17. Pixies Ostrich Duster

    Pixies Ostrich Duster4 日 前

    Butter and olive oil is literally his secret.

  18. Lemons

    Lemons4 日 前

    4 spoons of sauce for an entire meal? You're killing me, Smalls!

  19. Ma has

    Ma has4 日 前

    Im here after tyler1 showing his dinner

  20. Umar Khan

    Umar Khan4 日 前

    I just rechecked he says Tea spoon of olive oil

  21. Luke Misan

    Luke Misan5 日 前

    whenever he says a drop of oil he puts the whole thing in

  22. stan giles

    stan giles5 日 前

    don't cook pasta with lid on

  23. Jodie Garner

    Jodie Garner6 日 前

    It's good to know that, despite people accusing me of overseasoning, I season about the same as Gordon Ramsey. Just about everything needs at least salt and pepper

  24. Vung Zo

    Vung Zo6 日 前

    *Olive oil has entered the chat*

  25. Eclipse538

    Eclipse5387 日 前

    51 seconds in and hes said LITERALLY twice already, this is gonna be fun!

  26. Random Guy

    Random Guy7 日 前

    Not a Teesside Parmo tho

  27. Klocc562

    Klocc5627 日 前

    Anyone start counting the “literally”s after the first one?

  28. Luis Varas

    Luis Varas8 日 前

    That thumbnail looks like a fried finger touching the pasta

  29. Jesica J

    Jesica J8 日 前

    He cooks like there is a gun to his head

  30. Nikolai Georgiev

    Nikolai Georgiev8 日 前

    Gordon: One table spoon of olive oil Also Gordon: Bravo-6 we are going dark

  31. Khalid Alanesi

    Khalid Alanesi9 日 前

    Hey do u wanna make food for my bday... Tbh I enjoy cooking but not to the point where I wanna make it my job lol they experience is fun and the payoff at the end is unmatched. Thought I'd shoot my shot

  32. buii

    buii9 日 前

    why does he always bounce when he talks....,,,..,.,,

  33. Thomas van den Belt

    Thomas van den Belt9 日 前

    No oil in pasta water please

  34. ericrosswiksten

    ericrosswiksten10 日 前

    I see on CC it says rapeseed oil (canola). Anyone think he actually said "grapeseed oil"?

  35. Laurel Lee

    Laurel Lee10 日 前

    Dear Gordon, please marry me 💋

  36. Beasty Bacon

    Beasty Bacon10 日 前

    gordon literally has his own metric system 1 metre= 1 kilometre 1 teaspoon= 10 tablespoons 1 tablespoon= a gallon

  37. Robbo

    Robbo11 日 前

    Shut up and take my money !

  38. Dianne Vita

    Dianne Vita11 日 前

    Stop telling people to put olive oil in their pasta water!!! Stop! Enough! No good Italian cook does that. The sauce slides off the pasta.

  39. Prottyush Saha

    Prottyush Saha11 日 前

    Gordon does not drink tea..so he has no idea what the size of a tea spoon is..

  40. Beau Bowie

    Beau Bowie11 日 前

    The chicken gives it chicken

  41. AdmiralGrusbil

    AdmiralGrusbil12 日 前

    Does he say parmesan in different ways or am i drunk?

  42. Andres Martinez

    Andres Martinez12 日 前


  43. Maja 0000

    Maja 000012 日 前

    Gordon ! T'as une star gastronomique, plus une etoile !!!

  44. Hyperthesis

    Hyperthesis13 日 前

    Anyone else thought the thumbnail looked like a really bumpy tongue licking a plate of spaghetti?

  45. bri

    bri13 日 前

    i don’t think he said literally enough times

  46. Tina Robertson

    Tina Robertson13 日 前

    Dang. I’ve never wanted chicken Parmesan til now. That look sooo good

  47. Tyfon 44

    Tyfon 4413 日 前

    Well well, America discouvered the schnitzel. 🤫🤗

  48. Jerry R

    Jerry R13 日 前

    Olive oil in the spaghetti... I'm disappointed.

  49. Senyy.

    Senyy.13 日 前

    I can still see the Parmesan

  50. itachi Theonlylegend

    itachi Theonlylegend13 日 前

    🙄that's too much cheese

  51. First world problems

    First world problems13 日 前

    Chicken parm is my favourite and this looks sooooo good 😋

  52. Joey G

    Joey G14 日 前

    I'm glad he said to LITERALLY slice the chicken. I would've figuratively sliced it and ruined my dinner. :P

  53. Karl Lavender

    Karl Lavender14 日 前

    Literally a tablebarrow of oil.

  54. 4000angels

    4000angels14 日 前

    Awesome video, except for the annoying and distracting background music. Please use different music next time. By the time it got to the part with the broccoli, I could barely pay attention to what he was saying, due to the annoying background music. Otherwise, this is one of the best videos for making chicken parm. Hands down. Great chef as usual.

  55. Aidina Solton

    Aidina Solton14 日 前

    For how long do put chicken into the oven?

  56. Behrouz Jazizadeh

    Behrouz Jazizadeh14 日 前

    I made this at home, was so good. Pasta definitely needs those herbs, otherwise it comes out bland.

  57. bobocpe

    bobocpe14 日 前

    Gordon always looks like he just got out of bed😂

  58. Nitish Hegde

    Nitish Hegde15 日 前

    Someone get this men a toilet

  59. OlivesAreCool •

    OlivesAreCool •15 日 前

    1 teaspoon of oil -Becomes America

  60. OlivesAreCool •

    OlivesAreCool •15 日 前

    Gordon uses olive oil then America.

  61. Steve Kuss

    Steve Kuss15 日 前

    I don't care what anybody says that was not one tablespoon of oil in that pan. Lol