Gordon Ramsay Has A Heart To Heart With Owner | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Xqzv

    Xqzv3 日 前

    Didnt know gordon has a heart.

  2. Mutant Raze

    Mutant Raze5 日 前

    So is Gordon a licensed therapist by now? Its like every episode of Kitchen Nightmares thats he’s dealing with either family issues or massive egos from the owners

  3. 20alphabet

    20alphabet8 日 前

    He isn't much of a man imo.

  4. Blafhead Gaming

    Blafhead Gaming9 日 前

    No one: Chance The Rapper: 2:47

  5. Suzumiya

    Suzumiya9 日 前

    The wife has such a punchable face

  6. Raging lion

    Raging lion10 日 前

    Where's the nino comments?

  7. Khadija Aweys

    Khadija Aweys11 日 前


  8. V1 2 tapped

    V1 2 tapped11 日 前

    0:39 wtf were those bicep curls

  9. TB

    TB12 日 前

    This mf didn’t even do proper curls

  10. Julian Lontoc

    Julian Lontoc12 日 前

    dude sounds like rocky balboa no cap

  11. Malinda

    Malinda12 日 前


  12. Derek Ryan

    Derek Ryan12 日 前

    Anybody know which episode this is?

  13. Katryne Bertrand

    Katryne Bertrand4 日 前

    Season 5 episode 16

  14. TDanger1911

    TDanger191113 日 前

    "They don't like Italian food" Italian restaurants make up 95% of the restaurants in the tri-state area. Anyone trying to peddle that excuse is full of crap.

  15. Fishu

    Fishu13 日 前

    “Has heart to hear conversation *gordon doesn’t talk*

  16. garrett verville

    garrett verville13 日 前

    Owner was training all his life for that moment he finally met the ever so intimidating Chef Gordon Ramsey lol

  17. vicki01ify

    vicki01ify13 日 前

    Love this guy # tommy

  18. Robert Moore

    Robert Moore13 日 前

    Sexy wife

  19. Boring Brandon

    Boring Brandon13 日 前

    He seems like a very angry man, you can't make a business successful solely off of anger and bad food

  20. Rorenu Kiraei

    Rorenu Kiraei13 日 前

    When you realized its a clip 5 yrs ago :>

  21. LukaVE

    LukaVE14 日 前

    That arm curl tho

  22. Insect Kingdom

    Insect Kingdom14 日 前

    Idk y but the food always look so good

  23. Forsomeone2

    Forsomeone214 日 前

    This is the number of times Gordon has absolutely destroyed the restaurant owners ↓

  24. Lilly Flowers

    Lilly Flowers14 日 前

    I’m Ninoooooooo

  25. C Dread

    C Dread14 日 前

    0:40 what the fuck kind of bicep curl is that?

  26. Zevulsion

    Zevulsion14 日 前

    Gordon ♥️💨

  27. Asthesia

    Asthesia14 日 前

    Why did they have a camera in the basement filming the owner lifting weights?

  28. Chris Wheatley

    Chris Wheatley15 日 前

    Ramsay: Is that ice fresh? Waiter: No it's frozen Ramsay: Fuck me!

  29. Manuel1723 _

    Manuel1723 _15 日 前

    I thought it said that he had a heart attack LOL

  30. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr15 日 前

    Heart To Heart!

  31. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr15 日 前


  32. Ashvaz321 Vaz

    Ashvaz321 Vaz15 日 前

    Mr. Gordon Ramsey, I duely respect all of your videos which I have Seen until tofay. You have really picked up so many Restaurants from closing. I Just have an small request that would like to make to you, could you please visit India once I live in Mumbai and my dad was running an Chinese Restaurant which Had to be shut down due to locality Problems. I would heartly request you to come once and please Help my dad in suggesting to Open a New Restaurant and what all things we can Put Up on menu. I would eagerly wait for you reply.

  33. Amy Bouzaglo

    Amy Bouzaglo15 日 前

    I hope this channel goes down for reuploads.

  34. Luke Piechowski

    Luke Piechowski15 日 前

    I'm mostly offended by the bicep curl form.

  35. Kuba Bond

    Kuba Bond15 日 前

    What episode is that???

  36. Katryne Bertrand

    Katryne Bertrand4 日 前

    Season 5, Episode 16

  37. dxrlingx

    dxrlingx16 日 前

    I thought the title said heart attack instead of heart to heart and I was so confused lmao

  38. Ashley Kennedy

    Ashley Kennedy16 日 前

    i got a Gordon Ramsay masterclass ad before this vid started

  39. Potato Salad

    Potato Salad16 日 前

    Kitchen nightmares suddenly became kitchen psychology

  40. Jusetin

    Jusetin16 日 前

    Me: food looks good Gordon: its disquisting Me: its disquisting

  41. bluepeng889

    bluepeng88916 日 前

    For a moment, I thought the title said “Gordon Ramsey has a heart attack”.

  42. Shahid Bajwa

    Shahid Bajwa16 日 前

    This man is of fo tha perks