Gordon Ramsay's Chicken Parmesan Recipe: Extended Version | Season 1 Ep. 3 | THE F WORD


  1. Jeffrey Dempster

    Jeffrey Dempster2 時間 前

    Is there anything Gordon can’t cook?

  2. Zacky Ugsod

    Zacky Ugsod6 時間 前

    How bout a little drinking game called "LITERALLY" Everytime Gordon says "literally" you take a shot! :D

  3. Randall Spaulding

    Randall Spaulding12 時間 前

    “The most amazing egg wash.” ...so eggs and water?

  4. Lillyana Michaels

    Lillyana Michaels12 時間 前

    Chicken -1 chicken breast -Flour -egg -bread crumbs (salt, pepper, -paprika, parmesean cheese) -grape seed oil -butter -tomato sauce -mozzarella 2 1/2 min on each side Pasta -olive oil -salt -pepper -basil leaves -tomato sauce -parsley Broccoli -olive oil -salt pepper -chili flakes

  5. Sayani Biswas

    Sayani Biswas16 時間 前

    I wanna eat that

  6. Pijamalolztoday Huh?

    Pijamalolztoday Huh?17 時間 前

    Who put that music on?

  7. Mermaid man

    Mermaid man18 時間 前

    These comments need seasoning

  8. Mark Etwaroo

    Mark Etwaroo19 時間 前


  9. Mykenzie Long Waugh

    Mykenzie Long Waugh22 時間 前

    The question is: What does he do to the egg wash to make it the "most amazing egg wash"?

  10. Mr Bradshaw

    Mr Bradshaw日 前

    Gordon does this on purpose

  11. X Tii

    X Tii日 前

    Who de heck edited this music to Grodon, discusting

  12. EXON• Clara

    EXON• Clara日 前

    You never put oil in water

  13. Elecktrolyte

    Elecktrolyte日 前

    To make an amazing chicken parm: Step 1: Season *LIGHTLY* the salt with salt Step 2: Season *LIGHTLY* the pepper with pepper Step 3: Add a touch of olive oil to the seasoned salt and pepper Step 4: Sauté the seasoned salt and pepper Step 5: Add the sautéd seasoning into the chicken and deep fry the olive oil in the chicken. And wham! You chicken parm is complete!

  14. Elecktrolyte

    Elecktrolyte5 時間 前

    @Vorzky it was meant to be sarcasm HAHA

  15. Vorzky

    Vorzky7 時間 前

    I had to reread this twice to understand what it said

  16. Robbie White

    Robbie White日 前

    That would be a heaping tablespoon 😂

  17. Todd Tomaszewski

    Todd Tomaszewski日 前

    Awesome Chef. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Nathan Rodriguez

    Nathan Rodriguez日 前

    I have never and will never add oil to the noodles. It repels the sauce.

  19. Mike D

    Mike D日 前

    Whats with the Jewish wedding/Star Wars cantina music in the background?

  20. Josh Jennings

    Josh Jennings日 前

    "The most beautiful eggwash" I think he may take his adjective game a little to far.

  21. Chico P.

    Chico P.日 前

    very Jewish music for an italian dish

  22. John Doe

    John Doe日 前

    "Grapeseed oil. LITERALLY, a tablespoon..." *pours 1/2 cup of Grapeseed oil*

  23. Adam Hudson

    Adam Hudson2 日 前

    👌 Fantastic!! Enjoying your channel.

  24. CJ Smith

    CJ Smith2 日 前

    that chicken parm needs way more sauce...

  25. IlluminaApertureChild

    IlluminaApertureChild2 日 前

    Guys stop calling a tomato ‘toe-may-toe’; it’s clearly pronounced ‘toe-mah-toe’ smh 👁👄👁

  26. Jerred McKenzie

    Jerred McKenzie2 日 前

    I hate and love you at the same time 👊

  27. QE ornotQE

    QE ornotQE2 日 前

    JC, the fing music.

  28. Ridiculed Victor

    Ridiculed Victor2 日 前

    Gordon: *LITERALLY a tablespoon* **Pours out half of the bottle** Me: *OH! he meant a Giant's Tablespoon gotcha!*

  29. britbrat327

    britbrat3273 日 前

    I didn’t see him wash that chicken

  30. dickcheese663

    dickcheese6633 日 前

    Buy frozen Chicken Parm, 5 minutes in the microwave, burn you tongue, die from high blood pressure at 50 because of all the sodium consumed when you're poor. 👍👍👍

  31. Dynzyl Wynn Marasigan

    Dynzyl Wynn Marasigan3 日 前

    Literally literally literally.

  32. MegaCutecat60

    MegaCutecat604 日 前

    Give me it now!!!

  33. Aragorn Carpina

    Aragorn Carpina4 日 前

    He said the word literaly more the 5 times

  34. Mr nope

    Mr nope4 日 前

    I wish he would do recipes on the cheap. That's like 25$ worth of food for one meal. I just cant do that.

  35. Doreo Stargolden

    Doreo Stargolden4 日 前

    How is it possible to dislike this?

  36. Doreo Stargolden

    Doreo Stargolden4 日 前


  37. Alter Egos

    Alter Egos4 日 前

    He gets so excited he said “most amazing egg wash” lol! Never knew egg wash could be “amazing” 😂

  38. sicaxav

    sicaxav4 日 前

    'the most amazing'

  39. TheBestUsername

    TheBestUsername4 日 前

    Jost a tebblespoon ofv graipeseed oil *pours an eighth of the entire bottle*

  40. mattofast

    mattofast5 日 前

    I’m going to go heat up a hot pocket now

  41. MasterTech396

    MasterTech3965 日 前

    Now I’m hungry

  42. danzig mcnaniel

    danzig mcnaniel5 日 前

    Who asked the chicken anyways?

  43. Razvan Palea

    Razvan Palea6 日 前


  44. Sharun John Joseph

    Sharun John Joseph6 日 前

    Dear Gordon Ramsay.......keep doing more videos like this!!! So amazing to watch u cook...u make us have a 'foodgasm' 😍 Luv u❤️ Live long 👑Food King 👑

  45. Toby Burgess

    Toby Burgess6 日 前

    I’m pretty convinced his teaspoons are tablespoons and his tablespoons are ladles

  46. Captain Charisma

    Captain Charisma6 日 前

    His presentations are not refined but he's not claiming to be rustic

  47. Budgie Vlogs

    Budgie Vlogs6 日 前

    Best chef ever Olive oil

  48. Kevin Calderon

    Kevin Calderon6 日 前

    F this I’m heading to kfc

  49. Leelu Pendragon

    Leelu Pendragon6 日 前

    God. I love this guy but saying that chicken parm is the most exciting dish anywhere on the planet is so whiteeee

  50. commanex

    commanex6 日 前

    Literally literally literally

  51. Craig Williams

    Craig Williams6 日 前

    GR videos have the BEST commentary PERIOD. thank you for making me laugh 😂

  52. BillyBob Bobbins

    BillyBob Bobbins7 日 前

    2:26 ... "Rapeseed oil ... Literally, a tablespoon" ... ... empties half the bottle in

  53. King Conan Games

    King Conan Games7 日 前

    Nicee basell

  54. Taskmaster

    Taskmaster7 日 前

    Made this dish with my aunt. Perfection

  55. ST5R Asuna

    ST5R Asuna4 日 前

    I want to make for my stepdad tomorrow for fathers day dinner. what red sauce did you use and what oven temperature did you set since i dont think he specifies in the video. I am pretty new to cooking actual food so I apologize if im asking basic or obvious questions but I would really appreciate any input :)

  56. Audrey Anderson

    Audrey Anderson7 日 前

    BaSiL LeAvEs

  57. Jeff Francis

    Jeff Francis7 日 前

    He really upsold that egg wash

  58. Sonia Rachel

    Sonia Rachel8 日 前


  59. Niccolò Bruno

    Niccolò Bruno8 日 前

    Ma che è sto schifo

  60. nata Shajm

    nata Shajm8 日 前

    Wow incredible breadcrumbs

  61. Luna Lovegood

    Luna Lovegood8 日 前

    A video with Gordon Ramsay can’t be complete without his *exquisite* hand gestures.

  62. Jared Warner

    Jared Warner8 日 前

    You got some nerve calling it chicken parm when you used mozzarella 😐

  63. ST5R Asuna

    ST5R Asuna4 日 前


  64. Juan Echegoyen

    Juan Echegoyen8 日 前

    Esto es joda? Hizo una milanesa de pollo con fideos ! Déjate de joder! Jaja

  65. Daniel Berry

    Daniel Berry8 日 前

    I had a horrible cold and had to stay home by myself so I cooked this and out of nowhere my cold is gone This so a dish given from god

  66. Daniel Berry

    Daniel Berry5 日 前

    Nimra Mahmood what short one I saw this video their. Their is no other video

  67. Nimra Mahmood

    Nimra Mahmood5 日 前

    Oh i see. I think i watched the short version. Thank you.

  68. Daniel Berry

    Daniel Berry5 日 前

    The way the video showed us

  69. Nimra Mahmood

    Nimra Mahmood5 日 前

    How did u make the tomatoe sauce?

  70. Putzak

    Putzak8 日 前

    A "touch" of olive oil in there

  71. Radek Uther Knapčok

    Radek Uther Knapčok8 日 前

    I think he forgot to add tomato sauce

  72. Dalton Davis

    Dalton Davis8 日 前

    Nino is there to clean up

  73. Brian Lee

    Brian Lee9 日 前

    N word

  74. Divine Buñi

    Divine Buñi9 日 前

    Gordon's top 3 used words: 1. Olive oil 2. Touch... 3. Beautiful

  75. Radek Uther Knapčok

    Radek Uther Knapčok8 日 前

    Dont forget to add sauce

  76. Anthony Matrone

    Anthony Matrone9 日 前

    Why cant he say basil?

  77. BANGA007

    BANGA0079 日 前

    Whats a most amazing egg wash?

  78. Ali Jaffery

    Ali Jaffery9 日 前

    I’d add a bit more sauce to the pasta, hate it when they aren’t generous with it.

  79. Hanif our savior

    Hanif our savior8 日 前

    It’s not supposed to be saucy

  80. Kekoa

    Kekoa9 日 前

    I literally cringed when he added oil to the pasta water.

  81. Hanif our savior

    Hanif our savior8 日 前

    He’s not making a carbonara, the pasta doesn’t have any sauce attached to it

  82. Sleep Mares

    Sleep Mares9 日 前

    YES TO THE CHICKEN PARM but sorry no to the speghetti

  83. GoTeamCook

    GoTeamCook9 日 前

    Oil in water cooking spaghetti?!?! Really Gordon????? Oil coats the pasta. Sauce does not adhere. Dopey.

  84. Capper

    Capper8 日 前

    Never use oil in my pasta water either.

  85. Jeroen Koopmans

    Jeroen Koopmans9 日 前

    The man likes to hear himself talk. But he can cook. But then again, so can I. 😎

  86. Shane's Book Corner

    Shane's Book Corner10 日 前

    Gordon talks about food like Attenborough talks about wildlife, it’s brilliant.

  87. di fla

    di fla10 日 前


  88. cosmogrammar

    cosmogrammar10 日 前

    don't need to put oil in the pasta water.



    He forgot to season his pan

  90. mieysim

    mieysim10 日 前


  91. highlander2000

    highlander200011 日 前

    More marinara please

  92. Socom2SoLid

    Socom2SoLid11 日 前

    Wow. That was the best chicken-parm dish I've ever seen.

  93. Anonymous

    Anonymous11 日 前

    I want Gordon Ramsey pouring my shots LOL

  94. Rondre

    Rondre11 日 前

    2:30 biggest tablespoon I've ever seen

  95. John Eusebio

    John Eusebio11 日 前

    best comment section i've ever seen hahaha

  96. DejaVuSx

    DejaVuSx11 日 前


  97. Dylan Temel

    Dylan Temel12 日 前

    2:33 *background guitar music* "That's the noise you want to hear."

  98. Anthony Matrone

    Anthony Matrone9 日 前


  99. scott duncan

    scott duncan12 日 前

    Salivating!! That looks so amazing!

  100. Doc

    Doc12 日 前

    @2:29 “Literally a tablesoon” *proceeds to dump entire bottle of oil into pan*

  101. Scott Kemp

    Scott Kemp12 日 前

    Breaks 4 eggs into a bowl The most amazing eggwash Gottem

  102. g e n e s i s l e i v a

    g e n e s i s l e i v a12 日 前

    This is how I act when I make a sandwich.

  103. Nguyên Nguyễn Bảo

    Nguyên Nguyễn Bảo13 日 前

    Pretty sure it's Gordon who's keeping the olive oil industry alive.

  104. Aidan O'Brien

    Aidan O'Brien13 日 前

    What temp is the oven, and what heat setting is the stove

  105. Pewflush

    Pewflush13 日 前

    Che schifo

  106. N282 G52

    N282 G5213 日 前

    I love this man Just watching him cook makes me want to get up and cook too

  107. Emily Greene

    Emily Greene13 日 前

    When he says to put the broccoli in the centre because it is healthy... Then proceeds to cover it with the chicken hEaLtHy

  108. Mr. Bondhus2You

    Mr. Bondhus2You8 日 前

    Emily Greene lol, fried chicken nonetheless

  109. jaydieinside

    jaydieinside13 日 前

    i wonder how much olive oil in his kitchen

  110. Iridium

    Iridium13 日 前

    "The most amazing eggwash" GORDON THEYRE JUST SOME BEATEN EGGS

  111. BanMan9000

    BanMan90007 日 前


  112. Jayvoun Arnold

    Jayvoun Arnold7 日 前

    They're his beaten eggs that's what makes it amazing lol

  113. Anthony Matrone

    Anthony Matrone9 日 前


  114. Anju S

    Anju S13 日 前

    “Literally 1tbsp of grape seed oil” * dumps in 1/4 cup*

  115. Tony From Syracuse

    Tony From Syracuse13 日 前

    I have to say....you can just see how his food is on another level

  116. James

    James13 日 前

    "literally a tablespoon" half a cup of oil....

  117. Mega Bucks

    Mega Bucks14 日 前

    delicious parmesan